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every chastity device ever Anonymous 11/23/2017 (Thu) 18:14:03 No. 32039
Is there a list of every chastity device someone can buy?

What is the best device for a sissy?

Also can anyone justify spending £300 for devices like cb6000/holytrainer when all they are is basically a piece of plastic or metal? Especially when there is cheap alternatives?
google would be your best bet
A holly trainer substitute is the keep cage. 30$
THE KEEP Chastity Cage (Crystal) THE VENETIAN MERCHANT https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071FBXRLZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_I.mgAbS3PQ7XY
aliexpress has a bunch of cheap ones. about 10 bucks or so
I know it’s a cliche, but the best device for anyone is whatever fits your anatomy. I’m my case, I could slip out of any device, sometimes accidentally in my sleep even, until I stretched my PA to 8g and tried a PA-5000.

That being successful, 6 months ago I was upgraded to a Mousetrap from malechastitynow.com; which I’ve been in continuously except for inspections (handcuffed) for chafing or other problems and sessions (escorted) of laser hair removal. We are confident now on the health and hygiene front. So once the laser sessions are done, the security screw will be fastened with Loktite Red “for the duration”.
Oh yes, I should have mentioned: for the mousetrap, you do have to upgrade your PA to a minimum of 4g. Fortunately, the PA5000 comes with pins for 8, 6, and 4g in three diameters each. And since the mousetrap is high-quality steel, you can have a D-ring welded onto it, which can come in handy.
Wow that sounds like a really hot lifestyle. Do you have a blog or something with all your stories?
Are there any chastity devices that work if youve had an orichectomy (testicles removed, scrotum left behind)?
Full belt or a piercing required


No blog, unfortunately. Though parts of our relationship may make for good stories, I'm not blessed with the prose skills to tell it interestingly and without dropping personally identifying details. I am, however, blessed with an amazing and loving (And much more kinky and intense than I realized at first, lol.) boyfriend/parter whom I will be honored to call my husband next year.

I do have an update though. After many months of laser treatments supplemented with electrolysis, I can now proudly say I'm hairless below the neckline. Bits of the occasional peach fuzz do come up. But we paid extra-special attention to the pubic and anal areas; and, aside from the dangly bits, they've been as smooth as a Ken doll for going on three months now.

It's been over a year now since my last (penile) orgasm (May 26th, 2017). We're confident on the health & hygine front. And the last obstacle (the hair) is gone. Only, instead of making the Mousetrap "permanent"; we're upgrading to a Prince's Collar in rainbow anodized titanium from Steelwerks Extreme. The plan is for the Mousetrap to come off on xMas this year; when I will be allowed a single orgasm, either at my own hands or by using the houseboy if he's amenable. I haven't been told the plan for the intervening week. But on the 1st, the new year and new life begins. We'll say out vows, sign the papers, and in the beedroom that night the first things to come out will be an ice pack, the Prince's Collar, and the Loktite Red.


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