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Male on herm Anonymous 08/26/2012 (Sun) 23:44:29 No. 5744
We don't see nearly enough of this. Most of the time, the herm/futa is dominant to males and females alike, but I would, personally, like seeing some images of a male dominated m/h pairing.
Open file (111.58 KB 1000x1000 h_1196462740352.jpg)
Open file (227.60 KB 637x900 Merina 004.jpg)
I'll just leave this here
Open file (97.36 KB 375x485 wolfndena.jpg)
Open file (92.89 KB 576x421 x_bothways.jpg)
Open file (183.24 KB 1280x798 10375290135.jpg)
Open file (725.19 KB 1280x820 129940524545.jpg)


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