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Getting into gay porn Anonymous 05/24/2012 (Thu) 16:00:02 No. 2789
Anyone ever do it? I think I have the body for it. Experiences/stories/advice on how to get into it?
Never done it, and no one would wanna see it if I did. Most of the gay porn sites have a "Model for us" link. Just find a site you like, and follow the instructions.
pics? If you're willing to go into porn, surely you're willing to grace us with a few photos of yourself...
if i ever went into porn, i'd be the one behind the camera. voyerism baby!
xtube premium?
I responded to a Craigslist ad for porn once. They taped me masturbating the first day. When I went back we had sex and a guy taped it. I got payed but the video never saw the light of day. Not sure if it just didn't work out or if it was a scam for sex.
Choose one.
Its not prostitution if you film it!


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