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Too Thick a Prick? aGayBoy 09/23/2012 (Sun) 23:54:47 No. 3496
Hello, /Gay/ Not sure who to talk to this about because I don't have any gay friends that aren't experienced to this situation, but................

I've been living with my boyfriend for two years (loving it <3 ), however, we seem to come across a few problems when we have sex.

When my boyfriend tops, it's completely fine. He fucks me, it feels good, etc. etc. No problem. The issue is when it's my turn to have the upper hand. So, apparently, my dick... is way too thick. That's what he says at least... I mean, I don't think mine is all that bad.... but that's besides the point.

So in attempt to make it... better... and less more of a problem, we've tried different things.. help massage his rim... use lubricant, which he tells me burns (astroglide), different positions, or do things to help him tone down..... So far... the only two ways where it feels good for him is when a) he's nearly drunk or b) he's nearly passed out, and it's not very fun when he's about passed out and damn near out of energy.

Is there any other tips to help out with this situation? Are there other lubricants that are more preferred for anal sex?

<--- Picture of penis, by the way.
he need to relax just it, there is no pain if you are relaxed, lots of lube helps me too, by lots of lube i mean realy a huge amount of lube.
it's not that thick, make him more relaxed, joke about it, you will find a way and don't give up trying, somethimes it's good some other times it's not, happens to all of us.
I use canola oil, but it's really not for sex but making food :D Works fine though. You could also try to stretch him with your fingers.
Define lots of lube... and I do try to finger him. ofc I try to finger him.... and he enjoys it... He enjoys when I eat his ass out even............ It's just the second I go in....

Canola Oil? That's okay to use? No burning sensation or anything? >.<
use silicone based lube (no condom)
Get a anal beads & a dildo and loosen ur bf up. A lot.
Tie him up and force it in. (it'll hurt less soon)
Go to a porn shop and buy Anal Ease. It numbs the area for a while so you can get it in without pain, and by the time it stops numbing he will be relaxed. I'd use a condom at first though. I had it numb my cock so bad I couldn't stay hard once.
I haven't experienced any burning sensation.
go buy lube by either Gun Oil or Swiss Navy, they're the best. make sure you only use silicone lube if you're not using condoms. if you are using condoms, use a water-based lube, both of those brands offer it. also, give him a good rim job before sex, that would always warm up my ex for anal the few times i've topped him :P a tight butthole is a wonderful thing, play with it, tease it, be gentle with it, and eventually you'll be balls deep with no pain :) cheers
Silicone lube, bareback and rimming, plus gradual use of toys is the way to go. He'll love the slickness of it all. Plus use your fingers to open him up. Soon you'll be fucking him while you bite his ears.
I perscribe a healthy dose of man the fuck up.
If necessary use handcuffs and a ballgag.
Use toys and fingers
Not that I really expect you to see this, but if your ass burns with astroglide then that's a glycerin/paraben sensitivity. Most water-based lubes contain glycerin as it is what makes it so good as a lubricant.

So your options are Isopropylene Condoms with an oil based lubricant (my preferred). They're slightly more expensive condoms but they are stronger and thinner (better sensation). Oil is the cheapest lube you can get and it lasts quite a while longer and is safer to have in your colon than silicon-based lubes. I recommend coconut oil since it doesn't have a strong smell and is natural.
kj jelly
>its a gel, works well
try a thick buttplug (thats not too long)
>it may be hard to get in there, but will loosen him up in a few minutes
Amyl Nitrite. Possibly anal-eze if he's really not comfortable. Had an ex who used anal-eze, was like flattered but it's not that big... He did take it like a champ when he used it though...
I used to have a lot of trouble with burning. It's a sensitivity to "phthalates," a class of petroleum distillate commonly found as a contaminant in other petroleum derivative products. Try Wet Platinum or a similar silicone lubricant.
Open file (592.69 KB 2160x3600 1442101211917-1766998279.jpg)
Lacking that, just use water based. It's cheap, can be bought or -cough-taken-cough- from a 99cent store, and its effective. Put a bit on your cock and spit in your hand and rub it around.
This guy.
No such thing! It's in your boyfriend's head which is why he has no problem when he's drunk and his head is out of the picture.
Open file (1.06 MB 1952x3264 IMAG0128.jpg)
My dick can basically cover a dollar bill, would you not say that my dick is a bit too thick for anal play?


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