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Seth and Repree Anonymous 06/27/2013 (Thu) 08:03:22 No. 16106
An older post requested the full version of Seth and Repree. I was drudging through old files and found it. Reposting it in a new thread to avoid duplicate pics cuz I'm too lazy to merge the right page numbers in. Hope you enjoy.

P.S. I thought I remembered seeing a continuation a long time ago but I could be wrong. Anyone know?
Open file (892.21 KB 1100x552 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg21.png)
Open file (775.20 KB 1100x563 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg22.png)
Open file (868.83 KB 1100x748 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg23.png)
Open file (720.04 KB 1100x620 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg24.png)
Open file (742.71 KB 1100x474 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg26.png)
Open file (658.93 KB 1100x398 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg27.png)
Open file (1.45 MB 1100x1061 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg29.png)
Open file (905.46 KB 1100x644 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg30.png)
Open file (928.37 KB 1100x649 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg31.png)
Open file (372.27 KB 1100x315 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg33.png)
Open file (459.98 KB 1100x347 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg34.png)
Open file (780.61 KB 1100x620 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg35.png)
Open file (755.84 KB 1100x545 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg36.png)
Open file (1.01 MB 1100x1202 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg37.png)
Open file (873.17 KB 1100x628 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg38.png)
Open file (388.84 KB 1100x347 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg40.png)
Open file (534.52 KB 1100x399 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg41.png)
Open file (1.72 MB 1100x1169 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg42.png)
Open file (1013.57 KB 1100x627 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg43.png)
Open file (547.73 KB 1100x402 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg44.png)
Open file (910.94 KB 1100x716 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg47.png)
Open file (999.56 KB 1100x934 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg48.png)
Open file (356.21 KB 1100x297 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg50.png)
Open file (962.28 KB 1100x760 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg51.png)
Open file (823.89 KB 1100x614 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg53.png)
Open file (2.43 MB 1100x1465 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg56.png)
Open file (1012.69 KB 1100x729 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg60.png)
Open file (553.86 KB 1100x392 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg61.png)
Open file (1006.83 KB 1100x888 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg62.png)
Open file (355.66 KB 1100x705 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg64.jpg)
Open file (277.47 KB 1100x747 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg65.jpg)
Open file (251.87 KB 1100x578 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg66.jpg)
Open file (174.37 KB 1100x418 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg67.jpg)
Open file (392.23 KB 1100x934 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg68.jpg)
Open file (443.00 KB 1100x887 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg69.jpg)
Open file (325.11 KB 1100x779 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg70.jpg)
Open file (393.87 KB 1100x732 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg71.jpg)
Open file (284.68 KB 1100x628 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg72.jpg)
Open file (230.21 KB 1100x564 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg73.jpg)
Open file (186.05 KB 1100x450 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg74.jpg)
Open file (411.98 KB 1100x766 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg75.jpg)
Open file (295.62 KB 1100x746 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg76.jpg)
Open file (653.51 KB 1100x413 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg78.png)
Open file (733.39 KB 1100x527 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg79.png)
Open file (611.38 KB 1100x356 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg80.png)
Open file (795.80 KB 1100x507 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg81.png)
Open file (773.21 KB 1100x451 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg83.png)
Open file (651.45 KB 1100x440 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg87.png)
Open file (1.54 MB 1100x1107 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg88.png)
Open file (1.16 MB 1100x1001 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg89.png)
Open file (1021.24 KB 1100x594 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg92.png)
Open file (808.65 KB 1100x576 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg93.png)
Open file (758.94 KB 1100x532 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg94.png)
Open file (1.71 MB 1100x1049 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg95.png)
Open file (998.39 KB 1100x710 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg96.png)
Open file (1.94 MB 1000x1476 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg98.png)
Open file (834.60 KB 1100x585 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg99.png)
Open file (1008.12 KB 1100x693 LEGIO_SethRepree_Pg102.png)
Open file (3.97 KB 180x134 happy heavy 1.jpg)
Truly a magnum opus. "Oh Hell yeah, HOSE my tits with your JIZZ!" They should've sent a poet.


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