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Open file (2.22 MB 3648x2736 SDC14567.jpg)
Anonymous 10/25/2011 (Tue) 14:40:10 No. 7689
my new gf. what you guys think?
make that shit moist
wow nice.
Open file (2.26 MB 3648x2736 SDC14558.jpg)
heres another
if you help keep this alive i will post new often
Nice how about some of you fucking her or her sucking you off?
way moar!!!!!!!!!!
I mean it would be great I'll keep posting if you do.
she's fkn sexy more pics plz :)
Yeah post MOAR!!!!!!
Its my weekend and need new fapping material.
okkkkkkkk where did you go??
Thats what I'm talking about. MOSR MUCH MOAR!!!
this is OP i have a video but cant upload it on here. so i will post moar
Open file (101.51 KB 800x600 me and brandi.jpg)
Ok if you are close to oregon I'm down for what ever I live in bend oregon and would love to poke your girl and have some fun with both of you my dick is rock hard right now.
I think you should post moar of her! HOT
Post moar!!!!
one of me fucking her when i had her tied up.
Open file (2.25 MB 3648x2736 SDC15350.jpg)
Open file (2.24 MB 3648x2736 SDC15347.jpg)
we live in southeast and i dont share her with anyone. sorry but will post pix of us as long as you wanna see them. we are getting married next summer and gonna be spending our lives together as a happy couple with a baby on the way we just fond out yesterday.
Awwww congrats on that.
Keep posting if you want.
yeah congrats on the great news.
>>7689 congratulations buddy, your girl is really cute, I hope you keep posting, moar pics like this pic would be great, show of that naughty hole.
yo moar post please.
have been trying to up more but site keeps saying try again have tried 7 times now with it not working. will soon as it lets me though i took new ones the other night to share
Could the file size be too big? Try resizing them smaller.
well try again later.

Open file (1.83 MB 3648x2736 SDC15346.jpg)
thank you all. still trying to get more up for you to enjoy we will be away for about a week but home it have lots of fun while gone. will try to post more and new ones soon.
working on it cant get them to upload for some reason have over 100 pix of us
well i have been fapping try harder
Hey you guys gonna post any more?
Open file (196.19 KB 960x1280 102211165404.jpg)
This seems like a good place to put the last picture I took of mine before she left me for a white rapper.
What really? Dude you have my pity I thought you were getting married? But oh well fine the next thing to fuck and post pics of.
that last pic is not from me its someone else me and her are still together and getting married this year. will post more when i can been really busy with work and life.
Cool wants moar.
Open file (943.41 KB 2624x1968 20111104004403.jpg)
this is one i just took while she was asleep
wow, she's awesome
thank you. yes she is and we have set the date now. on may 1st we will be married. cant wait until she is my wife. also we found out we are expecting now. about a month along. couldnt be happier. thank you all for loving my wife's pics will post more in the future
moar pleaseeeeee
So, how are the two of you doing? We've love to see some more pics as well lulz
Loved this girl, pity we haven't seen more of her. OP, if you're still around, this one is incredibly nice.

Bumping with hope.
I think you better check again cuz I'm pretty sure I see a dick hiding
Is it bad that this would make my penis even harder?

That being said, her vagina is pretty obvious from the very first photo.
Really wish that we could see some more of this girl, but it seems that OP is long gone. Bumping with hope.
this is op. sorry its been 6 years me and her have split and gone our ways. we had a little girl who is turning 5 next week. figured i would see if this was still here and update you all. i am looking for a new chubby to fill my heart and bed. glad everyone enjoyed my (now ex) wife almost as much as i did.
How incredible it is you decided to come back.

Very interesting story, thank you for sharing.


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