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Open file (1021.24 KB 1264x741 `rhold oAndysnap_032.png)
Sissy Trainer / Transfixers strainer-fan 08/07/2017 (Mon) 19:56:28 No. 31776
Does anyone remember the Sissy Trainer / Transfixers line of interactive slideshows? Their author says he lost them all to a HD crash, and as I know they were often shared on here, this may be the last chance we have to save them from the abyss!

Here are the files I have. Notably I am missing some of my favorite Transfixers files and I am super hoping someone still has them.

I am attempting to set up a torrent (PirateBay is not working for me), but for now here is a link to Prison Punk Survival Guide. https://ufile.io/xz36u

The player has some issues with newer browsers. You may need to use Internet Explorer to view it.
Open file (57.08 KB 483x767 `rhold oAndysnap_028.png)
That's awesome OP! I'll be looking out for your torrent! (and sure enough will seed it a lot!)
omg yes! please link!! I've been searching for these! I have the Prison Punk file, but I can't get it to work. It get's stuck on loading, if you know a work around please let me know. Thank you so much, I've been searching for these files for so long, it's been driving me crazy.
Let me know if this torrent file works: https://ufile.io/srknp

The name of the program that the slideshows are using is Articulate Presenter. If you visit their website they have some information somewhere about making it work on newer browsers (something to do with flash/java I think). Again it works for me inside of Internet Explorer.

But please, if anybody has any other files let me know! If you don't know where to upload them I can help out. Some files I know are missing:

- Hitomi's Freshman Diary (there was also a Sophmore Diary and a Senior Diary with different names)
- Not Cumming This Summer
- Transfixer 1, 2, and any after 7
Actually, try this torrent file: https://ufile.io/jw7z2
The player doesn't load for any! even with internet explorer! It just gets stuck on the loading bar... it does a little bit and stops. What can i do?! I don't think updating will solve THIS issue!
Tried that, it couldn't find any files to update. Tried Chrome, Firefox, and IE 11. I even tried using the compatibility options in IE 11 for IE 10, 9, and 8 and it still just loaded a little then didn't do anything.
I just tried downloading Opera and it still didn't work. I found the same updater you linked to but for Internet Explorer, ran that, and it found the files to update and said it updated them, but after that, it still didn't work.
Got it to work. I had to downgrade to a really old version of flash.
if anyone could seed it would be appreciated!
Hey there, I've been a fan of these projects for years. Like Sissy Trainer, I lost them all due to a hard drive crash and have been searching desperately to find them. I followed your torrent link but am having trouble with downloading. It gets to 17.4% and stops. Any advice?
I'm stuck at 22.48% as well! Hopefully someone seeds.
I've had nothing in over 24 hours.Several people are uploading from me but I really can't seed unless I have the full file.
Currently downloading again, about 25% so far. Fingers crossed.
81.9% and stopped. Sooooo close.
Please girls! Please also seed in the torrent. I am stuck at 59.1 %. I can see that a lot more is awailable but no one shares :(
stuck at 67% : (
I should have the whole thing in 9 weeks 4 days. I'll be happy to seed then :)
OK, I am not so familiar with torrents. Why do I see some peers with 81.9% but do not get data? If one of you has 67%, why can’t I see you and get some percent?
I'm not sure either. I was wondering why some people are downloading from me but you are not. I've had my torrent program open for two full days hoping to share with everyone I can. I see 0 seeds and can only assume that strainer fan is the only one with the full file at this point.
I think a lot of the peers just reached their "seeding goal". So after 150% or 200% or whatever % of their download the seeding just stoped.

Please everyone, increase your seeding goal in the properties of your torrent program.
My client believes I am seeding but I am not seeing any seeds. Is anyone getting files from me?
if you're seeding right now, i'm not!
Still holding at 81.9%. No activity at all yesterday
Holy shit, I accidentally overwrote all the files because I am terrible at setting up a torrent. I thought they were all gone but luckily I found a backup I made. Phew!

Gonna try and fix the torrent now -_-
I have to laugh cause that sounds like something I would do. Hope it works out...and thank you so much for the effort.
Omg, thank you for setting this up, seriously I've searched for these forever! That makes sense though, i'm also stuck at 81.94%.
I still stuck at 59.1 % while 81.9 % are awailable. No one else seems to seed :/
81.9% who has 100%?
I'm still at 81.9 as well.
Added On: 8/11/2017 12:03:20
Completed On: Incomplete
shysteffie, I also stuck. Did you increased your seeding goal?
Seeding right now girls. But i still can't get them to work! Tried downgrading to really old flash, with no luck. If someone has managed to get them to run, could they please explain how?
ohh it seems to run now. 95% awailable and I get data :)
Got it. I'm seeding now. Thanks so much.
Girly-girl, what version of flash are you using to play these? Can it be run as a stand alone or do I have to downgrade flash in my browsers?
the "Prison Punk Survival Guide" from the original post I started with flash 11.something. I had to uninstall the newest version of flash and installed the old one
Never seen these before..

How do you play these things??

Tried to install a previous version of flash but same results.

Loading bar stuck at 25%.
This torrent is giving me nothing but trouble. Rather than try to troubleshoot it I've made a new one. Sorry for everyone who was dling the last one but this should work now that I've packaged it in a RAR file. Also, excuse the dumb file name, that's how I have it hidden on my computer :P

And again, if ANYBODY knows where to get any other ones please let me know. I will host them for you >.<
Can't get old flash to work... any tips? Are they even worth it?
The new torrent works and downloads pretty quickly. Here's what I did to get them to run:
Once downloaded, unzip the .rar file
Followed this link -
and downloaded fp_11.9.900.117_archive
(you will have to unzip this file)
*Uninstall flash and install the archive version. Just ignore any notifications and keep going. Restart your browser.
*Now pick a folder from the unzipped torrent file.
Example: Bringing Up a Girly Boy
*Double click the file.
*Select "player.html"
*Your browser will open and you will get a screen that says: This plugin is vulnerable and should be updated. Below that, click on "Activate Adobe Flash" (Do Not "Check for Updates)
*Another pop up window will open up with two buttons at the bottom. Click settings and the project will play as it's supposed to.

Girly-girl, to answer your question, yes I think these are worth the effort. They are unlike anything I've seen. Interactive, fun, and sexy.
It still doesn't work!

The plug-in for flash shows up as installed, and it's the right version, but when i try to open the player it just gives me a white page, on every browser. Nothing loads. No notifications that it is an outdated version, nothing... do i need to change some settings? Maybe my pc is choosing automatically not to enable the outdated version, without giving me the option?
I have a suspicion... anyone got it to work on windows 10? What if that old flash is incompatible with the newer OS? I am running windows 10...
I'm on Win 10 using Firefox. Did you download this version of the torrent? https://ufile.io/glek6
The one before that was corrupt and wouldn't work for me either.
Have you guys tried using the chrome plugin which supposedly fixes all the files?
I had missed that, strainer-fan... it seems like it could work, but for some ungodly reason my chrome is still running updated flash while everything else goes on flash 11, so it gets stuck on loading -.-

I will try to look into it later...
I've done everything but still can't get it to work
Have I not uninstalled it properly?
How do you know that your browser is running the old Flash version?
I'm on Chrome btw

I used the methods described in these links to uninstall Flash
NewFapChan will be gone in a few days...
Does anyone have an alternative chan to go to?
Hopefully NFC can come back one day
I'm on Windows 10 too and still haven't gotten it to work
I don't think that has anything to do with it though
I honestly don't know. They've stopped working for me right now, but I know that there's a way. I'll have to contact the articulate presenter people and ask what the fix is.
Anyway we can contact you?
NewFapChan is going to be gone in a day or two :(
These are the weirdest, worst written and cringiest pieces of sissy porn that i've ever come across in my entire life. Ranging from weird photos of teenage boys in women's underwear (wtf) to the inane repetition of the word "gurl" in every sentence, they were strange beyond words. It completely lacked in narrative, substance and relied on repeating retarded porn clichés mindlessly.

The sissy genre can be cringy in and of itself, but I've read hundreds of TF and sissy transformation stories and played numerous interactive games and this has been the absolute worst up to date.

Don't download it for your sanity, jesus christ.
I'll be over at mewch.net. It's a new *chan that opened up recently that I feel shows promise. The admin there says that if enough of our users post over there then he'll create boards for the popular fetishes that come up.
How did you get it to work?
Yeah for real. Even if all this shit didn't require you to do some crazy unsecure shit with uninstalling and reinstalling outdated flash players with massive security vulnerabilities, this shit is, frankly, shit.
Open file (628.20 KB 1920x1920 2184.jpg)
found this on fap roulette. anyone know what kind of chastity device this is? I want one!
> The free hosting period for this file has now expired, only premium users can download it.
Open file (1.39 MB 1649x2438 1510341659197.jpg)
So I will pay a $5 bounty on any of these I don't already have. Leave a note and I'll set up a burner email you can hit me at.
Can someone please upload as many as they have to somewhere?
Can we get a reupload of these files?
Ufile has gone premium only
I have some of them saved on my external HDD
Only need some one click hoster to upload them I guess. And it could take a while
Just saw replies! If you have more files please upload, would love to have them!

I am having trouble getting the slideshow files to work (I think I would need to find old versions of flash and internet explorer), but the files within the folders can still be accessed, and all the videos work. Here they are:

Open file (499.54 KB 667x763 Screenshot_69.png)
You can open the .swf files with media player classic


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