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Coming out to a trans Let's not get into it 04/23/2018 (Mon) 00:26:57 No. 32214
So… I'm dating a transwoman.

Just kind of happened, anyway, normally I don't tell anyone about the kink I have, since, you know, wanting dominant women to dress you up and fuck you is hard to explain, I usually wait a while before telling girlfriends, if I tell them at all, since it's just a kink and I can live without it.

The issue is, I like this woman, she seems up for anything, but if I come out and explain that kink is being forced into something she nearly got murdered for as a teenager, corssdressing, I get the feeling it won't go down well. Nor might asking her to put on a strap on.

She's actually the first and only trans person I've ever met is another thing, so other than Googling stuff, my only perspective is based on what she's told me about her life and whatever comes up in conversation, so I don't want to come out and find out it's some kind of faux pas.

So, ladies, do I bring this up at all? If so, how? Should I just forgo sissification for a while?

Also, I've never actually looked into this, what proportion of the people on this forum are actually trans or into transitioning? I've always been definitely male with no dysphoria or anything, so I just came for the femdom stuff and ignored the transition and body changing threads.

Thanks babes :)
Unfortunately for you I'd say, in my experience, trans women probably aren't any more likely to be okay with that than any other women. For different reasons usually, but still.

Chances are if you bring it up to her, she'll really just not want to have anything to do with it. But then you've got the chance that it's something that'd nag at her a lot afterwards, so it might not be worth bringing up. I dunno. Depends on how much you like to be truthful but it will very likely not go well, even if it doesn't go badly.

To be honest, a good relationship is better than a kink anyway, despite what hormones might sometimes tell you. Maybe leave things be for a while and figure out what your priorities are. Tell her then if you still want to.
It's not "just a kink", it's part of who you are.

Just tell her you like dressing up but don't get into anything sexual.

You also happen to like being submissive, but this is a different conversation than the dressing up.

You should bring it up with her and see how she likes the idea of being dominant towards you (whether you are dressed up or not).

Pretty much everything you said is wrong in some fashion.

1. It is just a kink, kinks being part of you is a null point, what TV show you like is "part of you", doesn't mean you'll somehow be affected by deciding not to watch it.

2. I don't like dressing up, I like "being dressed up", the domination *is the kink*, I don't get anything out of dressing up on my own.

3. As I just said, they're either the same conversation, or the domination is the conversation and the dressing up is part of it, they're not just separate.

I think you're right, decision made, I'll give up on it outside of porn for the foreseeable future, thanks.
I'm of the opinion that transitioning if you have this fetish is probably a bad idea... Though I've heard interesting arguments that some people use the fetish as a way to escape the fear of transitioning to an alternate gender by projecting the act of doing so onto another person.

Then again, the whole "transgender" thing isn't healthy when it's done seriously (opinion). As a fetish, it's fine though.
Of course it's not healthy, but what can you do if trying to live as a male makes you absolutely miserable and depressed?
You can't do much beyond learning to become more comfortable as a man.
Or start taking hormones and transition, which seems to be the better option.
They're just taking medication, no different than any other illness.

I'm a trans woman with an intersex condition who came into the "fetish" if you can call it that, long after (several years after) starting transitioning. I didn't have much of a girlhood (or boyhood for that matter), and a pretty shitty adolescence. I tried my best to be as girly as possible growing up, but I was always hemmed in by what adults (not my parents, who were and are supportive) and peers.

While there is much in the "sissy" fetish I don't like, it's also a good place to start for picking and choosing between the aspects you like and don't like about ultra-femininity, submissiveness, etc. For the record, I pass, have passed for a long time because my intersex condition was a natural T-blocker to begin with, and am stealth is most cases. I'm not a crossdresser, and all my documents were changed over years ago. I just like that now as an adult I have choices that I didn't have as a kid. So I take what I want from the fetish and leave the rest.

As for whether transitioning is healthy, it was for me, both medically and mentally. My doctor also spoke about giving me artificial T if I wanted, but I've always identified as a girl, so more estrogen it was. I've been quite lucky to get very little pushback.


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