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Open file (184.03 KB 700x1000 title.png)
Anonymous 08/30/2012 (Thu) 07:41:58 No. 15563 [Reply]
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I don't usually like western-style art, but I like this artist's style.
Would like to see more from this artist. They have a site or a storefront? I wouldn't mind pushing some cash his or her way.
I'm pretty sure they're on slipshine
More please

Looking for the rest of Seth and Repree Anonymous 08/12/2012 (Sun) 02:55:21 No. 15496 [Reply]
I used to have a finished copy off of cheggit, but that resource is sadly gone, and empornium is lacking. It seems like legio comix scours the internet to remove their content. Here's the what I have, but its only the first few pages.

Who's got the rest?
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wow that's big. still want tho.
oh god pleeeeease post the rest, this stuff is great
Seconded, thirded, whatever to get this posted or at least a DL link.
Im the one who started filling it in and then i took a break and fell asleep and now its months later and i lost the comic. HAHAHA shiet..
soo sad T-T

Open file (103.38 KB 549x533 christine-futanari2.jpg)
Men being dominated by Futanari Emma 06/05/2012 (Tue) 01:55:50 No. 15381 [Reply]
I'm back Mother Fuckers! And now my pound of Flesh;
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Open file (206.99 KB 700x840 1339794409497.jpg)
Last one ive got
>>15409 Can we get some sauce on that?
Starting at 15393, it's "Nobody In Particular".
Open file (265.96 KB 800x900 WorkingC2.jpg)

great artwork if he ever makes childrens stories i would buy them for my brothers kids

he claims to have gotten out of the porn game but he said that last time and then ran out of money so i hope he does that again

Open file (34.39 KB 258x300 star-jewel-258x300.jpg)
fapfapfapfapfapfap Anonymous 02/16/2012 (Thu) 04:53:03 No. 15275 [Reply]
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link does not work
I'm not getting it, anyone got another link?
I have this saved somewhere.
I'll upload it and post it in the futa links sticky.
Posted at >>16032

Open file (230.99 KB 1200x843 futabu6.jpg)
Ask Ray Futabu 6 Anonymous 11/13/2011 (Sun) 16:56:41 No. 14390 [Reply]
Hey guys the new "already uploaded" part6 in exhentai=gehentai
(seriously why they expunged this or any other good draw art) im from germany if it because of my country(that i cant see certain stuff) i could understand why i cant see everything(ads/country) but i guess it not only me

(just trying bring up the truth no h8ing)
hope you like it :)
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wonderful now i await English translation
my internets to you both
Just posted a link to the h-anime video in the fundraiser thread at >>15638.

Open file (661.49 KB 1261x1803 [SaHa] Crowded Train 26.png)
fuck this is hot... i came
thank you so much
Dear god I'm reading this on my phone ay work

Open file (44.96 KB 500x801 13133435628.jpg)
Thick and Flaccid kingADVRC 09/14/2011 (Wed) 04:19:21 No. 10754 [Reply]
Phase 2.
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Open file (604.57 KB 1000x1355 mary-marvel.jpg)
Open file (282.31 KB 665x1000 tight-fit.jpg)
Open file (81.38 KB 639x937 6rj88sY.jpg)
Open file (34.65 KB 538x728 DickGirls_0333.jpg)

Futa Gifs? giygasgirl 05/17/2011 (Tue) 03:18:43 No. 1900 [Reply]
Post 'em >:0
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Anyone have sauce?
sauce please!!
What is the sauce on that?
I have seen that video before
Beat Angel Escalayer.
It's got really hot futa action in episode 1.

Huge futa! Prinny dood 05/15/2011 (Sun) 05:20:55 No. 1843 [Reply]
Come on everybody
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Open file (164.58 KB 645x911 1364684721996.jpg)
Open file (625.20 KB 2000x3964 1372150177327.jpg)
...that's not really "Huge" anymore but who cares?
Open file (303.54 KB 1500x1500 1374290552910.jpg)
Open file (395.72 KB 908x1200 1374499186842.jpg)
Just the tip.

Open file (289.15 KB 984x1400 314318942.jpg)
Avatar Transformation Jeebus 05/04/2011 (Wed) 17:22:25 No. 1261 [Reply]
I need More of the Comic..(will upload pieces when i have time but need the rest..and updates on the status of future chapters)
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Open file (1.12 MB 1046x1435 978-4-86349-608-8.jpg)
It's out! Now to wait on someone to translate it. Hopefully Saha will count this as one of the ones still in deserving of attention

What are you waiting for? Just post it.
Here's the post for buying it. Don't think anyone snagged it yet. From what I read somewhere else he is looking for somewhere to continue publishing the manga.

Finally found a (moonrunes) download, it only doesn't have anything new, in fact, it leaves off before the flashback chapter.
Damn shame, I was really hoping for something exciting.
does anyone have the link for all that's out?

Open file (830.52 KB 800x1048 01.jpg)
[Studio Linty] Nephilim Lamedh kingADVRC 04/30/2011 (Sat) 09:41:42 No. 65 [Reply]
I'm sure I speak for everyone I say THIS MUST BE POSTED HERE!!
Lets hope Linty works on it more sometime soon.
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Open file (23.93 KB 470x265 pdc_batmanold.jpg)
Its been three years since I posted this image even batman is tired or this shit
Posts follow YY/MM/DD format, friend.
huh i remember i also remember there was some guy and girl to mock/give their reactions to it if i recall right they looked at chapters 1&2 and around pages 20 and 21 they each had a respective AGGHHHH moment. it was bloody hilarious, wish i could recall who they were...
i remember this*
Fuckin hell Linty get your pencil out of whatever damp hole you've shoved it and draw some more of this crazy ass shit


no cookies?