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Help with my sissy neighbor letpozi 05/20/2016 (Fri) 10:23:11 No. 29946
Hi sissy girls! I am sissy admirer and long time lurker of this board. Today I come to you asking for help. I live in a student accommodation with lots of small apartments and one of my neighbor is, I suppose, a closet sissy. We became good friends these last months but some events made me think he is a girl that is too shy to blossom. Once I spotted some lube on the table next to his bed and when he caught me looking he turned red, then after I went to toilet a instant the lube disappeared. I supposed he was just embarrassed I caught his masturbation lube but we are all doing it and even joked on that together previously so I didn't understand why he was so uncomfortable.
Big thing happens last week-end when I came back in very early morning, around 4 am after a party and met him in the corridor. He was about to go in his room with a basket of laundry. I was also surprised why he should do laundry at that hour but being drunk I didn't look for further explanation. The weird thing is that he stopped at his door to greet me but as I came closer and started look at him and the basket he kinda tried to hide it, opened the door and disappeared in his room. Now i was drunk and tired but I would swear I saw some lingerie in his basket, at least some king of lace clothes.
Then I assume he is crossdressing which explains a lot of similar situation where he seemed uncomfortable.
My question is how can I be sure he is indeed a closet sissy girl. I don't want to be broad and ask him, I am afraid it would only nake things weird and make me lose him as friend. The thing is now I imagine him as a girl, I cannot stop thinking of seducing him and make him my girlfriend. So some advices for that would be also appreciated.

tl;dr Want to make sure my neighbor is a closet sissy and make him my girlfriend, what to do?
hmm.. maybe you can "accidently" run across a show or website with a really pretty sissy. make a comment about how hot he is, and tell your friend he would make a good looking sissy too. maybe even make a joke.. give a glance at his ass and say something like "i'd hit it".. or whatever slang you use that means you'd fuck. you can then laugh a bit and gauge his reaction.

if he looks like he ain't into it, then you can just laugh it off and say you were just playing. or however you would normally react when joking with friends. you can then do similar things at other times. make it clear in subtle, offhand ways, that you dig how sissys look and might go find one for yourself some time.

if he reacts favorably or without fear, then tell him something along the lines of "we'd have to get you some sexy clothes to make sure. i don't date girls that can't dress".. or whatever.

good luck.
write the address for this thread on a post it and slap it on the inside of his door
1.How to find out whether he is closet sissy or not?

You can't.If he is scared enough to hide then he had years of practice hiding and may have raised mental barriers.

You have to work slowly.Make good conversation.Something funny.Things which would make him hang out with you.Try to ask what kind of movies he like...top 10 date movies.If you see they are mostly romantic you have a in.Tell him stories of how one of your buddy is going out with a feminine guy,and how happy they are.Tell him how that man treats the guy with such a care and tenderness and love.If he is asking questions about them then he is interested.

If he is bit seasoned sissy he will have a good idea about female clothes.If you ask him in random unsuspecting moments difference between babypink and fuschia and if he can answer, well ....

Most sissies are trying to find an escape to the world of femininity.All we need is an assurance that we wouldn't be harmed.If you can convince him of that he will open up.

One of the most obvious signs which many sissies don't notice or aren't aware is their computer or cell phone cookies.The problem is in many cases unless you really really thoroughly clean your browser you leave traces in other website.For example i don;t have anything girl related in my phone but if you browse internet through my phone you will get advertisement of cosmetics and female clothes.Any website which carries ad will carry ads related to my interest.Its a dead give way what kind of sites I browse.The chrome is cell is connected with my desktop and so all the ads are female related.

Most importantly try not to scare him or make him think that you may cause damage to him.

Best of luck.
Just be a good friend to him and if you are a good enough friend ask him and or comment how you like sissy girls etc.
Yeah no. I think that the kind of thing that would scare him.
We become friends after meeting last year and are quite close already so I suppose I could mention some attraction to feminine guy without making it too awkward between us. Thanks for the advice, I will come back for updates...
You need to know that all people that are in crossdressing fit the sissy archetype, ie : submision, degradation, considering oneself not a true man, some might be trans, some might even not be into men, so until the picture is clear don't assume anything. Hoping it ends up working well for both of you
>You need to know that NOT all people that are into crossdressing fit the sissy archetype
fixed, sorry
>>My question is how can I be sure he is indeed a closet sissy girl.

You know his laundry schedule. Do your best to "run into him" again, and this time try to get a better look.
Does he ever have girls around that could in any way explain him having girls clothes to wash?

As Sree pointed out, computers tend to leave traces. I know mines got sissy shit all over it, if you were look. Is there any way you could have a "legitimate reason" lol to ask to use his for a bit? The more sudden the need, the better. Maybe "accidentally" click on a video player. It's possible an interesting playlist might pop up.

If your hunch is correct and you actually do bust her out on it, IMMEDIATELY be reassuring that it's ok and that you like it as much as she does. I mean like be almost over the top in letting her know that it's ok and that you will keep her secret and that she can trust you, no matter what.
Then back off and give her time to think while you be nice from a bit of a distance. But don't be overly different than you've been as friends. In other words, no givin' the "I wanna eat you up" look in the hallway. Just be normal. Let her come to you. If she's already a friend, you'll hear from her.

Keep in mind that she may be more interested in her own kind than guys.

It all gonna depend on how he/she sees you. As just friend, or as friend maybe more?

Good luck, and try not to get friend-zoned.
OP here. I went to my neighbor to have drink and chill, quite often we do this in the week-end, and I pretended I had a problem with a girl and that I would like his advice. Actually there was really a girl who kinda friendzoned me earlier but now wanted me to go out with her to some party. After we discussed for a while with my friend he asked "So are you going to the party or not?" and then I said "Fuck it, she's playing with me, I don't need her, I don't need her party, I am good here now". Then I asked my friend if he want to watch some movie because he told me he had no plans for the night. Managed to make us watch "The Danish Girl" so of course had a bit of talking on transgender in general. It was not too awkward but I didn't really get him to say much on the matter except that he does not see sexuality as a binary thing, which we actually discussed already before. So I don't know if there is much progress but I do hope I gave enough hints...

not trying to be discouraging. that scenario can play out in infinite variations forever with him revealing nothing. and probably will. i understand you not wanting to scare him off or ruin the friendship. those are very real and legitimate concerns. i dont envy your position. but nothing will ever happen without you somehow making it clear that you would enjoy trying out a sissy girlfriend. maybe bring up someone you both are aware of who is a sissy, and comment that you wish there were other options like that to choose from. before you say anything, have him promise not to laugh or tell anyone. he will relate to the vulnerability. then ask if he would still be your friend if you dated a sissy. maybe ask him what he thinks it would be like for a sissy who was in the closet, and how you could bring one out. ask him how he thinks you could make a closet sissy comfortable enough and feel safe enough to open up to you. these questions will bring up opportunities. but understand that no matter how interested or stimulated he may become with the conversation, if he is a sissy, he has subconscious automatic responses to protect himself that may not be circumventable. this approach you are taking may seem like the right way to ease into it, but it is not enough to overcome the hurdle in front of you. maybe. again, good luck.
You need to get some blackmail material so he can't run away.
Haha in fantasy that sounds real nice but I think that's not really the relationship I want with him in the real world.
Then you'll need to do something other than beat around the bush. Because if he's off in sissy World and thinks he's doing so secretly, as was posted in 29968, he'll try to beat around that bush one more time than you will.

>>but understand that no matter how interested or stimulated he may become with the conversation, if he is a sissy, he has subconscious automatic responses to protect himself that may not be circumventable.

Perhaps not blackmail, but IMHO you'll do better by at least trying to catch him dead-to-rights on the matter. Assuming of course that he is what you think he is.

Until you have such info, there's always other possibilities, and he knows it.

You know his laundry schedule. Start doin' yours then, too. Or arrange to bump into him in the hallway again. Whatever you do, get a better look next time. Then ask about it.

Whatever it is, find something that can't be denied and ask questions while also conveying that you can be trusted.

As long as he has any other plausible explanations for your suspicions, you'll hear those plausible explanations as reasons for your suspicions being wrong.

Good luck!
Go make a kik acc with some random name.

get a paper with
"I know you're a sissy.
Go text me if you don't want everyone in the house to know."

add your kik you created and leave the message in his mailbox

then wait if he responds and how
How about you ignore all the terrible fucking advice in this thread and just fucking talk to him like a human gosh darn being?
wow, you're a real cunt.

Heads up, this is super illegal and only something an anti-social sociopathic arsehole would do.

Follow that advice if you want to go jail for being a complete dickhead.
You're right. That would be the best way. The problem is if it's just brought up in casual conversation he'll likely just deny it. Which in all honesty is his right to do, but that doesn't help the OP.

What I was suggesting was ways of helping it to be discovered in a safe manner so that it CAN be talked about without the potentially embarrassing conversation of, "oh by the way, I've noticed some things about you. Are you a sissy?"
That'll just make him retreat further into his shell, not make him want to try opening up about it.
The OP isn't looking to hurt the guy, just attempting to possibly share in his activities to whatever degree possible. That'll never happen unless there's a chance of it happening, and a chance of it won't happen unless it's brought out into the light between the two of them.
I'm talkin' from experience here. Some one who doesn't really know anything who is beating around the bush and asking easily deniable questions ain't getting nowhere. But perhaps that's just me. Who knows. The OP's friend may be different. But I'm willing to bet he's not.

Sissy's aren't human beings. They're little sluts are only good for being fucked by real men.
The fact that this board is nearly with subs and humiliation enthusiast is sad
I just wanted to be girly and enjoy talking about related topics, abd finally enjoy myself and my sexual tendencies, and all I got was : Big black cocks; Serving 'real' men; Degradation; etc
Crossdressing for me is not degrading, it's empowering, a bit taboo and very naughty, but it's about me. Not about serving others.
There are all kinds of crossdressers. Some might like I do hate the term "sissy"
Proceed with caution OP
This board is themed "sissy" and forced fem", its not merely a crossdressing board. What did u expect?
>Welcome to /girly/ - Girly Fetishism and Feminization

>This board is for the posting and discussion of all things feminine.

Sounds like someone needs a spanking
OP here, this person gets it.
Anyway got some update. I stayed up almost all night to catch him going to his "night-laundry" and managed to be in the corridor when he was there with his basket. This time I was between him and his room door (he just stepped out of laundry room at that time). I pretended I was heading to the common kitchen and greeted him. This time I could have a good look on the basket and there was indeed lingerie and other girl clothes. He saw me looking at the basket and started being embarrassed. I said "You should look good in that" but because I saw he was kinda uncomfortable I laughed immediately and continued "Haha no but seriously you have to show me the lucky girl one of this day" and I started to walk away to the kitchen. He laughed a bit as well and saying something that he'll do one day.
End of the story for now, I am sure he is at least a regular crossdresser, because there is no trace of any girl being in his room for the last 6 months. I really did not feel to confront him there in the middle of the corridor, seeing that he was already uncomfortable but on the other hand I feel stupid to have offer him an escape. Maybe now that he feels more safe he will not be as careful as before hiding his other sissy stuff.

You are really in a minority in the sense that very few people actually gets that cross dressing is not about serving others or being degraded.

In one of the bigger places where trans related discussions takes place few tgirls went all out attacking that we(cross dresser) should be treated as abominable beings since we 'pretend' to enjoy femininity without actually sacrificing and suffering like them.I was taken aback by the viciousness of the trans girls but as I see the posts in the board and hypno materials I have to accept that may be they were right to some extent.

People get off all sort of ways.Nothing wrong with that.But somehow my identity is denied because I do not dress for sexual pleasures??
Tgirls and genetic girls hates cross dressers as they accuse us dressing for sexual pleasure only( implying we get off by feeling degraded because somehow we feel being feminine is inferior) and few posts here clearly validates their point.

Somehow it has become hard to understand that many of us dress not because we need sex but it is genuinely makes us happy.We dress not for others.We dress because after all that dress and makeup the face staring back at us makes us feel wonderful.

The problem with this femininity-is-inferior-so-sexually-pleasurable approach is that mainstream society will always fail to respect trans* individuals if we don't respect ourselves first.

Thats why I do check out the board but decided to keep my mouth shut as much as possible.It's no use arguing here.

its good to get confirmation. but as you probably suspect, this will continue exactly as it has been. nothing will change. until you make the change. he wont.


try not to take impressions from online communities as a gauge for how most of the world is. that kind of hate and disgust is coming from the VERY vocal minority. they are wrong to do so. but in a way, it is not hard to understand. lots of trans women spend their entire lives unable to escape the feeling of being looked at as horrible, broken, perverted human beings. when a person is subjected to that kind of a reality for an extended period of time, with seemingly no respite to come.. well, you dont need me to elaborate on what happens to them. they are not really lashing out at cross dressers, as much as they may think they are. they are lashing out at the degradation they themselves feel they cant escape from.

lots of biological women are in the same boat. maybe they have experienced hard lives. maybe they have been abused. but many become haters of all men. you see it in the irrationality of some of the leaders of the feminist movement. i think the idea behind gender equality is noble and right and should be sought by all humans. but some of those women are not interested in equality, they will only feel better about themselves and life if they achieve superiority. even though they cant see it. its these humans who rage and attack everything that makes them feel bad. its not you. its not crossdressing. its not crossdressers. its the feeling of being degraded themselves they hate.

sorry for the ramble.
Where are those other discussions?
Where are those other discussions?
Open file (215.52 KB 2700x1200 ypload.jpg)
Buried Somewhere in hungangel.
You may find out that we don't pay dues to society.
No rights of ours is taken away.
We are completely different from TG since crossdressers never become tg.
We are fake girls.Thus shouldn't be lumped together with proper Transgirls.

After all these enlightening thoughts I just keep my mouth shut.I am learning more and more everyday.

An educational screenshot attached for your benfit.
hit 'em with a "nice undies" and throw out a wink
You know he crossdresses. He's embarrassed and not going to say anything about it ever again.

You should buy him a gift, leave it in her post box with you contact details, with a note in effect of "I'd like to see her in these too".

What you want to start is playful sexting. Let her know you find her sexy as a woman, give her validation.

Good luck.

This is my thought as well. I get really bored with the BBC/you are a worthless slut/bimbo stuff. There's sexual gratification in it to a certain extent (but we're humans, in evolutionary terms, most of our lives are centered around sex) but that's like saying watching TV is about sexual gratification because some of the things you watch are pornographic. There's a whole multi-dimensional spectrum of femininity out there, just like there is for masculinity (big dumb brute to refined gentleman).

There's a reason I find it much easier to smile when I get to fall into my feminine half. I'm not really sure what twisted light is needed to make a picture of myself wearing a blouse and skirt playing guitar in any way degrading or capable of implying men are better or worse than women. And I would love if it were socially acceptable for me to go outside however I feel at a particular day.

But alas, people everywhere are jerks.
Basically this, OP >>30067

Like others mentioned, sissies by nature are very secretive and elusive in their act. Even if you know he's a crossdresser, from his standpoint, at most you only know or have suspicions now. The next step is actually confirming and moving your relationship to the next level.

It's illogical from his perspective to suddenly think now that you're attracted to him in a sexual / romantic way, simply because you saw lingerie in his laundry basket.

Next time you hang out, preferably when you're both drinking and hopefully your inhibitions are lowered, ask him if he is a crossdresser / sissy, and reaffirm that it's totally cool if he is. If he does come out of his shell and actually admit it to you (which is a huge deal for any sissy), you can then let him know that you're into it and he shouldn't be ashamed.

He might admit it to you, but also express that he's not into guys sexually or whatever. If that becomes the case, cool, at least now you know for sure and can move on.

Whatever happens, happens, but at least you'll know for sure where to stand in.
OP, I think showing your interest in sissies "by accident" ie leaving some sissy related website open or your browser history will make him more open with you (if you're sure he is into it).
Any updates OP?
op tried to force the issue and got his dick kicked in by a guy in panties

more likely something unfortunate happened and this is no longer a relationship that has potential. kind of sad if so. i was pulling for him.
That's a possibility.
It's also possible that the fantasy suddenly turned all too real for him and he got scared and ran away. lol

I may be wrong, but I'd think that if he had just gotten told "no", he'd have posted as much.
OP here with updates. To be honest I almost wish I would have been told no because I am in a pretty fucked up situation now. In the end of June we end up quite alone in the student accommodation, We spent more time together but I didn't have guts to really bring the subject of girl laundry again. One evening two weeks ago, I heard him quarrel with his parents on phone, it happened actually quite a lot in the past, arguing so loud that I could hear (yes walls are not that thick in these crap flats). He told me at that time it is because he drops his engineering studies for graphic design and they were quite pissed off. But that evening was sounded especially bad and after a while I even heard him go out of his room sobbing. When he get back, I waited a while and decided to go see him. He told me the same about the studies but that time he looked really depressed and affected. I started to try to cheer him, told he is so serious and good student plus he is quite talented he should finish successfully, have a job and his parents will see he did the right thing. I talked and talked but he was only looking the ground and sobbing. Then he stopped me and said "It's not that. I'm gay". I was shocked, not because he is gay but because he confessed like that, I didn't imagine it happening. I just answered "That's why they.." and he then told me that he came out some weeks ago he they were totally crazy about it and give him shit all the time. I was also shocked because we live in a country that is generally quite open-minded about homosexuality. I tried to argue that they were maybe shocked didn't know how to react that time will help. I continued talking about how he is still their son and they will realize that eventually, trying hard to cheer him up even if I didn't really know how to handle that. But while we were speaking I saw something seems to trouble him and he was still hiding something. Then I had the courage to ask why tonight was so bad. He hesitated and after looking down again he said slowly "I started to take hormones..". Again , another shock. When you read stories here on this board or fantasize you always have this go so easy that the boy become sissy and shit but in real world it is still shake you a little. He said he wants to be a girl for a long time, start to crossdress 3 years ago, he thought that coming out would free him from that will but notice that he has nothing to do with his sexuality and that's why he saw some therapist and started hormones treatment. After this mind-blowing discussion that seems to take hours, he was calmed down, said that he saw that I looked at his girl laundry basket and is finally happy to share such a heavy secret with a friend. He then start crying again, explaining that his sister and brother who were his only friends have side with his parents and nobody is talking to him. His parents basically wants him to stop hormones treatment of course but also stop his studies to go back home and "take rest" in order to sort his mind. He said he doesn't want to go back anymore but they threaten him to stop paying for his room and so on and cried harder. I was feeling dizzy because so much went to my head at that time, I didn't know what to say or do so then I hugged him during what it seems a long time but probably not as much as I imagine. He slowly calmed down, asked if that doesn't change anything to our friendship. I said no and joked about that i still kick his ass when playing fifa. He laughed, thanked me. I asked if he wanted to go grab some food. He said he preferred stay alone a little bit but that he was okay now and thank me again. I said he knows where to find me and left. So here is my story and what bothers me is that my friend is about to become a beautiful girl but now if I would try anything to take advantage of her situation to be with her I will just feel like the shittiest friend of Earth.

tl;dr My friend will be the cutest girl but I don't want to risk to lose her and prefer to genuinely help her.
that is sad. you should be there for him and support him, while make him understand that if he is interested in you, you would be too. so if he wants to go out with another guy/girl, you would be glad for him. but if that guy would be you... you know what am i trying to say?

> "...I don't want to risk to lose her and prefer to genuinely help her."

you seem to be under the impression that being interested in a relationship with her, or even pursuing one is somehow inappropriate because of her situation. that is not the case.

her relationship with her family is not your business, so the best 'help' you can give is listening to her. listening to her as a lover is just as good for her, if not better, than listening to her as a friend.

making it clear you have been wanting to get with her is not wrong. it's been a relatively long time. if you go for it and she brings up the problems with her family as a reason, then that is simply an excuse, and you should look elsewhere for something serious. but you can always stay her friend.
I think your heart is in the right place. Let things play out themselves. if something happens, it happens. You sound like a good friend, she is lucky to have you right now.
I agree with this.
Wait, so they're on hormones. Are the girl clothes their old clothes, or their new clothes? Are they a trans girl or a trans man who cross dresses? If they're actually a trans girl you really should just drop the he all together.
Any updates?
There's never a good time to have kids. Also, never a good time to start seeing someone.
It is still complicated...She started hormones despite her family threats. As a result she looks even cuter and somehow more confident. But her family wasn't joking and now she is kinda her own. Because of this we became closer but she is also going through massive depressive episodes where I feel like bad as well since I cannot really help despite my efforts. I proposed to help pay her rent at the end of August (Im a grad student so I have some income) but she really lost it and didnt talk to me for three days, saying that she's not begging for charity. I apologize and said that I just really care for her and don't want to see her leave and be far way from me. There was something at that time, the way we looked at each other but I didn't want to try my chance, not that moment because I chickened out. I still want to help her financially but I don't know a discrete way to do that. I feel we are really close but I am also sure it is a hard time for her with the hormones and family denial that it is not the best moment to add that in her mind. I would like to confess to her while I am sure she is good in her mind and body. But I didn't lose hope, about a week ago I was surprised to see her wear more "girly" outfit outside her room on the way to university. I feel I need to be patient and when she will have found her balance I will confess my true feelings for her.

this is hard to read. you are making the same mistakes with her that most men make with biological women. this may come across as criticism, but it is more about getting you to perceive reality from a more empowered viewpoint;

> I chickened out

stop that. seriously. not a joke. when women say they want a strong man, they are not exactly talking about muscles and physical strength.

decisiveness. confidence. I AM A STUPID FUCKWIT AND I DESERVE TO DIE! with the punches life throws without freaking out. know what you want. and go for it. women are subconsciously attracted to that kind of strength. and it's likely that transgender women may need even more strength than average from a man to feel attraction to him.

your patience is going to lose you want it is you really want. be a man.
this post is horse shit. give her space.

says every 'good guy' that never gets the man/woman they really want.
If all you want is a lay then yeah, be assertive, be aggressive, don't show vulnerability. Even if you are "faking it" it won't matter because this is about playing the short game.

If you are trying to pursue a relationship, and these things don't come naturally, then you absolutely should NOT fake it. Long term you are either going to be miserable constantly keeping your guard up, pretending you are someone you're not or you'll act more like yourself and she's going to lose interest and that'll chew you up inside.

Decide what you want and act accordingly.

if a man has to fake being assertive and dominant (not domineering) then he needs to fix himself. it is the natural way for men to be. but conditioning and conformity make it seem otherwise.

there is nothing short term about becoming a person who can spark attraction in their partner. it is the best way to get into a relationship with who you want initially, and as long as you don't conform over time, it is the best way to maintain their attraction to you for the long haul.

attraction is supremely important to long term relationships. without it, in a few years the man's partner want's to take a break, see other people, or worse, simply cheats on him at any convenient opportunity.

OP, we live in a time where men have been conditioned to think and act like pussies for decades. advice like this is what you will see and hear and read more than 90% of the time. and not coincidentally, more than 90% of relationships fail, are failing, or are in a state where both partners are unhappy but sticking it out for various reasons.

it's up to you, but try to see past what is common knowledge. common knowledge is very often complete bullshit.
You are confusing confidence with being assertive and dominant. They are NOT the same thing and 9 times out of 10 any partner will be attracted to confidence, far fewer are attracted to dominant assertive behavior. Confidence is gained when you are comfortable playing the role you are in in the relationship, not by pretending to fill the role captain assertive up there thinks you should.

Go back to the 50s
OP here again.
Not sure if serious...I was not afraid to ask her out or be rejected this is not why I "chickened out". Do you have an idea what a person starting hrt and who just lost all of her family is going through? I saw how it affected her and even I cannot know how bad this situation can make you think and feel. So yes I decided that it was not the right moment to ask her out and risk to only make things more complicated for her that they already were. But I guess I should have acted like a real alpha male like you and pull my 9 inches cock out while shouting "Suck it now bitch you know you want it!". Sorry to caricature your posts but that's really what I read between the lines of your bullshit.
For those interested by updates there are some, the things are a little bit better because she started to feel better in her skin. As I said before I see more and more "girly" clothes on her and more tight than the old hoodies she used to wear. Also I noticed last week for the first time she was wearing make up with some very visible lip gloss. We also hang out almost as much as before her confessions in our rooms, playing games and watching movies. I tried my luck last week end and propose to go have a coffee in city. She accepted and it went well, we had fun and discussed but wasn't like a date. We went back to our residence and played a bit of fifa then I left for my room. Nothing's special all in all except she mentioned that next week-end we should try a restaurant she heard of.
So all in all I feel good but still don't want to force things and let her blossom before confessing my feelings.

The support that you are offering her right now is great. Whether she wants to be with you or not down the road, she still has a long way to do so a good friend is priceless ^_^
No, you should keep your two inch microdick in your pants. What you should've done was confess your feelings for her (him) in a moment when she needed emotional support the most, instead of what you did where you just pussyfoot around and keep her at arms length until she looks hot and stops being unstable on her own. I don't know the current status of the two of you, but a woman would think that you're a faggot for not ASSERTING your support in her time of need. That look you two shared was literally her trying to convey to you that you should man the fuck up and give her real help instead of just orbiting around like beta dumb fuck

come on OP, give us some details
I'm going to assume a happy ending happened, then they didn't have a reason to browse the board. Thus not writing a proper ending, because it's hard to relay this info from the sunset.
OP here, so funny to see this thread on first page again, thaught it was dead on forgot long time ago.
Im sorry for >>31675 maybe you misunderstood me, my support for her at that time was fully asserted but first as a friend. Also I thaught it would be good that she discovered her body a little bit on her own before jumping into a relationship. Anyway turned out the patience was a good approach after all because we are now officially together for almost 8 months and enjoy our new relationship. Thanks for the support but as this thread was getting older I didnt feel like unburrying it over and over again. Hope the curiosity of the last two people remembering this is satisfied...
congrats on happy ending!

...now tell us some stories about you two?
we require stories

OP back again, why y'all don't want to let this thread die?
>played a bit of fifa
fake nerd confirmed

because they want to fulfill the fantasy of being "discovered" by a man and fucked into oblivion. Once you provide some details, we'll be happy to rub ourselves into oblivion and let it get bumped off the last page
I came back to say sorry for being rude to you, it's an anonymous forum so it's easy for people to say retarded shit. You are a real human being OP, I hope you two have/had a wonderful relationship ❤
Op here again, I got a bit frustrated sorry for that. The thing is that our relationship is over now. It was quite tough for me to see this thread everytime I ttied to come back here. Right now it's getting better so i guess I am on the way to be really over it.


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no cookies?