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coco boy challenge - Sarina Valentina coco transe 10/30/2016 (Sun) 12:24:27 No. 10003
Hello my coco boys.
If you want an exciting challenge, go to this link :


Kisses ... and good luck !
I need more please !!
An amazing tribute from my coco boys would be to receive a link to a video showing their cock being wanked during the challenge.
The top would be a view of their cock in front of the computer's screen, and the sound of their answers aloud during the game.
Who will be the first to please his mistress ?
Any way I can send you a video without making it public?
Of course sweety.
Post the link to my private email adress :
That was nice. I cheated a bit and ket edging till the end instead of cumming (I think I "lost" somewhere in the middle, I was just getting too fuzzy to keep counting properly)

That coco boy thing isn't really a fetish of mine, but Sarina Valentina looks like a goddess. Just looking at her face gives me a raging hardon, and seeing her in action, plus the hypno part of the video - just wow.

(I really love fat cocks on a female body, and I definitely have a futanari fetish^^ but there are not many shemales having both a great body and a big dick)

Thanks for the video, and I hope for more :)
Thanks for your comment.
Hope you will try again to win the challenge without cheating ;-D
I love this video and version 2 as well :)!! Any chance of getting an hd mega link for the second one? Pretty sissy please ;)
Thank you so much!!! Time to play ;)


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