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Jesse Starr SerGAY 12/01/2013 (Sun) 22:59:45 No. 3764 [Reply]
Jesse Starr & Trace Adams

URL: http://dfiles.ru/files/99zn7wlz2

No Pass.
Jesse Starr & Tommy Anders

URL: http://dfiles.ru/files/1cstvc5a6

No Pass.
Charlie Fynn & Jesse Starr

Issac Sterling & Jesse Starr

Phillip Ashton & Jesse Starr


Open file (157.39 KB 1600x1200 11112013166.jpg)
Anonymous 11/11/2013 (Mon) 19:01:44 No. 3760 [Reply]
That's a photo of my virtual slave's dick :3

He is perfectly shaved and the caption says "faggot" in Russian.
Any comments? :3
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Basically it's mostly that most of Russia you can't really get out of the closet, in combination of some anti-gay laws and anti-gay extremists.
Just because the entire Russian government is like a mafia too.
Most of the stories you will have heard have been cherry picked to be provocative
It's not dagnerous to be gay here
Like really? I'm sorry then, maybe I don't know how really Russia is, I think it might be up to you.
However, I still believe the gay activists arrested around the Sochi events are pretty real.
I mean, I recalled something like that happened.
Лох, Пидр!

#clubgoon sissyslut 11/04/2013 (Mon) 21:20:38 No. 3759 [Reply]
A fun chat room for guys who like to 'goon' over cock ;)


Open file (150.01 KB 768x1024 128978897856.jpg)
hung firecrotch 10/31/2013 (Thu) 02:00:58 No. 3724 [Reply]
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1. Get a haircut
2. Shave your chin
3. Put that dick in my ass
that dik tho
The haircut and that style of goatee are killing me. In the bad way. Everything else is top notch, thanks for posting.
still the best thread on this whole god forsaken forum

Open file (3.13 MB 400x212 021.gif)
straight2gay Anonymous 08/12/2013 (Mon) 20:32:37 No. 3667 [Reply]
so a few years ago my gf broke up with me and I spent the summer smoking weed and trying to get in shape. A few months later, I started working at a company for the semester and lived in a small hotel nearby. I spent most nights just getting baked and jerking off; sometimes even at the thought of my ex fucking random guys back at school since it had been a while since I'd gotten laid.

No idea what got me on to the idea, but I started to get turned on by cocks. Not men in general; I still don't really find most men attractive. Whenever I smoked, I started getting the urge to stroke myself to other men's dicks instead of the bimbos I usually looked at. Every time I'd do it, I'd stroke myself to the edge and as soon as I was about to come, I always suddenly switched to thinking about tits or cocks entering my ex. The feelings for looking at that stuff always went away after I came.
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i've discovered that the hornier i get the less i care about what type of porn i want to watch before i cum. some odd reason it usually hits a point where i'm so horny i actually prefer watching shemale or gay porn where they're teasing a 'straight' guy with a handjob or blowjob until he's begging to cum
Close minded little bitch.
I think bisexuals who desire romantic relationships with women and really sexual, almost sordid ones with men are kinda common. I'm into twinks and girly boys, and I'm out of their age bracket now, but when I was that age, I did some really slutty things. I still fap to femme bois, but I'd rather be with a woman now, you know?
Sauce on all of these? Btw, OP has great taste.

Open file (533.75 KB 2048x1536 0406132119.jpg)
Anonymous 04/07/2013 (Sun) 03:37:22 No. 3627 [Reply]
I want your big dick. Do you want to fuck me?
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Post more.
Post youself in boxers
Post your nuts hanging out of boxers
Open file (33.47 KB 658x492 Untitled.jpg)
Sexy little slut with a hot pale butt... I'm in Hartford, you?
creampie, swallow, or facial?
more please D:

Open file (18.60 KB 436x360 1djtulstyjljkdy.jpg)
Webcam gay teens 18+ Anonymous 02/26/2013 (Tue) 15:32:09 No. 3590 [Reply]
Mmm. Such a cutie, nice webcam fuck here:

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Open file (54.88 KB 720x520 twoyoungguysavi0031.jpg)

Open file (129.55 KB 377x640 1 - copia.jpg)
Anonymous 12/10/2012 (Mon) 16:27:47 No. 3562 [Reply]
Go to have a twinks video thread ;)

Open file (310.13 KB 1200x1600 IMG_023.jpg)
Too Thick a Prick? aGayBoy 09/23/2012 (Sun) 23:54:47 No. 3496 [Reply]
Hello, /Gay/ Not sure who to talk to this about because I don't have any gay friends that aren't experienced to this situation, but................

I've been living with my boyfriend for two years (loving it <3 ), however, we seem to come across a few problems when we have sex.

When my boyfriend tops, it's completely fine. He fucks me, it feels good, etc. etc. No problem. The issue is when it's my turn to have the upper hand. So, apparently, my dick... is way too thick. That's what he says at least... I mean, I don't think mine is all that bad.... but that's besides the point.

So in attempt to make it... better... and less more of a problem, we've tried different things.. help massage his rim... use lubricant, which he tells me burns (astroglide), different positions, or do things to help him tone down..... So far... the only two ways where it feels good for him is when a) he's nearly drunk or b) he's nearly passed out, and it's not very fun when he's about passed out and damn near out of energy.

Is there any other tips to help out with this situation? Are there other lubricants that are more preferred for anal sex?

<--- Picture of penis, by the way.
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Open file (592.69 KB 2160x3600 1442101211917-1766998279.jpg)
Lacking that, just use water based. It's cheap, can be bought or -cough-taken-cough- from a 99cent store, and its effective. Put a bit on your cock and spit in your hand and rub it around.
This guy.
No such thing! It's in your boyfriend's head which is why he has no problem when he's drunk and his head is out of the picture.
Open file (1.06 MB 1952x3264 IMAG0128.jpg)
My dick can basically cover a dollar bill, would you not say that my dick is a bit too thick for anal play?

Open file (244.44 KB 2000x1500 10082011434-01.jpg)
Anonymous 09/12/2012 (Wed) 09:03:25 No. 3713 [Reply]
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Open file (420.58 KB 2000x1499 01092011868-01.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 2448x3264 06012012425.jpg)
Open file (394.71 KB 2192x2000 11072011908-01.jpg)
Open file (221.65 KB 2000x1500 12112011749-01.jpg)

Open file (272.06 KB 1500x2000 01052011591-01.jpg)
Anonymous 07/12/2012 (Thu) 00:58:20 No. 2830 [Reply]
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Open file (200.35 KB 1501x2000 14052011838-01.jpg)
This is some surreal shit.
Open file (394.71 KB 2192x2000 11072011908-01.jpg)
GOSH... that's one ugly cock!
I disagree, I'd suck it.

Open file (68.66 KB 704x400 1333813192075.jpg)
Getting into gay porn Anonymous 05/24/2012 (Thu) 16:00:02 No. 2789 [Reply]
Anyone ever do it? I think I have the body for it. Experiences/stories/advice on how to get into it?
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xtube premium?
I responded to a Craigslist ad for porn once. They taped me masturbating the first day. When I went back we had sex and a guy taped it. I got payed but the video never saw the light of day. Not sure if it just didn't work out or if it was a scam for sex.
Choose one.
Its not prostitution if you film it!

Fetishes? Anonymous 02/29/2012 (Wed) 09:58:47 No. 2391 [Reply]
Hi /gay/! I know there is a fetish board here but I've found that it's primarily hetero and I'm curious. What kind of fetishes do you guys have?

Mine: Rubber, S/M, bondage, electro-play, sounding, breath play

I like it rough ;)
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Same. Nothing is hotter than being "turned gay" (as if we aren't deep down already, right?)

Aside from that, I like: chastity, being a house slave to an older man / men, training sessions, being confined, fuck machines, forced milking.
wow I really didn't know that other straight guys felt this way - how interesting.
Open file (69.13 KB 646x485 4Rl1p8xQIkc.jpg)
This. Latex/Leather, Bondage, restraints, piss, funnels. And poppers.
Open file (403.08 KB 500x281 1371531520680.gif)
Pegging. I wanna be pegged so hard. from behind, with her pressing her c-cup against my back
I feel the same way. I'm straight during the day and then switch at night. I exclusively date women but I love anal play with men. Strap-ons are fine but girls tend to lose interest unless they are REALLY into it.

Because of this, I am unsure if I should be considered Gay or Bi. I wouldn't want to have a lifelong relationship with a man because I am not sexually attracted to them in the same way I am towards women. However, I am sexually aroused by submission and anal.

inb4: I want to fuck girls and be fucked by dudes.

Open file (11.01 KB 253x380 Ouch.jpg)
Anal Play and Safety Anonymous 12/29/2011 (Thu) 00:41:03 No. 2189 [Reply]
Hey /gay/, I have a bit of a concern. I just did some anal play like I do every once in a while, and did the same thing I always do (use the handle of my electric shaver with a balloon over it for sanitary purposes, and used some aloe-scented hand lotion for lube because Vaseline sticks to the balloon) and only stuck it in as far as was comfortable (about five and a half inches), but when I cleaned up, there was some (about two wipes worth) of a bright red liquid (presumably blood) coming from my, well, you know.
It didn't hurt or anything, but is this normal? Should I be worried? Picture semi-related.
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Open file (794.40 KB 1200x1082 Anal Sex 1.png)
Open file (1.37 MB 1200x1737 Anal Sex 2.png)
Open file (1.03 MB 1200x2284 Anal Sex 3.jpg)
Open file (1.46 MB 1200x3052 Anal Sex 4.jpg)
Open file (1.54 MB 1200x3024 Anal Sex 5.jpg)

Open file (83.45 KB 557x478 penis1.jpg)
Cock Envy Anonymous 12/09/2011 (Fri) 22:03:35 No. 2070 [Reply]
Sup /gay/, this is abit of a puzzling problem I have right now. You see, I got a pretty *big* problem (oh the irony). I wasn't blessed with a big member, nor was I given an average dick, instead, I got stuck with a 4 incher ish.

It's not really end of the world to me and my boyfriend has been supportive but I felt so pathetic. I top him all the time and it's hard to get a good fuck when the dick isn't long enough to penetrate him and keep it in without slipping out.

Even before him, I always felt this scary feeling on what happens when someone laughs at it? I used to have that before and it really kinda haunts me still. I'm so jealous of my boyfriend who's got such a big dick, he offered to fuck me but I feel like he's just thinking I couldn't satisfy him. Although he said it's fine for him, I just felt odd.

I tried feeling better about it, I tried to ignore it, but it kept coming back at me. I don't wanna go to therapy, that's too embaressing, it's just screwing up with my head so much. This is such a big thing about gay people is the dick sizes. Looking at porn just makes me feel even more jealous about it. What do?
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You say you are a bit big, your weight can have affect on your length. As I have put on more Kilos(pounds for those who don't use metric) my penis has not so much shrunk but had the base move up around it. I know mine would gain more usable/measurable length if i was thinner.
I want a small dick. Mines an average 5 1/2 and I wish it were smaller so that people stopped expecting me to be dominant in relationships. I want people to laugh at it and fuck me hard, though that's my fucked up prerogative I guess.
I prefer a smaller dick. I think they're really sexy... You should post it. :)
I fantasize about being with someone with a large dick but the reality is that a 4 of 5 incher is much easier to accommodate if you don't wan't to put up with any discomfort during sex and want to get straight to the pleasure. I'm glad every guy I've bottomed for has had a smaller dick than me because I know someone my size or bigger would be pretty damn uncomfortable unless he went really slow for a good 10 minutes at which point I could very well need a break anyways. Like everyone else said sex is mostly about mindset so confidence in your ability to use what you have is priority. And if your boyfriends okay with it then stop worrying, he's probably much more annoyed by your insecurity's then the occasional slip and lack of pain from stretching. I've been called cute plenty and it's no insult, fuck traditional gender roles, a real man knows he doesn't have to bend to predetermined moulds.
Well, I hooked up with a guy recently with a fairly small cock, and he topped, seriously I could have blown my load without even touching it, I think if he'd kept going just a little longer... Anyway, the point is, it's plenty, if you can tickle a prostate with it you're golden :D

Open file (1.55 MB 2592x1936 IMG_0985.jpg)
Love Anal! Am I gay?! Mangy Cat 08/26/2011 (Fri) 16:55:29 No. 1292 [Reply]
So, for roughly 16 years I have been conflicted with the possibility that I am gay/bi sexual. Though I never really asked anyone their opinions except my wife. She is the only one who knows all my secrets and is perfectly fine with it. Actually she embraces the fact but thinks I am straight man who just loves anal. I am 29 now and before even puberty I was sticking things up my butt. The story I am about to tell you is about me. All are true facts in hopes that I can get a better understanding about who I am.

When I was really young I was doing what every kid does. Look at your dad's porn collection, but I was always focusing on the intercourse portion. When I was in Jr. High I remember looking at porn over the internet(this is when it was sooooo slow in loading anything. 14.4k modems -_-) Anyways, I remember coming across a man having sex with another man, anally. Well I then started to explore. I didn't hit puberty until hs but for a few years all I did was stuff things into me. I mean everything. I loved it and couldn't get enough of it. I would do it anywhere too. At the store, school, play ground....etc. I video taped myself doing it multiple times as well. I always fantasized a penis entering me. I was never attracted to men though.

In high school I ended up cumming just by fisting myself. From there, I started to masturbate but I couldn't cum unless I has something in me. Example, the first time I had sex, I lasted over 4 hours of action and never cummed. I wore her out and she was a slut. Sex with a woman was always awesome but it never compared to playing with myself anally. This made me contempt with pleasuring myself. I'm a good looking man and always have been. Though why make the effort when I can do it better than them? I then started to have an oral fixation and wanted to try sucking a dick. I did not get to do this until I was 22 or so and it was with a tranny. Which is weird because I knew tons of gay guys from raving yet I went outside the circle and found someone on craigslist. But it wasn't enough. It was actually disgusting. My first gay experience and I thought it was the nastiest thing I have ever done. I don't get grossed out at all. But that changed everything.

I stopped doing all things involving anally, looking at penises or even curious thoughts. After about 8 months I started going back to anal activities. From there I have tried gay sex with men and trannies. I didn't like it at all. Then again, they were all small and weren't so appealing. I have always wanted a clean cut dick. Roughly 7-8 inches that I can deep throat and be pleasured anally. Though I am too scared of STD's so I never want to venture out.

So fast forward til now. I have tons of toys that I constantly use to please me. My wife uses them on me every once in the while. I have strong urges to do myself anally every day and in hopes that I can get a real penis in me that can please me. I do not and have never found any man attractive. Only thing I have ever craved is a dick.

In short, the facts....
LOVES anal
Wants to deep throat a dick
Is disgusted being with a man
Is not attracted to men

So the question stands, am I gay for loving anal and fantasizing about sucking and getting fucked by a dick?
7 posts and 1 image omitted.
So, its been awhile. Since this post my wife and I have tried to do a few things. She suggested to get a couple to play with(she wants to play with big natural boobs). We looked and posted on many sites and forums but either I wanted that guys dick and she didn't want the woman or vise versa. So we went to singles. Found a few men with big, nice looking cocks but ok looking, which sucked for her cause she wanted someone hot so she could fantasize. Understandable but it has become a tedious process. We got so close one time but we ended up having a small fight over something non related and it got pushed back.

Side note: She got really weirded out when I made a comment on a guys penis saying, "thats a really nice dick. I want that!" She asked me if I was gay but was too afraid to tell her. She knows I like this stuff but never heard me comment about the looks of a penis or balls before. I came out and said that there are ugly ones and pretty ones. I want a pretty and big one. One that I want to deep throat and put in me. I also said I want to get man handled. She calls me gay now....

We have yet to get a strap-on nore try fisting. I feel its become too much for her so I backed off so much, I only play alone with the toys. Once she put it in my head that she wants me to play with a guy, I have had this huge urge to find one I won't regret and do it but I can't pull myself to do it behind her back and I really don't want to. ITS DRIVING ME NUTS! I want a fucking cock.

What should I do? I have looked on Fetlife. Even showed it to her last night. The site has good intentions but it seems to be focused around the older crowd. Doesn't mean I haven't stopped looking but I want to take something real. I want to suck, get fucked and someday fisted(at least just to experience it).
you can buy toys in the shapes of fists. If your wife resists on fisting, maybe she wont mind using a toy.
Focus group of one, from a now gay man who came out very late and had many very fulfilling sexual relationships with women beforehand.

Don't get hung up on it. It doesn't have to be all or nothing.

Sexuality is like math. Some people are whole numbers - meaning they are very clearly "gay" or "straight" in their orientation and would need a gun to the head to deviate. My last ex-bf was like this . The thought of even *seeing* a vagina made him cringe and go "ew!ew!ew!!"

The rest of us are fractions. And we round up or round down, depending on what we feel is suitable for us. For many years I felt like I was a 5.6 gay. Now, I'm more like an 8-8.5. I could still have sex with a woman and still can find myself attracted to women, but not enough to really ever *want* to have sex with one again.

So, if you want to explore, explore. It's not like a little gay action is going to fundamentally change your life or make you jump on a float in the next parade. It will simply be enlightening and give you a better understanding of yourself...

How porn and addiction to porn have pretty much caused us to not trust out penis when it comes to our sexual attractions and orientations.
It's been a while, but I would get the largest Njoy buttplug. It's big enough and heavy enough to stimulate you while you bang your wife.

Open file (78.47 KB 976x549 32_big.jpg)
feet, socks, undies, pits Anonymous 08/20/2011 (Sat) 17:55:40 No. 1234 [Reply]
Who else loves sweaty boys??
39 posts and 33 images omitted.

I'm in love .

Those feet, and that wet, sweaty cock
Hottest picture i have EVER seen in my LIFE!

Open file (188.57 KB 1000x667 brenn 2ddb1.jpg)
gay sex a palooza Anonymous 07/06/2011 (Wed) 02:58:36 No. 883 [Reply]
more ass than J-Lo and Kim-K combined.
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Open file (94.59 KB 960x640 wbouns21.jpg)
Open file (84.99 KB 960x540 wbouns32.jpg)
attaching a dildo to a drill i would think that would hurt

Open file (8.23 KB 257x257 craigslist-04.jpg)
Craigslist Anonymous 06/11/2011 (Sat) 02:48:29 No. 658 [Reply]
Alright /gay/ I don't know where to go but anywhere but here, anyways has anyone ever hooked up with someone over Craigslist? I've been thinking about it but wasn't sure if I should or not. I really don't want to catch anything & it's hard to trust people. Anyone have any experiences or feedback?
7 posts omitted.
deffinatly follow the rules, met one guy who tried to tell me his roommates had a party and something smelled funny, the house looked a lil rummaged through, a mop as still out and the smell reminded me of feces. none of the family photos around had him and his room was almost empty except for a folded and sheathed straight razor on the dresser he said was his grandfather's.

needless to say fuck that I fecal smell, potential weapon and no photos matching him, I peaced out.
I'm bumping this back to life because I just tried to make pretty much the exact same thread as OP and got the duplicate entry error. Any additional comments and experiences would be helpful, thanks!
I've met people of CL, Manhunt, Recon and a bunch more. My tastes vary from vanilla to kink and my ads or the ones I reply to are what I am looking for at the time. I don't reply to ads looking for something I'm not or I'm not willing to give or do.

I start with three questions:
Do you smoke?
Do you do drugs?
Are you disease free?

Yes they can lie but those are the first checkpoints for me.

I always prefer to meet in public, it is the public setting that lets you see the other in a safe environment and walk away if you feel the need. I tend to play with guys younger than myself and will explain how it is best to meet in public. Some are nervous and stupid and are scared at the idea of going for coffee, it they cannot do that then they are not someone I want to play with.

When you go to someone's place they should give you the full address. You then write it down and put that piece of paper on your desk at home so there is a note of where you are. If you have someone you trust then setup a safe-call, this is where they call you or text you at a preset time and if you don't talk or reply they call the cops. You can let the person you are meeting know you have setup a safe-call so that you can answer it when it comes as well as makes them understand you are smart.

In saying all this I have had guys meet me at a transit stop or some other place and come back with me in my car. I have actually asked if anyone knew where they were and if they hesitate or say no I try and give them some of these tips. I tell them I know I am sane and can be trusted but they don't know that yet to they need to smarten up.
sounds like he broke into the place, add fresh mop feces and razor and it sounds like he could have murdered someone already. now i am forever scared to craigslist
What the absolute fuck? I'd have left and called the cops. There had to have been some kind of warning sign though?

I've had 2 experiences on craigslist, the first was enjoyable, with the dude being exactly like the pictures he sent. Albeit, we were both virtually virgins at the buttsecks, so it wasn't /great/, but it was enjoyable.
The second time around was an older, bear type. After rigorous emails for information, we met at his house. He was very nice, but his pics were obviously older, as he was a bit older, and larger than he had appeared. I told him to put on a condom though, and he said he did, but when it went in, I knew he didn't. When I didn't respond to his movements, he withdrew and I said I was emotionally unstable and needed to leave. He gave me a hug and I left quickly. Sorry, I don't fuck around with barebacking. Sweet old dude though, he was a good sport about it.

I usually get pics, stats, and make sure they give me a valid face picture. It's usually good to ask for a timestamp, to know the picture is real, written on their hand.

If you live in an area that's outside the city or spacious, and thus can't meet up before hand, it's always good to just chat the person up as much as possible to assess their person as much as possible.

Open file (29.57 KB 480x360 12849599877.jpg)
My collection of dicks Anonymous 05/28/2011 (Sat) 19:08:12 No. 210 [Reply]
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Care to prove that? Post a new pic with the date on your belly.
Can't stand cut dicks
Open file (296.22 KB 579x435 regetonero2.png)
mmmh ah che oh yeah
Lovely collection of juicey white cocks.
Perfect. 100% suckable


no cookies?