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Open file (33.44 KB 640x360 12.jpg)
Female POV Videos :) Anonymous 09/01/2016 (Thu) 10:57:21 No. 30554 [Reply]
some female pov videos to help you girls get in the girly mindset :)




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Thank you :)

GOD BLESS, wish there was some BBC mixed in there but beggars can't be choosers
Thank you very much!!!

first time trapping babysissy 08/30/2016 (Tue) 11:08:23 No. 30549 [Reply]
this is my first time dressing up let me know what you think :)
Cute need more

Open file (26.38 KB 473x328 xyz.jpg)
hi Anonymous 08/27/2016 (Sat) 21:27:15 No. 30514 [Reply]
I am new here.I was referred to this place by J.I am a submissive with a desire to explore my feminine side which is becoming overwhelming slowly.I have odd likings or inclinations. Kinda tipsy right now so unable to express much in the form of words..hehe..seeking words of advice from all

Open file (912.35 KB 1024x819 1.png)
More of this one Anonymous 08/24/2016 (Wed) 16:49:13 No. 30490 [Reply]
I found this picture and wonder if there are more of her/him?
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doee anyone knew the story behind this?
doee anyone knew the story behind this?
Didn't recognize her from the pictures at first.

>>30560 There was a master or someone else running a site that was supposedly dedicated to outing Sebastian (sort of like consensual blackmail; hand out your info and then have someone else have you do things or else the info is released). The master and/or Sebastian/Sebi posted on newfapchan at one point, but that post has probably long since fallen off the board.

I feel like Sebi eventually started getting second thoughts or landed in some very hot water with his/her (ex)girlfriend. As far as I know the site went down but that profile seems to be pretty active. There are many more pictures than I recall seeing on the site from before.

Yeah, i see from time to time pictures of him.
And yeah on the imagefap are tonns of pictures. I guess there must be thousands of pictures. But it looks like there are every where spread around.
A complete archive with all stuff would be nice, but i guess it would be a loot of work.
Some of the pictures are also dedicated to his sister, but im not sure if its real or if its a fake.
is gone?
Is she try to wipe all images from the net? Several tumblrs who posted her are also gone.

Open file (87.26 KB 500x283 image.gif)
trouble with experimenting good girl 08/21/2016 (Sun) 06:15:31 No. 30483 [Reply]
i've been lurking this board for a few years now and today's the day i finally post, as i'm in a bit of a situation.

i've been interested in anal play for quite some time now (sometimes a couple of fingers would feel nice during a crossdressing masturbation session), but recently i've been entirely focused on making my ass feel good with no penile stimulation. of course this feels GREAT but i can't ride my toy without my bowels dirtying them. i make sure not to eat food and to go to the toilet hours before i begin fucking myself, but there's always mess during my sessions which is a shame, because all i want to do is bounce hard on my long hard toy all night. 💖

are there any safe and easy ways that you sissies keep your boi pussies clean? because i wouldn't want my future daddy to be angry with me because i made an ooopsie whilst riding his fat cock! 💅🏻
look for an anal douche, that should solve your problem :-)
Besides douching properly before a session as mentioned above, the only other thing I recommend is a healthier diet. Stay away from red meats and fast food especially the day you plan to have play time.

A quick trick that works for many is taking psyllium husk (Metamucil). Its available everywhere and is not a suspicious purchase as it is commonly used for constipation. What this stuff does is neatly wrap up your stool so it comes out solid and clean, leaving little mess inside. It makes cleaning a breeze.

Additionally, if you don't want to purchase a dedicated anal douche, you can buy a syringe from your local drug store. These are commonly used to administer medicine orally (and in cooking too, I suppose) but can be used to rinse out your butt with warm water, just make sure you buy one with rounded edges and to apply lube before inserting. Rinse until only clear water comes out and you're set for a clean session.
THIS so much

I use Metamucil too. Just a little everyday to help.

I've also found that eating Apples or Plums helps to keep me regular and my poop not be loose.

You just have to eat a bit healthier overall. Avoid very oily foods and fast food.
Here is a rule I live by that makes it so I don't have your problem, OP.
I make myself eat at least 1 raw fruit or vegetable at every meal. Breakfast is usually an apple or banana and cereal. Lunch is a sandwhich and broccoli and carrots. Dinner is whatever and a side salad of some kind.

>TL;DR Fiber

Anonymous 08/14/2016 (Sun) 23:52:57 No. 30445 [Reply]
Does anyone know what dildo this is? (Sissy Scarlet)
Open file (363.68 KB 600x600 0288_08_bx_1_1.png)
Looks like a Doc Johnson crystal jellies. The first dildo I ever owned was one of these in pink. From what I read about them online most people end up throwing them out after a couple of months for various reasons. Some people say they're toxic and some report residue building up on them after months of use despite proper cleaning. The problem I had with mine was that it was just too squishy and I needed something firmer to really feel good. If it's your first dildo and you're thinking of getting one for yourself then they're quite cheap and you get what you pay for. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting an upgrade after a few months.
Not my first, own/owned a fair few in the past. What did you end up upgrading to?
Open file (65.68 KB 940x940 36205-5.jpg)
I ended up going to a sex shop that sold off brand dildos. They just had shelves of them in varying sizes and shapes in vacuum sealed plastic so you could hold them in your hands and feel them for yourself. I ended up going for a super generic one made of rubber with medium-hard firmness and a slightly larger head compared to the shaft, which has been all that I've needed for a long time now. Before that I had a Doc Johnson manhandler which was fun for the size factor, but the PVC just made it too floppy which made me want something made of a harder material.

In the past I've also had good experience with vibrators that have bulbous heads like pic related, even without using the vibe settings on them since they would rub really nicely against my prostate. They're designed for females so you may get more pleasure from something specifically marketed as a prostate massager, but I personally don't have any experience with those. Really just anything that has a well defined head compared to the body with decent firmness would make for a good toy in my opinion. I also know some guys that like baddragon dildos for exactly that reason despite them not being turned on by the whole anthro thing. There are also guys out there that swear by glass toys which I can only assume is for similar reasons, but I can't speak from experience since I've never owned one myself.


no cookies?