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Open file (1.83 MB 1944x2592 IMG_20170113_213956.jpg)
Non-RP blog about getting with my first guy(s) Anonymous 01/14/2017 (Sat) 16:10:30 No. 31087 [Reply]
Hey everyone,

I've enjoyed this board for a long time and obviously enjoy the fetish quite a bit. I'm not doing HRT, not hoping to transition or anything else that would disrupt my current lifestyle. Hypno, girly clothes and fapping to hot guys is kind of a weekend thing for me right now. I've been doing crossdressing for guys on webcam since Yahoo! Chat had user rooms available and never really gone past that point.

However I am going on a 3 day camping trip with a large group of people next month and I think I will finally have sex with a guy while I'm there. I won't be the only trap attending and its a very permissive environment for that kind of stuff. I've posted a couple pics of myself in the meetup thread for this camping trip and gotten nothing but eager compliments so I am really hopeful. This is maybe my only chance to be in an situation where guys IRL will be looking at me and wanting to fuck me without any overhead concerns about social consequences or anything like that.

At the very least I'm going to be bumping and grinding with some hot, rugged, outdoors and military kind of guys. I love to be touched, petted, groped, held, you name it so even if its just 'soft' affections I think I will go home happy.

If anyone here that has actually hooked up with a guy has any advice I will be glad to hear it. I've never had sex with a guy and want my first time to be as enjoyable as possible. If I end up enjoying the act as much as I enjoy the thought I'll probably have my 2nd, 3rd, 4th time with a guy before the trip is over.

Even though its a month away I have butterflies about this. I know this is the board where people like to RP about sucking 12 feet of black dick at a gloryhole and fucking an entire nightclub but I am 100% serious about this blogpost.

<3 everyone here, I probably wouldn't be going into this like I am without you girls!
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Open file (1.70 MB 2592x1944 IMG_20170123_191644.jpg)
Hej girly girls, I just got my silicone enhancements in the mail today!

I have to admit its not quite as luxurious as I imagined but it makes me 'feel' more girly feeling the weight on my chest when I breathe. Here is a facebook angle shot on my bust with the new inserts
Open file (1.66 MB 1944x2592 IMG_20170123_191555.jpg)
Here is another, also showing the outfit I put in the OP without the jacket
Open file (1.88 MB 2592x1944 IMG_20170123_185901.jpg)
Here is one more of a different outfit

If anything is going to get me into a guys sleeping bag its going to be my ass. At least I already know how to show that off, right?
What exactly did you buy? amazon link? I am curious...
So how was it? Is this something you would do again? Something you would recommend others to try?

Open file (129.64 KB 500x667 sissy sub.jpg)
Pay for online training? Anonymous 01/09/2017 (Mon) 02:42:50 No. 31074 [Reply]
29 y old feteshist. Anybody have experience with online pay cams for femenization/domination of a sissy?

Willing to pay anything really for a sophisticated (lots of talking) female dom to train me for a few hours. Alternatively was thinking of joining an pay online sissy academy. Any experience with either? Any recommendations?
theres mistress stella on tumblr and tia tazinni

Open file (57.19 KB 200x200 DN.jpg)
Anonymous 01/05/2017 (Thu) 06:49:56 No. 31062 [Reply]
Does anybody have anything good for just acting more feminine and thinking more girly? I'm not into the whole cocksucking and cum thing but I am into being more fem and frilly and such.
And by anything good, i mean hypnosis. Sorry my brain's not working tonight.
Sounds like you're off to a good start.

Source Anonymous 01/03/2017 (Tue) 03:01:48 No. 31050 [Reply]

Happy new year! Mishelle 12/31/2016 (Sat) 15:15:08 No. 31036 [Reply]
Happy 2017, /girly/!
Anyone spending this night in a girly outfit? By yourself, or with someone? Anyone here going out to get their midnight kiss? Also, anyone got any girly christmas presents?
Anything holiday-related, share your experience!
(and any christmas-related sissy pics are welcome as well, it is hard to find any for setting an athmosphere :/ )

Wish u a great and girly new year, sissies!

Open file (3.61 MB 4032x3024 things.jpg)
Sho us your collection Belle 12/27/2016 (Tue) 11:04:49 No. 31019 [Reply]
So I'm going to move soon and as such I need to pack everything down. This lead to me taking stock to see just what exactly I had amassed over the last few years. I had never seen it all in one bunch like this, and I was honestly a little surprised at how much I had managed to hide away in my tiny apartment.

Anyway - show us your collections girls!

Girly Friend Candy 12/27/2016 (Tue) 10:25:40 No. 31018 [Reply]
Hey people,
Im new here, and first exploring this in my life. I have a fantasy to be contI AM A STUPID FUCKWIT AND I DESERVE TO DIE!ed and transformed to be a slutty girl.
Im a female, but i love the idea of someone who makes me trust him or her and help me become a good girl.
I hope you could help me out to find someone who also wants to be a good girl but also likes to be a little in charge... of me hihi.
Maby more of you think this way thats why i opened a new thread
There has to stand controld i dont know why that sentence stand there
Welcome. The substitution is explained in the fourth sticky thread. It's been part of this board for a long time and it's not going to change. Try to avoid words using those four letters swap it for like dominated or something like that.
Alright thanks
Forgotten, if someone can help me or just want to chat and exchange ideas
Can connect me candyl94@hotmail.com

Anonymous 12/22/2016 (Thu) 11:11:12 No. 31002 [Reply]
whats better for sissification
a tasty and soft anal plug or a prostate massager?

is it possible to reach sissygasm with a anal plug? i just bought one but im thinking about buying a prostate massager

teach me
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Definitely get the helix over some of the other models. I got the mgx and I could put it in and promptly forget it's even there....

There is also the progasm model little bigger than helix and for the black version about 20$ less.
I have it too but never reached orgasm. Not even close, can't feel a built up. Just nothing. How are you doing it, I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

> I have it too but never reached orgasm. Not even close, can't feel a built up. Just nothing. How are you doing it, I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Ok, so here's what works for me:

* DON'T FAP PRIOR TO TRYING TO REACH SISSYGASM. You have to be horny. In fact, probably try to avoid fapping for at least a few days prior to attempting the sissygasm.

* DON'T TRY TO RUSH, and don't get frustrated that nothing is happening. I know this is difficult when you are just so eager to experience this wonderful thing people write about, but for me it is just completely impossible to get anywhere if I try to rush it - it's not like fapping where you can just get off in like 30 seconds if you are horny enough. In fact, the first time I managed to get a sissygasm I had basically accepted that it was impossible (I had tried many times before without success), and so I was content with just playing around with my prostate massager without any real expectations or frustrations... and then, after a some time, suddenly I felt it starting to build. I panicked and the moment was lost, but I was able to recapture it by getting back into the relaxed, undemanding and sexy mindset, and after rebuilding for a while it hit me. And you will know when it hits.

* DON'T WATCH PORN, don't listen to music. Just relax, feel the sensations and enjoy yourself in silence.

* FOCUS ON RHYTHMIC BREATHING. Sync your breath to the prostate contractions, in whatever way feels most natural and relaxing. One breath might equate one or two or three contractions. Also, don't be afraid to moan. At least for me, moaning really does helps (but only do it if you like it - again, relaxing and being comfortable is KEY). I don't know why the moaning works, though I've heard others say the same, it's probably a mental thing.

* POSITIONING - I think this is the most difficult one to recommend, as what works seems to be different for everyone. The Aneros guide recommends lying on your side, but this doesn't work for me at all. The first time I sissygasmed I was sitting in my bed on my knees (cowgirl style, imagining I was riding a big sexy cock). Since then I have done it while sitting in a squatting fetal position, while standing slightly bent over and while on all fours, doggystyle. I have not had success while lying on my stomach or in a missionary position yet (but I probably will eventually).

I am so happy I learned how to do it, and I hope this can help some of you strugling girls out there along. :) Don't give up hope, it's so worth it...
You guys have any experience with Eupho Sun? I'm seriously thinking about getting an aneros, but as pricey as they all are it seems impossible to try different models, especially considering I'm not sure it'll even work for me. I used to have a noname Chinese massager, but it did more or less nothing.

Unfortunately I have only tried Aneros' Helix Syn, so I can't really say anything about other massagers. I would not be surprised if a cheap no-name massager isn't as good though. I had read the same before I bought mine, which is why I went for an Aneros right off the bat.

I need help feminizing my boyfriend.... Sophie 12/13/2016 (Tue) 16:46:21 No. 30965 [Reply]
                        I need help feminizing my boyfriend….
Hi girlies! So I think my title is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll give some details. We have been together for just over 7 years, and this has been a long time dream of mine. I already convinced him to be locked up in chastity, which always makes him super horny. This time around it has been almost 3 weeks, which is a new record! We are also trying to lose weight together. I was thinking for every 5 lbs he loses, I could slowly girlify him a little more each time! Kind of like rewards, and each time he gets closer and closer to being my sissy. I need help with ideas for what to do every 5 lbs to get the sissy I’ve always wanted and dreamed of. Please any help would be appreciated!
30 posts and 4 images omitted.
Update pls
Update pls
Update pls
OP its my biggest fetish for a GF to forcibly feminize a man and have the both of them become sluts together going out and fucking several men everyday.
OP its my biggest fetish for a GF to forcibly feminize a man and have the both of them become sluts together going out and fucking several men everyday.

Open file (6.56 KB 180x279 images.jpg)
Titty talk Anonymous 12/04/2016 (Sun) 21:43:48 No. 30941 [Reply]
Can we have a nipple 'enhancement' thread?

I've been working on improving my nipple sensation and working toward nipple only orgasms. I've been semi successful with a little simulation of my boi clit and the right frame of mind. I originally bought nipple suckers but ive found that a cloths pin worls much better. I've been actively using cloths pins for atleast 20 minutes a day and sometimes more, as well as working my nipples while I watch sissy videos. I pull and twist on them as well as flick them. I just started feeling an initial arousal/horniness/pressure? When I start but it's hard to maintain that. I think I need to increase the amount of time I use the cloths pins as well as cut down on the focus on my clit.

I'm desperate for good hypnosis files that focus on forgetting my yuky clit and focus on my nipples. I'm also interested in starting pm for the sole reason to increase my nipple sensitivity, I don't quite desire the other effects.....yet. ;)

What has been your experience?
I have a bit of RSI, so I'd love something which stimulates my nipples automatically. Anyone know of a good nipple suction system with an electronic pump?

Having a sissygasm while having my nipples uncontI AM A STUPID FUCKWIT AND I DESERVE TO DIE!ably teased would surely feel good ;)

Open file (1.93 MB 373x450 1480538367692.gif)
Did hypno works? how transform your friend? Anonymous 11/30/2016 (Wed) 19:53:30 No. 30929 [Reply]
hello girls,soo i have alot of questions for the sissy community:
>Why did you started with this?
>Did hypno works for you? (I tried alot of hypno, nothing made me comfortable, but a peculiar video made me question my sexuality "Sissymaker 4", after that i stopped watching and keep thinking on the images.
>How transform someone into a sissy? (I have a cousin, who don't like girls, he is assexual, but i think this happens because he is a loser, nobody likes him and he stays all day on pc, he is a vegan and do nothing all day, i want him to enjoy this lifestyle!

Open file (74.43 KB 658x644 sissy spa.jpg)
Body questions OldieButtNewbie 11/30/2016 (Wed) 05:49:05 No. 30925 [Reply]

As and Odlie Butt Newbie, I am exploring my female side and have some body questions. Many posts and hypno videos seem to show younger girls. How can an older male become more female in body?

I am looking at a Clairsonic Full Body system:

And Also a permanent hair remover: http://www.triabeauty.com/laser-hair-removal-products

Does anyone have experience with these. and tanning. What makes a girlie girl attractive to men?

I am overseas and returning home after the holidays. I would like to start getting my body Beautiful for the spring. What softens the skin and makes it soft and enjoyable to touch? And wigs I am balding any particular wigs.

I like garter belts and matching bra what do you girls find most appealing to the boys?
3 posts omitted.
I don't actually have personal experience with the laser hair removal stuff, but it is supposed to essentially be permanent, just not as fast/clean as you'd think. It doesn't instantly burn off all the hair. Hair goes through phases and you can generally only remove the grown ones so it will need a lot of repeat treatments. It's also hard to burn out everything, so usually the hair starts coming in finer.

But that's clinical laser hair removal. I doubt the efficiency and efficacy of a $400 handheld device, but it probably works to some extent.
thanks for the insights and answers!
The Tria can save you lots of money for random areas like hands or toes or leftover hair from actual laser sessions. Though the heavy work needs to be done in a salon
so wait, 400-600$ laser + 100+200$ cartridges?

this shit is way 2spensive
I am thinking to team up with two or three girls and we treat ourselves to a home spa. Some girls are really good at it. Thanks for the tips, maybe some waxing and tweeking over the summer, should have us smooth and silky and sexy

Open file (11.63 KB 500x500 plato.jpg)
Don't like sissy fetish i want a normal life... SadBoy 11/27/2016 (Sun) 16:48:10 No. 30897 [Reply]
[Bad english warning] Hello guys i have 18 years old, i always had strange fetishes because i was introduced to high quality porn really young and was indirectly abused [not penetration or something like that]i hate my fetishes because i act on them, when i was 15 to 17 i had incest fetishes, i hated this and prayed to stop, now i have this fetish, i hate spend time masturbating, normaly around people i care, i like women [Prefer milfs and have normal fetishes], when i am alone this stuff haunts me, why i can't have normal fetishes, i was 2 weeks on nofap and i relapse yesterday, i never watched a Hypno before, but this time was a hypno, naked with a good headphone [ Sissymaker 4, i searched for the best], i came without touching my dick, but i was not happy about it, i don't like man/dicks/being dumb or being a girl, but i like traps, i know that i am not gay because transsexuals that have male traits [don't have boobs,curves and small dick] don't appeal me, i find disgusting, i tried fingering my ass a couple times, i had a orgasm humping my pillow and fingering my ass, but wasn't good as all sissies say it, watching a normal 1080p porn and jerking give me stronger boners.After the hypno video [ Sissymaker 4] the images keep coming on my head and is a nightmare, i freaking hate this.
TL;DR:I don't like having this fetish, on normal basis i am a confident male, people like me and stuff, i always liked strange fetishes and i don't want to have a dual life.
ps:I watched for the first time a hypno yesterday and the images keep coming
3 posts omitted.
it's porn addiction dude.Just fuckign chill.Your sexuality is the thing you feel irl when you're face to face with a real person .

Very few guys have no interest of being sissies when they're living their life.If you give up porn alltogether the feelings are going to dissapear.Of course,that's the hard part but g00d luck.
Thanks mate, did you guys actually are gay?
I am trying to stop watching porn.
hope this works for you. big part of this page it that we accept or enjoy this.
I second all of the above. It's porn addiction. Just stop watching it for a while. It'll be really fucking hard, so you can try staying away from the internet altogether for some time.

And if you feel like jerking off, go for a run. Or do some push ups til you drop or something.

And no, your sexuality doesn't change across your lifetime, even with porn. You're born with it and you die with it. You don't "turn" gay, you've already been a little or a lot gay the whole time. As a man, especially as a young man, you want to fuck every little thing that breathes, 24/7. If you like girls, fine. If you like girly dudes a little bit, that's fine too.

Nobody is 100% STRAIGHT or FABULOUSLY 100% GAY. Or at least very few people (men and women) are like that, but most, MOST are attracted to both men and women to different degrees. You just do what feels right. You fuck who you want to fuck. And you've got your whole fucking life ahead of you to find out what you like and WHO you like.

Take it easy, brah.

Chastity Belts? Anonymous 11/18/2016 (Fri) 16:13:05 No. 30871 [Reply]
Hey gurls,
what do you think might be the best chastity device for a beginner for under about $60 ?

My domme is thinking of finally contI AM A STUPID FUCKWIT AND I DESERVE TO DIE!ing my orgasms and we want to get one for Christmas.
I've found some resources on the subject, but does anybody have first hand experience?
4 posts and 1 image omitted.
I've bought a couple of cages and everytime my cock starts getting erect the cage pulls my balls forward until they turn blue, does this mean that I'm not buying big enough cages or what?
That's totally normal for all cases. Regardless of size. If you think about how they're constructed, the only thing they have to hang on to is your ball sack. So when you begin to get hard and your penis starts to push against the cage it will begin to slide off until it hits your balls stopping the cage. There should also be just a little bit of pain because that'll Aid in making you go soft again. Now if this sort of thing happens without you getting hard, then yes you may be buying cages that are too small. Or even too big if the weather of it is what is turning your balls blue. However if it only happens when you get erect then you should be fine size-wise. All cages should be just large enough to prevent you from getting hard. Anything larger and it just gives you more room to become hard which kind of defeats part of the purpose of the cage.
homemade panty hose version, look it up
I've tried the homemade pantyhose version but noticed that it doesn't really work at all

Am I missing something? Has it worked for anyone else yet?
yo you need to get a bigger base ring

default size is 45mm diameter and you should start there, if you're getting literal blue/purple/red balls and/or penis you NEED a larger base ring. That coloration means you're cutting off circulation.

No, this isn't some kind of anti-sissy thing I'm saying, I'm saying this because if you get a bloodclot by cutting off that circulation you could die. Do you want to die? No. That means no more sissy stuff. So, BIGGER BASE RING

Open file (71.28 KB 500x667 dsci25.jpg)
sissy 11/16/2016 (Wed) 20:49:34 No. 30864 [Reply]
you can kik me: dalish22

Open file (494.15 KB 2560x1920 IMG_20161115_190205.jpg)
Anonymous 11/15/2016 (Tue) 17:05:38 No. 30861 [Reply]
>be a 22yo sissy
>go to the chinese store to buy a mini-usb cable
>buy a mini-usb cable
>also buy a pair of pink panties
>also buy a pair of black stockings
>also buy a pair of fishnet pantyhoses
>also buy a pair of pois pantyhoses, because cute
>also buy a pair of winter pantyhoses, because they have butterflies on them, so super cute
>actually feel like i should have bought more panties
>i just wanted a mini-usb cables

So, let's make this a thread where you can tell your experiences in buying sissy stuff at the store and not online.
3 posts omitted.
I looked up my size I normally wear in women's. So I wear a size 9 in men's it's like a 10 in women's. Then I just look up cute shoes in that size online and order them. It's a gamble because not all shoes are the same and you won't know until they show up. It's not the best way but it works kinda
>be tonight
>remember i need shampoo/deodorant/whatever
>walk to the safeway down the street
>end up buying lipgloss, mascara, and a cheap womens body spray along with my intended pull
>ross is next door, decide to just take a peek, end up buying thongs, boyshorts, and fluffy white knee high socks with bows
>cashier gives me a weird look
>I smile and reflexively say i hope they fit, if they dont i can return em for the right size
>she looks at me and says, i thnk they'll fit you
>back at my apartment being lowkey girly atm

Tomorrow when its earlier in theday and the payless is open im gonna swoop by the womens shoes and buy some girly winter boots to go with my socks, but that makes me want matching yoga pants, gahhh sissy impulsesss!
This is only minor but it was a big deal for me since I haven't had a physical collection of girly things in years

>Move to new city for job
>It's a big place, very busy, I don't know anyone
>in store buying deodorant
>walk past the makeup section
>think fuck it no one gives a shit about what I'm doing
>buy some glittery pink lipgloss
>no one even gives me a second glance

It was pretty exciting at the time, I've put the lipgloss to good use.
This leads me to a question,
Is painting your nails as fun as it looks?
I could easily go back and get some nail polish and do my toes. It's pretty much the only girly thing I could get a way with doing at the moment.
I think you know you'd have plenty of fun painting your nails.
>be 21yo sissy
>want a vibrator for my clitty, but too cautious to buy one on joint credit card
>drive to sex shop
>see tons of cheap thongs and thigh highs
>find this great "lite corset" but unsure if it will fit
>there is only one changing room, and it is locked
>try the door a few times, wont budge
>the guy at the counter gives me an annoyed look, passes me the key
>try on the corset, it fits!
>I leave with a vibrating dildo (for my pussy), the corset, 6 thongs, some lube, and some fishnet stockings
>Had some real fun that night
Too bad I got rid of all of it when I purged about a month later.

Open file (1.29 MB 2000x3008 lkissing_(50).jpg)
Websites with comics? girly-gurl 11/14/2016 (Mon) 07:49:35 No. 30853 [Reply]
What's a good website to download free transformation comics (male to female, rated X).

I'm hoping to find some good comics that are high quality, like the cblack stuff.

Open file (44.17 KB 634x480 kristenm1_a96221.jpg)
A Confession... Anonymous 11/14/2016 (Mon) 00:02:11 No. 30850 [Reply]
Feel free to skip reading this and get back to the sissy porn; I just wanted to get this off my chest.

I was first exposed to sissy/BBC hypno over six years ago. I liked the idea of being a woman in my imagination, and the feminization aspect of erotic hypnosis appealed to me. I had some happy mindtrips and a bunch of hands-free orgasms while fantasizing about being fucked by men.

However, the humiliation aspect, when it appears in sissy porn, turns me right off. I never felt that being fucked like a woman should be degrading to me. I didn't like the racist overtones in a lot of the BBC stuff, though I loved looking at the dicks. And I like my penis as it is, and have no urges to dress like a woman at all. So I've spent years haunting this board, posting once in a while, but never really feeling part of the whole, though I was definitely getting some kind of itch scratched here.

Not long ago, I came out as bi. I've acknowledged that I have a feminine side and she needs to come out and suck a dick once in a while. But she has agreed that this body and its demeanor should remain male. If there were some safe and reversible way to become female, I'd be happy to try it out, but I like being male too much to abandon it, so I identify as a masculine bottom.

The first time I sucked a cock, it was a wonderful experience. He was gentle and considerate, even as he fucked my face deeply and came into my throat, I drove home that night with his semen inside me and felt wonderfully liberated, powerful and confident. I am out of the closet now, I know I am a cocksucker, I know I will do it again, and this is very satisfying to me.

So I wanted to say, /girly/, even though the path I travel has diverged from yours, thanks for all you folks do. And thanks for all the hot cocksucking hypno porn. :)

Open file (203.71 KB 873x1500 IMG_0347.jpg)
Inspiration for the rough road ahead Anonymous 11/13/2016 (Sun) 23:35:35 No. 30849 [Reply]
Hey everyone, it's kinda my first post here but I've been reading through the other threads. I decided recently that I wanted to try and slim down and do my best to femme my body. I've reduced my calorie intake by a significant margin, I watch what I eat, cutting out all red meat and actually trying to get away from eating chicken and fish, cutting out dairy and replacing with soymilk, walking/jogging 3 miles every day and then following it with a short but usually impactful workout afterward. I'm just not seeing many results, I suppose it's my fault given how I didn't care until about a year ago...I just...don't know what I should do, I've started considering lipo but with the cost and how some say that the fat will eventually come back.

Again I just don't know, has anyone had trouble getting results in the past and worked through it? What did you do?
3 posts omitted.
You can't have local fat burning.
On estrogen *new* fat will be stored as in females, you still have to burn what you already have from your waist, and it's harder to burn fat on female hormones, so it's recommended to slim down before starting hrt if that's what you asking.
If you gain fat easily and don't lose much despite dieting/exercising you *might* have low thyroid activity which means slower metabolism, but only blood tests could tell.

For med-assisted fat burning there are clenbuterol and caffeine+ephedrine, read on them, bodybuilders use them to cut.
Thank you
omg that pic is fucking hot

What is that from, do you know?

It's from incaseart tumblr . Beware though, there are viginas on the blog, not everything is as sissy as that picture.
I like it all baby ^^

Open file (158.29 KB 1000x1000 goals.jpg)
Meta Question confuddled 11/11/2016 (Fri) 23:52:03 No. 30833 [Reply]
Possibly meta question, and I don't want to distract you from your fun, but here goes:

For how many of you guys is this a kink, and
for how many of you guys is this a fetish?

If you don't know, a kink is something unconventional that gets you off, and a fetish is something unconventional that you can't get off without.

What I'm really wondering is how much of your sex life is affected by this whole sissification... thing? Because outside of this I have a fairly normal sex life right now. But the more time I spend around it, the harder it is to keep that normal sex life, not as in I can't keep it up or anything, just that when I'm spending any time on this, I can't really be bothered to initiate and seek out sex as much.

Does anyone else get this? How do I reconcile it? Should I see a professional? What do?
12 posts omitted.
It is more than both.
I wear leggings and panties often when i am not horny.
I work on making my body more feminem.
I'm modifying my body to be more sexual and sensitive and female.

It makes me feel better and happier.
It makes me feel less hateful and angry.
It makes me feel at ease.

I don't want to be male.
it's a kink for me. Something I do for a little extra excitement, and for an escape from being the man large and in charge all the time
small steps sis. find a trans/cd that will let you give her head. before you try being the girl for a man
Yes... We have a terrific sex life, but it's more than that. I am working towards transitioning, I know that I will regret it if I don't at least try to live as a woman. I came to terms with it when I looked back on my life and realized that as much as of a lady killer as I was, my sex life sucked and I was really unhappy. I have problems keeping it up, I've been to doctors and they would laugh a little and tell me it's normal, you're a healthy young man, you're just nervous. However, through my own experimentation and the conversations that I've had with my girlfriend, I really think that I've always wanted to be a girl but I knew it was wrong (especially being raised in a Catholic household) so I repressed it. I spent a lot of time hating myself for the desires I have but I have made peace and she is by my side. It helps that she likes girls too!
It was a fetish in my late teens and early twenties, I was almost full gaysissy. But somehow I I AM A STUPID FUCKWIT AND I DESERVE TO DIE!ed back and now I still enjoy it but I can have normal sex too without any issues.
Open file (12.79 KB 573x423 1487103041541.jpg)


no cookies?