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Open file (235.33 KB 1009x1024 sticky.jpg)
Anonymous 04/14/2012 (Sat) 06:12:52 No. 2431
A Caption Dump sticky would be nice.
Open file (129.47 KB 785x728 132619052696.jpg)
i approve... dumping
Open file (116.23 KB 600x800 132301330760.jpg)
Open file (752.29 KB 1056x960 132557650325.jpg)
Open file (162.36 KB 1023x800 fagot_2.jpg)
Great idea. This one by jane frescia.
Open file (149.72 KB 1100x800 fagot_0.jpg)
Fuck yeah that one was excellent! Made me rock hard. Sperm bank, huh? Excellente.

Another one by jane frescia, from earlier in the same series.
Open file (138.46 KB 1100x800 fagot_1.jpg)
By jane frescia again. From earlier in the same series. Out of order b/c I intended to only post one. Correct order is fagot_0, fagot_1, and fagot_2.
Open file (606.32 KB 2282x1447 13154057177.jpg)
Open file (98.27 KB 1022x644 130756847099.jpg)
Open file (136.99 KB 687x1024 130773377390.jpg)
Open file (203.96 KB 767x1024 131645505843.jpg)
Open file (805.75 KB 768x768 131826321085.jpg)
Open file (73.17 KB 943x464 131982290552.jpg)
Open file (434.16 KB 682x1024 132545362544.jpg)
Open file (186.71 KB 1440x1024 132301403878.jpg)
Open file (288.04 KB 1505x1128 914123994.jpg)
some of my favorites...
Open file (220.87 KB 1502x1128 1334705150.jpg)
Open file (230.02 KB 1502x1127 2121207905.jpg)
Open file (241.37 KB 1502x1128 1373880285.jpg)
Open file (207.05 KB 1508x1128 1832219090.jpg)
Open file (241.29 KB 1502x1128 1040469447.jpg)
Open file (359.14 KB 2096x2917 1.jpg)
No caption but something i made... somone want to make a caption?
Awesome art! Is there more? I'll take a shot at captioning...
Can I ... BUMP ?
That is very nicely drawn
i need more of your favorites
Open file (393.96 KB 658x621 13255765091.jpg)

I'ma dump now.


I think I have some pictures in this thread so it might be less then 43.
Open file (258.88 KB 1200x876 13261905298.jpg)

Hmm they may just be in the site and that would suck :(
Open file (839.22 KB 1100x1475 13285959128.jpg)
Open file (907.72 KB 900x864 132402089948.jpg)

I had no idea so many of these pictures were on this site....
Open file (148.71 KB 600x974 132576815239.jpg)
Open file (918.05 KB 1280x1224 132601988794.jpg)
Open file (262.39 KB 900x864 132619073838.jpg)
Open file (295.76 KB 1576x1155 132619074427.jpg)
Open file (110.87 KB 700x600 132805965520.jpg)
Open file (711.46 KB 1100x877 132859509050.jpg)
Open file (718.73 KB 1100x877 132859509358.jpg)
Open file (374.05 KB 1000x576 132859569530.jpg)
Open file (519.41 KB 882x1248 132859570348.jpg)
Open file (650.14 KB 1324x1068 132859578839.jpg)
Open file (690.65 KB 1000x1053 132859616112.jpg)
Open file (786.96 KB 1000x1348 132859616222.jpg)
Open file (78.54 KB 569x830 133460947362.jpg)
Open file (108.87 KB 750x601 1313685064619.jpg)
Open file (103.64 KB 719x658 1313686402006.jpg)
Open file (204.46 KB 1291x467 1324280148060.jpg)

Forgot image :(
Open file (226.57 KB 1023x483 1324280295273.jpg)
Open file (318.42 KB 1000x1504 1324280575583.jpg)
Open file (61.23 KB 400x600 1324280819055.jpg)
Open file (256.16 KB 814x800 1324281241478.jpg)
Open file (201.80 KB 856x640 1324281707429.jpg)
Open file (175.01 KB 893x579 1324281850037.jpg)
Open file (212.52 KB 800x666 1327224864015.jpg)
Awesome contribution, was praying someone would add more, many thanks, FATSO
Open file (316.17 KB 1369x543 09.jpg)
Just because I like this board and this thread I'm going to ad some of my favorites
Open file (271.42 KB 1123x1600 40.jpg)
So sweet jesus no flood detection or capcha.
Open file (52.56 KB 640x480 66284263.jpg)
Open file (208.10 KB 853x1280 134543452.jpg)
Open file (185.02 KB 1174x717 221628552.jpg)
Open file (49.64 KB 405x600 363691964.jpg)
Open file (73.22 KB 533x800 393358223.jpg)
Open file (150.01 KB 600x746 516943577.jpg)
Open file (112.82 KB 359x1056 530104480.jpg)
Open file (238.47 KB 900x907 747097941.jpg)
Open file (117.99 KB 720x960 761455967.jpg)
Open file (149.92 KB 1068x716 zzzzsk06.jpg)
Open file (118.98 KB 960x720 zzzzlosingbattle.jpg)
Open file (119.74 KB 960x720 zzzzfirst.jpg)
Open file (98.03 KB 800x561 zzzz55_016.jpg)
Open file (166.64 KB 982x873 yyzzzzthinkinjpg.jpg)
Open file (156.70 KB 970x1047 yyzzzzsimplifiedjpg.jpg)
Open file (61.37 KB 490x583 yyzzzzhazed.jpg)
Open file (292.01 KB 1018x468 Winning Streak.jpg)
Open file (140.11 KB 800x600 Trailer Park Mei.jpg)
Open file (174.12 KB 637x933 tina039.jpg)
The no flood detection or capcha is amazing btw.
Open file (148.27 KB 1008x756 thebet.jpg)
two parter 1/2
Open file (130.69 KB 1008x756 thebet2.jpg)
Open file (280.75 KB 1200x1600 Teaching_Jeanette.jpg)
Open file (730.40 KB 1100x990 tdcap5.jpg)
Open file (89.57 KB 960x720 Stimulation.jpg)
Open file (319.47 KB 1008x1350 spring break copy.jpg)
Open file (119.48 KB 559x801 Sorority Sluts.jpg)
Open file (317.54 KB 1007x470 Slutty four eyes.jpg)
Open file (119.08 KB 960x720 sAddition to the H.jpg)
Open file (447.69 KB 1025x811 Roomatefuck.jpg)
Open file (133.40 KB 905x1280 Requirements.jpg)
Open file (481.89 KB 1000x1052 readtheinstructionsfirst.jpg)
Open file (212.45 KB 940x1040 put_these_glasses_on.jpg)
Open file (114.44 KB 960x720 Overwhelmed.jpg)
It does surprise me how many of these I've saved over the years.
Open file (67.06 KB 640x463 out of hand.jpg)
Open file (97.07 KB 936x480 Notworking.jpg)
Open file (346.58 KB 1020x700 LuckyDude.png)
Open file (174.24 KB 1000x900 looking up copy.jpg)
Open file (142.17 KB 800x600 Layover pt 3.jpg)
Open file (70.42 KB 640x529 HardToStop.jpg)
Open file (372.20 KB 1368x1008 girlfriend copy.jpg)
long and good
Open file (657.43 KB 751x1076 Genies_Foul_Up.png)
Open file (85.72 KB 700x418 fromchloe2petra1.jpg)
Open file (249.43 KB 1200x900 forget regrets copy.jpg)
I sort of wonder if I'll hit image cap
Open file (1.49 MB 1353x1280 Following-Through.png)
Open file (132.04 KB 700x863 Experimentation.jpg)
Open file (272.70 KB 1293x668 Ed345.jpg)
Open file (74.20 KB 968x450 Don't-Stop-Now.jpg)
Open file (147.28 KB 948x648 dick_wish.jpg)
Open file (296.11 KB 1100x900 Devvotion.jpg)
Open file (249.67 KB 845x1242 cursed_ribbon.jpg)
Open file (194.62 KB 800x817 cheer.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 977x800 C208.png)
Open file (759.08 KB 778x800 C132.png)
another great
Open file (629.78 KB 900x800 besafe copy.jpg)
Open file (272.79 KB 1333x1600 back rent.jpg)
Not sure why but this is still my favorite one of all time
Open file (607.92 KB 1000x800 1332806182231.png)
Open file (810.24 KB 1006x800 1332805711469.png)
Open file (767.50 KB 993x900 1332799022679.jpg)
Open file (112.44 KB 960x720 1319929694222.jpg)
Open file (137.52 KB 1023x864 1304226910339.jpg)
Open file (150.43 KB 1024x768 2100053469.jpg)
Open file (293.93 KB 853x1470 2038745308.jpg)
Open file (102.31 KB 783x594 1999110427.jpg)
Open file (303.75 KB 2048x1536 1976437982.jpg)
Open file (248.88 KB 1200x942 1954796861.jpg)
Open file (59.43 KB 506x600 1894403656.jpg)
Open file (122.96 KB 800x600 1794199269.jpg)
Open file (67.55 KB 800x600 1699531796.jpg)
Open file (374.70 KB 320x480 1665927479.png)
Open file (197.30 KB 768x892 1660659527.jpg)
Open file (32.57 KB 512x600 1633447836.jpg)
Open file (386.13 KB 1194x1200 1631138796.jpg)
Open file (68.01 KB 530x741 1621704609.jpg)
Open file (77.85 KB 490x580 1572394674.jpg)
Open file (830.34 KB 864x616 1529975620.png)
Open file (110.60 KB 957x607 1513989761.jpg)
Open file (147.27 KB 1016x644 1504549341.jpg)
Open file (95.80 KB 971x728 1352044627.jpg)
Open file (192.65 KB 878x720 1252336231.jpg)
And that's all, for now.
Open file (117.95 KB 648x972 133355512117.jpg)
will post all i have
Open file (83.48 KB 685x1024 133355532140.jpg)
Open file (96.56 KB 687x1024 133355542484.jpg)
Open file (77.55 KB 683x1024 133355545515.jpg)
Open file (178.90 KB 1200x797 133355552144.jpg)
Open file (783.92 KB 778x800 1334013958249.png)
Open file (193.23 KB 900x800 1334013998649.jpg)
Open file (213.89 KB 960x720 1334014028839.jpg)
Open file (961.49 KB 1064x830 1334014058316.png)
Open file (873.35 KB 869x800 1334014141090.png)
Open file (654.45 KB 904x797 1334014198610.png)
Open file (154.92 KB 1183x564 1334014542030.jpg)
Open file (984.22 KB 900x635 1334014581344.png)
Open file (90.38 KB 960x720 1334014612459.jpg)
Open file (131.24 KB 960x720 1334014643680.jpg)
Open file (125.18 KB 960x720 1334014674920.jpg)
Open file (46.16 KB 560x610 1334014706258.jpg)
Open file (151.49 KB 971x684 1334014919057.jpg)
Open file (161.96 KB 843x640 1334014950421.jpg)
Open file (163.06 KB 960x720 1334014981797.jpg)
Open file (223.11 KB 1069x700 1334015013290.jpg)
Open file (220.81 KB 864x936 1334015048824.jpg)
Open file (211.30 KB 811x700 1334015112125.jpg)
Open file (805.72 KB 1000x1100 1334015155538.jpg)
Open file (1.01 MB 1000x1500 1334015219234.jpg)
Open file (1008.78 KB 1024x1693 1334015376770.jpg)
Open file (727.19 KB 960x830 1334015442977.png)
Open file (1.12 MB 1000x1400 1334015777585.jpg)
Open file (1.12 MB 1000x1600 1334015811483.jpg)
Open file (256.87 KB 900x900 1334015843215.jpg)
Open file (679.55 KB 928x798 1334015875395.png)
Open file (905.92 KB 1004x1305 1334015908024.jpg)
Open file (923.75 KB 1189x793 1334015946606.jpg)
Open file (272.99 KB 1000x1400 1334016031537.jpg)
Open file (794.44 KB 929x800 1334016129329.png)
Open file (588.43 KB 800x1246 1334016192906.jpg)
Open file (746.62 KB 853x800 1334016227122.png)
Open file (750.26 KB 725x765 1334016259981.png)
Open file (713.03 KB 923x798 1334016481337.png)
Open file (810.50 KB 971x800 1334016513901.png)
Open file (784.70 KB 862x800 1334016754314.png)
Open file (681.81 KB 739x791 1334016787204.png)
Open file (737.99 KB 791x794 1334016819724.png)
and this is the last. love you /girly/s <3
We already have a caption dump, it's called "Imagefap.com".

Haha, just sort of kidding. Here's a page with some captions I prefer.

Sooooooo...is the internet out of these?
No, but it's just reposting material from blogs that you can find with google.
Such as?
Open file (36.06 KB 504x450 moar.jpg)
needs moar sissy.
thanks for bumping a sticky :D
here's the captions I've made :3c, comments and criticism would be splendid.
Love them except for the fact a few were hard to read in the slideshow.
right click on specific caption, open in new tab.
you didn't make these
One of my captions says to message me on Rizon, give me a name and log into it and I will confirm that's me.
you uploaded them, but you didn't make them.
(Girlies do not fight. This isn't very lady like. Sit in the corner and think about what you have done)

who cares, why are you being so anal about this?
(Girlies do not fight. This isn't very lady like. Sit in the corner and think about what you have done)
Because plagiarism is a crime.
(Girlies do not fight. This isn't very lady like. Sit in the corner and think about what you have done)
OMFG stop arguing you dumbfucks and actually post a traption! WHO GIVES A FUCK
Open file (196.68 KB 986x960 1337723197288.jpg)
Who is the girl in the picture?
It's me. And no, that cock isn't a shoop.
That's really you? What's your secret! I'm so jealous!
Lying by the looks of it lol.
I think if people don't post this shouldn't be stickied. It's been dead for a while.
Open file (298.78 KB 800x800 843480557.jpg)
why is this so deaaaaaad

it's a bummer vicinii doesn't do any new captions
thx fapchan, you made me cum all over my nicest skirt!
Open file (299.66 KB 900x983 1348281485567[1].jpg)
Open file (171.99 KB 793x800 1348467607656.jpg)

What a sexy bitch she is. I would kill to be that cunt. *Sigh* If only it were that easy

I like your attitude evil-bitch.

We should talk some time.
Open file (612.41 KB 1000x1000 1.jpg)
Posting some sick (non-cons / hypno) caps I made today, kind of wrong... Hope you like.
Open file (587.35 KB 1000x1000 2.jpg)
Open file (380.27 KB 830x830 3.jpg)
Open file (532.39 KB 983x983 4.jpg)
Open file (275.54 KB 668x668 5.jpg)

More to come as I make them
Fuckedup, I hope you post more forced pics. They are great.
Open file (416.95 KB 903x882 6.jpg)
Open file (370.22 KB 812x812 7.jpg)
Open file (571.21 KB 1188x1162 8.jpg)
Open file (702.63 KB 1200x1200 9.jpg)
Open file (681.44 KB 1200x1134 10.jpg)
10 and I'm done for today

You best be back soon with some captions, cumslut.
Open file (157.67 KB 750x690 forfem 01 Terry.jpg)
Open file (143.44 KB 734x667 forfem 02 Damien.jpg)
Open file (118.58 KB 576x550 forfem 03 Charlie.jpg)
Open file (251.63 KB 842x750 forfem 04 Johnny.jpg)
Open file (118.63 KB 500x648 forfem 05 Danny.jpg)
Open file (169.79 KB 792x750 forfem 06 Mark.jpg)
Open file (176.74 KB 864x748 forfem 07 Ron.jpg)
Open file (170.92 KB 792x750 forfem 08 Matt.jpg)
Open file (113.02 KB 720x639 forfem 09 Tim.jpg)
Open file (116.06 KB 500x662 forfem 10 Luke.jpg)
And I'm done for today.

Should I make more for you sissies?

Yes please.
What do the girlies want more?
Private sissification gone public
Drug/machine sissification
girlfriend/boyfriend pushed sissification
or just a true sissy loving up all the attention that cocks and strapons give him?
I guess also completely forced and unwanted sissification.
Open file (145.62 KB 720x640 forfem 11 dresses.jpg)
I got horny, and master isn't letting me cum :(

So i made some more!
Open file (377.81 KB 1280x1613 forfem 12 sorority.jpg)
Open file (204.64 KB 864x691 forfem 13 kidnapped.jpg)
Open file (343.31 KB 1280x1368 forfem 14 stepmom.jpg)
Open file (218.91 KB 971x1080 forfem 15 seasonal.jpg)
I'd like to see more feminizing by girlfriend, but more innocent ones that don't involve humiliation, or having to suck on cocks. I think I might just be too vanilla for this board.
Open file (376.54 KB 1200x1080 forfem 16 Lue.jpg)
Open file (129.80 KB 600x720 forfem 17 buyers.jpg)
Open file (251.65 KB 1200x1011 forfem 18 Bret.jpg)
Open file (308.03 KB 1080x1024 forfem 19 Shaun.jpg)
Open file (229.80 KB 1000x864 forfem 20 Henry.jpg)
This one is more or less for you. Though I'm not so sure if you'd dig the buttplug. I mean, part of girlification is getting your ass turned into a boipusy, right?

Okay, I think I'm going to shoot for 5 every couple days. Who wants to tell me what a naughty girl I am for getting a hard clitty while making these?
Hee, thank you so much <3
You are a deliciously naughty girl who should definitely have more butt plugs.
Open file (228.96 KB 792x700 forfem 21 Richard.jpg)
Open file (252.76 KB 1024x1080 forfem 22 Jason.jpg)
Open file (337.87 KB 1024x1080 forfem 23 Peter.jpg)
Open file (341.19 KB 1077x1109 forfem 24 George.jpg)
Open file (139.55 KB 791x783 forfem 25 POV.jpg)
And, here's a picture of my own little clitty getting hard this morning. Maybe you girls could do me a favor and write up a caption for me?
Christ that's small.
Open file (185.00 KB 962x788 forfem 26 Alex.jpg)
Open file (219.61 KB 822x786 forfem 27 Jeff.jpg)
Open file (158.13 KB 717x725 forfem 28 Jamie.jpg)
Open file (108.37 KB 1008x623 forfem 29 Larry.jpg)
Open file (149.06 KB 936x761 forfem 30 Ken.jpg)
>>Implied gore
Open file (252.42 KB 1000x955 forfem 31.jpg)
I know! It really needs to get locked up so it doesn't embarrass me at the mall when I stare at hot guys...

Also, have a bonus caption!

This situation almost happened to me on numerous occasions in my tweens to late teens.

Improvised self bondage is tricky stuff.
I'd love to hear about your closest calls.

I'm about fourteen, I'm in my younger sister's school uniform & her highest heels, and I've managed to tie my wrists behind by back to my ankles. Took me about 15-20 minutes of work to actually tie it properly, and it's the early hours of the morning.

I'm enjoying struggling and the delicious feeling of wearing her tights and school skirt- when I hear someone walking about.

I'm terrified, yet somehow even more turned on. I struggle, for real this time, but can't free myself at all.
All I can do is grab my cover (which I've strategically placed ready to throw over myself) with my bound hands and cover myself as best I can.

Of course my bedside lamp is left on. I lie perfectly still, my cock is rock hard but I'm in a cold sweat. The cover isn't quite covering the very recognizable light blue blouse. I've also got a gag in my mouth.

Many moments pass. I hear what sounds like footsteps coming to my door. I struggle furiously to free my hands - in the process I orgasm powerfully from the friction rubbing against the bed.

What seems like streams of cum flood my panties, then into the tights, then the skirt. I can't move at all.

When I finally stop I realize the sounds were footsteps going back into another bedroom.

It takes about 45 minutes to free myself. By that time I'm hard again.
Mmmm... That has to be a fantastic orgasm to have.
Are you making any more? I love them so far
I especially love either "caught" or "bets gone wrong" ones, with cocksucking and humiliation a huge plus :)
I've been on the road a bunch. I'll make a few tomorrow probably. In the meantime, I'd really love you girls forever if you could make something humiliating with my own little clitty.

this one >>5280
Open file (125.93 KB 648x673 forfem 32 Lee.jpg)
Open file (125.78 KB 871x668 forfem 33 Mitt.jpg)
Open file (235.30 KB 1247x990 forfem 34 bobby.jpg)
Open file (197.85 KB 1008x900 forfem 35 Brandon.jpg)
Open file (332.17 KB 1512x1512 forfem 36 Shane.jpg)
Open file (192.84 KB 1000x746 forfem 37 Jeremy.jpg)
Open file (91.21 KB 648x533 forfem 38 Aron.jpg)
Open file (307.97 KB 1296x1195 forfem 39 facility.jpg)
Open file (223.52 KB 893x1008 forfem 40 Alby.jpg)
Open file (119.04 KB 720x500 forfem 41 cinjen.jpg)
Open file (245.41 KB 1016x879 forfem 42 Damien.jpg)
Open file (131.05 KB 560x655 Forfem 43 Timmy.jpg)
Open file (209.63 KB 1260x922 forfem 44 Dario.jpg)
Open file (118.82 KB 700x539 forfem 45.jpg)
Only made a couple for today...
keep it up, they're really hot.
Open file (281.81 KB 816x1056 I'm not adickted1.jpg)
1 of 3
Open file (195.94 KB 816x1056 I'm not adickted2.jpg)
2 of 3
Open file (265.80 KB 816x1056 I'm not adickted3.jpg)
3 of 3
Open file (170.02 KB 1024x768 444403847.jpg)
Open file (387.56 KB 1296x1000 556461372.jpg)
Open file (91.64 KB 550x602 478492978.jpg)
Open file (125.60 KB 704x900 1103026521.jpg)
This gurl is fucking sexy
Open file (130.96 KB 1200x800 1160358593.jpg)
am I the only one annoyed by these ones that use boy names but obvious images of genetic females?
Im the only one annoyed by t he fact mostly of the stories involve pop-like culture and estereotiped scenarios?

No, I'm with you guys. Most of that caption-writers either seem to be retarded or write them with their dick in their hands.

The key for a good caption is the pic fitting to the story in every detail and it's better to use amateur pics than porn-pics because it gives the scenario a more beliveable touch. Also try to be creative within the fetish-borders but don't write over-the-top bs like "yesterday I found my hubby dressed in my clothes" when the pic clearly shows a young, fuoll-figured and clearly female porn-actress. How should that work?
Open file (270.26 KB 1040x800 1351959861726.jpg)
First timer here
that is perfect.
good job
Could we get some that have...I don't know...ACTUAL FUCKING in them? Please?

I agree. I like the ones that use suggestion to their advantage. The imagination can be powerful. But a little more direct simulation of sissy's getting their brains fucked out would be nice.
Open file (1.03 MB 1252x864 132557229620.jpg)
Open file (1.02 MB 1252x864 132557236636.jpg)
Open file (1.13 MB 1252x864 132557249411.jpg)
Open file (1.66 MB 1728x1600 132893795926.jpg)
Open file (615.84 KB 1100x1008 132894363775.jpg)
Open file (966.26 KB 1752x1168 133013178764.jpg)
Open file (393.58 KB 768x667 133023466096.jpg)
Open file (235.01 KB 994x1206 13130427725.jpg)
Open file (205.88 KB 1404x750 130991493278.jpg)
Open file (161.72 KB 1026x691 130992437529.jpg)
Open file (844.72 KB 900x1008 132548668387.jpg)
Open file (170.56 KB 878x1249 130965256047.jpg)
Open file (1.76 MB 1653x1488 8897098780.jpg)
Open file (702.24 KB 1008x878 131835332773.jpg)
Open file (667.73 KB 640x1570 133577138816.jpg)
Open file (1.62 MB 1250x2232 134891242986.jpg)
Open file (1.62 MB 1488x3792 3454.jpg)
Open file (1.89 MB 1252x3360 133775706862.jpg)
Open file (1.30 MB 1119x1350 790907068.jpg)
Open file (1.28 MB 1350x1054 986.jpg)
Open file (1.14 MB 1200x1210 333.jpg)
Open file (1.44 MB 1135x1600 89798798790.jpg)
What's the source for the delicious Bevington Academy captions?
These are scary
Is there any way to download all the images besides opening/right clicking and saving?
If you use Firefox, google DownThemAll.
Open file (711.71 KB 3119x2024 1330752262379.jpg)
>more ;) captions
>a lot of them are bevington academy ones
i don't think my clitty's ever squirted this hard before
>not wanting to go to the most prestigious sissy school ever
you're not even trying are you?
who is the model in this pic ?
Open file (332.09 KB 890x1382 926780762.jpg)
one of my favorites...
Open file (1.03 MB 1252x1920 897987907987.jpg)
oh wow, that's great!
Awesome...very funny too
Open file (1.80 MB 1252x2861 454455454.jpg)
Open file (735.15 KB 1000x931 9797979797.jpg)
The internet seems to be lacking in captions like these that involve a the transformation happening to a hipster. By any chanse can you "send one" to bevington? I remember in one caption the use of a bimbofying chamber. If you dont like the hipster idea, by any chance can you bring back the bimbo chamber?! I remember your stuff from hypnochan, and it was the main reson i even went to the site. :P
I'm glad you enjoy my work! :D
Haha, the hipster one might hit pretty close to home for me but I'd be glad to include a hipster to bimbo transformation some time. It will probably be a couple weeks until I have time to write another caption. I'll be sure to post it here when I finish with it. Thanks for the kind words :)

Where can we find all of your work ;) ?
It's mostly just scattered around the internet here and there. I may one day organize a website but for now they're only on various imageboards.
Soon... :)
Open file (181.42 KB 1220x896 130991480946.jpg)
hipster like this?
Wow, that one's really old
Open file (194.45 KB 1200x1108 135432016554.jpg)
Here are some other old ones:
Open file (236.41 KB 1604x900 135432018332.jpg)
Open file (484.80 KB 2172x2048 135432018560.jpg)
Open file (918.82 KB 1112x880 135432027024.jpg)
Open file (1.13 MB 1200x1100 135432039551.jpg)
Open file (882.25 KB 1152x1027 135432040844.jpg)
Open file (1.83 MB 1656x1581 135432041189.jpg)
I'm looking for a few girls like this to worship my cock. How do?
you're in the right place
The visual method used by this caption is really unique. I like it!
Open file (165.11 KB 900x900 Im a Barbie Girl copy.jpg)
Open file (148.71 KB 700x525 burp.jpg)
This is my favorite caption. The burp that broke the sissy's mind.
Open file (205.49 KB 1151x1027 1351536500474.jpg)
keep them captions coming
Open file (3.20 MB 1252x4128 38383838383838.jpg)
COME ON PEOPLE. I don't have any to contriboot but this thread needs to move faster!

PLEASE GUYS, I'm too scared to save pictures, supply me with content, even though I contribute nothing, on this community based picture sharing board.
Open file (283.43 KB 900x1080 forfem 46.jpg)
I've been on hiatus for a little while now.... Back with some more.
Open file (463.77 KB 1144x1080 forfem 47.jpg)
Open file (402.84 KB 1023x1440 forfem 48 Brad.jpg)
Open file (321.41 KB 1080x800 forfem 49 party.jpg)
Open file (232.52 KB 1000x667 forfem 50.jpg)
Open file (408.44 KB 1000x800 forfem 51.jpg)
Open file (474.99 KB 1600x1207 1341717170022.jpg)
I'm looking for two caps. One has a girl fighting a guy and she's topless. He's knocking her out and theyre both in boxing gear. Some kind of wizard duel. The other is a set of four or five. Guy is being punished by wife or girlfriend. She's turned and put in new clothes and heels and is wearing big shades. A stranger gives her a ride and stops and takes advantage of her on the side of the road a few minutes later. Thanks.
If you're paranoid about someone finding your traption collection save them in a rar file in a systems folder. I guarantee you no one will ever find them.
or you could hide it in a jpeg. i know that its possible since ive done it before, but i dont remember how
Open file (128.50 KB 1250x785 Ed53.jpg)
you're referring to steganography, which is best for hiding only small amounts of data, like text, not a whole library of images.

But >>6802 was just making fun of >>6741 for being demanding :P

You do know that your browsing history gets cached in more than one place, right?
I do not even know what this statement means.
It means that your web browser history is been keeped by a 3rd party.

i dobout someone would give a fuck what you are looking in your screen, but the record is there.
Open file (74.37 KB 1287x446 get+on+your+knees.jpg)
I bet >>6741 was just lazy.

less talk about caching and data hiding, moar captions!
That's sort of true. Web browser history is saved in three different places on your hard drive. One of them is temporary to make reloading pages easier and is set to purge itself at certain intervals (but some stuff does stay around anyways), one of them is the normal web browser history that can be cleared in-browser, and the third is from cookies that tell certain companies where you've been and when you've been there. Cookie data isn't accessible to outside viewers outside unless you're on a website that's set to check it. Some companies do log certain data received from cookies for marketing purposes, but it's not indexed in a way that can put a person to a website.

And also, most ISPs will hold your browsing history temporarily for legal purposes. Depending on who's your provider it can be as short as two weeks or as long as two years.

There are other ways to get your history, but the majority of them fall under malware / government spying.

The point is, if you're worried about getting found out, there's a solid chance that a tech savvy person can figure this stuff out.
Open file (628.93 KB 1300x1144 000000000000000.jpg)
Open file (299.61 KB 1060x808 001.jpg)
Open file (354.43 KB 1113x784 002.jpg)
Open file (373.67 KB 1233x803 003.jpg)
Open file (341.73 KB 1074x804 004.jpg)
Open file (343.02 KB 1139x681 005.jpg)
>stopping at 5/6
my thoughts exactly.
Open file (75.39 KB 800x531 1965767517.jpg)
Open file (52.46 KB 705x615 Untitled.jpg)
Open file (63.67 KB 932x572 1940131876.jpg)
Much love.
Who is the girl in the picture? Is it shooped?
does anyone know who the girl is?
not into adult babies, but holy shit. that was really hot.
Open file (794.02 KB 2500x1100 mascara.jpg)
Posting OC! Think I should make more /girlies/? What do you want to see?
Open file (829.68 KB 3500x2004 Sasha Grey.jpg)
more OC!
Open file (822.44 KB 2255x1732 school.jpg)
Open file (518.20 KB 2000x1000 Thankthemen.jpg)
Open file (289.19 KB 1412x1062 Untitled.jpg)
Open file (3.54 MB 300x265 364577612.gif)
This is one of my favorites.
I love this one! so frakking hot!
Open file (3.00 KB 200x75 Lostnfound.jpg)
Open file (134.68 KB 900x800 1356852603855.jpg)
That is one great thumbnail you have there.
Open file (253.63 KB 1790x653 1335902f519797.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 320x345 2098903999.gif)
I love love love gif captions. But unfortunately the majority out there are all cuckold and not sissy.
Open file (4.18 MB 350x305 1243961423.gif)
I swear I check this thread religiously. Hoping for more and more and more. That's why I'm trying to space out posting what I have.
Open file (1.59 MB 550x400 0519448265.gif)
I got impatient and posted three in a short amount of time haha.
Open file (100.18 KB 682x1024 1.jpg)
I adore this thread and shall finally contribute!

Series compliments of SexySecretSophie

Open file (91.09 KB 682x1024 2.jpg)
Open file (107.55 KB 682x1024 3.jpg)
Open file (94.56 KB 682x1024 4.jpg)
Open file (102.21 KB 682x1024 5.jpg)
Open file (87.50 KB 682x1024 6.jpg)
Open file (121.65 KB 1280x720 22599_03.jpg)
And just a nice standalone
something about this girl and this picture that I just love.
Open file (678.56 KB 887x900 131580611877.png)
Where's ;)? her latest captions have lasted me quite a while, but there's nothing like them ;-;, and the only other long running caption thread i know of, on 7chan, has a guy posting some captions that are getting a "little" too strange.
Open file (135.88 KB 652x807 135622494143.jpg)
Open file (145.62 KB 1024x768 135408053185.jpg)
Open file (627.94 KB 1200x1092 135424114490.jpg)
Open file (477.56 KB 2170x920 135432026554.jpg)
Open file (768.40 KB 1440x1158 135684403961.jpg)
Open file (198.31 KB 1600x740 135432056962.jpg)
Open file (61.59 KB 608x450 135080660587.jpg)
Open file (402.50 KB 895x810 135622528133.jpg)
these ones im posting now arent OC, just some i found floating around.
Open file (140.82 KB 1023x1024 135203489049.jpg)
Open file (476.08 KB 1024x738 135116374115.jpg)
Open file (179.78 KB 1022x1024 135315774134.jpg)
Open file (338.12 KB 1224x875 135552111433.jpg)
Open file (705.07 KB 1000x730 135120950338.jpg)
Open file (1.00 MB 900x1008 133962223626.jpg)
Open file (285.13 KB 866x1333 135622549668.jpg)
Open file (64.84 KB 512x384 1340687740-picsay.jpg)
Open file (43.43 KB 512x341 1337802794-picsay.jpg)
Open file (73.86 KB 341x512 1337801409-picsay.jpg)
Open file (86.16 KB 512x344 1337755508-picsay.jpg)
Open file (307.28 KB 512x328 1334204269-picsay.png)
Open file (81.56 KB 341x512 1333398184-picsay.jpg)
Open file (112.78 KB 512x457 1334195515-picsay.jpg)
Open file (85.68 KB 340x512 1340689221-picsay.jpg)
Open file (100.13 KB 338x512 1340693201-picsay.jpg)
Open file (50.50 KB 342x512 1341091019-picsay.jpg)
Open file (92.17 KB 384x512 1341090745-picsay.jpg)
Open file (56.47 KB 512x384 1341091305-picsay.jpg)
Open file (89.75 KB 640x431 1358962322-picsay.jpg)
Open file (84.18 KB 640x428 1358962615-picsay.jpg)
Open file (820.62 KB 1063x800 C226.png)
Open file (764.60 KB 955x799 C49.png)
Open file (1.00 MB 1066x752 C37.png)
Open file (1012.08 KB 1064x800 C241.png)
i fucking love this one. I want to be her SO badly. such perfect skin, such a perfect cock. Such a perfect kiss...
Open file (772.83 KB 775x800 C255.png)
Open file (327.32 KB 512x384 PicsArt_1333399048350.png)
Open file (1.12 MB 915x800 C270.png)
Open file (1.01 MB 1064x800 C290 (1).png)
this reminds me of the hypno vid Sissy Swallow. <3
Open file (691.34 KB 761x800 C296.png)
this one is depressing. but im sure many of us (including myself) can relate.
Open file (203.26 KB 800x500 blogger1.jpg)
That shit just ruined my night D:
Open file (1.08 MB 2000x1114 whatatweest.jpg)
Like what? I saw one or two poz captions (which I'm not really into) near the middle, but not much else.
Open file (261.90 KB 1024x768 baseball.jpg)
Open file (336.63 KB 1600x1081 SillySissySallySmallcock.jpg)
Horribly unjustified/mistaken punishment really gets me all warm and tingly. Partially because of the raw unfairness...partially because I wouldn't mind getting caught in some of the less soul-crushing crossfires.
Open file (216.35 KB 1000x605 bitchmann.jpg)
Butch Mann. I kinda want to see the most passable trap ever use that name.
Open file (197.22 KB 800x800 1325557495185.jpg)
the ones about guys getting rid of all genitalia and thier nipples, i can understand it on one or two, then it's hot, like the barbie one. but it's in a lot of the captions, and they all start out with some sort of way of saying "i'm not gay, but..." or "this guy wasn't gay, but..."

idk, i could be the strange one.
(to the guy who makes them, if you see this, i don't mean any offense, some of your captions are some of my favorites. really good stuff, just a bit out there at times)
Open file (38.71 KB 427x640 KnJN5Atl.jpg)
could be captioned better
Do you meant POV (point of view?) And where is this thread, please?
Open file (80.37 KB 500x451 028_1000.jpg)
Open file (154.67 KB 1031x737 130401314991.jpg)
i don't think that's what they meant (because i can't seem to see any Point of view captions in the thread) but here it is:
He means poz, as in HIV positive. Captions about so called 'bug chasing'.
And there goes any boner I might have had for the next...
Seriously, between this, the racism and the mutilation... nvm. Cutting off the rant here.
Oh yeah, I know what you mean.

Like, you're about to get into a rant at all and then you realize where you are and start wondering what you're doing with your life. I usually dont hit submit though. :P
Open file (803.85 KB 932x800 1359426408071.png)
Open file (1.39 MB 1320x1148 1359427240637.png)
Open file (128.09 KB 960x720 1359428419229.jpg)
Open file (233.71 KB 800x1200 1359428716088.jpg)
Open file (146.65 KB 744x1390 1359428721788.jpg)
And this is my favorite.

I really like that this is a sequel/continuation thing of another cap here.
Open file (137.46 KB 1280x853 131540569088.jpg)
i can't count how many times i almost typed something here, then didn't.
Open file (338.08 KB 1280x848 135998520521.jpg)
Gonna bump with some OC!! Come on /girlies/, I need this.
More like this please, ladies.
reminds me of Isabella's audio.
Open file (105.83 KB 547x748 1360289280789.jpg)
Open file (212.08 KB 1000x800 1360289624920.jpg)
Open file (141.54 KB 620x618 1360290824749.jpg)
Open file (637.80 KB 940x720 1360292259160.jpg)
Open file (234.60 KB 825x902 1360292301863.jpg)
Open file (369.24 KB 1124x960 1360294529006.jpg)
Open file (308.16 KB 699x555 1360296026033.jpg)
Open file (82.00 KB 647x495 1360382216196.jpg)
Open file (1.78 MB 1200x2145 8696095055000000000.jpg)
Here's a new one.
Open file (1.39 MB 1260x1584 78550500550500.jpg)
Open file (1.28 MB 1280x714 suckhole.png)
I just want to say ;) you make some of the best sissy captions I have ever enjoyed. God tier sissy captions, love your universe too.

pic unrelated its something I just made
Open file (233.15 KB 1000x780 131750886214.jpg)
Yay! ;) is back!
Fun G-Rated
awww! Thank you! :D
Open file (562.48 KB 1486x799 23135531nm.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 1971x1200 dd.jpg)
Open file (345.83 KB 1288x764 beach.jpg)
Open file (1.53 MB 1711x1411 135443174880.jpg)
Open file (907.82 KB 1248x1340 135527044340.jpg)
Open file (782.75 KB 2784x1599 jm.jpg)
Open file (1.13 MB 1944x1240 135438271015.jpg)
Open file (959.54 KB 1440x1532 135684824992.jpg)
Open file (738.40 KB 1415x960 135438059860.jpg)
Open file (158.25 KB 1080x353 bb.jpg)
that is amazing
Where did the comment about moby dick go? :(
Open file (395.75 KB 1312x1052 560549308.jpg)
Open file (130.07 KB 1067x600 1353247311534.jpg)
Open file (94.52 KB 928x480 1353247863052.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 1024x1152 8960906.jpg)
I wish that academy was real lol
We all do... We all do.
Open file (608.27 KB 1024x1008 8698606.jpg)
Open file (181.88 KB 864x720 911504700.jpg)
Open file (80.13 KB 900x600 939380800.jpg)
Open file (166.79 KB 946x1024 1477466574.jpg)
Open file (288.89 KB 1268x1650 395419543.jpg)
Open file (149.55 KB 853x1280 2107720038.jpg)
Open file (28.72 KB 390x321 2037718207.jpg)
Open file (295.85 KB 1072x640 23423352.jpg)
Open file (229.19 KB 1065x713 34564354634.jpg)
lol god boy
Do you have a bigger size of this?
Open file (214.60 KB 700x1050 handstied.jpg)
did you make that?
>>8418 no, I found it on a blogspot a few days ago.
Open file (356.03 KB 1024x750 whattoexpect.jpg)
That is one of many from my site that I haven't updated in like 7 months. Happy to see that someone thought it was nice enough to keep on their hard drive.

I'm pretty sure this is one of the better-liked ones I made.
what's the name of said blog?
>>8436 natalienne.blogspot.com/
your blog is amazing.
Open file (371.74 KB 1600x1361 old friends.jpg)
Found this in blogger-world...liked it. Come visit me:



Open file (528.90 KB 1680x1400 demongurl01.jpg)
I love Futa Succubus/Demon art!
This is one of my FAVE fantasies....Enjoy!
Found a really good sleepymaid picture that someone talented girl should caption!
Seems legit, bro.

I've used virtual mistress before. There's no such thing as a real person controlling you through that programm. "Trojan controller", never heard of that.

I'd like to politely ask you to leave, sis. <3
It sounds like its someone using a rat or something.

I guess they just picked a random name.
Doesn't sound to bad though, they are just a retarded dom.
Open file (432.11 KB 1600x1298 don't understand.jpg)
Come visit me at:


Anyone want to be nice enough to upload these as a zip?

You can use the Chrome extension "Download Manager" to download all the images linked on a page. Before you do, open Chrome settings and go to 'Download Location' (advanced), pick a directory and uncheck the checkbutton to ask for a download location for each dowload, otherwise a dialog will open for each file.
Open file (188.26 KB 532x950 generous.jpg)
This one has been around a while but I love the idea!
Come see me at: http://thesissyschool.blogspot.com/
I couldn't find one by that exact name, but I did find one that worked. So here is my gift to all you girly girls: http://www.mediafire.com/?jvbe2m87he7zxkr
Wow! Thank you so much! I've been meaning to do that, but never got round to it!

:/ i'm so lazy
Open file (334.48 KB 1080x669 32523952323.jpg)
Very hot....and dirty....love it!
Open file (76.64 KB 468x750 1st Caption.jpg)
This is my first attempt at an original.
Open file (301.36 KB 1200x1000 Page_1.jpg)
Open file (339.93 KB 1600x1063 femdom09.jpg)
Open file (237.58 KB 1200x1000 Page_11.jpg)
Open file (217.20 KB 1000x1000 Page_1 (1).jpg)
Open file (219.36 KB 1000x1000 nogoingback.jpg)
Open file (381.57 KB 1600x1186 Steffi_Faves (11).jpg)
Awesome !!!
Where did you find these ones? link to the original?
and other blogs that i found off of that one. A LOT of good stuff out there.
you guys should check out the blog list at www(.)rebeccamolay(.)com
Fairly comprehensive, though there are a fair few missed.
Is there a source for these, because GODDAMN.
Open file (187.17 KB 868x864 Accepting It.jpg)
Open file (1.52 MB 1600x1135 same thing.png)
Open file (285.13 KB 1500x800 Stella.jpg)
Open file (149.71 KB 816x1056 Halloween stag party.jpg)
Open file (225.97 KB 816x1189 Were bargains made2.jpg)
If only that was easy i would love it
anybody have the one with the barefoot girl on the trampoline?
Open file (277.42 KB 1280x960 132210898518.jpg)
Open file (188.33 KB 816x1056 Page_1.jpg)
Open file (217.65 KB 816x1056 Page_2.jpg)
Open file (230.57 KB 816x1056 Page_3.jpg)
Open file (867.08 KB 744x1106 COCKSUCKER.png)
Here is my first attempt. Nothing special, but I really like the kind where someone is brainwashed into being a cocksucking sissy against their will and you can read the struggle against their own mind.
Open file (269.88 KB 738x293 cock.png)
Here is my second try
Open file (607.61 KB 1440x1440 3423423523.jpg)

Yeah, I'm the guy that makes these. I understand they're not for everyone but I'm glad there are a lot of people that seem to like it. I got some good responses on 7chan.

I dabble into the no-nipple or no-genetalia thing here and there but it's not really my fetish per say. My main fetish is pretty much having a gorgeous shemale/bimbo that still has the mind of a man, usually when he's in denial about it. I guess I like the idea of a straight guy turning into a gay shemale as well, which is why you see a lot of the "I'm not gay..." where the character is obviously exclusively sexually interested in men.

I've done a couple interracial ones too, I find the whole black cock worship thing bizarre, but at the same time humorous and sometimes erotic - so it is fun to write stories about it.

Sometimes I write stuff that turns me on, and sometimes I write stuff that just makes me laugh but at at angle where someone might still be able to enjoy it for fapping. There are only a few things I've run into so far that have really creeped me out that I won't write captions about... I've seen a few about fem-boys becoming pregnant (or begging to be made pregnant) from their ass (what?), and those HIV positive caps, what the fuck? But I'm not really here to judge with the weird shit I make, women with moustaches, etc
Open file (1.22 MB 1280x714 garbageman.png)
The ass-pregnant thing is appealing the same way your gay-denial caps are. Being so broken, you become a parody of femininity and want to get fucked and be fertilized. Of course, you'll never get pregnant, so you'll just keep on getting fucked, begging for babies forever.

Do you have more? If not, please make more. You're awesome at this.
Open file (413.58 KB 1080x1059 4354534534.jpg)
That's actually a very good explanation of it, thanks! I think I get it now, still not really my thing but now I get it.

Here's a new one I made, with a lesbian theme, no gay (male-male) stuff in this one.
anyone have any feet sissy caps? for some reason being forced to paint your toes turns me on
Seconded, i like being forced to feel cute and vulnerable!
You should definitely make a blog, or at least an Imagefap profile.

This was hot as hell, I certainly wouldn't mind moar like this
Open file (1.30 MB 1280x1413 afew490a.jpg)
Open file (986.93 KB 1200x1183 fasdf3ae.jpg)
holy shit, we need to mass produce this kinds of caps111
10/10 i came buckets
Open file (361.12 KB 1125x1500 136508271092.jpg)
Open file (287.88 KB 1280x1075 136508285028.jpg)
Open file (843.24 KB 1125x1500 136508286626.jpg)
Open file (472.26 KB 1125x1500 136508288431.jpg)
Open file (721.89 KB 1125x1500 136508292384.jpg)
Open file (929.72 KB 1000x723 df.gif)
Had my first anal orgasm to this right now... Feels good.
you don't sound very enthusiastic.
It was late when I started and took over an hour and a half! Post-orgasm sleepyness may have dulled my enthusiasm a bit ;)

But yes, it was amazing! It's just sad I don't have the time to go at it again tonight!
Open file (293.93 KB 800x1188 +Shinjuku.jpg)
haha, ok. grats, here's to many more :)
More Bevington please. I love those
I agree, more Bevington Academy caps please
bump, more bevington
Oh hi there, ALL OF MY FETISHES. Are you me with a better vocabulary or something?
Open file (226.28 KB 806x750 brolita.jpg)
Brolita =3
Open file (224.60 KB 1024x1152 cPyySsi.jpg)

You don't need to bump, this is a sticky. But I've attached some for your viewing pleasure anyway ;)


O.O Yes please, moar :D
I see you used my brolita caption hehe one of my more popular ones?

Do you have a page where you have more or something? :D
Open file (238.66 KB 713x885 03b.jpg)
Hi! This is my first attempt at a caption. Sorry if the text is a bit bland, I didn't want to do anything fancy.

I've always enjoyed the prospect of feminization and blackmail, so this caption is something I'd personally like to see to more of.

I apologize if anyone doesn't like that that the "sissy" has actual tits. I'd photoshop them off if I had the skills. I'm able to just ignore them, though, plus being bisexual they don't bother me.
Open file (195.04 KB 713x885 edit.jpg)

Gave it a go, see what you think.
Good first effort - Story matches the picture which is the most important thing. Captions that have a story and a random picture are the worst.
tits aren't the bad things..
vagina though.
If I see a caption with a vagina on it I usually just don't read it or just leave the blog that it's on and never return.
caption is great btw. :)
LOL, I'm the guy that created that caption. Check out <a href="http://www.imagefap.com/pictures/3217108/Daddy%27s-little-sissies-01">ifap</a> if you want to see more
Open file (239.84 KB 1024x683 1105500057.jpg)
This thread is dead, so to livin it up, here's my first attempt tell me what ya think.
Open file (172.22 KB 1296x1936 1105500058.jpg)
This thread still needs more livinin up, so here's my second attempt.
Open file (481.66 KB 825x978 1366597234466.png)
I saw a diaper caption, and thought you guys'd appreciate it if i tweaked it to be more TG related, here it is in-case it suits any of your interests.
More Bevington Academy Caps, anyone?
Ditto, bevington is some of the best stuff to come out of /girly/.
bevington is my favorite as well
Is it weird that I think the whole Bevington Academy thing sucks?
A little bit. I find them to be my favourite, but I think that's down to the author. Her other stuff, which isn't Bevington Academy, is also very very good so I enjoy them. :)

I like the way she meshes a happy-go-lucky writing style with more sinister undertones, it does turn me on!
Not weird at all. I think the entire Bevington thing is really lame when it comes to captions.
I'd say about everything that ;) makes is hit or miss, more than half of the stuff they make is my absolute favorite, the some of other i don't bother saving. guess you guys just have bevington in the other pile.

but if you're reading this ;), goddamn do i LOVE most of the stuff you make.
More and source
yes, does anyone know if ;)
has a website or a place he/she stashes his/her caps?
i just saw it on a random diaper thread on 4chan's /d/, and changed all the "she"s to "He"s, and whatever her name was before, to chase.
Open file (1.86 MB 797x1024 partygirl.png)
Open file (486.14 KB 1600x1200 captions1.jpg)
Open file (493.52 KB 858x1200 captions2.jpg)
Open file (1.67 MB 2832x2800 captions3.jpg)
Open file (260.59 KB 816x800 captions4.jpg)
Open file (658.58 KB 1280x1600 captions5.jpg)
Open file (957.69 KB 2000x1900 captions6.jpg)
Open file (1.03 MB 2000x2000 captions7.jpg)
Open file (537.74 KB 1024x1000 captions8.jpg)
Open file (412.19 KB 1024x1024 captions9.jpg)
Open file (447.13 KB 1200x1126 captions10.jpg)
Open file (446.94 KB 857x1400 captions11.jpg)
Open file (184.56 KB 900x800 captions12.jpg)
Open file (313.54 KB 1000x1000 captions13.jpg)
Open file (478.40 KB 1100x1024 captions14.jpg)
Open file (464.62 KB 1100x1024 captions15.jpg)
Open file (695.04 KB 1900x2048 captions16.jpg)
Open file (463.95 KB 1024x1024 captions17.jpg)
not really a fan of the last group of photos and the whole just guys in drag thing

im more into the mind breaking stuff or the forced fem thing like where a guy refuses to become a sissy, but due to some hypnotic stuff or due to blackmail he is forced to go along with it

just my preference
id love to see more of those if anyone has them
Open file (284.18 KB 611x293 Girly.png)
Here is one of the hypnotic ones I just made. Tell me what you think
nice. more please.
does anyone have any more bevington academy?
or the forced feminization caps?
If I knew how to make captions I'd create my own...

Anyone want to give me some good, in depth tutorials?
Not just how to put text on a picture, but also, software that suits the purpose, how to altenrate colors, backgrounds, etc.
And of course, should I just use Word for the spellcheck?~
Personally, I prefer the ones where man is forced by circumstance to become another man's sissy, but I also enjoy the hypnotic ones as well.
Would love to see more of both.

I agree, forced to be a girl is my strongest and favorite fetish.
perhaps because I fight this horny
I feel guilty when I think in girly world, but if I were forced could not do anything, it would be my alibi :3
does anyone else feel like this?
I feel like part of me truly wants to be forced to become girly.
like I want to be hypnotized to the point where I know that with every cock I suck on, I want it more and become more girly, like I want to have that mental fight in my mind and want to become girly for the rest of my life.

but the other half of me thinks its just a fantasy and that I want a normal life.
Not uncommon I think, it's kinda like "princess by day, slut by night". Except it's "male by day, slut princess by night" :)

which is what i want too :)

me too... because of that I put an email in blackmail thread
more forced fem captions pleez
Open file (301.31 KB 484x286 girly.png)
Here are a couple pics I tried to make look like the bevington ones.
I'm not sure how he/she does it, but I tried if someone wants to give them a cap
Open file (482.47 KB 404x606 girly2.png)
Im not a great story teller so I was hoping another could give them a hot story :)
this thread is dead
A Caption Dump sticky would be nice.

666 posts and 500 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Tends to happen when you post almost every girly fetishism and feminization caption on the internet.
It will never die.
Open file (146.84 KB 840x972 bev2.jpg)
found these on another forum. not mine, but there are more out there apparently
Open file (233.46 KB 261x438 bev3.png)
there are many other forced sissy/trap/brainwashed sissy captions out there. I've probably seen another 50 to 100 that aren't on this one, but I've been having a hard time finding more of them
search for sissy captions on imagefap and you get tons and tons. not all are good.
Open file (132.67 KB 993x712 0215tr9.jpg)
I can assure you...I have probably seen thousands of these since I started playing on LiL- there are many, many more than this. I'll contribute a couple for the cause =)
Open file (148.69 KB 921x699 12112id.jpg)
Open file (134.14 KB 990x696 12139jp.jpg)
playing on what?

Lockedinlace.com. Think it's been mentioned here a couple times- Used to post there dozens of times daily. It's great. =D
Could we get more lost bet style captions? I would be forever grateful.
I personally would like to see more forced fem captions like the one with the guy being caught wearing the bikini and being blackmailed to be their sissy
Open file (1.32 MB 800x1107 123456789.png)

Here, just made this for you! Sorry if it's a bit long, I wanted to tell more of a story than just have some brief explanation behind the situation.


I made the bikini caption. Maybe you'll like this one. I tried to take elements of "lost bet" and mix it with force feminization. No blackmail in this one though, sorry. If I make another, it'll try to incorporate blackmail.

Open file (132.86 KB 501x751 1771611523.jpg)
cute cappie I found
My god that was great!! Instant pressure in my chastity cage. You should make moar if you ever get a chance.
Open file (334.18 KB 1172x738 394aa5f5.jpg)


Here's another. It's a bit more of a read, sorry if anyone prefers the shorter ones.

I've got an idea for another at the moment, but need to find a picture. I'm not happy with the picture in this one, but it's ridiculously hard to find a picture of someone bending over a bed in a schoolgirl uniform.
I do enjoy shorter ones generally but yours are worth reading. They have a good backgrounds. Love this one too!
Open file (395.22 KB 1024x720 couple.png)
Original content
Great read! Not too long at all.

OMFG fuck the hell yes! Finally one with ACTUAL SEX, not just "tee-hee I'm in girls clothes." I came with the might of a million suns. You. Are. Awesome. Never stop.
Open file (455.77 KB 1067x1600 207A.jpg)
Needs moar of these, god I love captions with Bailey. Especially BBC ones.
Open file (121.80 KB 636x700 pledge.jpg)
Open file (265.05 KB 800x600 ilove.jpg)
Good ones (-;
Open file (309.57 KB 1600x1186 male lesbians.jpg)
this thread is dead
new things posted every few days. Declares it dead. That's some good logic.
in my opinion the newer stuff isn't as good as the older stuff
and it doesn't move as fast either
just my opinion though

does anyone know a site that has more of these types of captions? these are my favorites
Just because those are you favorites doesn't mean no one else likes the other captions.
I like the caps by ;) too, but I also enjoy the other caps on here as well.
what is some good sissy porn? you know, where some pretty gurl is getting her lights f**ked out with a facial ending. pretty traps on their knees. you know, what I want to be watching right now.....
Shemale porn.
Or amatuer shemale porn, which is essentially either shemales or crossdressers. Amateur is better imo, but it's hard to find good amateur. Search things like sissy, trap, cd, tv on video sites.

If you like nworship (a forum for people into cuckolding with black guys - although I can't stand cuckolding and I go on for the sissy part of it) there's a thread on there listing loads of good interracial sissy porn, much of which is really good amateur stuff.
on 'there' where?
Wow you guys really are fucking gay!
You actually find cocksucking and cum eating sexy? Fuck, I would never like this shit, I've read most of these captions and I'm definitely not into this stuff. I was barely even hard most of the time. There were a few with sexy girls in that, nautrally and in a totally straight way turned me on, like these.


lol, anyway, enjoying sucking and slobbering on dick and eating cum. gayboys.
(Why on earth would you come to a place you are not welcome?)
>>10215 Meanwhile when he jerks off to this section lol he has no right to call us girls gay!
I really, honestly didn't know people came here and didn't want the /girly/ perspective, but just wanted to watch the girls...

He does turn me on a bit, though :/
Did getting that off your chest make you feel more manly after your marathon sissy caption picture thread read? You said yourself you read most of the five hundred or so captions. Did ya need to reinforce the notion that you're a manly man? Take a look at your post's name, "Girly-girl".

>lol, anyway, enjoying sucking and slobbering on dick and eating cum. gayboys.

I do enjoy it, a lot. The feeling of a hard cock in my mouth makes me very happy. So happy that I will sleep with a veined dildo in my mouth, tongue rolling along the veins and counting them to fall asleep.

I'm a girly-girl, I'm a sissy, I'm a cocksucker, and I am glad I am. I'm happy I am who I am, and never want to change the fact that I am a cocksucking sissy baby. I am happy with my life, are you?

As you're laying down, jacking off into your crusty sock, hating your life, think of me. Think of me in my nightie, my diaper, and my cutest pink and black socks with hearts all over.

Think of me, plug in my butt, dildo in my mouth, teddy bear in my arms, smiling around that cock, and sleeping blissfully aware I'll wake up with a warm wet feeling between my legs. Think of how much happier than you I am.

I love my self, I love who I am, and I am happier than you will ever be.

Sincerely, A Happy Sissy

P.S. If you stop lying to yourself, and stop being so rude, this little sissy has a pair of lips that can make you happy too.
I want to be happy like you.
good girl. you're on the right track :)
Open file (1.20 MB 683x1024 Adryella Vendraminy.png)
Open file (951.95 KB 1024x683 Alessandra Leite.png)
Open file (988.51 KB 1024x683 Allana Ribeiro.png)
Open file (1.21 MB 687x1024 Barbara Vasconcellos.png)
Open file (986.11 KB 683x1024 Bia Bastos.png)
Open file (1.15 MB 1030x683 Danielly Blonda.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 1024x683 Renata Araujo.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 683x1024 Rhayssa Rhayenen.png)
Open file (1.15 MB 683x1024 Wanessa Klay.png)
Open file (1.26 MB 683x1024 Yasmin Hernandez.png)
Open file (877.32 KB 1025x685 ZZ Alessandra Leite.png)
Open file (818.84 KB 1024x683 ZZ Allana Ribeiro.png)
Open file (944.71 KB 1024x683 ZZ Bia Bastos.png)
Open file (1.08 MB 1024x683 ZZ Danielly Blonda.png)
Open file (1.04 MB 1024x683 ZZ Renata Araujo.png)
Open file (1.11 MB 683x1024 ZZ Rhayssa Rhayenen.png)
Open file (1.11 MB 683x1024 ZZ Wanessa Klay.png)
Open file (1.41 MB 1024x683 ZZ Yasmin Hernandez.png)
20/20 :)

Once again my imagefap:
this was incredibly erotic! Thanks for posting!
Thanks :)

I love feedback. Any pics or themes you found particularly hot?
My favorite were 17, 18, and 19.

I like the forced aspect, and I like the emphasis on cum eating.

I dont like the "You are good for nothing but a cum dumpster." Sort of thing. Thats a bit far, in terms on degredation. Im pretty sure I relatively alone in that, though.
Open file (943.61 KB 1063x800 C293.png)
not everyone here is into complete humiliation and degradation. some of us want to be good girls, and being told we're worthless is a major turn off.

I completely agree with this. I definitely want to be someone's little slut, and I want him to use me in whatever way he wants. But I want to be his prized possession, not just some rag doll. I want him to appreciate everything I do for him, and he can show me how much he appreciates it by letting me swallow his load.

Oh my, interested in any kind of internet relationship with possible real future?

What you said sounds lovely!
can anyone please make more of the sissy against their will caps. or the ones where they start to like it and realize they want to always be a sissy. magic or hypnosis are fine too

That depends on who you are and what you're looking for. To be honest, I'm far from passable and have never dressed for anyone, but I'd definitely be interested in finding people that I can let that side out around. Leave me an email address and I'll get in touch.

My email is in the girly girl name field, hit me up if you want to chat about things babe :)
I'd much rather she was happy with my cock in her mouth!
I think everything on the internet has been posted here already
if ;) still reads this, i'd love to see more of your stuff. like the bevington academy caps or the forced/brainwashed sissy caps
Open file (183.89 KB 900x675 cap1.jpg)
i love the idea of being helpless to say no....
Open file (608.25 KB 1426x841 00022.jpg)
in my opinion there has not been anything good posted here for quite some time now
anyone know of any other forums like this one?
particularly with more of the forced fem/blackmail/hypno caps?
Second that mate
this guy
Open file (120.00 KB 783x1024 1371386793589.jpg)
Here's some OC for this dead thread. :(
Open file (60.32 KB 528x720 1371395960200.jpg)
Open file (99.36 KB 716x960 1371398161455.jpg)

those were good, but to be honest, my favorite kind of caps haven't been posted here for quite some time. haven't seen any of those mind control/brainwash/hypnosis caps where they are forced or the ones where they are still forced but more via blackmail. and I personally am really attracted to the ones where you see "her" sucking on a cock rather than just showing "her" dressed up.

now it just seems everything is either some kind of anal/bbc worship/or just the cross dressing aspect of it

I'll be looking elsewhere for my fix now
I'm done here too. Have fun my fellow sissies

You guys can always make some of your own caps
well ignoring all the bad comments above, I absolutly love this cap. The picture alone is amazing but the text compliments it so well too. Thanks for sharing it.
I agree. Even though some of these caps are not my 'cup of tea'....they are all far better than I can do. My interests continue to evolve, don't everybody's?
Open file (292.69 KB 1600x1404 free.jpg)
There is a ton of captions like these at http://feminizationstation.blogspot.se if you are interested.
Open file (316.71 KB 1318x1600 come on board.jpg)
Open file (246.22 KB 828x1024 1969430531.jpg)
fun one.....
Yay! :3
Open file (948.23 KB 640x812 cory oliver caps.png)
This is my current fave topic. i know i suck at making these but it's fun to try!
Open file (397.20 KB 1168x1600 cap2_1.jpg)
another try....more of a hypno theme
Open file (493.31 KB 1370x800 Cap 1.jpg)
First attempt at a cap

Love it!
this was fantastic
Please make more of these
Open file (1011.06 KB 1680x1050 17.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 1680x1050 18.jpg)
Open file (1.38 MB 1680x1050 19.jpg)
Open file (977.95 KB 1680x1050 20.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 1680x1050 21.jpg)
Open file (1.18 MB 1680x1050 23.jpg)
Open file (883.78 KB 1680x1050 24.jpg)
Open file (1016.97 KB 1680x1050 25.jpg)
Open file (988.88 KB 1680x1050 26.jpg)
Open file (1.11 MB 1680x1050 27.jpg)
Open file (1.13 MB 1680x1050 28.jpg)
Open file (1.25 MB 1680x1050 29.jpg)
Open file (1.11 MB 1680x1050 30.jpg)
Open file (1.02 MB 1680x1050 31.jpg)
Open file (1.08 MB 1680x1050 32.jpg)
Open file (1.23 MB 1680x1050 33.jpg)
Open file (1.01 MB 1680x1050 34.jpg)
Open file (1.23 MB 1680x1050 37.jpg)
Open file (1016.10 KB 1680x1050 40.jpg)
Open file (1.24 MB 1680x1050 41.jpg)
Open file (891.05 KB 1680x1050 42.jpg)
Open file (1.17 MB 1680x1050 43.jpg)
Open file (1.26 MB 1680x1050 44.jpg)
Open file (940.93 KB 1680x1050 45.jpg)
Open file (951.75 KB 1680x1050 46.jpg)
Open file (876.88 KB 1680x1050 47.jpg)
Open file (1.27 MB 1680x1050 48.jpg)
Open file (709.84 KB 1680x1050 49.jpg)
Open file (971.38 KB 1680x1050 52.jpg)
Open file (1.71 MB 1680x1050 54.jpg)
Open file (1.22 MB 1680x1050 55.jpg)
Open file (1.17 MB 1680x1050 56.jpg)
Open file (935.01 KB 1680x1050 93.jpg)
Open file (1.10 MB 1680x1050 94.jpg)
Open file (1.11 MB 1680x1050 95.jpg)
Open file (1.33 MB 1680x1050 96.jpg)
Open file (1.18 MB 1680x1050 97.jpg)
Open file (1.02 MB 1680x1050 98.jpg)
Open file (947.38 KB 1680x1050 99.jpg)
Open file (1.11 MB 1680x1050 100.jpg)
Open file (1.28 MB 1680x1050 101.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 1680x1050 102.jpg)
Open file (888.82 KB 1680x1050 103.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 1680x1050 104.jpg)
Open file (1.17 MB 1680x1050 105.jpg)
Open file (1.26 MB 1680x1050 106.jpg)
Open file (1.40 MB 1680x1050 107.jpg)
Open file (953.71 KB 1680x1050 108.jpg)
Open file (1.56 MB 1680x1050 109.jpg)
Open file (1.03 MB 1680x1050 110.jpg)
Open file (1.36 MB 1680x1050 211.jpg)
Open file (1.32 MB 1680x1050 212.jpg)
thank you!
great to scroll through while listening to some audio =)
Open file (1.18 MB 1680x1050 22.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 1680x1050 35.jpg)
Open file (1.15 MB 1680x1050 36.jpg)
Open file (1.02 MB 1680x1050 38.jpg)
Open file (1.11 MB 1680x1050 70.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 1680x1050 71.jpg)
Open file (1.77 MB 1680x1050 222.jpg)
Open file (1.49 MB 1680x1050 223.jpg)
Open file (1.49 MB 1680x1050 224.jpg)
Open file (1.31 MB 1680x1050 225.jpg)
These are fantastic.
more to cum
95% of shemales have ugly dicks

Do you have the set about dressing as a woman? Those are my favorite captions but I can't find them anywhere. Where are these originally from?
Oh man this
I would love that set
Open file (779.09 KB 556x690 Supprise.png)
Thanks ladies

I've made afew more, feedback appreciated.
Open file (538.96 KB 1572x800 Parcel.jpg)
The wording in this is a bit awkward but I think it makes sense
Open file (526.37 KB 1500x934 70120204.jpg)
Last one for now
Open file (853.62 KB 768x576 2050761390.png)
Open file (2.06 MB 1254x1740 137362150169.jpg)
Open file (676.51 KB 714x1681 23235235.jpg)
Thanks for the encouragement, I shopped the pic and wrote the text
Open file (1.19 MB 949x1584 8888888.jpg)
Open file (205.75 KB 500x550 054vuhasbvqt.jpg)
Open file (4.00 MB 423x350 13740700414245.gif)
Open file (1.90 MB 598x900 1373252426251.gif)
Open file (1.89 MB 598x900 1373252426251.gif)
Open file (3.74 MB 426x350 1374363349301.gif)
Open file (5.61 MB 320x300 1370997817302.gif)
Open file (2.17 MB 512x475 1374306896164.gif)
Open file (6.90 MB 365x315 1374442456376.gif)
Open file (650.36 KB 400x375 1374294643157.gif)
Open file (86.59 KB 480x650 137346699378.jpg)

Open file (500.52 KB 900x1200 4456489465.jpg)
Open file (328.76 KB 602x750 2264656516.jpg)
Open file (998.14 KB 500x400 6668656554.gif)
Open file (616.21 KB 1250x623 YYMlxHC.jpg)
Open file (112.41 KB 637x494 1373689744153.jpg)
Open file (415.24 KB 1472x525 1374436653081.jpg)
Open file (228.90 KB 875x667 1374815189481.jpg)
and more oc
Open file (816.46 KB 946x615 1374892644040.png)
Open file (364.90 KB 1084x655 Candi Cumbreath.jpg)
Hey all,
I just wanted to put a short little note here that my friend Jenny and I are doing a caption contest on my blog until Sat. (Aug 3rd). Please come check it out and vote.


Also, here is a caption not in the contest.
Does anyone else like pregnancy captions?
It kind of depends on how they are done. I generally like the concept, but there aren't many that are forced where the victim still hates it in the end.
More gifs please!
Open file (983.92 KB 500x450 137317857718.gif)
ok so i haven't been looking at stuff like this recently. i didn't know there were .gif caps. this... is too much. i like this gif too much

so if anyone's got more .gifs... .gifs plz...
I have a collection of like 7 that I've found. I've posted I think like 4- 6 in this thread so far, if I remember right. I love them a lot too. but they're just so hard to come by. 7chan has a thread somewhere in their di board that's gif captions only.
Who is s/he?
Open file (544.19 KB 1800x1280 rockstar.jpg)
If i post some sexy gifs will some one add the captions?
Open file (1.05 MB 800x450 02.png)
Open file (1.45 MB 640x781 03.png)
Open file (765.34 KB 504x506 04.png)
Open file (624.27 KB 400x517 05.png)
Open file (2.62 MB 400x295 06.gif)
Open file (352.18 KB 400x286 07.png)
Open file (760.13 KB 600x422 08.png)
Open file (916.94 KB 640x480 09.png)
Open file (1.39 MB 600x800 10.png)
Open file (3.71 MB 420x247 11.gif)
Open file (4.84 MB 492x270 12.gif)
Open file (1.97 MB 300x165 12n.gif)
Open file (108.65 KB 900x600 1376295545734.jpg)
Open file (182.79 KB 888x940 1376298796692.jpg)
Open file (301.30 KB 768x1086 1376300794478.jpg)
Open file (305.01 KB 1600x900 1376300492830.jpg)
Invisible :(
Open file (343.05 KB 640x600 UZSeJ20.jpg)
Open file (1.20 MB 1324x1211 1376452284483.jpg)
need.. MORE!!!!!
Open file (542.60 KB 1680x1050 76602061.jpg)
I found some of the dressing as a woman set, dunno if it's the full set or not.

Commencing dump
Open file (552.76 KB 1680x1050 121679951.jpg)