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Anonymous 10/01/2013 (Tue) 18:01:19 No. 1970
Can't anything more be done about the CP spam that keeps getting posted over and over on the boards? Are they on a proxy or something? Would blocking TOR exits from posting help?
A better solution is in the workings, but as of now the best way you can help us get rid of it is to use the report feature so a mod can remove it as quickly as possible.
Where's the "report feature"? Just saw a CP link in Sexy Beautiful Women.
Click checkbox next to post#.
Scroll to bottom of page.
Look for Report button.
Don't forget to add a reason for report.
Any word on that "better solution"?
I wish I could say there was, but our sysadmin has been inactive as of late. Sucks too, because this goddamn CP is on a fucking rampage lately.
What about a captcha system? I suppose that'd be a pain for people making picture dumps, but maybe on /b/ and other boards that aren't meant for collection dumping, at least?
And why does obvious spam sometimes produce a "cleared as not requiring deletion" message sometimes when I report it?
Since I'm not the only person on staff reviewing post reports I can't say for sure why that happens. We do have the option for turning on captcha, something that we despise more than ad banners, but not all of the spam is done by bots.

I posted a plea for Janitors on the main page about a week ago but haven't gotten any responses yet. Just throwing that out there...
What about a capcha system simmilar to what swfchan has? you put in one capcha and you are effectively "logged in" for a few hours or for 25 posts before having to capcha again? This would block bots while being only a minor inconvenience for users
To be completely honest, that would require someone that knows how to code that sort of thing, but since our sysadmin is dead we don't currently have somebody that fits that description on staff.
is it possible to use report system similar to masterchan?

reported images are automatically blurred. while it doesn't remove them it would make the place feel somewhat safer and the site is probably active enough to censor the links quite fast.
At the moment there are two disgusting CP posts on /girly/ and both of them give the "cleared as not requiring deletion" message when reported. Are you sure you don't have a pedo on staff?
Nowadays the CP spam is getting deleted rather quickly. Kuddos to the mod team. Still annoying that it exists though :/


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