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Make me gay Girly-Girl 07/21/2018 (Sat) 17:02:54 No. 32289
Using any drugs/hypno/regimens/etc what's the most effective way to permanently turn someone gay
All I needed was years of internet porn and finding out how much easier it was to find willing men than it was to find willing women.
I think you mean ways to let you express your true feelings freely without being distracted by anxiety and shame.

Hunny, you are either gay or trans. Straight people don't want to be turned gay.
And there is no way to turn a straight person gay. It's as much genetic as being gay is.
I'm not saying this is always wrong but it's naive to think everyone is born a certain way and can't change. People should just *be* and quit trying to justify themselves to themselves and others. To simply say that a straight man wouldn't want this or that is superficially correct but deliberately discards the possibility of the "previously straight" and assumes that a person was never truly straight in the first place. I kknow there are "experts" who disagree but I don't care. I know what can be done to the mind and body. Yes OP might've been living their whole life in denial with conflicting thoughts sometimes that have finally and suddenly bubbled over or maybe they may have spent decades with a sex addiction that can now be fed a steady diet of porn to the point of tolerance prompting the boundaries to be pushed further and further to hit the same lustful high. Addiction related behavior modification is well documented and sex can be a powerful drug with some crazy powerful positive feedback loops.

Know your shit before trying anything potentially dangerous or illicit, especially if you combine multiple dangerous and illicit things together. Don't just assume what somebody says on the internet is safe and true. The basic combo of pot plus porn is pretty great. Push your boundaries, but you don't have to disgust yourself to have long term effects. If you spent an an hour every day high and trancing out in front of some pmvs or hypno trainers or scrolling through tumblr, you will eventually feel your baseline and boundary of what's arousing shift in response to your building tolerance. The more you watch, the faster you change. It's all the same reason you probably couldn't flip through the women's underwear section of a JCPenney catalog without going from 6 to 12 instantly and uncontrollably when you were a young kid but after seeing some real nudity you didn't get quite so excited by something so tame. It can be a long process but steady effort will push your sexuality in directions that are increasingly taboo to you. Other substances you might consider looking into include alkyl nitrate poppers, acid and other hallucinogenics, ecstasy, coke and other stimulants. I'm not a pillhead so I couldn't tell you what prescription drugs might enhance the experience but I'm sure there are some out there. Don't do something stupid and hurt yourself though. Know that this is probably hurting you mentally and emotionally in addition to possibly physically. I don't know of anything that will just permanently turn somebody out in a short amount of time that doesn;t involve extremely reckless behavior. I've heard the audio trainer series bambi sleep is ridiculously strong but some of the testimonials sound like larpers honestly. I kinda want to try getting out of my mind to the point of ego death than getting pounded by a series of massive cocks while watching trainers on an oculus rift with headphones all night. That's dangerous on multiple levels but if you got yourself to the point where you didn't immediately reject the idea I don't think you'd ever fully "come back" from it, in the sense of straight behavior. Make it a long weekend of drugs, trainers and plowage and you might have trouble functioning as anything other than a slut.

tl;dr: I obviously already ripped a few bowls tonight


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