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God damn..


could she be any faker. like jesus fucking christ

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I want to start a thread for this fetish, I have some pics ive found and some sources to share. But im also looking for more so If you know of some Please share

Pic is Ts Brenda Lohan fucking a guy and creampie him
Source: http://www.shemalestardb.com/o.php?id=71715


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http://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/117643/randy-mate--tattooed-brunette-fuck-each-other.html?ct=9--1398763176 - Thats the video. not very high quality, but none the less.

scene from "2 Balled Bitches"(00:34:29 - 00:59:01) (January-2014)
Probably can find a rip somewhere, but its not easy.


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who is that ?



File: 139448823869.jpg (71.76 KB, 950x598, cute trap.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


I'll just leave this here and good day
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who dis



Anymore pics of her?


It's Candy McBride - She's a porn star.


thank you kind sir.

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There are very few that are this hot.
Júlia Avancini, Enjoy.
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WOW, that's pretty.

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just keep folder it over to the outside and use crazy glue to hold the fold. you can pee like a girl when tuck with this texas condom while glue & tape tucked


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it looks like a womans vagina


File: 137845683799.jpg (21.48 KB, 600x450, 20090510065429ca12.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

tuck to get flatter


any more?


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File: 13776050695.jpg (1.5 MB, 1936x2592, Quin1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


I hope so! Also I know Pink/red makes me look like an old woman, I'll be taking more pics later with a different look.

Pic related, is me.
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Lookin' good :)


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File: 14180572308.jpg (237.24 KB, 960x1440, natchan2_lm_102.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Nat Chan from Asian American tgirls

File: 137088583181.jpg (533.44 KB, 960x1280, 1370668127176.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Enjoy these pictures.
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i have a request but it would require you being in NY, n in my bed



Any more shots of you 2 here:>>7739
making out together would be great. Thanks!


Just wanted to say that you're like a beautiful blossoming butterfly.
Best wishes,


The only other shots of me and her (CrystalAnn) are just us sitting around. It was for a film shoot, but I dont think the footage ever got used.

Aww, thanks.

Here's a cool video of me at Pride this year. it's not porn but I am in my underwear.



Super gorgeous.

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Personally I love anal porn and dickgirls. For ages I thought I fancied dickgirls cus you'd always fuck them in the ass but I saw a lecture on authenticity the other day that made me question that.

The lecturer's theory was that everyone values authenticity greatly over other traits. From organic food to reality TV shows, everyone wants the genuine thing. I think anal porn comes across as genuine to me because often the girls don't enjoy it and trannies can never pretend to be turned on or off, fake an orgasm, etc. In that way they are guaranteed sincere.

What about you guys?

PS. pic is Adriana Rodrigues.
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It is always interesting when people try and reduce dickgirls to androphilia vs gynephilia. This presupposes that the feminine body is a symbolism of gynephilia and the dick is a symbol of androphilia. But actually it is likely the case that dickgirls may be enjoyed in ways that are independent of androphilic/gynephilic symbolism, more in terms of abstract fetishism. A typical example may be of simple taboo. Another example crosses over with my own fetish (masochistic emasculation fetishism), which has an absolutely huge presence on the internet.

Going even further, it is possible that "cock" can be freed from masculine/androphilic association, perhaps even become an association of femaleness/gynephilia. Even the whole thing, may be freed from both masculinity/femininity androphilia/gynephilia.


It may be possible that for many of the young generations, that their first contact with porn, will be of shemale porn. Some theories state that one's first sexual experiences are constitutive of the fetishism that stays with us for one's lifetime. For some, the notion of females with vaginas may be odd or unsettling


Hi. Some trans women don't get hard whenever they're turned on, many don't ejaculate, and we can totally fake orgasms. We're just like any other women - sometimes we have sex when we don't want to 'cause men are sex-driven pigs. Sorry to spoil the mystery/authenticity myth.

We're hot because we're beautiful and our bodies are amazing. All the psychobabble is nonsense and only ends up defending the position that trans women "aren't really women".


I'm bisexual and have always been attracted to cute guys, so... kind of a nobrainer for me.


It's very simple for me: I like girls in general, but I don't like vaginas

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