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Need tips on prostate orgasm. Anonymous 01/15/2017 (Sun) 13:57:09 No. 31090
Hey girlies, I know this has been asked 100 times already but I'm not sure what else to do.

I've been experimenting with butt stuff ever since I got feminization, mostly just cos when I'm dressed the idea of getting fucked and moaning like a whore is hot. I've had a few different butt plugs and dildos to play with but have honestly been a bit disappointed by the results - not that sissy should *expect* to come, but would be nice to know I could from anal only.

I've read the guides and whatnot on prostate massaging but the few times I've tried haven't gone to plan. Most plugs and dildos I've used don't really give me anything to work with, but not long ago I got one that pumps up and also vibrates, and that's when things got interesting, but also somewhat frustrating.

So I stick this bad boy in and give it a pump or two and I can already feel a very sensitive sensation between my butt and balls - I assume this is my prostate. Turning on the vibration just magnifies the feeling. Now the problem is, every time I've done this 2 things happen: The sensitivity quickly ramps up to almost being painful, and along with it a very strong need to poop. At a certain point, it feels to uncomfortable to continue and I take out the plug and need to run to the toilet and poop.

Now, I know well that sticking things up my bum creates the sensation of needing to poop, but I've never read anyone saying its actually caused them to poop. (I always start with an enema to clean shit out, btw, and never have the need to go when I start)

After all this, my bum is still too sensitive to stick anything up there without feeling quite a bit of discomfort.

Can anyone give me some ideas on where I'm going wrong? Do I just need to man up (tee hee) when things get sensitive? Am I hitting the wrong spot entirely?
alot of water based lubes contain glycerin which can make you defecate. Try using coconut oil and see if that helps.

Really? I had no idea that was a thing - I'll try some alternative lubes, thanks.
Wait, you got a plug that pumps and vibrates? What's it called??

The one I got is called a Kinkx Zeppelin Inflatable Butt Plug.

It's pretty good, quite big even when deflated though, and not really one to wear while walking about because you got a couple of batteries hanging from your ass.
Open file (1.99 MB 274x198 orgasm.gif)
So I'm obviously late to the game, but just in case you're still lurking around I've got some tips.

First of all, I would suggest against vibrators, at least at first. Once you get experienced you can actually use them to induce hands free traditional orgasms, which is pretty great but when you are trying for a prostate orgasm they tend to mask the sensations you're looking for.

At least for me, a prostate orgasm revolves around an involuntary pulsing of my sphincter muscles building up to my whole ass "clenching down" on whatever I've got up there. By the time I hit the clenching down stage my whole body is usually shaking and clenching up, just like you see when a woman orgasms. You know that peak you hit right before you ejaculate? It's kinda like that, but it lasts longer and you don't cum. Then you come back down a little and the whole thing can start over again.

Now milage might vary, but the toy I've found to work best is something larger but VERY squishy. I like to call the pulsing of you'r sphincter "chomping down" so you want a toy that has enough give to chomp down on. This thing is cheap and works better than almost anything I've used (and I've used a lot):


Now there's another part to this, and it's what REALLY pushed my prostate orgasms into overdrive: weed. Now if you don't have access I don't want you to get discouraged, weed is by no means necessary, I had some stellar pgasms without it but whoooooboy, that first time I slipped a toy up there high was something else entirely. For the first time in my life I felt like I was experiencing something almost identical to a womans orgasm. The process was the same as I described above, but that intense focus on whatever you are doing at the moment you get on weed made my prostate orgasms truly one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

Anyway, as I said, that's just the path I took to get to the girlygasms I enjoy today and I hope you're still lurking around and can find some success too.
Never had a chance to ask it, but I guess I'll ask here.
Is there a way to have ejaculatory anal orgasms if you already have dank dry anal orgasms?
I mean they are great and all, but it just doesn't feel complete somehow. Like despite feeling satisfied, after a short period of time I still feel the need to "drain the faucet" so to speak. Nothing just comes out whether I go fast or try for a slow prostate milking.
Is there still hope for me?
huh, good question. I hadn't really thought about that since girls are more likely to be stuck trying just to get up to having the orgasms at all (thankfully I make it a lot easier)

I get the feeling there isn't much you can do about it but I don't know?
Update: I talked to a trans girl/genderfluid person who is the biggest fucking slut you can imagine. Wow. Anyway, she was trained by a dom guy who didn't know she wasn't a genetic woman. He got her to tease herself for so long that she, no surprise as someone who has balls, had never done anything like it. Props to her, she knew how to be properly submissive and follow orders.

He had her work on fucking herself with toys to stimulate her "G-spot" (since she didn't have one, it was her prostate). She got toys, and practiced, and was denied and teased, until eventually... one day he told her she could do it, but only in that one way. She fucked herself in her ass, one by one, as he counted the strokes. Eventually she got it. The girlgasm.

You can do it too, if you believe, and perhaps if you need the right person to help you and find them. The world is a good place and a bad place. Reality is stranger than fiction. Believe me. It happened.
More details knowing this board is slow but a nice place, and some of you are going to be interested. I learned this meeting her by chance from a reddit personal ad. She said she had a passably feminine voice and seemed like I liked her style. We got it set up quickly, despite the fact that I was going to have a nap right when she got back to me. I did it anyway, because that's a better first impression than making someone wait.

So we did it, and immediately, I knew she was using a voice changer. I called her on it. It was funny to me. She was surprised, and admitted it, but didn't let on a lot at first. Eventually we got going into a good chat and she told all. Not so passable voice, actually, though feminine mannerisms out the ass. Turns out she had worked as a phone sex operator. She was so fucking horny she actually LOVED her work and got off to it too. Told me she wanted to collect the orgasms of the men she got off. Funny.

We chatted, I wanted to know about her and make sure she knew about me. I made it clear that I had experience with trans affairs and didn't mind fluidity. Eventually she was clearly very impressed, though I was too. I mean, phone sex operator, but for free? In the end, she wanted a quickie before a nap for working the night shift. I got HER off. The phone sex operator. I was your standard shyboy until a few days ago. I don't like doing voice with people I just met.

Like I said, life is stranger than fiction. The moral of the story is, confidence is the greatest gift. And there is no lesson to life other than to do what you enjoy, and don't stop other people from doing what they enjoy. Grab what you want by the balls. Maybe they're your own balls~ <3
Well at least thanks for the cool story.
I guess I'll keep trying, it's not like it doesn't feel good doing so anyway.
I tried like 8 days of chastity once and while I leaked precum a lot and dry anal orgasms felt better than usual but still no money shot.
Maybe I should try get a good toy for it, or maybe it has something to do with tension/relaxation of specific muscles, who knows.
It's kinda interesting how special this experience is for different people, like some can only milk cum with it, but not orgasm, some can have only ejaculatory orgasms, some only dry orgasms. Would be nice if there were some research made one day to study it.
It's basically a female orgasm, I think. The experience is the same. So the circumstances are the same. And if there's anything to take from female orgasms, it's that they can be really tricky. So it's no real surprise a man would have some problems trying to do it.

Best thing is to have someone push you into real depravity in the course of trying to do it. Since I posted that story, I did it to someone, even. Though she was always a serious buttslut.
sometimes I wait until after a bowel movement to fuck my ass, so I don't have to worry as much about poop
but yes I've had to poo sometimes during anal, so go ahead, excrete, rinse out, wash off, lube up, slide in, lay down, carry on

as other people said no vibrators no pumps no dildos
if you can't walk around comfortably with the toy up your booty it's too big (seriously), especially considering that you're super sensitive
use only your pubococcygeal muscles and sphincter muscles, because everything else is too powerful

I can get a precum/prostate fluid "ejaculation" by manually pounding my ass while fully clenched and aroused, then suddenly releasing and relaxing, but but I'm unable to get a sperm ejaculation. maybe you have to "rewire" your brain so that it transfers association of the ejaculation response from penile stimulation to prostate stimulation. so basically edge with direct penis stimulation, and try to finish with prostate(+nipple) stimulation, eventually relying more and more on the latter. at least that's the theory
Whew boy, this was so long ago that I almost didn't realise I was the one who posted it. Might as well update on recent progress.

So, it's been a while since I took a break from the fetish stuff, but recently I've come back to it and had a much better time overall.

First, poop: This is still an annoyance for me. It's probably because of my shitty diet, but no matter what I do, even with pre-play enemas, I find I have to be a bit careful and eventually stop to poop at some point during play. Having a towel or something under me just in case helps me relax and worry less about getting shit everywhere, too.

This is important because I also realised that the "urge to poop" sensation is actually the thing you want. It happens even if you really don't need to go and after a while you can learn to enjoy it without freaking out. The other thing is that contracting your pelvic floor muscles (like when you're TRYING to poop) is a massive part of building that orgasm, and you need to be able to enjoy and go with that. In some ways, pleasurable anal play is like pushing out a never ending dump as it stimulates your prostate, though that imagery isn't exactly erotic (unless you're into that I suppose).

Anyway, as you can see, if you're having trouble and worries about keeping the pipes clean, anal play becomes quite a bit more challenging, especially if an "accident" puts you off trying for a while. But, I can say that personally, I think it's still worth it. The sensations and contractions involved are so much more intense than anything from a penis.

I'm still exploring further right now. I'm not sure if I've really experienced a proper orgasm yet. What usually happens is that the pleasure will build and build and build until my body is too tired to continue and I have to back off again. I've never reached what feels like a point of no-return like with penile stimulation, and perhaps that simply isn't a thing or I'm not there yet, I don't know. With a combination of both pelvic floor contraction (pushing) and simultaneous anal contraction (like closing your hole - it takes a bit of practice but you can do both contractions at once) with continued prostate stimulation I DID end up squirting a boatload of... something out of my penis, but it wasn't at all like cumming (the fluid was clear with the consistency of pee, but it didn't smell like pee).

So yeah. I'll try to remember to update again if I get anywhere else with it. The main positive at the moment is that I can satisfy myself with anal only. The last few sessions I've had I didn't feel the need to finish off with a traditional ejaculation (I don't want to allow myself anyway to see if it changes things, but I also really just didn't feel like it). And that's good because it makes the prospect of chastity a lot more exciting.


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