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straight2gay Anonymous 08/12/2013 (Mon) 20:32:37 No. 3667
so a few years ago my gf broke up with me and I spent the summer smoking weed and trying to get in shape. A few months later, I started working at a company for the semester and lived in a small hotel nearby. I spent most nights just getting baked and jerking off; sometimes even at the thought of my ex fucking random guys back at school since it had been a while since I'd gotten laid.

No idea what got me on to the idea, but I started to get turned on by cocks. Not men in general; I still don't really find most men attractive. Whenever I smoked, I started getting the urge to stroke myself to other men's dicks instead of the bimbos I usually looked at. Every time I'd do it, I'd stroke myself to the edge and as soon as I was about to come, I always suddenly switched to thinking about tits or cocks entering my ex. The feelings for looking at that stuff always went away after I came.
Open file (3.52 MB 463x250 002.gif)
At this point, I was getting pretty horny for some real company. I'd been working out and was now looking pretty good and wanted to fuck. I'd hooked up with a few girls at the nearby college campus, but most nights there was nothing going on. Spent a lot of time looking at craigslist, but never went through with it. The adrenaline and endorphines from working out always made me horny. I'd get the urge to jack off as soon as I got back to my room and sometimes would smoke first.

I jerked off all the time and wanted to smoke before jerking off all the time. Then I'd jack off to gay porn or straight-to-gay erotic stories. I rationalized this by figuring that it was hot to cum to this stuff and I only liked/did it when I was high. I only had so much weed, so, if I was high, I better jack off to cocks now. In retrospect, I always was able to find weed, so I probably held my dick while thinking about sucking cock way more than I did while looking at women.
Open file (3.46 MB 380x220 015.gif)
I had started getting dirtier though. The box I brought with me came right from school and I still had the two dildos my ex had bought for us. One was a vibrating anal probe and the other was a larger vibrator. After some drinking, I decided to use the probe on my ass and suck the other one until I came. Having never done this before, I was amazed at how intense the feelings of the toy vibrating in your ass is. I slid it in and out until I came--pretty much entirely from the feeling.
Open file (3.70 MB 420x247 023.gif)
Later in the winter, I was down at the hotel's gym again. It was a small place but it had a few benchs and bars. It was late on a Friday evening, so the place was pretty much dead. There was one guy who I'd seen before because he was one of the students that also lived in this hotel. He was jacked and a decent amount taller than me. Since we were working on shoulders, we had to switch off with the weights, etc.
Open file (914.09 KB 306x169 1316754417242.gif)
So while we're working out, I start feeling a bit horny and think about some thing I was going to jerk off to later. Grew a bit of a hard-on and had to kind of hide it behind the weight when I put it back. I think he noticed though, which made shit awkward and I kind of wanted to get out as soon as possible. Decided to do upright row and leave. After two sets, he comes over and offers to spot my last set because I guess it looked like I was struggling a bit on the last one. Say sure.
Open file (3.67 MB 361x200 008.gif)
So we go through the set and he helps a bit on the last two reps. I drop the bar and he introduces himself. No idea what happened, but when we shook hands, I felt pretty horny again. The vibe I was getting was definitely confirmed when my eyes quickly swept past his shorts. Suddenly, his hands went to the side of his pants and he pushed them down in one motion. I was stunned; this guy just whipped out his cock in the gym. What did he expect, me to suck it? Does he think I'm gay because he saw my dick earlier?
Open file (3.34 MB 400x202 011.gif)
I took another look down at his exposed cock and watched it grow until it was fully erect at about 7". The choice put in front of me was so unexpected I almost couldn't move. I thought about the security of the gym and realized that we'd hear someone well before they could see us. It caught me a little by surprise, how quickly I then dropped to my knees in front of him.
Open file (3.43 MB 363x210 016.gif)
The head of his cock was at the perfect height for my mouth. I moved my lips closer and licked the head. Eventually I moved to let the enter head in my mouth. It was so warm, I couldn't believe what I was doing. I then took more into my mouth, feeling the warmth of the smooth shaft on my tongue. Holy fuck it was so hot. The moment overcame me a bit and I was in bliss thinking about how slutty this was.
Open file (1.39 MB 467x350 004.gif)
He began to pump my face a bit and I grabbed his ass with both hands. I struggled a bit as he pushed in too far. Was able to deepthroat him twice after a bunch of failures, but couldn't get it down consistently. I was super hot though to think of the image of my mouth getting fucked by this man. I'd pulled down my pants at this point and it felt like even a gentle breeze would set me off.
Open file (3.52 MB 350x211 013.gif)
Eventually, I could feel a change in his cock and I heard him grunt. 'Oh my god, here it comes' I thought. I'd imagined this moment so many times and now it was happening. The warm cum filled my mouth and I tried to swallow it. I coughed a little and he pulled his dick out, shooting two my times on my face before it just dribbled a bit more on the floor. I'd started jacking my own cock and ended up spraying all over the floor and a bit on the bench.
Open file (3.85 MB 460x442 14.gif)
The guy pulled up his pants and just left. I was kind of taken aback that he'd just leave, but a bit relieved as this was less awkward. I saw my cum-covered face in the mirror and went to grab a towel to clean it off. I felt super ashamed afterwards because the feeling for cock tended to go away after I came. Never did it again, but I do still jack off to the memory of that encounter.
Open file (1.38 MB 320x240 1363609459676 (1).gif)
Now its years later and I just got out of another relationship. I've started getting high a lot again a now I'm sitting here jacking off to the time I got used by a gay cock. At this point, I sometimes get a little too crazy and imagine myself as a big-titted bimbo as well, but that's some other shit. Worried I may rationalize this break from relationships as the only time I can go out and suck some hard cocks.
Open file (3.89 MB 520x293 13.gif)
Sometimes I get hard just at thinking about how much I love cock. Turns me on to think that even though I act straight and only date girls, hot gay sex can make me cum.

The gif in this post is from the first gay porno I came to. First time my cock sprayed for fags

Also made the gif in this post. Pretty sure straight guys don't make gifs with gay guys sucking cock
Open file (2.30 MB 307x200 005.gif)
need to run now, but posting this has gotten me kind of worked up. Would maybe respond to some inappropriate emails to my nikki4059 at gmail dot com address. Being turned gay gets me off
Open file (3.78 MB 326x200 1376110750452.gif)
my favorite straight to cocksucker stories

gayngsters - guy tricks his friend into being gay with a virtual reality game http://mcstories.com/Gayngsters/index.html

how I became a fag - so hot, one of the first gay stories I starting jacking to. A guy gets cursed so that anyone who sees his ass becomes gay http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/sf-fantasy/how-i-became-a-fag/

in the end - Guy go to porn shop, is shown gay porn instead of straight, sucks and fucks glory hole. The guy's ex planned it so sometimes I'd always cum thinking my ex did it to me http://mcstories.com/InTheEnd/index.html

man control - classic, "straight" guy jacks off to hypnotizer in friend's apt while he away until he's a cocksucking slave http://mcstories.com/ManControl/index.html

music to watch a cock by - same as above more or less. Enjoy the stories when they guy had a girlfriend http://mcstories.com/MusicToWatchCockBy/index.html

my girlfriend's brother - girl's brother steals her boyfriend http://mcstories.com/MyGirlfriendsBrother/MyGirlfriendsBrother.html

the red room - omg best shit ever. I really think Fire's the one who made me think about sucking cock in the first place. A hot male stripper who users aphrodisiac oil to manipulate straight men into sucking his dick. Swallowing his cum makes them gay permanently. I'd be afraid to suck Fire's cock; I'd totally swallow http://mcstories.com/RedRoom/index.html

red room iv - Really hot; Fire helps a girl break up with her boyfriend by turning him into his gay sex toy. I Always change the names so my ex has me transformed into a gay slut http://mcstories.com/RedRoomFour/index.html

tit men - a girl hypnotizes two of her exes into being obsessed with her tits and to blow each other http://mcstories.com/TitMen/index.html

house guest: straight guy transformed into a gay porn star http://mcstories.com/HouseGuestTheApplication/index.html
Open file (660.56 KB 802x602 02.png)
god I'm so high again and I'm stroking to this again. Someone emailed me earlier and was making me jack off to my ex making me suck her new boyfriend's cock. Pick is my cock; would love to email chat about turning into a cuckold/cocksucker nikki4059 at gmail
dude this is my life right now

I've accepted that I must be bisexual. I am a masculine male who dates women (and fucks one on a regular basis), but I have sissyfag fantasies. I have a stash of clothes I crossdress in. I actually met a twinkish friend of mine for drinks a week ago and took him back to my place. I sucked his dick and it was so hot. It was bigger than mine! It filled my mouth - but I felt bad because I couldnt open my mouth enough to safely not use teeth. I didnt hurt him, I just probably gave a little too much stimulation. Was so hot having that cum in my mouth and on my face. In my beard.

I love my beard. I have always wanted to be masculine and have a nice beard. Last year I found out I could finally grow one and it looks good on me. But sometimes I want to shave it off. Shave off all my body hair and wear a wig. Or even better have sewed in hair - so I couldn't remove it easily.

Fuck, ever since I got my apartment I've been a masturbating sissy. I get home and dress up and look at ads on okcupid and craigslist, jacking off all the while.

It is consuming me.
Open file (251.06 KB 281x205 1347492969538.gif)

mmmm do you want to trade emails so we can turn each other gay..

Also I love this gif. I always imagine myself as the guy in red. Once you spray hot cum from your sick you're definitely gay for cock.

god it turns me on so much that I probably spray cum more often to hard gay cocks than from my girlfriend

I always thought I wanted to be a sissy, but it was only until recently I realized I'm not into the feminized aspect - I am into the getting fucked by guys aspect.

I spent my whole day in a cock crazed frenzy, and even got some stranger off while on my webcam for him. He watched me punish my ass with my dildo all while his cam was turned off. I have no idea what he looked like, which made it even hotter.
Have you ever thought about trying out erotic hypnosis? The next time you get high, watch http://www.xvideos.com/video3823910/ultimate_cock_worship

If you like that, there is more stuff at annamalicesissyblog and www.newfapchan.org/hypno

this is op.. god yes. I spend so much time jacking off to bi-caps tumblr. Definitely spent a lot more time cumming to hard cocks while squeezing my big titties than I have about fucking a girl

been emailing with some people about bimbo a cock-loving slut nikki4059 gmail
If you are turned on by the idea itself of being attracted to guy (or even the idea of not being attracted to girls), then it's probably just the masochism in this case
Someone please turn me into a gay cock slave.
subboympls @ gmail
Straight guy looking 420dick69 @gmail
I always got the LOUD OG goodness ill let u smoke as much as u fucking want to lol. willz8484 on Skype
Open file (157.08 KB 524x832 DSCN0069-1.jpg)
It's alomost impossible to find another REGULER acting guy like me because with other gay guys im to "extreme" oh and i even got a FEW times that i'm...TO STR8 ACTING lmfao. Meaning yes, i act like a guy.. I don't shave my legs lol. I'm into horror and i guess im to much to handle.. If u can relate and think my gay faggy pic attracts you then skype me at willz8484
>ICP tattoo
i've discovered that the hornier i get the less i care about what type of porn i want to watch before i cum. some odd reason it usually hits a point where i'm so horny i actually prefer watching shemale or gay porn where they're teasing a 'straight' guy with a handjob or blowjob until he's begging to cum
Close minded little bitch.
I think bisexuals who desire romantic relationships with women and really sexual, almost sordid ones with men are kinda common. I'm into twinks and girly boys, and I'm out of their age bracket now, but when I was that age, I did some really slutty things. I still fap to femme bois, but I'd rather be with a woman now, you know?
Sauce on all of these? Btw, OP has great taste.


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