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Open file (477.98 KB 525x700 1299709561759.jpg)
Why no Natalie thread? Anonymous 12/10/2011 (Sat) 21:52:44 No. 4961 [Reply]
I lost all my Natalie stuff a while back and need to get it back.
She reminds me of Morgan Webb with a more feminine face.
Open file (46.95 KB 560x437 1356587887284.jpg)

Open file (104.52 KB 1024x768 dark.jpg)
Katie Ayanami Anonymous 11/23/2011 (Wed) 19:54:10 No. 4722 [Reply]
Darktrap (Katie Ayanami) 13 vids

Archives of independent (not multipart)

Part1 (931 Mb)

Part2 (904 Mb)
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Open file (174.66 KB 960x1440 kyliemar2.jpg)
Kylie Maria Does Christian!
[vid, photoset; 806MB]

Open file (148.96 KB 978x1440 Beni.jpg)
venus lux ts seduction Feb 18, 2015

It's not chicks with dicks. It's guys with tits.

Open file (61.09 KB 640x480 1320940626608.jpg)
Chastity cocks Anonymous 11/12/2011 (Sat) 08:18:30 No. 4648 [Reply]
tgirls wearing chastity belts
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Open file (114.70 KB 680x1024 518956372.jpg)
real of fake,there must be more!
Open file (117.74 KB 584x810 1329453005890.jpg)
sauce? I know there is a video of this.
Here's a few more links with some good content.

Open file (78.23 KB 402x600 cordoba.jpg)
can we pretty please have a huge cock shemale thread? Anonymous 09/21/2011 (Wed) 00:09:32 No. 2754 [Reply]
i don't know many particular shemale pornstars, but i want to know some. what are some of the hottest, huge cock dickgirls out there, and video links if possible?
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Open file (338.96 KB 1280x1920 96373_10.jpg)
Open file (115.74 KB 1024x682 14184_10.jpg)
Open file (173.06 KB 683x1024 48959_10.jpg)
Open file (110.77 KB 500x749 2324324230.jpg)

Sarina Valentina (TS Seduction) TheSweetestKill 09/13/2011 (Tue) 07:04:55 No. 2586 [Reply]
One of the sexiest t-girls around.

><3 <3 <3
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Anyone have the video where she is having sex with the FTM?
Open file (91.37 KB 800x533 pc0008.jpg)
Open file (117.14 KB 600x900 bt0004.jpg)

Open file (22.00 KB 430x350 asian-shemale2.jpg)
Why are you here? Anonymous 07/16/2011 (Sat) 22:43:57 No. 1862 [Reply]
What brings you to dickgirls/shemales?

Why are you attracted to them?

Me, personally I just kinda started interest. At first I didnt really get shemales, but now I love em.
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I like fapping whilst believing they may have been brainwashed into transgenderism by media and porn influences. A "turn you gay" conspiracy operating in real life (perhaps to supply the porn industry) is incredibly hot to me for some reason. Of course, I don't actually believe this, I think people are totally in charge of their destinies.
well i just want to be one... a very nasty and slutty one, the type of girl that guys can just glance at and think "well she'll take my dick" and the would be right, barely thinking.. a bimbo tgirl cum slut.
Agreed. I love the pretty twink turned sissy fuck toy that you can create from it. <3
Developed a desire to top a trap some time ago. I think something about sexually dominating and degrading "broken" man does it for me. I don't really have much of a desire to receive, suck or touch their genitals. Though I think I could do all of that if the mood strikes me.
I don't know if there is any hate or loathing being expressed in these fantasies: I'm never treating them *too* badly, just rough sex and light bdsm sort of thing.
Open file (26.34 KB 500x374 dYsNj.jpg)
After being with 4 trannies I gotta say that I have a massive respect for them, because they have the balls (lol) to be who they want to be and a lot of them are REALLY good at being women. They're surprisingly down to earth as well. This might also be a stereotype, but a lot of them do still possess a strong male sex drive, so you don't have to jump through as many hoops to get some action. It's also taboo to like t-girls which makes it even more of a turn on for me. For as long as I can remember, I had an infatuation with cock, but not men. I love women tho, so girl + cock always seemed like a nice little bundle to me.

Open file (132.25 KB 1112x729 05.jpg)
Ebony Shemales Anonymous 06/11/2011 (Sat) 03:03:16 No. 1264 [Reply]
Black Shemales make me hard
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Open file (118.26 KB 600x900 6.jpg)
Open file (99.03 KB 554x830 91683_15.jpg)
Open file (95.74 KB 554x830 91683_4.jpg)
Open file (103.51 KB 525x700 22332_8.jpg)
Open file (105.96 KB 750x530 22332_9.jpg)

Open file (74.39 KB 567x530 1306294005617.jpg)
Shemale Donk Anonymous 06/05/2011 (Sun) 07:25:31 No. 1166 [Reply]
Lets have a thread dedicated to some nice shemale ass.
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Open file (220.44 KB 849x1280 8065_9.jpg)
Open file (107.60 KB 533x800 75109_6.jpg)
Open file (90.35 KB 480x640 nhjch_013.jpg)
Open file (3.75 MB 419x312 1431116487580.gif)
Open file (110.63 KB 1000x750 150_1000.jpg)

Open file (71.55 KB 600x799 1246415865_l.jpg)
Chatroom T-girl Anonymous 05/14/2011 (Sat) 23:34:27 No. 293 [Reply]
I remember this chic had a ton of pics posted on anonIB and other boards a few years back and was pretty active in chatzy rooms. I always thought she was pretty hot, but could never really get a word out of her even though she seemed quite talkative with others. Sadly I don't have many of her pics any more but I'll post what I do have here. It seems from the pics she was an amatuer and as far as I know she didn't go pro, so kinda wondering what happened to her and if anyone has any info on her.
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Open file (60.28 KB 600x799 Short Skirt.jpg)
Found one.
Open file (53.36 KB 600x453 Tied.jpg)
Last one I could find for now. I know I used to have a lot more of her. I'll keep looking tho.
You guys aren't going to believe this, and I don't really care if you do or not. But I'm currently sitting in her living room. We live together. Now, I don't mind, or even care, that you are fapping to my girl. I may even supply moar pics. But I do ask that you show her a little respect, thank you. I love her dearly.
Update. We broke up, for reasons I won't discuss. No moar pics. Sorry

Open file (952.28 KB 1752x1196 1282547956924.jpg)
Transformation prefectionist 04/28/2011 (Thu) 03:26:28 No. 5 [Reply]
Progression/transformation pics. These girls have come a long way!

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Open file (704.81 KB 1418x960 carla brasil.jpg)
Open file (610.71 KB 1767x1334 Eveb94.jpg)


no cookies?