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Open file (248.14 KB 1000x1000 1465604246367.png)
Clitty ruining general Anonymous 09/01/2016 (Thu) 12:33:46 No. 30555
Where can i find info on how to train my dick to be a pathetic quickshot?

Iunno why this excites me so much but it does.

Im also interested in techniques to prevent erections, but as I understand it, that is basically going the opposite direction.

Jois and hypnos both appreciated as well.
Do you genuinely want to do this?You'll basically have a mess of a dick for a long time,maybe even forever.Satisfying a woman with that thing between your legs will be next to impossible.I'm not judging.I tranformed my cock into a "pathetic quickshot"(still conflicted about it) but I'm wondering if it's not just the hornyness speaking.If you wanna chat about this you can contact me on skype :Yuki Lewd
Of course it is hornyness talking, I have a massive chastity fetish and this is the progression I want for myself. And have wanted for years.

Feel free to respond here, or not;I don't use skype.
Ok then.
It's kind of simple.In order to cum super fast you need to make your clitty extremely sensitive and responsive to stimuli.That's pretty easily achieved by humping a pillow instead of using your hand.So abandon using your hand entirely.
Altough I think the best way to do this is while wearing a chastity device.Masturbating while having a chastity cage on is pretty darn easy actually.And it will get you the kind of result you want.Your dicklette will learn that only a few good rubs while locked up means "cummies" and at the same time it will associate cumming with being limp .
How do I cum in chastity?
How long did it take?
I've successfully destroyed my sexual stamina and turned myself a premature ejaculator incapable of having penetrative sex for fetish reasons. (I get off on blowing my load WAY to early and the embarrassment that brings.)

Let me explain.

I started by being able to turn myself on as much as possible without actually stimulating myself in any way. This began with watching hard-core porn and becoming intensely involved, then vivid imagination of fucking/being fucked. I would get really close to O'ing, then immediately begin viciously pumping my cock to start the ejaculation in the smallest amount of pumps, then just sort of let it dribble.

It got the point where I would have a raging hardon from nothing but images, then one or two pumps and I would being to spurt. That's when things got interesting.

I began to "phantom-jack", making a ring around my dick and jack off the air, imagining vividly that I was actually being stimulated. This was by far the most frustrating part of the process. I would leak, and twitch for hours. I would feel the hard pulse of oncoming orgasm, but it would never actually happen.

Until one day, I was concentrating so hard it felt like I was in a trance. I really believed I had my hand around my dick - even though there was 0 physical contact. I felt something "switch" in my body, and at once my prostate began to quiver and I saw a slow thread of cum leak out of my dick. I had just "thought" myself to orgasm.

It was at that point the floodgates opened. I immediately began training to "think myself off". I started watching porn and would be amazed that what would usually just cause erections now made me go over the edge. Slowly, I started using tamer and tamer material, until just looking at a pair of tits behind a thin t-shirt made me spurt all over my keyboard.


I was at this point that my fetish began to impact my life.

I work in an office, and only two days after I made myself cum just by looking at a female face online, I realized my efforts were now leaking into my career. I would get throbbing erections if I so much as looked at the mail-girl's breasts. I got into the habit of drinking tons of icewater at my desk just to have something to concentrate on.

The next week and the inevitable happened. I was watching a coworker fix her bra and my mind wandered, before I could reach for my glass of water I felt my crotch squeeze and tremble, and gasped as I was now releasing a load of cum into my light grey dress pants. I called in sick to leave early and started wearing a jockstrap.

It was at this point I started picking up women for the express purpose of playing out my fetish. I was now officially a hair-trigger; not even a one-pump-chump. ANYTHING remotely sexual would send me spurting beyond my control. My orgasm was now the neurological equivalent of a sneeze.

Without sounding vain, I am very handsome and quite tall - so getting women into bed was always easy for me. However the sex was now "pathetic" - which was just what I wanted.

We would get undressed and, while I was sitting on the edge of the bed she would turn around, revealing her nude body. Almost on command I would tense up and, to her chagrin, simply start spurting all over her floor.

I've came in my pants while making out, blown loads on girls thighs while she positioned a condom. Once I was lying naked on my back, flaccid. This older woman began to draw her finger from my neck down my chest. By the time she was at my cock I was already squirting all over her bedsheets.

The tragic part is; most of these girls find it supremely arousing that I blow my load at the drop of a hat, and always want to go for round two; which is pretty much as far as you can get from the belittlement and disgust I was craving as a reaction.

Oh well.
This is one of my own fetishes, I find it a massive turn on to have a hair trigger dick.

I feel like I've tried all the techniques under the sun from listening to hypno files to chastity devices and other stuff mentioned on this thread.

Never seemed to work for me though and I never seem to be able to cum with another person. All started with porn addiction since the first time I masterbated. Ive become so de sensitive and only porn can get me off. As a result I just lasted like a god with woman and guys.

I done something simular to the post above and seem to be able to get off really quickly to porn, but with real people still have the same issue of not being able to cum.

The thought of having a hair triggered dick really makes me so hot, wish there are other ways that i can be trained to associate real people with the same hornyness as porn and wreak my dick.

This is a topic/fetish excites me alot and I wish someone could train me too, if anyones up for the journey and have kik....

On a side note, im also going to start on T blockers and take E for a while to kill my dick too, but thats another story. Sorry for the engrish im a orient
Citicoline cures delayed ejaculation.

It put me back to the phase where masturbating to fully clothed models was arousing enough. I haven't had sex on it, but I'm optimistic.

I don't think it will make you a quickshot so much as return you to normal levels of psychological sensitivity.
yeah thats the problem, we've desensitized ourself with constant porn and fapping, now it takes something extraordinary special to hugely turn you on or abstaining for a week so you get mad horny in cum quickly
like in teenage years I would just cum in my sleep if I didn't masturbate for few days

btw if you get on HRT you will lower your libido and it will be harder to get aroused and take longer to cum, on the other hand you wont get erection as easily which could be what you want

so it basically rises sensitivity to dopamine and increases brain dopamine levels which will increase arousal
sounds amazing, almost like cocaine!
Funnily enough, it's used to treat coke addiction.
It's not a high, though. I feel a little more spacey, and my thoughts feel more solid. Good study or work state of mind. Fewer urges to goof off or go on porn binges.

I advise against using it for more than a week straight, though, since it builds up in the body. There's such a thing as being too focussed. Not much flexibility there.
Lets bring this thread up front. Helpful infodumps on 'limping'.
Where are the infodumps? What is "limping"?
Training your penis to be limp, to be a clitty. Via pillowhumping and reassociation typically.
>Im also interested in techniques to prevent erections, but as I understand it, that is basically going the opposite direction.
Consider getting a chastity device and keeping it on permanently. Using ice can probably prevent an erection but also turn you off.
What does the reassociation entail?
Open file (112.22 KB 1280x918 1445636869549.jpg)
Dumping this

I'm also ordering panties that I know are way too small for me so I can wear them during the day to keep everything compressed during my work day and at night.

I ordered these. Big Girls Size 16 91% Cotton, 5% Polyester, 4% Spandex


I'm starting to think they are TOO small but I'm hoping the spandex and polyester stretch a bit.

For reference, My hips are 38 inches in circumference.
I'll report back with how they work out and the measurements of the panties since I had NO idea what size I was. Hopefully it will give everyone an idea of their size.
Open file (1.36 MB 2048x1536 IMG_0497[1].JPG)
UPDATE #1: part 1

My panties arrived and…they stretch too much.

These things could stretch to fit over a 50" hip circumference.
On my 38" hips, they feel like normal panties.

Here's a picture of how big they are.

On the box, it says 'Size 16 - 27" waist'

So this is referring to the circumference of the band on the panties.
Why they call is "waist" and not "hips" idk. I guess because little girl's waist and hip sizes are the same since they are prepubescent?

Anyway, don't get super stretchy panties. Sounds obvious now, but I didn't expect these to be as big as they are.
Open file (1.21 MB 2048x1536 IMG_0498[1].JPG)
UPDATE #1: part 2

You might be thinking "well they'll shrink up in the wash a bit".
They didn't shrink at all! I washed them on warm in a medium sized load of laundry and no shrinkage.

Here's a pic showing just how much they stretch.
I'm wearing them on my 38" circumference hips, and I'm not even stretching them to their absolute limit yet.

Now my plan is to get size 14 panties and try to find ones marked as 100% cotton or have the lowest amount of stretchy material I can find.
I'll link the ones I buy in my next update.

>Pro Tip:

They are good panties. Very comfortable. The band didn't dig into my skin at all like you'd expect something were to if it were stretched. And, they look half decent (not completely juvenile anyway). Only cost me $10 for 6 pairs. It might be something to look into if you wanted more panties for less money. Instead of adult sizes, just get a stretchy girl's size 16 or maybe even a 14. Trust me, they'll stretch…
UPDATE #1: part 3

I ordered these.

Big Girl's Size 14, 100% cotton

You can't beat 9 panties for only $7.
I'm hoping these work. I don't have an infinite creepy pedo panty fund.

Will report back with measurements and results.
Open file (758.51 KB 480x410 ggf.gif)
you get wet and loose (limp) when you get aroused. basically how women function when they get horny and their body prepares for penetration.
Sounds perfect then

Does anyone know if Pygeum makes you precum a lot more and does it up testosterone levels?

I'd love to get really wet but not if my testosterone levels go up
Open file (1.20 MB 2048x1536 IMG_0500[1].JPG)
UPDATE #2: part 1

Good news, everyone!
Big Girl's size 14, 100% cotton panties are working well!

Right out of the package they were a little bigger than I expected. I wasn't too worried though because I immediately threw them into a load of laundry. I washed them on warm and dried them on "medium high temperature" (one level lower than the hottest setting).
Here's a picture of the panties measured before I washed them.

They are working pretty well.
The panties are much less stretchy than the first batch I got, but they aren't constricting. I have 38" hips and I'm starting to think I could even order a size 12 or even a size 10 for really keeping my clitty from expanding in them.
Open file (1.34 MB 2048x1536 IMG_0503[1].JPG)
UPDATE #2: part 2
Here's a picture of the panties measured after getting washed.
Doesn't look like too much of a difference, but they do feel a little tighter and stiffer after the wash.

Knowing what I know now, though, I would've ordered a size 12. These do work well, but I think just 1 size smaller would be perfect.

What I think I'm going to do is double up the panties I wear every night to make them even more rigid.
I might order a pack of the size 12 panties and maybe wear a size 12 then a size 14 over it. Or maybe the other way around to let the smaller size crush the bigger size's material into my body more.

Whenever I order the smaller size, I'll experiment with it.

For right now, though, wearing 2 size 14 panties at the same time is pretty comfortable and keeping the boy bits tucked in.
Open file (1.34 MB 2048x1536 IMG_0505[1].JPG)
UPDATE #2: part 3

Welp I hope documenting my learning process helps yall out with the sizing and saves you $10 - $15 on not making the same mistakes I did.

In Summary:
*100% cotton only (no spandex or polyester even in small percentages)
*38" hip circumference = size 12 panties for good constriction of clitty to prevent erections
*Double up the panties for more rigidity
*Wash and dry in warm/hot temperatures to shrink them slightly
*Only $7! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00VTVEBU4/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_4?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER

Here's a pic of the nine size 14 panties

BTW, if anyone is wondering why I don't just wear a chastity cage, it's because I find them kind of cumbersome and, even when wearing them, I can expand quite a bit in them.
I also wear a foreskin restoration device between when I get off work and when I go to bed. So if I used a chastity cage, I'd have to put it on at bedtime and take it off in the morning to put on the constricting panties. I'm pretty groggy in the mornings and sometimes wake up late. I can see myself not taking it off in the morning or forgetting to put it on before bed. It sounds stupid but how many times have you forgotten to do a simple chore? Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth before bed as well. I'm sure others have too. It's the same thing.

The key to success is routine and if you can't consistently stick to a routine that works for you, you aren't going to see results. So I think these panties will fit into my routine a little better (put them on with my underwear) and I think I'll see better results in shrinkage over time.

Good luck! Just stick with it.
We're all gonna make it, girls


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