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Obligatory Rules Sticky kingADVRC 10/11/2017 (Wed) 11:32:36 No. 9002 [Reply]
Welcome to /fur/ - Furfags

This board is for posting of furry porn (drawn anthropomorphic animals), both heterosexual and homosexual.
Content and discussion featuring My Little Pony should be directed to /Clop/.
Bestiality is not allowed.
Cub porn (lolicon/shotacon type furry) is not allowed.
Furry futanari (anthropomorphic animals with tits and dicks) is very welcome.
Requests belong in /r/, but a request with content or within an existing thread is acceptable.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email or catch us in IRC.
The following are no longer allowed to be requested or linked on this website, doing so will result in a ban that could very well end up becoming permanent:

(Notice: This list was last updated December 18th, 2013)

1) Palcomix (including Mobius Unleashed and PokePorn)

A way to make money for NFC kingADVRC 10/07/2012 (Sun) 10:24:25 No. 5989 [Reply]
In order to help keep things moving here, we've decided to post a few money-making links to go towards funding NFC.

Jay Naylor bundle pack
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Any chance of getting any more of these?
I don't have much left to share in the way of furry porn. I could upload everything posted thus far for Pleasure BonBon, seeing that the thread has stopped updating.
I am also keeping tabs on the Kung Fu Panda thread as well. I'll be sure to set something up once that thread finally finishes.
Open file (320.09 KB 617x876 000.jpg)
[Daigaijin] Better Late than Never

Apologies for taking so long to upload this. I wanted to make sure it was absolutely finished before uploading it.
Contains lesbianism, diseased rat cocks, and a whole lot of cockblocking. Nonetheless, the art style is quite impressive IMO.

Once again, thanks for helping us fund NFC by simply downloading this ^_^~
Open file (696.40 KB 617x875 000.jpg)
Had to make sure this was actually finished before re-uploading this.

[Daigaijin] Better Late than Never-COMPLETE (Kung Fu Panda)

Definitely a good read.

Open file (71.28 KB 500x677 jn-TrixieCD-sktch.jpg)
Jay Naylor Wondering anon 09/12/2011 (Mon) 06:02:11 No. 2726 [Reply]
What happened to the Jay Taylor thread?
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he is making $7,000 a month on patreon.
I know, right? Perfect example of thinking with your genitals. They can't stop denouncing him, even as they masturbate. It's almost as if they get off on it as much as the porn.
Just searched "naylor" on gehentai for the first time in a while
Some of the patreon subscribers are uploading content there
I've been following this thread since the first one, and uploaded a Megaupload thing way back when with all the comics. I've kept it up to date (as far as I know) and want to dump it again, since shit's changed a bit since ~2011. What should I use :v
I would say use Xchan Directory Dumper, but Im not sure it works with captcha actvated.

Been considering turning it off tbh.

Raccoons! Anonymous 12/03/2015 (Thu) 00:33:54 No. 8679 [Reply]
put your (anthro/or not) here!

Open file (169.29 KB 680x904 205.jpg)
Beep 10/31/2015 (Sat) 15:02:15 No. 8615 [Reply]
Open file (91.23 KB 600x785 117.jpg)

Anonymous 07/19/2014 (Sat) 20:05:25 No. 8242 [Reply]

Casual Nudity Anonymous 04/22/2014 (Tue) 04:05:15 No. 8227 [Reply]
For some reason, this is my fetish now. Guys just... hanging. In the nip. So let's do it.
i guess this counts
Open file (900.20 KB 1264x2184 Tezz.jpg)
Open file (172.09 KB 516x764 Sexy Furry Thief Guy.jpg)

Open file (54.30 KB 850x668 002meegel_anonib.jpg)
The view Beep 01/21/2014 (Tue) 03:48:54 No. 8061 [Reply]
Figure this thread gets too little attention so I'd throw more images up.
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Open file (423.87 KB 797x804 121383751990[1].jpg)
Open file (44.85 KB 600x782 121397194286[1].jpg)
Open file (55.46 KB 600x773 121311799347[1].jpg)
Open file (49.56 KB 600x787 121311801322[1].jpg)
Oh wow, GTS and UB. This might be my new favorite thread~

Open file (312.70 KB 1298x1325 ah_1163844586112_nullo.jpg)
lost images Beep 12/04/2013 (Wed) 08:28:02 No. 8044 [Reply]
Sometimes good images just get lost over the years...so here's one I found, figured I'd put it here.

Open file (299.26 KB 795x1200 01.jpg)
GuNMouTH Anonymous 11/30/2013 (Sat) 18:22:14 No. 8000 [Reply]
Anyone have Night Realms Mora?
Artist related
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Open file (297.12 KB 1060x1600 47.jpg)
Open file (353.47 KB 1060x1600 48.jpg)
Open file (283.75 KB 1060x1600 49.jpg)
And then come yours... can't repost to fix the order.

Open file (1.19 MB 3508x2480 ain.jpg)
JMAA 11/07/2013 (Thu) 19:56:52 No. 7994 [Reply]

Open file (73.51 KB 527x719 1106711211710.jpg)
stuff Beep 07/23/2013 (Tue) 22:33:00 No. 7188 [Reply]
This page has been too idle, here's some smut for you.
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Open file (198.90 KB 600x835 1181001757.jpg)
Elton Portilho thread kingADVRC 03/31/2013 (Sun) 10:47:17 No. 6250 [Reply]
I haven't dumped anything for a while.
Have some furry porn.
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Open file (315.85 KB 892x668 solitaire.jpg)

Open file (351.92 KB 843x979 freya-crescant.jpg)
freya crescent furgatroid 10/14/2012 (Sun) 05:18:45 No. 6053 [Reply]
freya crescent of the final fantasy 9!
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Open file (148.72 KB 897x1280 13.jpg)
Open file (108.69 KB 635x750 freya2.jpg)
pants? females don't need pants!
Open file (673.76 KB 1177x820 1308936054347.jpg)
Open file (241.69 KB 900x1297 FreijaCrescent_087.jpg)

Open file (479.18 KB 1000x1425 00 couverture.jpg)
Canned Furry 1.5 Anonymous 10/08/2012 (Mon) 13:29:26 No. 5990 [Reply]
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Open file (1.05 MB 1000x1461 Canned Furry - 33.png)
Open file (1.46 MB 1000x1390 Canned Furry - 34.png)
Open file (1.08 MB 1000x1430 Canned Furry - 35.png)
Open file (731.23 KB 1000x1392 Canned Furry - 36.png)
Open file (695.67 KB 1000x1444 Canned Furry - 37.png)

Male on herm Anonymous 08/26/2012 (Sun) 23:44:29 No. 5744 [Reply]
We don't see nearly enough of this. Most of the time, the herm/futa is dominant to males and females alike, but I would, personally, like seeing some images of a male dominated m/h pairing.
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Open file (97.36 KB 375x485 wolfndena.jpg)
Open file (92.89 KB 576x421 x_bothways.jpg)
Open file (183.24 KB 1280x798 10375290135.jpg)
Open file (725.19 KB 1280x820 129940524545.jpg)

Open file (110.81 KB 800x800 1338763949581.gif)
Furry Gifs Blackington 07/01/2012 (Sun) 02:07:47 No. 5293 [Reply]
not just gifs, if you run out though
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Open file (55.31 KB 187x250 fur tits.gif)
This appears to have been misplaced.
Somebody really needs to man up and make some animated furry videos
Go right ahead. We'll wait here.
Yah, man up wuss!

The Neon Children FurryFan 05/20/2012 (Sun) 01:18:29 No. 7436 [Reply]
One of my fav. characters

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Open file (288.13 KB 920x1301 27.jpg)
Open file (206.79 KB 1024x1454 28.jpg)
Open file (362.23 KB 2048x1448 29.jpg)
Open file (271.57 KB 920x1301 30.jpg)
this is soo good

Jolly Jack anyone? fantasticalTacos 04/30/2012 (Mon) 07:56:16 No. 4851 [Reply]
I started up a thread on the old Fapchan but alas... it died TT__TT so I guess I'll start it back up!
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alrighty then! That's that!
And I know that Dragons aren't really furries... but eh... whatcha gonna do ;3
Since U-18chan & Paws.ru are both down, let's see if anyone here is listening. I'm looking for Sketchbook 31, Captain Aurum, & Mass Hysteria. I can post the uploader's choice of apsara comic(s) in return. Some items may need to be hosted on Zippyshare due to number of images (sketchbooks) or lack of individual images (.pdfs).

Open file (47.74 KB 430x368 camelh.jpg)
joe camel yaoi! phillip morris 12/29/2011 (Thu) 06:35:29 No. 7430 [Reply]
joe camel having a gay 3way with himself
This is borderline /34/ material, but I'll allow this. I am intrigued.
This reminds me of Tom of Finland's work. But with camels.


no cookies?