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Dosages of Pueraria Mirifica and Saw Palmetto Lizzy 05/17/2017 (Wed) 23:34:25 No. 31512
Does anyone have personal experience with the dosage of these two supplements? I'm trying to figure the ration between the two.
If it helps I'm 115 lbs and 5'3"
For the PM start at about 500mg and slowly increase dosage to not above 3000mg (the stopping point will depend on your metabolism and liver.)
SP-- uh, I'd say around 300-900mg a day.
(Research White Peony and Reishi, they seem more effective imo)
You can get lots of dosage and guidance information over at http://breastnexus.com/ forums
The last thread on this got huge and it's hard to find good info in there. Can we get a concise info dump from someone, please?

Genetic males oriented board. Split off from the original as its own gig.
Took P.MirificA for a month at 1000mg twice daily. Had some noticeable rounding of my breasts, and after about two weeks there was tenderness around and behind my nipples of breast budding.
Took two months off to see how I was doing. Took more than a week for tenderness to go away. Started again, and the breast tenderness was back in three days. Three weeks into my second round, nipples are tender and I am a full A cup.
I'm just passing by, but just to say Saw Palmetto is a fucking terrible idea and you shouldn't take it. Body builders take it for testosterone. Read Lotus' posts on Breast Nexus, even on breast nexus there's a load of hear-say bullshit. Endocrinology is complicated.

PM is fine, just don't ramp up the dose too high or too fast. At least a week for every 500mg dose, and ignore the people who say you need 3000mg unless you want a stroke.

this is dumb. saw palmetto spikes testosterone because it blocks DHT, an androgen far stronger than testosterone (it also cannot be aromatized into estrogen like testosterone can)

testosterone can be converted to estrogen if it is free in the blood, but DHT actively inhibits estrogen if it is in the blood. that is why trannies take an anti-androgen. Saw palmetto is simply a ghetto anti-androgen. this is also why people on hair loss products (finasteride) get titties (fin is an anti-androgen)

It puts stress on your liver, which is why it should be taken in normal amounts (no more than 4 pills a day of berry). normal dosages from studies reduce serum levels of DHT around 25-30% (better than nothing but less than finasteride or dutasteride).

as for PM, even though its an insanely estrogenic root, it is still weak in comparison to HRT. Men in Thailand that use PM for transitioning take 4-5 grams per day (they get results, but i think that might be a little too much).

I personally take 2,500mg PM per day (ramped up from 1,500) as i feel that's my limit before I get really cloudy-headed and my heart rate goes up.

any man pounding more than 1,500mg of PM should be walking every single day. this is extremely important (mtfs and anyone on estrogen are at higher risk of blood clots killing them, trannies are monitored very closely for them)

1000mg of SP berry + 2500mg of PM every day (three day break per month and a couple missed days) has been my dosage for the past 3 months now. everything is going pretty smoothly (although im 5 inches taller and i weigh about 60 lbs more than you, you might want to ramp slowly)

anyway, hope that clarified some of the points. if you start feeling ill, you'll know to cut back.
I once took Saw Palmetto for non-sissy reasons (wanted to nip balding in the bud) over three weeks.

After two weeks of 500mg per day with meals, I started noticing a kind of heat in my scrotum. By the end of the third week I started to get stabbing aches in the scrotum. By then I was sure it wasn't from sleeping in an odd position or any other cause, and I stopped taking the SP. The aches stopped within a few days. I think it's safe to say it wasn't doing my manhood any favours. Since you want an anti-androgen, this is more or less what you are looking for, but it's probably better to take it slow.
If taking 250 mg of PM per day (one 500mg pill every two days) without anything else, what would be the effects on body?
damn, that sounds nice. are you on any hormons or was it just purply the PM? if im not asking for too much , could you post a picture?
6ft4, 147 lbs, 28 yr old. If I take 500mg of ainterol PM every day for 100 days, will I be infertile?
Post your progress on PM ladies
No. PM doesn't cause infertility afaik.
it doesn't do jack shit. just save up money for surgery and or meds.
The old thread is great.
umm I have honest to god tits growing on my chest that would beg to differ

I won't post evidence sorry if you won't believe me without pics

Still everyone's probably best off doing things in a safe monitored way rather than just popping pills you bought online
Honest to god, why not post your tits for sake of my clitty getting hard? =<


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