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Open file (121.29 KB 1100x619 sophielittle.jpg)
Anonymous 01/26/2017 (Thu) 00:10:34 No. 31030
Looking for Sophie Little videos. I've only been able to find them on paysites..
I fucking want her regression content so much but I dont know why its so difficult to get, its almost as if nobody is buying her shit or sometimes I wonder if its because its really shitty or her stupid fans simply wont share out of a "retarded code of honor"

She has somehow of a cringy baby-talk thing going on, but wears enough make-up and has a small enough body to pull off the whole baby thing as well as somewhat acting when she starts changing into a baby in her AR clips (from what I've seen from the previews at least)

Er, why not just buy it, if you want it that much? It sounds like you're spending far more time looking than it would take to earn what it would cost. Then you also encourage more, make sure that it's actually viable for others to create for you, etc.
here's the thing, how could I actually know that her material is worth buying from her shitty 10second previews? there are SO MANY artists that claim to do AGE REGRESSION clips and are simply a CHEAP POV CLIP hinting towards some mild-humilliation, not even special sounds, visual effects NOTHING AT ALL, just crappy material that doesn't even deserves to be pirated... I almost bought the ABDL Center compilation from Ageplay 24/7 a couple of days ago but again, clip looks nice, has some interesting props, crappy visual effects but might make up for it in the actual regression material of it, then I remembered that all the AR material from that studio is CRINGY AND LAME AS FUCK.

I'm not spending a dime on porn unless I know its going to be fucking worth it.
Open file (830.36 KB 1280x1387 96869768979889.png)
I don't support some lazy POV-shots with stupid baby-talk
where the actresses don't even feel the need to undress or masturbate!

So fucking lazy,
no HJ or fucking or taking the strap...

Don't support greedy and lazy porn that tries to make money of desperate DIaper-Lovers!

Grow some spine, people!
exactly, Little Sophie looks like she might have cool AR stuff, but so do many other artists as well. Almost bought diaper handjob from Larkin Love which seemed awesome, nice, cute, adorable and arousing at the same time, it featured a cute plushie, breastfeeding, handjob in a diaper and much more...

well lookie here what I found

After watching it I felt completely scammed, even if I didn't pay for it, the video is 11minutes long, of which the handjob lasts 9 of them and the ab boy DOESNT EVEN CUM ON CAMERA, what the fuck is with that? I mean seriously people? I get it we all want to see a long lasting handjob, but you know what I want as well? to the video to GIVE ME the exact same thing it promised in the preview.
The fake loving and nurturing is WAY more enjoyable that the actual handjob scenes featured in this video, and god, larking is such a beautiful woman, brunette, big tits, lactating, she is everything you could ever want from a mommy. She even does a nice job tricking you into making you think she actually "is" your mommy and loves you, but still, 2 minutes of nice nurturing are just SHIT and comepletely misleading...
Its not that I support piracy, simply I am yet to see an actual studio that deserves my money, the close I've seen anyone come to that has been Ludella Hahn and she doesn't produce that much AR content sadly.

Do not support LAZY and crappy studios who CLAIM to do AR content, let them realize they can not scam us any longer.
Open file (249.79 KB 1909x911 all.png)

AB Ally was totally ruined for me,
after she took down her strapon-video (and everything else)!

She deleted her content and sued everyone sharing it
but still teased everyone with that gif on her own tumblr!

Stupid hipocrite!
Open file (2.11 MB 1280x720 AB ALLYcake str.webm)
Open file (543.87 KB 850x476 3453450.png)
this and japanese diaper-pron is the only ABDL-porn thats still relevant.

All the 1000 boring flicks sold on the asexual-pandering shit-stores are 100% horrible.
Try here...


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