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Obligatory Rules Sticky kingADVRC 02/11/2013 (Mon) 12:32:37 No. 3581 [Reply]
Welcome to /gay/ - Gay

This board is for male homosexual material. That means at least two males per image.
/gay/ is not for camwhoring. Take that to /men/.
Do not post underage models (under 18 years old).
Requests belong in /r/, but requests with content or within an existing thread is acceptable.

If you have any questions, feel free to find us in IRC.

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Favorite porn Anonymous 07/11/2017 (Tue) 05:07:47 No. 4569 [Reply]
Post things that made you cum

I'll start: http://milkie.org/?p=1891
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Open file (75.21 KB 693x500 vg_image1003.jpg)
Open file (75.42 KB 500x281 0WeHGa.jpg)
Skinny twink sucking BBC and enjoying cum on his face

Open file (27.44 KB 640x480 07JBx.jpg)
Hot ride and facial

Open file (184.99 KB 804x1079 994723643.jpg)
Open file (80.41 KB 500x281 0HkSCN.jpg)
This camshow of a young gay couple ends with cumming on face


Open file (13.64 KB 225x300 s-l300.jpg)
Free Gay Passwords Teku 01/25/2018 (Thu) 16:47:19 No. 4589 [Reply]
Get free Gay Accounts for hardcore websites @ paysite.pw

Give it a try and enjoy :)

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passive first time Anonymous 11/16/2017 (Thu) 20:33:50 No. 4582 [Reply]
Better do it whit someone my age or a bit older (few years)?

pic not related at all
Whichever you prefer.

I have to say it was cool.
One night stand whit some guy from cl.
We meet on the parking
>get silent place
>he unzip his pants and pull out cock
>already hard
>says suck it
>i do (not using hands)
>he says i do it good
>few minutes later he says "turn around"
>lube me a bit
>slowly push it in
>starts to fuck me
>little faster and jerk me a little meanwhile
>i cant hold it anymore and moan loud like bitch for 15 minutes or more
>diamonds in ass and cock
>cum buckets but he still fucking me
>more cum leaking
>so good
>he finally cum

Im not atracted to men at all i just tryied anal someday (fingers) and wanted to try it whit real sized thing
I just likes cocks lol

Open file (854.48 KB 750x1232 image1.png)
Grindr Boy (North London) Anonymous 07/16/2016 (Sat) 09:51:50 No. 4535 [Reply]
Open file (1.07 MB 750x1234 image2.png)

Open file (309.02 KB 593x421 fthrthrrh.png)
spycam vids Anonymous 07/07/2016 (Thu) 02:21:42 No. 4534 [Reply]
Anyone have any decent spycam vids? These are some I found of asian guys in a thread on 4chan


(OP must know these guys because he has a link in the description to their faces)



Open file (189.27 KB 480x360 blondelonghair1.png)
Gay video blog Galacticfapshare 03/16/2016 (Wed) 10:24:52 No. 4392 [Reply]
Does anyone like these?

Check out my website: www.galacticfapshare.net

No premium bullshit, everything avaiable for free
Please tell me what you like and wish to see for improvement
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Open file (212.07 KB 528x352 bigdickguy2.png)
Open file (202.93 KB 528x352 bigdickguy3.png)
Open file (94.27 KB 316x238 blondebf3.png)
Open file (118.52 KB 620x372 blondefuck2.png)
Open file (221.14 KB 640x480 blondegay3.png)

Open file (86.74 KB 517x752 3.jpg)
boys Anonymous 02/09/2016 (Tue) 00:06:30 No. 4354 [Reply]
hot ones!

Open file (997.83 KB 450x253 1422856218244.gif)
Anonymous 07/16/2015 (Thu) 05:03:03 No. 4017 [Reply]
This scene is amazing
Where can i find me one of those extenders.
>pic not related

big dicks twinklover 05/27/2015 (Wed) 01:34:18 No. 3997 [Reply]
love thomas williams

Open file (139.29 KB 1024x768 1405048017.jpg)
two hard cocks jonasdownes 12/12/2014 (Fri) 21:28:46 No. 3975 [Reply]
me and my boyfriends cock

Open file (39.84 KB 640x480 403_1000.jpg)
gay stories Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 08:34:24 No. 3954 [Reply]
So I was going to chronicle of some of my gay stories ive written in parts, its not done yet, I will be adding detail I just want to see if I have a good base and direction for an erotica.

Growing up I had crushes on girls and dated women, but I had fantasies about men sometimes. I would jerk off thinking about having sex with rugged older men. I had a gay experience once when I was 13 with my friend he would pretend to be asleep and I would pull down his underwear and play with his dick. I remember holding it and how good it felt. I remember thinking that penis's were really beautiful, I then felt the urge the put it in my mouth and taste it. I remember liking the feeling of a cock filling my mouth. I would roll over and he would do the same to me. He sucked me till I got hard and he got on top of me and rubbed our erections together.
Later when I discovered porn at 16, I kept seeing all these hot chicks take real big cock from muscular guys, I realized I got hard just by looking at the guy. I then started browsing some gay porn and started collecting pictures of men fucking and nice big dicks. Cocks made me so hard, I remember to seeing porn and thinking how much fun it would to be fucked. I did still like girls though and got crushes on them, but always thought about having sex with men.
By the time was 18 I was jerking off to gay porn regularly and really thinking about being with a guy. Just thinking about getting a guys cock hard, gave me a boner quick. I worked up the courage to buy a 6 inch dildo.

When it arrived, I went into my room and put on one of my favorite porn vids and watched as a young red haired man started to unwrap big black cock. I picked it up and put it in my mouth feeling it filling my throat, it was awkward but interesting thinking about that sensation of having a big cock down your throat.
My biggest fantasy was to feel a cock get nice and hard in my mouth. I started to visualize unwrapping a nice hung black penis and putting it in my mouth and tasting it. My mouth watered as my cock started to rise, thinking about a nice big stiffening dick throbbing in my mouth. I started fingering my ass, I realized I always became hard this way. I then started to probe the head around my hole, slowly letting slide it. I felt a little resistance as I put the tip in and out slowly until it finally slid in.
I felt my ass quiver as pushed the dildo in all the way, I moaned with pleasure. That sensation of having your ass filled was just wonderful, my dick became rock hard as I started thrusting it in harder in my ass. I couldn't help but grunt in satisfaction, this was awesome, having something in your ass. I then started jerking off and had one of the most powerful orgasm from masturbation I ever had. I would later realize that I came so much harder from my ass then anything else.

Even though I was with my girlfriend I couldn't stop thinking about cocks. On nights she wasn't over I would fuck my ass with my dildo and jerk off fantasizing about sucking hard dicks.
One night my girlfriend invited one of her gay friends over. He is an older hispanic man with pepper hair and a stocky build named Ray. She starts complaining about me doing house chores and boring errands.
“He mowed the lawn the other day and missed some spots one the edge of the fence”, She grumbled holding her drink.
“Hey I would just be happy my man mowed the lawn”, Ray exclaimed smiling at me.
I look away from him with an awkward smile as my girlfriend smirks downing her drink. She starts to get drunk quick. We start to have tequila shots and laugh about some parties we went to when my girlfriend says she was going to go lie down.
She goes inside, I realize the pause he makes when he turns to me and says “Im just going to come out and say it, I really like you and I kinda want to suck your cock”.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I got up nervously and said I had to leave. I open the door and close it behind me with my heart beating heavy I call my girlfriend's name but, shes already asleep, passed out on the couch. I was nervous, but I knew I had to give into temptation and finally try it.
Open file (164.58 KB 640x427 12.jpg)
I walked outside on the porch and looked at him. He looked up and I said” So you want to suck my cock then?” He smiled as I lied against the railing and and waited for him to unzip my pants and pulled my boxers down. He look up at me and pulled my cock slightly before saying “thanks for coming back”,as he began to lick my cock up and down on the shaft and across my balls before putting them in his mouth and sucking my scrotum. I body tensed and I grunted with pleasure he started to give me the best blow job I ever had. I got hard quickly as he started to bob up and down on my dick. It was so hot, this guy was sucking my cock right on the front porch. I moaned as he started to slurp all over my dick, he was so good. He then asks if he could take me inside, I pulled my pants up and lead him to my room. He started kissing me and taking my shirt off, feeling his tongue was different then my girlfriends, it was aggressive and virile and was kinda hot. He lied me down on the bed and started to lick and kiss my chest all over and jerked me off. I started to moan and tense up as vibrations moved all over my body as he started to suck and kiss me all over. It was so hot feeling a mans body on top of me and kissing me all over feeling our hard cocks throb against each other. Feeling a real mans sexual aggressiveness ravage over your body, was nothing like my girlfriend.
He started to finger my ass as I started to jerk his dick. He groaned and we made out while I jerked and he fingered me.
I wanted that thing in my mouth, I then leaned down and raised his hard fat mexican cock to my mouth and started to suck it. I sucked the head slowly putting pressure around it like I practiced with my dildo. I then move my tongue across the head of his penis as he let out a soft whimper. I then greedily put the whole shaft down my throat sucking it good and wet. I absolutely loved it, feeling a hard dick in your mouth and filling your throat with that meat was just heaven. I started gag on it and swirled my tounge on the bass of his balls and I bobbed up and down on his dick. He then pulled my head up and put me on my back with my legs in the air and pulled out his wallet to put a condom on. I knew what was about to happen, I fingered my self with some lube he gave me as he prepared to enter me. At first I felt his head around my hole, it felt so interesting feeling a warm hard dick on your ass, much better than a dildo. He then slowly slid it in, “Uhhh”, I let out as I let him enter my ass. A real cock feels so good, its hard and pliable and warm it feels so good in you. “ Ahhh, Oh yeah...oh yeahh..oh ...fuck me...” I yelled as he bucked his hips drilling his fat dick in my ass. I just absolutely loved getting fucked I thought. We started to kiss as he fucked my ass until he started to shout he was about to cum. I then started to jerk off as I was close too. He then grunted spend his load staring into my face as I jerked off and came not far behind him. We cleaned up and layed in bed holding each other and I though about how hot my first real gay sex was. I think penis's are beautiful, I like how their phallic and having a cock fulfill you is just so satisfying. There's nothing like a nice piece of meat to filling your mouth and ass.
I decided that I wanted to try a big cock from a younger man like my self, so I took some pictures of me and put an ad on craiglist. After sorting through dumb pointless emails, I get one from a guy who gives me the his stats which were that he was average height of slim build and that he was Brazilian, but what stuck out was the picture of his 8 inch uncut cock. I was enthralled because this was my chance to have a really nice cock in me. I emailed him back with the address for a hotel I found, and the next day waited for him to in the hotel room

I wait until he arrives on time thankfully. A thin muscular man walks in with a brown complexion and short black hair. I walk over to him to reach out to feel his chest and and arms. I think about how beautiful his torso is and his stomach and how it matches up to the trail of hair going down to his groin. He grabs me and starts kissing me and feeling me up pulling me closer to him I then I pull his shirt up and slide my hand down his abs all the way to his crotch. I then grab his bulge and feel his nice big fat cock twitch under his stone washed jeans with my hands

My mouth waters and I then unzip his pants and start kissing his bulging package through his underwear. I then pull down his underwear to reveal a beautiful long juicy throbbing uncut cock with a big pair of salty balls underneath them. It is just wonderful, I kiss the head and start to suck it real nice and wet and I feel his cock stiffen and get hard and throb in my mouth as I fondle his low hanging balls. I just feel like I am in complete heaven,this hung south american man with just a beautiful body.! So hot! I bob up and down on his delicious stiffening cock. I notice that as he gets hard his dick starts to curve down my throat, I was in love with this dick! It started to slide down my throat as I hungrily held it down.

I then start deep throating him and grab his ass pushing his dick down my throat and feeling his testicles bump across my chin. My cock is rock hard feeling his hard throbbing curved dick in my mouth. I start jerking off he pulls out of my mouth and asks me if I want to ride his cock. I nod my head and he lies down while I put on condom on him, I then lube his cock and my my ass as I climb on top of his dick. His dick enters my enters my ass, I have practiced enough at home that I have gotten good at relaxing and letting my ass open for any cock that tries to enter. I slowly started to move my ass up and down on his cock guiding it with my hand until I felt it right under my belly, I yelped in suspense. At this point im really enjoying the feeling of a 8 inch dick all the way in my ass. I then rose up and came down again softly and increasing my speed each time slowly until I was grabbing his shins and rocking my ass on his dick as he started to moan and shake his hips until I run out of breath. He flips me over and opens my cheeks with his hands, I look back at him and he leans forward and kisses me while he rubs his shaft against my gaping hole. He then puts the head in and I easily let him slide all the way balls deep in my ass. He grabs my ass pushing his hips gently forward as I whimper letting all of his manhood move in and out of me. I cry out in ecstasy, “Oh my god it feels so full, yes oh...so good yes..” It was so hot having a man pounding his dick in my hole moving it in and out while he bucks his hips aggressively driving his hard cock in my ass. I jerk off as I feel his cock twitch around and his hips tense up while moans releasing his seed in the condom in me. He flips me over and jerks me off until I come all over my stomach. He leans over and kisses me and I kiss him back swirling my tongue in his mouth. His softening cock in twitches in my hands as I suck on his chest. We lay there for a little while and clean up, we decide to exchange numbers. I now was starting to form sexual relationships with men. I wondered what my girlfriend would think about what I was doing, and thought I just wanted to explore more.
Open file (60.47 KB 554x480 bisex49_844783.jpg)
Now I knew that I was addicted to cock and I wanted to try everything. I decided to try my first black guy, I have always been so turned on by black dicks, they just look so tasty, juicy and fat. I started my online search off bbc when I finally met a young black man around 22 with a 9 inch dick.
I arranged a room and again waited to have a man have his way with me. Finally he arrived, a stocky young black man with deep voice. “Hey, you ready for this thing boy”, He said unzipping his pants.
“oh yeah, you bet”, I said nervously.
He then whips out a nice fat long black penis about 6 inches still soft. My mouth waters and I put it in my hand as my jaws drop. I then just let is sit there and I grope underneath it just drooling over his cock. It was so hot, I got a boner from just holding his nice black penis. I then stuck my tongue out and slapped it on my mouth and all all over my face. I then had to unzip my pants to relieve the pressure of my erection from my underwear. This was so hot, black cocks just feel amazing I thought as I started suck his tasty fat black penis. I jerked him off slurping that cock down my throat and fondling his balls. Feeling the head of his cock on my tongue slide to the back and squeeze against the roof of my mouth while I relaxed my throat and let my down as his whole shaft went in and I felt his balls nestle underneath my chin. He got hard and pretty soon I had an even larger and fatter 9 inch black piece of cock meat to shove down my throat. I realized that I was a natural cock sucker, he started to moan and asks to have my ass. I then bend over and lube my ass while he starts to finger me. I open my cheeks apart as his manly chubby fingers open my butt hole and start to move in and out until he puts two fingers in and I cry out asking him to do it harder and add more fingers. He slaps my ass and puts three fingers trying to get my ass open for his cock. He starts to jerk off while fingering me as I moan until my hole starts to feel loose. He puts a condom on and bends me over lubing up real good he beings to penetrate me. His penis is so fat that he has to hold my ass apart until finally it pops in. “oooooo..ohhhh god thats big”I cry out. He starts to pull back a little and softly lets it pop back in again, “ohhh yes god...”I cry again. It was so fat and made my ass feel so full I couldn't believe it. He starts to hump me harder driving his dick in me deep. I start to scream in pleasure as my ass is stretched by a large black cock now fully erect curving right up into my prostate. I am now speech less with my cock hard as rock, leaking cum while he pounds his dick in me so hard my body leans forward with my belly right on the bed as I finally begin to have the most powerful orgasm I ever had. “Ohhh yes god fuck my ass until I come”, I yelled out. He grabs my hips and starts to fuck me hard and I scream as my cock shoots cum all over the bed and my stomach. I came all over and didn't even need to touch my cock. He pulls out and flips me over and take his condom off and starts to beat off in my face. I hold my mouth open as he starts to grunt and jerk furiously until his cock twitches and I lay back and feel warm cum shoot across my face, I cant help but moan out of arousal and he empties his load all over my face. “wow that was so hot”, I said to him. He smilies and says “yeah you love that fat black dick, don't ya?”. We clean up and as hes leaving I started to think about how to tell my girlfriend that I like sleeping with men.

So thats it so, far Im going to continue it and do more detail just wanted to see how it was so far.
>>3957 so hot

Open file (6.82 KB 234x215 images.jpg)
Gay chat Anonymous 04/02/2014 (Wed) 05:37:17 No. 3836 [Reply]
Anyone know any good sites to cyber or rp on? I rarely have any luck on things like omegle. Give me some suggestions!

If anyone wants to cut to the point my email is ghostface428@gmail.com annnd I sub

Open file (466.47 KB 720x1020 12.jpg)
barbarian/blacksmith gay erotic webcomic free to read online Dale Lazarov 02/09/2014 (Sun) 22:54:21 No. 3822 [Reply]
Just wanted to share the link to FANCY, my wordless gay erotic webcomic. It's free to read online so please click through and check it out. :)

I think someone stole all the word balloons.

Anonymous 01/25/2014 (Sat) 05:20:38 No. 3815 [Reply]
Question /gay/

Anyone ever had any luck with dick enlargement products?
Let me be sincere: I only tried vacuum pumps and, yeah it grows, but for a limited time until it "deflates".
Dick enlargement products are usually more sellouts than right ways to grow your weiner.
jelquin works, but the effects are temporary and are reversed when you stop doing it regularly.
>pills dont work
>creams dont work
hgh does work, but not as much after ur 17ish
Surgury is a bad idea.

Open file (406.40 KB 320x240 1381433217628.gif)
human growth hormone.

Open file (376.68 KB 1442x1086 6892642.jpg)
Jean-Daniel Cadinot (Collection) SerGay 01/13/2014 (Mon) 21:25:51 No. 3800 [Reply]
Sous le signe de l'Etalon / Under the sign of The Stallion

Year: 1986
Country: Франция
Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Sucking, Group Sex, Twinks, Spunks, Fisting
File Size: 600 mb

Part 1: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3917430a8080ba
Part 2: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3917556aa721e5
Part 3: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3917578ad7f606
2 posts and 2 images omitted.
Open file (451.43 KB 1024x2110 6892654.jpg)
Aime... comme Minet

Year: 1982
Country: Франция
Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Twinks, Passionate, Rape, Tricking, Threeways, Classic
File Size: 590 mb

Part 1: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3918256ab9ce5b
Part 2: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3918278a92de80
Part 1: http://dfiles.ru/files/jza4281ub
Part 2: http://dfiles.ru/files/jza4281ub
Open file (79.08 KB 525x800 6892713.jpg)
Garsons de Plage / Beach Boys

Year: 1982
Country: Франция
Genre: pre-condom, Strapon, Fisting
File Size: 398.36 Mb

Open file (125.03 KB 790x845 6892717.jpg)
Sacre College

Year: 1983
Country: Франция
Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Group Sex, Twinks
File Size: 606,9 mb

Part 1: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3960548a074c75
Part 2: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3960583aa6c869
Open file (163.83 KB 600x680 6892753.jpg)
Les Minets Sauvages

Year: 1984
Country: Франция
Genre: Anal, Oral, Teens
File Size: 749 MB

Part 1: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3960850a168917
Part 2: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3960914a32659e
Part 3: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3960925a8c5162
Open file (264.43 KB 1200x1270 6892757.jpg)
Le Voyage A Venise

Year: 1986
Country: Франция
Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Group Sex, Twinks, Orgies
File Size: 918 MB

Part 1: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3969284ae5f690
Part 2: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3969320a613f60
Part 3: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3969379a44959b

Vintage Gay Porno SerGay 12/26/2013 (Thu) 13:06:16 No. 3796 [Reply]
Fist Full / Целый кулак (Bill Clayton, Falcon Studios) [1985 г., Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Solos, Outdoor Sex, Threesomes, Fisting, Vintage, DVDRip]

This title has been re-released under the name Wild in the Woods. A collection of short films loops packaged together; thus the birth of Falcon Studios. Most of these are pretty lame, although there are some good oral cumshots let loose and of course, some fisting, hence the glamorous title. The shorts include Wild in the Woods, Service Me and Fist Full. But whoa, check out Twin Reflections, the Christy Twins' sexual scenario. It's got their rather-average cocks on display, but the incest theme and subsequent self-serving oral cumshot is sure to freak you out and turn you on. It did me. Technically atrocious in spots (shot pre-video and it looks it) but certainly worth seeing if you're a collector.


Part1: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3913492a87af49
Part2: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3913500a8d6a4b
Part3: http://gigapeta.com/dl/3913520ae90bd2


Part1: http://dfiles.ru/files/3952y0n6b
Part2: http://dfiles.ru/files/7xwc4at94
Part3: http://dfiles.ru/files/x48lsi56p

Open file (155.64 KB 1263x602 TBW01-03.jpg)
TeenBoysWorld (Collection) SerGay 12/17/2013 (Tue) 22:11:14 No. 3780 [Reply]
11 posts and 11 images omitted.
Open file (148.69 KB 609x811 TBW45-48.jpg)
Open file (162.56 KB 611x814 TBW49-52.jpg)
what are these?
is there a story

BelAmi SerGay 12/13/2013 (Fri) 23:43:59 No. 3770 [Reply]
2 posts and 2 images omitted.
Open file (693.87 KB 1154x2274 Part 1.jpg)
Dolph Lambert, Ariel Vanean & Todd Rosset - Part 1

Open file (623.07 KB 1154x2274 Part 2.jpg)
Dolph Lambert, Ariel Vanean & Todd Rosset - Part 2


Jesse Starr SerGAY 12/01/2013 (Sun) 22:59:45 No. 3764 [Reply]
Jesse Starr & Trace Adams

URL: http://dfiles.ru/files/99zn7wlz2

No Pass.
Jesse Starr & Tommy Anders

URL: http://dfiles.ru/files/1cstvc5a6

No Pass.
Charlie Fynn & Jesse Starr

Issac Sterling & Jesse Starr

Phillip Ashton & Jesse Starr



no cookies?