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Jolly Jack anyone? fantasticalTacos 04/30/2012 (Mon) 07:56:16 No. 4851
I started up a thread on the old Fapchan but alas... it died TT__TT so I guess I'll start it back up!
Open file (136.03 KB 917x806 120497339287.jpg)
is there a 2012 torrent for Jolly Jack?
>>4853 not that I know of... I only have his older stuff.

and on that note, I start a comic!
page twooooooo
alrighty then! That's that!
And I know that Dragons aren't really furries... but eh... whatcha gonna do ;3
Since U-18chan & Paws.ru are both down, let's see if anyone here is listening. I'm looking for Sketchbook 31, Captain Aurum, & Mass Hysteria. I can post the uploader's choice of apsara comic(s) in return. Some items may need to be hosted on Zippyshare due to number of images (sketchbooks) or lack of individual images (.pdfs).


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