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Open file (55.03 KB 640x480 Use_A_Computer.jpg)
Upgraded to LynxChan (Finally!) Anonymous Board owner 05/03/2018 (Thu) 20:35:19 No. 2233 [Reply]
The imageboard's server has been upgraded to LynxChan. This means a variety of things, including more support, more security, more stability, more security, and higher performance, among other things. For a more a extensive list, see http://lynxhub.com.

I do intend to finish up the CSS (theme, look/feel of the site). Right now it's a little choppy but it will only improve with time. If there's a particular feature that you miss or a thing you see broken that you wonder if can be fixed, just let me know.

If you're wondering why this upgrade was needed, vichan (the software we were using previously) is abandoned, and has been abandoned for some time now. It also has its share of bugs, technical problems, etc. While it was stable and provided a good base, in time we would be in a bad spot, as vichan is currently broken on PHP 7.2 (and possibly 7.1, I haven't tested). I figured it would be better to upgrade ahead of time. Ultimately, Warpath and kingADVRC decided to move to this software. All images should be in their appropriate places, and no content should be missing from the vichan installation. I hope that this software well preserves the many years of content and history that this website has stored.

Best regards,
fapchan administration.
Edited last time by migrator on 05/03/2018 (Thu) 21:25:32.
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Important: Clear your browser cache and cookies
Lynxchan's default massive reply form thing is kind of fucking obnoxious.is there a way you could maybe make it less huge?
Potentially. I think PenumbraLynx has a patch for that. I'll look into it tomorrow. It implements a vichan-style reply form.
Just a heads up: I fixed the thing with unindexed boards showing stuff on the overboard.
Turn the setting off and on again to have the overboards fixed.
And fixed replying to threads making them show up on the overboard.
That setting was really broken smh

Fapchan App Instructions deysu Board owner 05/06/2018 (Sun) 00:26:26 No. 2248 [Reply]
A little convoluted but you only have to go through the ordeal once:

So here's how you can get a pretty decent app that'll work with Fapchan. It's Android only, sadly. But maybe we'll have better mobile support in the future.

The first thing you need to do is enable the installation of unsigned APKs. Google forces this on you because they don't want you to run applications from outside of their play store. In the case of Apple, they don't even give you the option to run unsigned software, and completely lock you into their ecosystem. This guide will show you how to enable the installation of unsigned APKs (Android Applications) https://yourbusiness.azcentral.com/install-unsigned-android-app-9807.html

After doing that, follow these instructions to learn how to install the app.

1) Install Dashchan ( https://github.com/Mishiranu/Dashchan-Extensions/raw/master/update/package/Dashchan.apk )
2) Install the Endchan extension (https://github.com/Mishiranu/Dashchan-Extensions/raw/master/update/package/DashchanEndchan.apk ) We do this because Endchan also uses LynxChan, so if we change the domain name in the settings we can use Fapchan or any other LynxChan based imageboard we want. Very useful.
3) Open Preferences
4) Open Forum
5) Set a default starting board, doesn't matter what it is.
6) Scroll down and set the domain name as fapchan.org.
7) Close the application and restart it.
8) After restarting the application, open preferences again.
9) Untick "Use catalog"

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by migrator on 05/06/2018 (Sun) 00:29:27.

Open file (10.65 KB 215x212 logo.png)
StephenLynx 05/18/2018 (Fri) 19:18:52 No. 2252 [Reply]
LynxChan just completed it's third year and I must say, this project's past year was pretty good. More and more sites running it, including 2 more that migrated and have a considerable amount of traffic. 1.9 and 2.0 fixed it's oldest woes, eliminating slow build times entirely and making the cache much more robust.

Moving forward, I have realized that user-owned boards just didn't caught on. To this day, endchan is still the only LynxChan with relevant traffic that allows it. While I don't think it's worth doing a 180 on how settings and features work to change the focus of the engine, I am going to focus on improving features that benefit sites without user-owned boards. For this, I really encourage chan owners to bring me suggestions of areas that can use improvement for these sites.

I'd like to take this time to thank everyone who contributed this past year. Megamilk, for giving 1.8 and later versions a proper real-world testing. Odilitime for taking his time to test 2.0, which revealed a serious bug. And fapchan for giving a proper migration to be performed, it really helped to pave the way for future migrations.

I'd also like to remember past contributors such as lleaff for giving valuable insight on the very early stages of development, dunecoon for his work with front-ends and doke for designing the face of the project.

Open file (1.60 MB 1280x720 hax0r.webm)
deysu 11/03/2017 (Fri) 19:47:23 No. 2169 [Reply]


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Open file (2.76 MB 1280x720 1516590331248.webm)
Open file (2.77 MB 1920x1080 1416182618003.webm)
Open file (1.57 MB 320x240 1517021675201.webm)
Open file (2.30 MB 1080x536 1523309201292.webm)

Anonymous 11/06/2017 (Mon) 19:27:19 No. 2195 [Reply]
Don't mind me…
Open file (89.93 KB 310x310 logo.png)

Open file (10.65 KB 215x212 logo.png)
Anonymous 12/04/2016 (Sun) 20:19:40 No. 2157 [Reply]
I have developed a new chan engine a while ago and I would like to ask if you have any interest in using it for your chan.

It offers features such as:
File deduplication
Multi-lingual support
User owned boards
Json api
Modular front-end
Addon support

Not only that, but it performs better than any other engine and is fully documented.

You can see a list of sites running it over here:
Really cool features, I'd only like to have an style similar to Futaba one. Currently I use TinyIB with few modifications: http://simplechan.ml/
bump :^)

Open file (305.23 KB 300x100 fapchan ichan.gif)
Open file (19.18 KB 300x100 no fapchan.gif)
Banner thread kingADVRC 11/10/2017 (Fri) 11:14:56 No. 2198 [Reply]
Since we've successfully regained the old domain back I dug these old banners out of my archives.

Also, new banner thread.
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Open file (24.37 KB 300x100 comic banner.jpg)
Open file (41.54 KB 300x125 girly banner.jpg)
Open file (39.66 KB 360x150 pony ass banner.jpg)
You ask and I deliver.
I even made one for /Clop/ and /cm/.
Open file (47.65 KB 360x150 bimboani banner.jpg)
Open file (71.13 KB 360x150 fap ass2 banner.jpg)
Open file (37.09 KB 300x100 slime banner.jpg)
Made a few more today.
Open file (61.33 KB 300x125 double-hypno-banner.gif)
Open file (44.50 KB 300x150 fur ass banner.jpg)
Open file (50.88 KB 300x125 futa banner.jpg)
Here's a few more for you~
Open file (62.88 KB 300x100 colbert FApchan.png)
Just found and added a classic banner from oldFapchan. I wish I had saved more of these.

Open file (99.40 KB 906x1125 nun.jpg)
Mega Milk 09/17/2017 (Sun) 20:21:09 No. 2166 [Reply]
Hey opmsdd check your aim email please.

Thank you
With love from mewch
Just testing something...
and another one...

Open file (44.24 KB 550x291 Buslane1.jpg)
Traffic/overall activity? Anonymous 11/03/2016 (Thu) 00:42:29 No. 2155 [Reply]
To the devs,
How much traffic have you seen across all the site over the past year or so? Which boards are most active/dead?

I feel like this website has been pretty dead for a while now which is sad because I used to be able to find a lot of content here.
Open file (28.73 KB 480x640 best costume ever.jpg)
It appears mostly dead now ever since the shitspam we got a while back that forced us to activate captcha for a while. It forced a lot of good content into oblivion on boards that used to be very populated and discouraged users to post because everyone hates captcha.

The only user-active boards left appear to be /babby/, /girly/, /h/, and /hypno/, but /gp/ and /s/ still see the common fapfile spam that keeps itself neatly contained in their respective stickies. The thought of repopulating these boards with what I have personally saved has crossed y mind. I suppose time restraints and laziness are to blame for it not already being done.

The current state of the boards saddens me as well. Perhaps this thread will invigorate some activity, or it will fall on dead eyes.

image not realated but funny as tits.
To revive this old thread I'd like to say that things are much the same. By far the most active board seems to be /girly/ nowadays, not sure about the other boards.

I'm glad in a way that the filesharing stickies are still active and populated. I don't think that person is a bot either, because he still posts even after we switched software twice.

I have hopes to revive the site by doing the following:

1) Make mobileposting a priority
I've already figured out a way to get Dashchan working with the site. Though the setup process can be a lot easier, and that's something I'll look into.

2) Posting content regularly and contributing more to the website
There is a lot of content that I can contribute. Currently fapchan has 33 boards, and maybe we can consolidate a few of them. Up to kingADVRC if he wants to do that. We have stable thread moving now, though.

3) Looking into potential partnerships with other imageboards, advertising, and making the site look appealing.
As the site grows we can potentially establish partnerships with existing imageboards and help each others boards grow with advertising. I already looked into a partnership with an imageboard viewing application, but sadly that partnership was turned down due to Fapchan's content. If you have a website and you want to partner up, contact me at deysu [at] mewch [d0t] ru and lets chat. Or just post in this thread.

Open file (76.51 KB 768x1024 glasses.jpg)
report function Anonymous 10/19/2015 (Mon) 02:47:23 No. 2077 [Reply]
add one to the top of the page. I'm getting tired of scrolling down every time to report this shit.

Open file (826.11 KB 1024x768 Desert.jpg)
Test opmsdd 07/24/2015 (Fri) 02:55:24 No. 2061 [Reply]

Open file (999.08 KB 1024x768 05a.gif)
Anonymous 01/05/2015 (Mon) 08:54:44 No. 2051 [Reply]
So on 7chan's flash board, they have something that shows a preview image of their flashes when they post. Anyway we can get something like that on our flash board?
Because we enjoy globes far too much to deprive ourselves of not seeing it on a daily basis.

Open file (1.04 MB 1920x1080 sausage.jpg)
Anonymous 12/07/2014 (Sun) 11:01:51 No. 2050 [Reply]
Do you guys have any future plans for webm files?

Open file (337.51 KB 1280x1662 dJausPl.jpg)
h++p to http Bookmarklet Tommy 09/04/2014 (Thu) 13:12:05 No. 2044 [Reply]
//pic unrelated
Hi Everyone,

I wrote a bookmarklet which makes the h++p links on this website clickable.

Just save this code as a Bookmark in your browser and open it while you are on the site you want to click a link:


This script might not work if you see this site in its frames.
Use it on sites like: www.newfapchan.org/dev/

hope i could help you.
I feel you miss the whole point of the h++p filter dude. It's there so you can't click on those links. Clicking on those links supposedly attract the attention of copyright holders that want to add thmeselves to our DNP lists. I added it because most users wanted it!

On top of that, it's only filtered on /hypno/. h++p on any other board is either idiocy or spam.

Open file (27.94 KB 300x424 cleavage2.jpg)
Hentai not a cool guy anyomre? kingADVRC 04/28/2014 (Mon) 11:34:49 No. 2013 [Reply]
I have seen a somewhat disturbing (to me at least) decline in the popularity of hentai in general on NewFapchan. Perhaps it's something we should drop altogether? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions.
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I'm new here, but I can check the boards for spam when I'm and report them, when ever I get on. I know that makes the mods job easier so they don't have to go through everything.

I came to this site to start collecting porn again, but it sucks if everybody is saying this site is going to be dead and what not.

I really like hentai, but I don't have the much. I just feel like posting it is a waste of time if the board is going to deleted? But it would be awesome if people posted because I need to start my collection again. Its kind of like baseball cards. Am I right?
You are absolutely right. If users post, other users are more inclined to post because they know they aren't the only ones looking at it. That has always been my philosophy, which is why I try to add to new threads that spring up on the drawn boards.

I feel the drawn boards are already as condensed as they're gonna get, and there's new content being added to them now, so it doesn't look like any boards have to be removed as of now. If I did delete any boards however, the content wouldn't be deleted, it would be relocated to another similar and more active board on NFC. Nothing should go to waste when it comes to porn ;3
I post on here when I'm trying to find a name for a gif. image or even a movie/game but this place seems dad to me mostly every now and again i'll stop by to see if I got a answer to my question but I haven't seen one in over 3 weeks now it seems but then again this place isn't as active as it use to be before the site change.
True, true.
every body just goes to booru's to get a quick fix probably, they are taking the community out of it.

VPN's Privacy Geek 04/25/2014 (Fri) 14:08:13 No. 2012 [Reply]
Ah. I come in through a commonly used free VPN type of service. I always try to follow the rules, and usually find that I can post after 2-3 tries (today, it took me 5). Because of certain content on the board, especially as the forbidden things can show up before they are deleted, I really don't want to be caught up in a dragnet. Also, I don't want my visits to this site showing up on my own server's records. Still, I understand why this service is used by vandals, and why many of the nodes of this service end up being banned. Is there a recommended VPN service for this site for users who just want to maintain privacy, rather than abuse the boards?
There is none no. Sorry for taking so long to respond

Open file (49.10 KB 488x523 22.jpg)
Board Flashing White? Anonymous 12/06/2013 (Fri) 16:31:59 No. 1996 [Reply]
The board keeps flashing white then back again. Which is very jarring, and makes it impossible to read white on black text.

While it's been doing this consistently for a few weeks. It also did it a few months ago. Then the problem went away. Then it came back. This has happened a couple of times already.

Choosing a different Site Style doesn't seem to help.

Any idea what's going on?
What browser are you using?

Firefox 25.0.1
It could possibly a setting on your browser that's causing it, because I'm using the same browser on Windows 8 and I've never come across it.
Either restore your default settings on your browser or reinstall it.

Open file (315.88 KB 866x727 128565012831.jpg)
Avaya800 11/02/2013 (Sat) 10:11:03 No. 1986 [Reply]
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Open file (74.93 KB 600x600 1261197658773.jpg)

Anonymous 10/01/2013 (Tue) 18:01:19 No. 1970 [Reply]
Can't anything more be done about the CP spam that keeps getting posted over and over on the boards? Are they on a proxy or something? Would blocking TOR exits from posting help?
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What about a capcha system simmilar to what swfchan has? you put in one capcha and you are effectively "logged in" for a few hours or for 25 posts before having to capcha again? This would block bots while being only a minor inconvenience for users
To be completely honest, that would require someone that knows how to code that sort of thing, but since our sysadmin is dead we don't currently have somebody that fits that description on staff.
is it possible to use report system similar to masterchan?

reported images are automatically blurred. while it doesn't remove them it would make the place feel somewhat safer and the site is probably active enough to censor the links quite fast.
At the moment there are two disgusting CP posts on /girly/ and both of them give the "cleared as not requiring deletion" message when reported. Are you sure you don't have a pedo on staff?
Nowadays the CP spam is getting deleted rather quickly. Kuddos to the mod team. Still annoying that it exists though :/

Open file (53.93 KB 626x433 mmw_stalin_euroblog.jpg)
Still banned from /girly/ after the 3 days specified as warning Anonymous 09/28/2013 (Sat) 15:52:53 No. 1962 [Reply]


>:'( You have been banned from posting on /girly/ for the following reason:

>Listen next time. 3 day ban

>Your ban was placed on September 23, 2013, 12:37 am PDT, and will not expire

"Listen next time"

To what? The red writing, which I only knew was a subject of authority, when the banned was issued. Who is responsible for this banning, justify yourself?
Open file (27.83 KB 480x353 ralphbighead.jpg)
>Listen next time. 3 day ban
>Your ban was placed on September 23, 2013, 12:37 am PDT, and will not expire
>and will not expire

Oh shi-

Anyway, from what I understand, you were making comments that weren't welcome in >>/girly/9993, and were accidentally permab& rather than 3-day b&. I did not place the ban, but I will lift it. Do behave yourself, little girly~
They may have been unwelcome, but a banning was not justified. Someone among your ranks abused their authority in suppressing one side in a political/theoretical disagreement, over advice regarding a fetish and it's psychological potentials.

Someone over in /girly/ is a biased ideologue and is not fit to have the authoritative powers


no cookies?