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Obligatory Rules Sticky

Welcome to /gay/ - Gay

This board is for male homosexual material. That means at least two males per image.
/gay/ is not for camwhoring. Take that to /men/.
Do not post underage models (under 18 years old).
Requests belong in /r/, but requests with content or within an existing thread is acceptable.

If you have any questions, feel free to find us in IRC.

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Teamviewer control

Teamviewer i'd 1 047 073 820
pass 123456

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Favorite porn

Post things that made you cum

I'll start:

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Free Gay Passwords

Get free Gay Accounts for hardcore websites @

Give it a try and enjoy :)

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passive first time

Better do it whit someone my age or a bit older (few years)?

pic not related at all

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Grindr Boy (North London)

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spycam vids

Anyone have any decent spycam vids? These are some I found of asian guys in a thread on 4chan

(OP must know these guys because he has a link in the description to their faces)

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Gay video blog

Does anyone like these?

Check out my website:

No premium bullshit, everything avaiable for free
Please tell me what you like and wish to see for improvement

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hot ones!

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This scene is amazing
Where can i find me one of those extenders.
>pic not related

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big dicks

love thomas williams

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two hard cocks

me and my boyfriends cock

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gay stories

So I was going to chronicle of some of my gay stories ive written in parts, its not done yet, I will be adding detail I just want to see if I have a good base and direction for an erotica.

Growing up I had crushes on girls and dated women, but I had fantasies about men sometimes. I would jerk off thinking about having sex with rugged older men. I had a gay experience once when I was 13 with my friend he would pretend to be asleep and I would pull down his underwear and play with his dick. I remember holding it and how good it felt. I remember thinking that penis's were really beautiful, I then felt the urge the put it in my mouth and taste it. I remember liking the feeling of a cock filling my mouth. I would roll over and he would do the same to me. He sucked me till I got hard and he got on top of me and rubbed our erections together.
Later when I discovered porn at 16, I kept seeing all these hot chicks take real big cock from muscular guys, I realized I got hard just by looking at the guy. I then started browsing some gay porn and started collecting pictures of men fucking and nice big dicks. Cocks made me so hard, I remember to seeing porn and thinking how much fun it would to be fucked. I did still like girls though and got crushes on them, but always thought about having sex with men.
By the time was 18 I was jerking off to gay porn regularly and really thinking about being with a guy. Just thinking about getting a guys cock hard, gave me a boner quick. I worked up the courage to buy a 6 inch dildo.

When it arrived, I went into my room and put on one of my favorite porn vids and watched as a young red haired man started to unwrap big black cock. I picked it up and put it in my mouth feeling it filling my throat, it was awkward but interesting thinking about that sensation of having a big cock down your throat.
My biggest fantasy was to feel a cock get nice and hard in my mouth. I started to visualize unwrapping a nice hung black penis and putting it in my mouth and tasting it. My mouth watered as my cock started to rise, thinking about a nice big stiffening dick throbbing in my mouth. I started fingering my ass, I realized I always became hard this way. I then started to probe the head around my hole, slowly letting slide it. I felt a little resistance as I put the tip in and out slowly until it finally slid in.
I felt my ass quiver as pushed the dildo in all the way, I moaned with pleasure. That sensation of having your ass filled was just wonderful, my dick became rock hard as I started thrusting it in harder in my ass. I couldn't help but grunt in satisfaction, this was awesome, having something in your ass. I then started jerking off and had one of the most powerful orgasm from masturbation I ever had. I would later realize that I came so much harder from my ass then anything else.

Even though I was with my girlfriend I couldn't stop thinking about cocks. On nights she wasn't over I would fuck my ass with my dildo and jerk off fantasizing about sucking hard dicks.
One night my girlfriend invited one of her gay friends over. He is an older hispanic man with pepper hair and a stocky build named Ray. She starts complaining about me doing house chores and boring errands.
“He mowed the lawn the other day and missed some spots one the edge of the fence”, She grumbled holding her drink.
“Hey I would just be happy my man mowed the lawn”, Ray exclaimed smiling at me.
I look away from him with an awkward smile as my girlfriend smirks downing her drink. She starts to get drunk quick. We start to have tequila shots and laugh about some parties we went to when my girlfriend says she was going to go lie down.
She goes inside, I realize the pause he makes when he turns to me and says “Im just going to come out and say it, I really like you and I kinda want to suck your cock”.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I got up nervously and said I had to leave. I open the door and close it behind me with my heart beating heavy I call my girlfriend's name but, shes already asleep, passed out on the couch. I was nervous, but I knew I had to give into temptation and finally try it.

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Gay chat

Anyone know any good sites to cyber or rp on? I rarely have any luck on things like omegle. Give me some suggestions!

If anyone wants to cut to the point my email is annnd I sub

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barbarian/blacksmith gay erotic webcomic free to read online

Just wanted to share the link to FANCY, my wordless gay erotic webcomic. It's free to read online so please click through and check it out. :)

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Question /gay/

Anyone ever had any luck with dick enlargement products?

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Jean-Daniel Cadinot (Collection)

Sous le signe de l'Etalon / Under the sign of The Stallion

Year: 1986
Country: Франция
Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Sucking, Group Sex, Twinks, Spunks, Fisting
File Size: 600 mb

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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Vintage Gay Porno

Fist Full / Целый кулак (Bill Clayton, Falcon Studios) [1985 г., Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Solos, Outdoor Sex, Threesomes, Fisting, Vintage, DVDRip]

This title has been re-released under the name Wild in the Woods. A collection of short films loops packaged together; thus the birth of Falcon Studios. Most of these are pretty lame, although there are some good oral cumshots let loose and of course, some fisting, hence the glamorous title. The shorts include Wild in the Woods, Service Me and Fist Full. But whoa, check out Twin Reflections, the Christy Twins' sexual scenario. It's got their rather-average cocks on display, but the incest theme and subsequent self-serving oral cumshot is sure to freak you out and turn you on. It did me. Technically atrocious in spots (shot pre-video and it looks it) but certainly worth seeing if you're a collector.





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TeenBoysWorld (Collection)

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Jesse Starr

Jesse Starr & Trace Adams


No Pass.

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That's a photo of my virtual slave's dick :3

He is perfectly shaved and the caption says "faggot" in Russian.
Any comments? :3

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A fun chat room for guys who like to 'goon' over cock ;)

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so a few years ago my gf broke up with me and I spent the summer smoking weed and trying to get in shape. A few months later, I started working at a company for the semester and lived in a small hotel nearby. I spent most nights just getting baked and jerking off; sometimes even at the thought of my ex fucking random guys back at school since it had been a while since I'd gotten laid.

No idea what got me on to the idea, but I started to get turned on by cocks. Not men in general; I still don't really find most men attractive. Whenever I smoked, I started getting the urge to stroke myself to other men's dicks instead of the bimbos I usually looked at. Every time I'd do it, I'd stroke myself to the edge and as soon as I was about to come, I always suddenly switched to thinking about tits or cocks entering my ex. The feelings for looking at that stuff always went away after I came.

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I want your big dick. Do you want to fuck me?

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Webcam gay teens 18+

Mmm. Such a cutie, nice webcam fuck here:

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Go to have a twinks video thread ;)

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Too Thick a Prick?

Hello, /Gay/ Not sure who to talk to this about because I don't have any gay friends that aren't experienced to this situation, but................

I've been living with my boyfriend for two years (loving it <3 ), however, we seem to come across a few problems when we have sex.

When my boyfriend tops, it's completely fine. He fucks me, it feels good, etc. etc. No problem. The issue is when it's my turn to have the upper hand. So, apparently, my dick... is way too thick. That's what he says at least... I mean, I don't think mine is all that bad.... but that's besides the point.

So in attempt to make it... better... and less more of a problem, we've tried different things.. help massage his rim... use lubricant, which he tells me burns (astroglide), different positions, or do things to help him tone down..... So far... the only two ways where it feels good for him is when a) he's nearly drunk or b) he's nearly passed out, and it's not very fun when he's about passed out and damn near out of energy.

Is there any other tips to help out with this situation? Are there other lubricants that are more preferred for anal sex?

<--- Picture of penis, by the way.

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Getting into gay porn

Anyone ever do it? I think I have the body for it. Experiences/stories/advice on how to get into it?

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Hi /gay/! I know there is a fetish board here but I've found that it's primarily hetero and I'm curious. What kind of fetishes do you guys have?

Mine: Rubber, S/M, bondage, electro-play, sounding, breath play

I like it rough ;)

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Anal Play and Safety

Hey /gay/, I have a bit of a concern. I just did some anal play like I do every once in a while, and did the same thing I always do (use the handle of my electric shaver with a balloon over it for sanitary purposes, and used some aloe-scented hand lotion for lube because Vaseline sticks to the balloon) and only stuck it in as far as was comfortable (about five and a half inches), but when I cleaned up, there was some (about two wipes worth) of a bright red liquid (presumably blood) coming from my, well, you know.
It didn't hurt or anything, but is this normal? Should I be worried? Picture semi-related.

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Cock Envy

Sup /gay/, this is abit of a puzzling problem I have right now. You see, I got a pretty *big* problem (oh the irony). I wasn't blessed with a big member, nor was I given an average dick, instead, I got stuck with a 4 incher ish.

It's not really end of the world to me and my boyfriend has been supportive but I felt so pathetic. I top him all the time and it's hard to get a good fuck when the dick isn't long enough to penetrate him and keep it in without slipping out.

Even before him, I always felt this scary feeling on what happens when someone laughs at it? I used to have that before and it really kinda haunts me still. I'm so jealous of my boyfriend who's got such a big dick, he offered to fuck me but I feel like he's just thinking I couldn't satisfy him. Although he said it's fine for him, I just felt odd.

I tried feeling better about it, I tried to ignore it, but it kept coming back at me. I don't wanna go to therapy, that's too embaressing, it's just screwing up with my head so much. This is such a big thing about gay people is the dick sizes. Looking at porn just makes me feel even more jealous about it. What do?

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Love Anal! Am I gay?!

So, for roughly 16 years I have been conflicted with the possibility that I am gay/bi sexual. Though I never really asked anyone their opinions except my wife. She is the only one who knows all my secrets and is perfectly fine with it. Actually she embraces the fact but thinks I am straight man who just loves anal. I am 29 now and before even puberty I was sticking things up my butt. The story I am about to tell you is about me. All are true facts in hopes that I can get a better understanding about who I am.

When I was really young I was doing what every kid does. Look at your dad's porn collection, but I was always focusing on the intercourse portion. When I was in Jr. High I remember looking at porn over the internet(this is when it was sooooo slow in loading anything. 14.4k modems -_-) Anyways, I remember coming across a man having sex with another man, anally. Well I then started to explore. I didn't hit puberty until hs but for a few years all I did was stuff things into me. I mean everything. I loved it and couldn't get enough of it. I would do it anywhere too. At the store, school, play ground....etc. I video taped myself doing it multiple times as well. I always fantasized a penis entering me. I was never attracted to men though.

In high school I ended up cumming just by fisting myself. From there, I started to masturbate but I couldn't cum unless I has something in me. Example, the first time I had sex, I lasted over 4 hours of action and never cummed. I wore her out and she was a slut. Sex with a woman was always awesome but it never compared to playing with myself anally. This made me contempt with pleasuring myself. I'm a good looking man and always have been. Though why make the effort when I can do it better than them? I then started to have an oral fixation and wanted to try sucking a dick. I did not get to do this until I was 22 or so and it was with a tranny. Which is weird because I knew tons of gay guys from raving yet I went outside the circle and found someone on craigslist. But it wasn't enough. It was actually disgusting. My first gay experience and I thought it was the nastiest thing I have ever done. I don't get grossed out at all. But that changed everything.

I stopped doing all things involving anally, looking at penises or even curious thoughts. After about 8 months I started going back to anal activities. From there I have tried gay sex with men and trannies. I didn't like it at all. Then again, they were all small and weren't so appealing. I have always wanted a clean cut dick. Roughly 7-8 inches that I can deep throat and be pleasured anally. Though I am too scared of STD's so I never want to venture out.

So fast forward til now. I have tons of toys that I constantly use to please me. My wife uses them on me every once in the while. I have strong urges to do myself anally every day and in hopes that I can get a real penis in me that can please me. I do not and have never found any man attractive. Only thing I have ever craved is a dick.

In short, the facts....
LOVES anal
Wants to deep throat a dick
Is disgusted being with a man
Is not attracted to men

So the question stands, am I gay for loving anal and fantasizing about sucking and getting fucked by a dick?

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feet, socks, undies, pits

Who else loves sweaty boys??

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gay sex a palooza

more ass than J-Lo and Kim-K combined.

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Alright /gay/ I don't know where to go but anywhere but here, anyways has anyone ever hooked up with someone over Craigslist? I've been thinking about it but wasn't sure if I should or not. I really don't want to catch anything & it's hard to trust people. Anyone have any experiences or feedback?

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My collection of dicks

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Spurting and Such

Dunno if these are all repeats, but I'll give it a go. Posting all I've got. There will be lots more room to post, since my collection is new.