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[Flash] An Average Playtime in the Sauna Anonymous 11/25/2012 (Sun) 23:22:59 No. 421
Holy hell!
Just finished grabbing this one and it's pretty good! Fucking uploaded.net.
This is not a flash game. This is an executable, and can't be run on anything other than windows.
Close enough bro.
Does anyone have an alternative download method? This shit's retardedly slow and filled with ads.
Of the main menu's options, only one doesn't crash the game for me...

It's the gallery, so I'm fine, but still...
sooo, i can't seem to get it to work. i think i unrarred it wrong. but only gallery works for me.

thx for sharing btw ^^
I was only able to get the gallery working too, but it was all that I really needed :33333
Linkbucks allowed here at newfapchan?
Normally, only staff is allowed to use them, but if the content is good, like this, I'll let it slide.
are you a mod here? so then if i upload good content flash games then will you not ban me?
You could say I am. Apologies for not modfagging earlier.
Keep the good stuff coming and I'll continue to look the other way~
The game manages to launch and I see the menu; but when I click an option, the program stops working. Anybody know what's going on for me?
That's somebody with the same problem; not a solution. I'd prefer to have the animation honestly. I think there's no options that don't crash it for me; but I'll check again.
It crashes for me too. Only the gallery works for me, which is just the animations.
Ah; I see what you mean, sorry.

How does the gallery actually work? I'm noticing some are pics; some have movie borders and loop; but I don't get what the green numbers on some of them are.

Also; how do you go from one animation to the next? When I've clicked them, there's only the options to fullscreen and exit, so how can I switch between them?


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