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h++p to http Bookmarklet Tommy 09/04/2014 (Thu) 13:12:05 No. 2044
//pic unrelated
Hi Everyone,

I wrote a bookmarklet which makes the h++p links on this website clickable.

Just save this code as a Bookmark in your browser and open it while you are on the site you want to click a link:


This script might not work if you see this site in its frames.
Use it on sites like: www.newfapchan.org/dev/

hope i could help you.
I feel you miss the whole point of the h++p filter dude. It's there so you can't click on those links. Clicking on those links supposedly attract the attention of copyright holders that want to add thmeselves to our DNP lists. I added it because most users wanted it!

On top of that, it's only filtered on /hypno/. h++p on any other board is either idiocy or spam.


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