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Upgraded to LynxChan (Finally!) Anonymous Board owner 05/03/2018 (Thu) 20:35:19 No. 2233
The imageboard's server has been upgraded to LynxChan. This means a variety of things, including more support, more security, more stability, more security, and higher performance, among other things. For a more a extensive list, see http://lynxhub.com.

I do intend to finish up the CSS (theme, look/feel of the site). Right now it's a little choppy but it will only improve with time. If there's a particular feature that you miss or a thing you see broken that you wonder if can be fixed, just let me know.

If you're wondering why this upgrade was needed, vichan (the software we were using previously) is abandoned, and has been abandoned for some time now. It also has its share of bugs, technical problems, etc. While it was stable and provided a good base, in time we would be in a bad spot, as vichan is currently broken on PHP 7.2 (and possibly 7.1, I haven't tested). I figured it would be better to upgrade ahead of time. Ultimately, Warpath and kingADVRC decided to move to this software. All images should be in their appropriate places, and no content should be missing from the vichan installation. I hope that this software well preserves the many years of content and history that this website has stored.

Best regards,
fapchan administration.
Edited last time by migrator on 05/03/2018 (Thu) 21:25:32.
Oh, and thanks a bunch to StephenLynx for his massive help in getting the imageboard migrated. If not for him, this would have been impossible. If anyone reading happens to want to try to create an imageboard someday, I recommend you give LynxChan a go.
Important: Clear your browser cache and cookies
Lynxchan's default massive reply form thing is kind of fucking obnoxious.is there a way you could maybe make it less huge?
Potentially. I think PenumbraLynx has a patch for that. I'll look into it tomorrow. It implements a vichan-style reply form.
Just a heads up: I fixed the thing with unindexed boards showing stuff on the overboard.
Turn the setting off and on again to have the overboards fixed.
And fixed replying to threads making them show up on the overboard.
That setting was really broken smh


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