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Hypmaker Files? BB 05/16/2017 (Tue) 06:56:45 No. 31509 [Reply]
Did have an archive of these video files. I have a few but wondering if anybody has the full set or knows where I can get them? Any help?

Open file (82.23 KB 720x871 1493682586463.jpg)
Anonymous 05/16/2017 (Tue) 04:24:36 No. 31507 [Reply]
For me this is just a fetish. Not a lifestyle. I don't have gender identity issues, just some fetish that I rather wouldn't have. I hope to one day get a (real) girl. Should I go and get fucked or is it better to just skip on that. I'm very curious but I'm also cautious of the psychological changes and damages it will do. What are the psychological changes of getting fucked?
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do you assplay a lot? it wouldn't be much different than that if you don't have a relationship with the person. although if you don't do assplay would strongly recommend because you need to widen your hole or otherwise you might tear.. depending on the size
Not gonna lie. I used to look at this stuff all the time. Jesus got me out of it. I'm in a bit of a relapse as you can see, but if you ask Jesus I think he can heal you.
Just talked to jesus, he told me that sissification is one of the greatest goals in life. Then he asked me why i thought that he had long hair...
Jesus is a sissy, fuck yeah (btw i deeply believe in god, but my god doesn't judge people)
God wants what is best for you even if that's not what you want for yourself
Dafuq is that bullshit?

Hi. FinnishSissy 05/15/2017 (Mon) 21:13:25 No. 31506 [Reply]
Im going to travel somewhere this summer alone. Would anyone be interested in a submissive sissy maybe living in for a few weeks? If we connect why not for longer. You can see some pictures of me if you go to Alastonsuomi.com/jkl_cd_95 or i can send to you if you add me on kik cdhottiejkl. Just curious and i dont know if this is the right place to look from, but just curious :3
That sounds like a really good time, I wish I could have done something like that when I was younger. Good luck.
how can i contact you? interested in coming to germany?

Open file (43.80 KB 480x640 2DC0D6D.jpg)
Sissy boy Kimmy 05/01/2017 (Mon) 16:42:48 No. 31467 [Reply]
Cute sissy
Very nice
If you were near me i would fuck you silly.

Open file (1.15 MB 1534x1048 sissywat.png)
Anyone know this webshop? Anonymous 04/21/2017 (Fri) 03:28:34 No. 31427 [Reply]
http://sissyplace.com/ anyone have any experience shopping from this site? It seems pretty legit though the prices on some of the items seem way below what I know them to be in other stores
That website seems goddamn amazing. Maybe too amazing? I would love some anecdotes here...
Whenever I find a website like this the first thing I do is go down to my local store and buy one of those Visa gift cards. And then use that to buy something inexpensive off the site. Simplest and easiest way to test the waters to see if it's a legit site or if they're going to try and steal a credit card.
i ordered a bullet vibe and panties. cost under 20$ well see how they are.
it's all just stuff you can already buy on aliexpress etc
got the vibe today... its from the aliexpress shipping address that i remember from my own purchases earlier.

Open file (1022.66 KB 3296x2472 sucking cock 023.jpg)
Love being the sissy girl I am crissyluvs2please 04/18/2017 (Tue) 19:42:10 No. 31420 [Reply]
Make me your sissy

Open file (392.21 KB 1280x1779 just daddy things.jpg)
GTB Thread Anonymous 04/15/2017 (Sat) 22:08:19 No. 31406 [Reply]
Looks like the whole "men with tits" thing is catching on.
Open file (522.61 KB 1280x1779 wincest.jpg)
Here is another.

Source is here:

[Ten no Katsuraya] Papa, Boku no Onna ni Natte [English] [mysterymeat3].

Contains: incestuous GTBs.

Does anyone have any other good content like this?
Open file (535.81 KB 1280x1779 daaaad.jpg)
I love this comic because even though the protagonist looks female, he identifies as male and uses male pronouns.
there's a thread over on 4chans /d/ for "bustyboys" and I've seen "defem" captions where girls turn into traps get popular, so i think the fetish is on the rise, but there seems to be a divide. the "bustyboy" people seem to prefer, literally, men with tits. but i'm more into the type of stuff that's in this comic. a shemale (such an ugly word but for ~some reason~ real hot to me), through surgery, somehow looks like a playboy model but still identifies as 100% male. as usual it's the japanese who create the most content of this type, but it's so unrealistic you can't expect to see it outside of the 2D world.

Open file (6.10 KB 257x196 face.jpg)
Anonymous 04/12/2017 (Wed) 22:51:29 No. 31399 [Reply]
So I just stumbled upon one of the best face filter programs I've used. The gender swap feature is really kind of amazing, especially for something thats free. Female me is pretty genuinely cute. Now we just need an app that will transform below the neck!

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Open file (318.99 KB 1280x1280 FaceApp_1492375579742.jpg)
Rather satisfied i must sau
Open file (216.88 KB 1280x1280 collage2.jpg)
hehe, wow pretty realistic, great find, thanks
How do you save the photos?
How do you add more hair?
Donno about adding more hair, mines long anyway, but as for saving for me its under the extra links icon next to the social media links at the bottom of the screen

Open file (447.04 KB 1600x1200 20170411_051452.jpg)
Hi Analslut222 04/12/2017 (Wed) 01:26:45 No. 31396 [Reply]
No cock cage 5/10... try again for extra credit.

Open file (76.62 KB 250x185 sissy.jpg)
Love being the sissy girl I am crissyluvs2please 04/10/2017 (Mon) 06:49:10 No. 31388 [Reply]
I love being the girly girl sissy I am
As do we all hun :)

Open file (80.43 KB 1280x720 IMG_2067.jpg)
Getting Gurly with a Friend Anonymous 04/07/2017 (Fri) 15:20:57 No. 31383 [Reply]
Hi. I've been chatting with a local sissy porn addict on kik and we are trying to meet up for a sissy porn worship session. He brought up the idea of us both acting girly when we meet up, but I only own two pairs of panties (which will work for the two of us) and I don't own any makeup. Plus, both of us have some facial hair and are not wanting to shave at the moment.

Any suggestions on things we can do to act more girly when we are spending some quality time together, given our lack of girly supplies? Toys are not out of the question, and may come into play. He seemed excited that I own a dildo, even though he hasn't used them before.
My best advice would be that both of you get chastity cages so you stay constantly horny while playing with eachother.You are basically two dudes meeting up to watch fetish porn.Chances are you will be turned off by one another unless you take some steps to emasculate one another.

Just my honest toughts.
That seriously sounds like a lot of fun, I'm jealous

Wish I could meet people who live nearby to do stuff like that with
I agree with the first reply. The best thing you can do it's a lock yourselves up and give each other the keys period you can exchange them back at the end of the session. It'll be fun to stay horny the entire time. Also just a friendly reminder Amazon sells clothing now including lingerie. Comes in Normal Amazon packages and if you have Prime you can get it in 2 days. Plenty of time for your party. God bless you Amazon you make all of our Lives better LOL

new thread tzeni 04/04/2017 (Tue) 06:27:49 No. 31371 [Reply]
does anyone know how can i find more femininization hypno music videos like take the next step etc

Open file (2.21 KB 225x225 nr.jpg)
First anal toy Jessica 03/30/2017 (Thu) 16:16:48 No. 31353 [Reply]
Hey girls, I am about to buy my first anal toy, what would you suggest? Any advices?
Exactly the one on the image, it's fantastic. I don't know how it's called in the US, but I bought it as the KingCock by Pipedream in the 9" variant, though that'd be a bit to much for beginners.

While we're at the topic of beginners: Small to medium plugs and/or something like an Aneros would probably be the best to start with.

sissy looking 4 feminization Jacquelyn 03/27/2017 (Mon) 14:02:54 No. 31343 [Reply]
nor cal boy iso dominants, who wanna use me as their submissive sissy girl. my ass, my mouth, force to dress up, gag , chain, plug me, use as your cum dump... I am Yours.

sissy from around munich looking for Dominants Anonymous 03/27/2017 (Mon) 13:16:03 No. 31341 [Reply]
m20 sissy-curious guy here, looking for dominants in their twenties, who wanna use me as their submissive sissy girl. Take my ass, use my mouth, force me to dress me up, gag me, chain me, plug me, use me as your cum dump... I am all Yours.

You have to be DDF, have good hygiene, be able to host.

I can bring some toys, too.

I'll be in Munich on Friday, but i am also able to travel on other days.

Ich spreche Deutsch und Englisch.


Kik me: anonthefifth
I'm interested, messaged you!
anyone else interested? I've got time almost every Day!

hi need help km sissy 03/20/2017 (Mon) 00:54:11 No. 31310 [Reply]
new sissy from egypt looking for a master or mistress to help me become the sissy bimbo i dream to be
Master max is here , from egypt , lube your pussy girl and let's make your sissy dream cum true
lol never expected people from my country to know about this site. sissy here btw, maybe we can make a kik group.
Open file (79.38 KB 600x845 189946.jpg)
>pass = sisiisasissy
Open file (41.29 KB 316x445 81c2FHVIcRL__SY445_.jpg)
did someone hack into the chatzy and change the password?

Open file (85.48 KB 848x1200 ddd.jpg)
is it safe to use pantene oil replacment as anal lube? sara 03/09/2017 (Thu) 00:02:23 No. 31279 [Reply]
Open file (135.34 KB 1920x1920 067981089127-7.jpg)
Buy actual lube, it's not worth damaging your anus to find out.

we did with butter , so smooth , and was so hot we watched and did like this video

go to your local planned parenthood and walk into their all gender bathroom, it should have free condoms and lube in a basket.

Open file (250.41 KB 1280x960 20160820_013700.jpg)
PamelaBrazil PamelaBrazil 02/20/2017 (Mon) 02:47:56 No. 31244 [Reply]

Open file (717.54 KB 1265x2583 IMG_2012_3_expose.jpg)
german crossdresser for exposure Anonymous 02/16/2017 (Thu) 14:31:42 No. 31237 [Reply]
please help to expose me by sharing my pictures everywhere.... let me know where you exposed me...

Open file (120.58 KB 472x1532 20170114_000851.jpg)
Kelly Avalon 02/15/2017 (Wed) 19:55:57 No. 31234 [Reply]
very nice =)


no cookies?