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Open file (296.66 KB 449x449 1379491921026.png)
Ban feminist shilling on fetish boards Anonymous 09/18/2013 (Wed) 09:34:20 No. 1960 [Reply]

Can we ban political shilling on /girly/? I don't get what feminism has to do with crossdressing, and taking the dick. I'll guess you can wait on it a few days to gauge interest/concern but personally it makes me feel insecure and judged to see this on the boards.

Open file (115.66 KB 480x140 NFC_readable.gif)
Anonymous 07/01/2013 (Mon) 19:22:18 No. 1945 [Reply]
just dropping this here, it is a new version of the NFC logo, more readable when small
Aww man, I totally missed out on this.

Open file (41.66 KB 379x484 Capture.png)
redxteamxleader 05/13/2013 (Mon) 06:01:45 No. 1925 [Reply]
Does anyone have any suggestions on a stable place to upload rars to share? Thanks
Zippyshare or mega

Open file (6.51 KB 254x195 heavy puter.jpg)
Anonymous 05/07/2013 (Tue) 16:41:49 No. 1910 [Reply]
LOTS OF SPAM ON /DI/ PLEASE CLEAN IT UP. sorry for caps, but it's a mess.
Reporting posts would have been a better way to do this.

Open file (186.04 KB 1024x600 mATTq.jpg)
Vote here for our new mascot! opmsdd 04/25/2013 (Thu) 00:54:06 No. 1877 [Reply]
These three are the ones we chose to be the actual contestants.
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I vote for
This one.
Contest is over. Penis bayonette won, and we're using the NF logo for the sidebar.

Thank you to everyone that entered.

Board flashing? Tiffany Anne 04/09/2013 (Tue) 08:11:25 No. 1872 [Reply]
Sorry if this is the wrong place...but is anyone else seeing the main window for here, going all white washing out the text, then reverting back to normal?
shot taken moments later, with the colors back to normal...
I can't say I've ever come upon that problem, and I'm on daily. What browser are you using?
Just normal Firefox.
I'm going to suggest reinstalling Firefox for now. Spyware or whatever probably messed with your settings.
If any other users are experiencing this issue, let us know in this thread.

Open file (53.82 KB 1280x800 1.jpg)
testy testtest 04/07/2013 (Sun) 16:06:58 No. 1869 [Reply]
This is a test!
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mou ichou
and again
I know the contest is over now, but mine just hit me and I think its pretty good. A monocled gentleman in top hat and suit, mustache, looking down the nose type, wanking poshly with one hand while leaning on a cane held on the other. I call him the Dapper Fapper, FapChan mascot.

Considerations "InternetPro" 01/08/2013 (Tue) 06:59:52 No. 1858 [Reply]
Bulletin boards that users feel are more active are more actively visited, and improve site visibility/traffic. Try condensing some boards to create a more 'real time' feel for the site instead of a 'fap then leave for 3 months until more content appears' setting.

My personal recommendation is to combine /34/, /y/, /h/, under a 'plain' hentai, put everything else into 'alternative', keep gore for itself, and split /do/ and /cm/ between these, adjust the rules accordingly. The only real question about this move is if you want a separate /fur/ board. I say just put it in /d/ and play it by ear, it's been increasingly accepted on other chans. I can say there is some market for a /fur/ board, but you'd be competing with some stiff players.

/di/ + /cd/ = /dig/ or something. Separating the two is like splitting hairs. The fetish drives, the contents themselves, are almost identical.

/fat/, while of considerable post mass, the third page dates back to July 2012 and the topic could be rolled into /fet/ if not /s/ with little consequence. Maybe staple a thread as a consideration.

Combine /ni/ and /asi/ into /ethnic/ allow latina content.

Combine /gay/ with /men/, /le/ with /s/. Why have separate boards when the only difference is the quantity of the sexual organ in question? Gays are all over the /men/ anyway, and it's pretty rare for people to object to lesbian mixed in with their female only porn, and the culture here seems tolerant enough.

/an/ is a redundant appendage, remove, permit anal content per board topic which happens anyway.

Create /health/ (for biological things relating to sex, STDs, safe sex) and/or /kilk/ or /tanky/ (Ki-nky ta-lk) kinky discussion, contemplation, advice, etc. FANTASTIC PR, helps make the site a one stop for kinky things, provides a more social depth, but separate for the sake of the 'fap and go' crowd. You can probably get away with just /tanky/, but having a separate sex/general health board has advantages ad-wise.

A hypnosis board. I saw the other thread, just trust me on this, I'm an 'professional', if you build it they will cum once word gets around. Just try it out for a few weeks you can always delete it. It would also potentially provide a springboard for considerable advertising; the sale of hypnosis files and such has been doing well in recent years.

Increased content competition also means for illegal or 'illegal' content getting flushed out sooner/is less likely to be seen. There are implications and advantages here that I will not state but leave to your imagination.
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Open file (584.77 KB 800x600 1306258113608.png)
Hey guys, is there any way to stop the return to board after posting, so I can return to thread instead? Or am I retarded and there is already a way of doing that?

Also the Minimum delay time thing is kind of bugging or how long does it last? Please don't ban me for asking about these things.
Open file (29.30 KB 500x392 anime kitteh wuvs u.jpg)
I believe entering noko in the email field works for most *chans, but I'm not sure if it works here. If you need an easier way to dump content, there's a link to xChan Directory Dumper on the FAQ page. It's pretty user friendly.

The post delay is 1 minute. It only delays for the initial post in a thread, not for every post. It was put into place to stop a certain other *chan from fucking with us. NFC oldfags know what I'm talking about.

Thanks for providing us with some content. Although our lurkers don't say thanks very often it is very much appreciated.
Open file (19.78 KB 483x504 1395241609003.png)

Thanks, I didn't know about the Noko thing, it works. Also you where right about the delay thing. I just thought I was having problems with it on the gif board. But I was just really high.

Can we post masturbational pics in the Sexy beautiful women board, or is that only allowed in General Porn?
Yes, female masturbation (both with or without a sex toy) and softcore lesbian images/video links can go in /s/, but if there's an act that involves an actual penis, they should go in /gp/.
Open file (37.51 KB 465x346 Camel-465x346.jpg)
What would be cool is if on the home page there was a link for last post submitted by users.

Open file (170.75 KB 768x432 14.jpg)
Piss/Scat Board? Anonymous 12/10/2012 (Mon) 05:50:15 No. 1822 [Reply]
Is there not enough interest or is it just not what Fapchan wants?
Skat/WS isn't a big fetish of mine, but neither is AB/DL. If this fetish gets a lot of attention, it may earn its own board, so get to posting!
I love watching those japanese hidden toilet cams! Tiny little buttholes stretching around big fat turds! Like buttsex in reverse. Lets have a board!

Open file (1.95 MB 380x292 tacotofrommouth.gif)
hypno sticky Anonymous 12/03/2012 (Mon) 23:55:07 No. 1816 [Reply]
/girly/ here. Our 500 post hypno thread is auto saging. Can we get it stickied?
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I think you mean biased
You're no fun opmsdd. I watched that thread autosage for like a month. Aparrently somebody doesn't remember why the old thread was unstickied and why I said I'd never resticky it.

Same reason I won't resticky the /babby/ video thread.
How's that for biased >>1818?

No idea who wouldn't remember why we unstickied it.
So is the thread now gone? I cannot find it anywhere, and my bookmark is leading to a 404 page.
We have accidentally the fem hypno thread.
Feel free to start a new one.

Open file (86.53 KB 679x751 1347860643394.jpg)
seperate board for general hypnosis fetishism Anonymous 09/28/2012 (Fri) 21:24:30 No. 1794 [Reply]
I was thinking, would it be possible to have a hypnosis/brainwash section seperate from girly fetishism/feminization for those of us who are into hypnosis fetishism but don't want to sift through mistresses calling people fags and horrible "you want to suck cock u sissy" videos, i know there is hypnochan but the creepyness there of desperate "masters" trying to get people to use their stuff in desperate attempts to get more "slaves" kinda turns me off of that place, tho I end up going there anyhow...
3 posts omitted.
So how do we go about getting people to show interest?
Post some content to show your interest. /babby/ and /girly/ both got their own boards because they flooded more than one relevant board with their content. If you want a hypnosis board, post something, and others will express their interest as well.

Agreed 100%
please see

Open file (397.14 KB 1200x1600 127007770770.jpg)
Anonymous 09/16/2012 (Sun) 06:18:15 No. 1783 [Reply]
it seems like their is a lot of spam on /s/
There is currently and we are trying to combat it. You can help by hitting the report button if you think something is spam
We seem to be having a problem with spam again and a lot of it looks underage.
Open file (30.16 KB 500x375 die you pervert.jpg)
It has been rather aggressive as of late. As always, utilizing the report system is the fastest way for us to do away with spam. Always be sure to give a reason when reporting spam, or it will be viewed as frivolous if the issue isn't immediately apparent.

Open file (22.12 KB 1106x343 NewFapChan.jpg)
NewFapChan Logo Anonymous 06/10/2012 (Sun) 21:56:07 No. 1758 [Reply]
I felt like making a logo, hope you like it.
Open file (28.47 KB 300x200 zorak up.gif)
I like this thread!

Open file (23.67 KB 410x224 Idiocracy_Money.jpg)
donation- bitcoins only? Anonymous 04/25/2012 (Wed) 06:35:15 No. 1733 [Reply]
Look, I didn't know anyone still took bitcoins seriously, but the fact they're still around makes me sad; but this thread isn't about that. I would LOVE to support newfapchan, but I am not going to use libertarian vapor-currency with the terrible $ > btc exchange rate. I just won't do it. Figure out how to accept cash/paypal and I promise you you'll have a much better chance of getting the money you need to keep this going.

Sorry, that's just my .02c. I saw the bitcoins thing and laughed, there's no reason to not use another service to save the site.
37 posts and 1 image omitted.
While I realize this, we also get money if someone signs up. But I'd rather you just you know... donate the money to us then give it to a third party for them to pay us like 15% of what we would get if you just donated.
To combine being blunt and being oblique, as long as there is the /r/ type of content on this board, cryptocurrency is the only scrip it will be able to accept.
P.O. Box and money orders lol.
I'm willing to get a PO box if you guys will donate :P

Open file (90.97 KB 799x599 81727361.jpg)
Fileshare Burlybear 03/14/2012 (Wed) 00:08:57 No. 1682 [Reply]
I have not uploaded any video since megaupload went down and filesonic killed itself. What host would people like to see if I start to upload again?

Pic not related
3 posts omitted.
RapidShare Limits Public Download Traffic to Drive Away Pirates
from TorrentFreak

Swiss-based file-hosting service RapidShare is about to take a drastic step in its ongoing efforts to drive away pirates. Starting later this month free users of the service will be limited to sharing just 1 gigabyte a day while paid users will be allowed to transfer up to 30 gigabytes to the public. RapidShare CEO Alexandra Zwingli says that the new measures will prevent abuse by persistent copyright infringers.

In the aftermath of the Megaupload shutdown, people have been keeping a close eye on other file-hosting services, RapidShare included.

As a company, RapidShare sees itself operating in the ???cloud hosting??? business, offering a service comparable to the likes of Dropbox. However, since the site???s inception it has struggled with users who use the service to spread copyrighted content to a broad audience.

During the past several years RapidShare has made tremendous efforts to cooperate with copyright holders and limit copyright infringements.

Today, the company announced the most drastic step it has taken thus far. Starting in a few weeks both paid and free RapidShare users will have limits placed on the amount of outbound public traffic they can generate. Once these limits are in place it will no longer be possible to spread copyrighted files to a wide audience.

The new model will restrict the outgoing traffic of free users to just 1 gigabyte per day while paid users will be able to share no more than 30 gigabyte per day. No transfer limits will be imposed on files that are shared with selected groups or contacts, as these files are not available to the public.

???We are constantly looking to improve our services, and at the same time prevent copyright infringements,??? says RapidShare CEO Alexandra Zwingli.

???The main challenge of implementing general changes to the service is meeting both goals without compromising the user experience. The new model is a solution that will avoid abuse of RapidShare while ensuring that the average user will not be affected.???

Uploaders who are out to share lots of copyrighted works will no longer be able to use RapidShare, at least realistically. With the new limits in place free users will only be able to share one low quality movie in public, while most competing cyberlockers offer unlimited data traffic.

The new traffic model will go into full effect on November 27. It replaces the download speed restrictions for free users that were imposed earlier this year. These slowdowns were implemented in the aftermath of the Megaupload shutdown when RapidShare reported an uptick in copyright infringements on its services.
So I guess I am going to have to change filehosts again. I am thinking of switching to depositfile and/or rapidgator. Does anyone have any filehost they would like to recommend?
As a site, we've been utilizing mediafire to share uploads. There aren't any limits that we're aware of, and their upload/download speeds are pretty decent.
Mediafire does the same thing as the new rapidshare except they only give you 50gb a month instead of 30gb a day so that would actually be worse for me. I think I am going to keep using rapidshare with a rapidgator backup link in case people hit the download limit. Right now I am not coming close to having people download 30gb a day so it should be fine for a while. The reason I am going to use rapidgator as a backup is the speed of their remote uploads. I backed all of my files from rapidshare up last night in less than an hour.
I am now having 30gb a day downloaded from my rapidshare links every day so I will no longer be uploading to rapidshare because of their new policy. I had previously decided to start using rapidgator as my new host but after testing both the free and the paid versions I would not wish trying to download a file from them on my worst enemy. Even with a paid account I struggled to get a 200mb file downloaded. I will now be using filefactory as my main host. They have been around a while and seem to be a good company. I will try and go back to post mirrors of my previous links. The only problem is that filefactory limits free users to a file size of 500mb on downloads and some of my old rapidshare links are above this. I'm sorry about this but I don't have time to go reupload the files in 500mb chunks so people using the mirror links will have to have a premium account if they want to download certain files or be lucky enough to get part of my 30gb a day from rapidshare. All new links will be sized so free users can download them.

Open file (1.10 MB 1600x1280 1600x1280.jpg)
/Cy/ Cyberpunk Board FutaBoner 03/12/2012 (Mon) 20:10:32 No. 1679 [Reply]
Not necessarily porn.
20 posts and 20 images omitted.
no thats more of a raver thing but i still like it though tay
wait, why was i turned on by this so quickly?
Second this motion.
Do want.
I'd actually like to see this work. Some kickass stuff out there.

Maybe worth adding a "Dystopia" component to it as well as there's a fair bit of crossover, and some superb artwork.

Open file (712.90 KB 3000x2002 1329782679175.jpg)
/Sissy/ ? Kezia 02/24/2012 (Fri) 08:16:36 No. 1659 [Reply]
Hey, as a major troll and kinda mod thing person, i was wondering with the obvious love of /fe/'s Feminization thread, we could have a thread that could be stickied into
Hypnosis (audio and visual)
Discussion (clothes, dildos, makeup, tips, girl talk)
Girly (for the postage of uber bimbo women stuff to get the girlies going)
Cuckolding(wanting to be made into a sissy slave)
BBC(for the black wang)

just a purposed idea, i know some of these ideas could be pushed into less stickies but im just throwing some ideas around
9 posts and 4 images omitted.
Lets make it happen. Some of us pervs have fappin to do
second that
YES, God I'd love this.

Open file (320.25 KB 1280x1839 God's_Child_102.png)
A "bookslut" board. Cypress 01/29/2012 (Sun) 13:22:54 No. 1645 [Reply]
It has come to my attention that after being seeing this flash game:


Been to this site:


and read quite a few stuff here:


That women were on to something in read those romance novels all those years. Apparently, reading porn can be just as hot, if not HOTTER, than actually seeing it. I was kind of hoping we'd open a board where people can show off their short stories, link us to there favorite stories, and share some actual books with us.
1 post omitted.
So we DID use to have a board. I thought so. We my other idea is this; I notice a lot of people ask for LGTB advice on /gay/. (Myself included.) That's all well and good, but it seems odd to have that stuff cluttering up a porn board. Can't we just open up an advice board to deal with these specific things?
/gay/ is the board for sharing of gay imagery and discussion. The only reason there isn't more porn on that board is because nobody's posting it.
As kingADVRC mentioned, its just easier to keep relevant content to their assigned boards. Because if you start splitting stuff up, then its just harder to find. Quite Frankly, i dont think people looking to get a quick fap out are willing to go surf boarding in search of something that may or may not be there.

This also leads to having cluttered boards with multiple single post fails. Its anon's responsibility to try and find a related thread in their board of choice to post their material before creating a fresh thread, otherwise it risks deletion. Anyway, if you can get a certain thread popular enough in a board, then it may get stickied. and if it continues to grow, then it will go up for discussion to recieve a trial board. And, from this, if the board continues to grow, it stays.
Okay, thank you.
If you're looking for content though, asstr.org, stories.xnxx.com and 7chan.org/elit are pretty good...

Open file (17.41 KB 340x412 Please.jpg)
Anonymous 01/06/2012 (Fri) 05:51:01 No. 1642 [Reply]
Requesting interracial and pregnant boards for the porn section.
Neither of these topics have shown enough interest to earn their own board yet. Create a thread for these topics (or post in an existing one) and we'll consider it if the topic becomes wildly popular. That's how /babby/ got its own board.


Somewhat interracial

Open file (84.98 KB 532x294 fucking-captchas1.jpg)
Captcha redxteamxleader 12/18/2011 (Sun) 03:42:05 No. 1579 [Reply]
What is this captcha business?
1 post omitted.
Isn't there a version of these capcha generators that just show you the word and not twist them into something barely decipherable? The kind we have now can be ridiculous at times.
We're looking into an alternative to Captcha for the spam attacks lately. Patience, good sir.
How are the captchas activated? I was in the middle of dumping pictures when they came on, is there some way I can avoid this?
Captcha's are activated when there are no active mods. The only way to tell if there's an active mod is to get into our IRC.
Apologies for the dump block.
No problem, just wondering how it worked.


no cookies?