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Women get shaved fetish Anonymous 09/14/2014 (Sun) 16:23:58 No. 15995 [Reply]
Hey, i realy like women get shaved.

would be nice to see some more pics.
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Open file (191.41 KB 1731x899 Capture.jpg)
I have way too much to bother posting but heres a minimal effort dump of my personal collection

I also have some vids- not bothering uploading them but look for ddf network shaving vids. High def shaving videos are out there

Open file (188.87 KB 800x600 06.jpg)
Open file (1.14 MB 2780x1884 img17073pr.jpg)
Open file (1.03 MB 3612x1542 prpr.jpg)
Open file (582.21 KB 2560x1600 810fotor.jpg)

Open file (256.17 KB 1331x2000 1395461733558.jpg)
cream pie Anonymous 03/28/2014 (Fri) 04:09:15 No. 15826 [Reply]
Does anything taste better than a fresh cream pie?

The answer is no
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Open file (1.02 MB 2673x2169 1898-O.jpg)
Open file (1.67 MB 2801x2994 HK-031.jpg)
Open file (2.13 MB 2866x3994 BL-039.jpg)
Open file (1.18 MB 3001x1849 RPS-086.jpg)
Open file (1.65 MB 3530x2185 RPS-088.jpg)

Open file (24.01 KB 668x900 02.jpg)
Extreme Granny dump. Madfag 03/01/2013 (Fri) 15:27:49 No. 14268 [Reply]
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Open file (129.82 KB 498x741 234200.jpg)
Open file (171.62 KB 1224x1349 345654280_028212241632.jpg)
Open file (80.30 KB 500x548 433540.jpg)
Open file (330.42 KB 1280x960 1484342274883.jpg)
Open file (298.05 KB 1280x960 234280.jpg)

Open file (479.66 KB 667x1000 070.jpg)
Striped legwear Anonymous 01/21/2013 (Mon) 20:25:38 No. 13645 [Reply]
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Open file (1.72 MB 3129x2642 HK-013.jpg)
Open file (865.85 KB 1705x2273 HK-021.jpg)
Open file (2.26 MB 4000x3000 HK-022.jpg)
Open file (930.63 KB 2049x2161 HK-023.jpg)
Open file (1.31 MB 2520x2234 HK-024.jpg)

Anonymous 11/22/2012 (Thu) 22:08:34 No. 13301 [Reply]
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Open file (160.15 KB 1616x1074 48809_7614h007.jpg)

Lucky Cock
Open file (69.77 KB 640x480 Photo_24.jpg)

Open file (54.84 KB 600x800 67987878.jpg)
Insertion Part 2 Burlybear 10/29/2012 (Mon) 00:06:30 No. 13192 [Reply]
Part 1 >>8
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Open file (72.43 KB 435x600 23414141234.jpg)
Open file (139.61 KB 692x1040 23423442312.jpg)
Open file (58.94 KB 950x630 23445423243.jpg)
Open file (33.44 KB 597x900 24342354343.jpg)
Open file (58.03 KB 449x600 31234123122.jpg)

Open file (840.72 KB 2048x1024 Bend.jpg)
Urethral Insertion Anonymous 08/31/2012 (Fri) 13:22:11 No. 12810 [Reply]
Anyone into this?
Anyone has some pics to post?
Or maybe ideas or tips for this?
I'll post some of mine because I can't find any
and I don't think posting this in /mcam/ or /r/ would be a good idea.
If you give me some ideas, maybe I'll post more.
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I just have to post this
this is taking it to the next level
I don't even know how to call this
maybe urethral penetration
That looks like docking, but that penis looks unusually swollen, like it was over-pumped with a penis pump. It's hard to say just how much foreskin that guy has tbh.
I don't see an urethra penetrated, just a bunch of foreskin...
It's fun and it feels good. Yes, stretching the urethra to accommodate larger sounds hurts, but it's a bit like taking larger dildos: the pain starts to herald pleasure. (And of course you adapt and get used to it.)

With a silicone sound (bendable), you can stimulate the prostate from the inside. Yes, it feels as wild as it sounds.

/sorry for that last
you might as well use catethers

Messy Burlybear 02/09/2012 (Thu) 03:57:35 No. 10510 [Reply]
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Oh yeah! I'm loving what i see! I think i have a new fetish lol
Open file (87.66 KB 810x539 12313421423.jpg)
Open file (78.51 KB 810x539 13422431234.jpg)
Open file (69.53 KB 490x653 23441321342.jpg)

Open file (109.92 KB 797x530 000003.jpg)
Big Pussy Lips Part 2 Burlybear 12/16/2011 (Fri) 23:28:33 No. 9417 [Reply]
>>14 Part 1
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Open file (75.30 KB 769x1152 7878877878.jpg)
Open file (468.97 KB 2048x1536 12уу56 b.jpg)
Open file (205.43 KB 1067x1600 22.jpg)
Open file (66.09 KB 681x1024 12312341234.jpg)
Open file (53.88 KB 767x1023 31342134223.jpg)

Complete lack of labia minora TortureKiller 11/01/2011 (Tue) 13:54:05 No. 8373 [Reply]
My fetish consists of women who are basically devoid of labia minora. Google it if youre confused.
Basically, the girl has nice full pussy lips without the weird bacon-looking shit in between em.
Perfect examples are Amber Peach, Vida Sadora, and to some extent Carmella Diamond and Desani Lezian.
Please for fucks sake post other actresses you have found that suffer from lack of labia minora.
Pic related, its Vida Sadora with NO BACON hanging out from between her lips..
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Open file (17.39 KB 320x240 SGwK7jiwyx.jpg)
Open file (211.91 KB 800x1205 sdfsfs07.jpg)
Open file (180.76 KB 800x1200 fddffd06.jpg)
Open file (5.77 MB 3948x3903 pic.jpg)

Open file (95.20 KB 582x858 butterflies.jpg)
Tattoo Burlybear 08/18/2011 (Thu) 00:38:08 No. 5766 [Reply]
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Open file (56.96 KB 500x600 23423442332.jpg)
Open file (576.59 KB 1085x2334 46536346.jpg)
Open file (602.14 KB 2430x3240 1qi2ut-0-00-48UgvJV.jpg)
Open file (75.39 KB 640x480 SbFm18M.jpg)

Open file (144.03 KB 509x717 csgirl01.jpg)
Hairy Thread Part 3 Burlybear 08/03/2011 (Wed) 02:06:43 No. 4917 [Reply]
>>477 Hairy Thread Part 1
>>2313 Hairy Thread Part 2
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Open file (58.52 KB 1023x681 12434213431.jpg)
Open file (131.88 KB 1000x1500 13424213143.jpg)
Open file (68.06 KB 800x533 23112344231.jpg)
Open file (103.27 KB 667x1000 23121312332.jpg)
Open file (89.08 KB 591x850 32112343441.jpg)

Open file (147.15 KB 798x626 125322583440.jpg)
MILFs and daughters Anonymous 05/23/2011 (Mon) 22:16:33 No. 14281 [Reply]
Begin folder dump
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Open file (166.02 KB 759x583 0554199661.jpg)
>>15943 Daughter soon lost her shyness,after i got in the bath with her.
Open file (104.79 KB 600x900 7deef89f.jpg)
Daughter has friend for sleepover.
Open file (103.12 KB 600x900 9e4cedb5.jpg)
Open file (98.37 KB 600x900 877b3a98.jpg)


Fucking Awesome Thread ! !

Tits, Ass, and full of Family Fun

Open file (359.64 KB 1280x1791 PrivatePractice6_thumb.jpg)
Female Bodybuilder Burlybear 04/27/2011 (Wed) 23:40:26 No. 15 [Reply]
Private Practice - Female Bodybuilder Yvette Has Interracial Fun

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Open file (62.46 KB 480x640 14.jpg)
Open file (214.39 KB 1600x1200 1338620276680.jpg)
Open file (47.15 KB 640x427 160.jpg)

Open file (353.59 KB 1280x1791 Piss And Fist Me_4_thumb.jpg)
Watersports Burlybear 04/27/2011 (Wed) 23:21:37 No. 10 [Reply]
Woman In Boots Gets Fisted By A Girl In A Fishnet Body Suit Then Takes A Piss

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Open file (151.47 KB 1000x563 21332143421.jpg)
Open file (68.72 KB 750x500 23412234123.jpg)
Here is some james deen destroying an ass of that shy girl :)

OH, btw. The file is hosted on an anonymous file sharing site, use if you need to !


There's no paywall on the site, you know.


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