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Hookup thread anon 09/07/2012 (Fri) 18:39:11 No. 19761
I didn't see an active one of these, so here goes.

Age/state or area/sex/whatever else/contact

I'll start. 20/Savannah, Georgia/m/

Down for most ab/tb with either sex except scat or public stuff. Email in email field like a boss or possibly a retard.
I'm still here, a year later...

27/M/west MI area (616). I would especially love to meet a girl looking for a kind and loving "daddy", but I might be up for some innocent fun with a fellow "little" of either gender. AIM/Skype in email field.
I'm in ga to but no abs found yet and I've tired with a lot of gals

straight guy in SoCal. in b4 all guys
down for well, almost anything?
emails in the field
up for stuff online and rl
18 in the 450/514 area, pansexual... and I'm usually a guy... usually.
18/Phx Az/Male/Bi
21/Nelsonville OH, currently attending hocking college. I'm straight, but I don't mind hanging out with guys in diapers. Can contact me at Frostbite31(at)gmail.com If you want to see what I look like, scroll up through the thread.
Sorry, scroll up through the AB/DL guys thread >.<

Probably no one around, but oh well. Send me an email if you want to chat I guess
Westcoast canada. I have pics in the boydiaper thread. :3
28/m/Tucson, AZ - Straight but would also love to meet other DL guys in the area for wearing and play.
21 / m/ straight/South Wales, UK.

450/514 here as well! Would love to have at least one abdl friend, I have like no one to share the fetish with. I'm mostly straight too, but very open minded lol. email in email field

also, anyone else in the 450/514 area (would prefer girls but as I said, very open minded and looking for dl friends), I'm a tall, skinny, pretty good looking guy with a wide array of fetishes, so feel free to email me :)
21/m/south wales

email me if you like. welshabdl@hotmail.co.uk

be interesting to chat to someone else from the local area, so to speak.

sorry, looked at the wrong numerical thingy. offer still stands. welshabdl@hotmail.co.uk
19/Phoenix Az/little girl

not really sure anything will come of this, but whatever.

27/m/daddy/Phoenix here if you're interested in chatting...

AIM: Dmitri2020

Email in field
both 24/Long Island NY/abdl boy and abdl girl

Respond here and we can hit it off, both of us want to meet new pamper-people :3
23/Long Island NY/AB Boy. I would love to
>>19821email didnt work
20/m/Ellensburg, WA

Going to be at CWU this year, would be interested maybe in meeting some like-minded folk. Reply if interested, will give out email if needed then

Try Dmitri2020@aol.com then I suppose
I'm > >>19775

Email me at komradeurist@hotmail.com if you are interested in talking.
Mmmm, how close are you to the 11703 area? We're not exactly mobile at the moment, but we'd love to chill if we can! Very forward question, are you okay with boy-boy diaper touching? One of us has been feeling sorta "experimental."
Love diapers and anything to do with them hit me up if you're in the area. zippym8@yahoo.com
20/M From Long Island natively, but I'm out of town most of the time for school. (DC Metro area) Wouldn't mind knowing someone from back home though.
im pretty sure depending on the circumstances i woudlnt mind... all babys are rather innocent. If you would like to get in touch with me (M/23/LI) my email is diapers010@yahoo.com. Im relatively close to the smithheaven area
daipers012@yahoo.com ***

looking to see who's around :x
male 21
21/atlanta, ga/m

i go to savanah all the time, ive played at sweet melissa's and a couple of other places. i love it.
41/Vancouver, BC/Male

Seeing if there are any cute and skinny boys or girls here who like to be diapered and cuddled. Prefer someone under 30. Not into the AB part of things.
21/ Austin, Tx/male/strait, but willing to hang with other ab guys/ the66fastback@gmail.com
18/Portland OR/ male
down for everything
23/ M/ gay-flexable, but prefer guys/ up in north georgia

not as much into ab as just wearing diapers for the fun of it, also into crossdressing so I like to mix the two intrests together lol mainly a sub but always willing to try new things :)
^ deciple_of_shade@yahoo.com

for those who can't find the email in the field <.<
fuck it.
21/m/worcester, ma/pansexual/huskyleash412@yahoo.com
21 / Pleasanton, CA / Male / Straight

Looking for local girls to either chat or meet

Skype: Moneymacor
22/m/straight/state college, pa

23/ male / San Diego. Open to any and all ideas so let me know! :)
22 / Long Island, NY(Nassau County, Near NYC) / Male /Bi-curious

I'm just looking to finally chill with some AB/Dls

Contact at moomooxpants@gmail.com or Steam ID: Eiiree

This is the most AB/DLs from LI I've seen in one place. Let's make it happen guys!

I'm really up for anything dl/ab related with either sex. Even just being friends. Totally new to talking about this kind of thing, so I'm more than willing to take it slow.

I have a ton of interests outside of diapers so if you wanna talk then shoot me an email.
Bi switch.
Open file (3.11 KB 203x219 1267231982214.png)
so many phoenix people...


i would be interested in a lot of stuff but im not really into roleplay at all.
I'm 28/m/straight in Tucson. Nice to see there's at least one other in Tucson.

...The restaurant?
Anyway, contact me.
28/m in mid Michigan. I'm on fetlife and Facebook. yahoo messenger as midl2006
I'm also in MD, what is this "Email in the field" thing ? I can't find yours to contact you.
so many LIs!
You must be new.
Mouseover the word Anonymous.

No one lives here
If you still haven't found it, it's gragas1628@gmail.com
I remember there being a few Hoosiers out there, but...


Looking to totally chicken out instead of meeting people as per usual.
Anyone else from the uk?

M/22/Tx Inner Irving.

Whoops, forgot to add straight. ^
22/m/IL, Chicago more specifically. Open to meeting anyone near the area and happy to travel. Hit me up!
male and female 23/22 respectivly
fresno, ca
and we are willing to meet others
23/mtf/bi/colorado im sure no one lives out here or is near here, but just looking for ab/dl friends ( I don't know any at all! :o ) even just to chat with online, though im open to more
email ~ groovykitty@rocketmail.com
30M, Visalia, CA
22/M/MA I've posted many times (Guy who created the first version of this thread). Looking for anyone interested in my immediate vicinity. I know there are a few people around but we're not really located close to each other.
Pic is unrelated - but I wish you could get adult-sized diapers with baby proportions.

Anyway, I'm 24 y/o male in the Seattle area (eastside actually). I recently moved here and looking just for friends and company. I have no preference for gender - a cuddle is a cuddle :)

I use spamgourmet, you can email me at fapchan.10.diapersfc@spamgourmet.com I'll try to reply to anyone.
I'm just interested in meeting other people in my area.

Hey. Where in Colorado do you live?
Where in MA?
Rawr! Those who know me from the diaperboys thread should know I'm moving to Vancouver, BC, Canada within a few weeks!
23/m/Mex (Next to CA and AZ)

I'm bisexual and prefer females or feminine males, but willing to give anyone a chance. Add even if you're just looking for someone to talk too.
Switch, into diapers, videogames, roleplaying and very open minded to almost any request, so don't be afraid to ask!
Know it's a long shot, but:
19/M/Bi/Sheffield, united kingdom

Looking for anyone, really, e-mail me at vinniebreakyourlegs@hotmail.com :)
Open file (1.48 MB 3008x2000 DSC_0030.jpg)
23/Male (Fargo, ND)
Pretty much into anything. Bisexual switch that'd be interested in doing weird things with people and diapers. Let me know what you're into and we'll see what comes from it. Reply in thread with picture for contact info.
18/M/Houston Tx
Any baby girls that are 18 im trying to be a daddy. anyone interested?
22/Male/Straight/State College, PA

I'm really looking for a baby girl to take care of..email is diaperboy5990@gmail.com
26/M/Bi/New Orleans
Im moving to new mexico...so anyone there...snugglebuggirl@hotmail.com

got a contact? im 28/m. santa clarita
27m li gregbaby2000 at yahoo
20/Arkansas/M/Bi/NeutrallyChaotic on FetLife
pends the time of year

843 during the semester and 860/413 on break. I'm 21/m I'm little and

https://fetlife.com/users/1254462 send me a message for pic
Dunno if it's too late or not but oh well. 20/M/Illinois here. I'm near Springfield but I can't really travel.
27/ male/ fort wayne, in

pansexual, ecentric, down for anything
prefer girls, mtf girls, and femme/twink boys
29/M/LI NY gregbaby2000 at yahoo
hey 24/NH/m/bi
31/m/CO crinkly daddytype. bi Down for almost anything.
19/montreal femboy/pre-trans

skype kattythekitten

there has to be some /babby/s in montreal... ;-;

also don't mind if randoms add me on skype, I sometimes like to camwhore like the slut I am.
23/M/Nashville, TN / errolsalt on Skype

Submissive and a little more DL than AB. Would love to meet a dom into diaper-related kinks but other playmates / folks to chat with would be welcome too.

added on skype :3
zwpowell1 is my skype if you wanna chat
22/DFW, Texas/male/switch
mandatory.quarantine on skype
18. Male. Portland, Oregon. Straight.

Down for whatever!

Down for anything, let's meet up

You got skype?
27 trans portland
Anybody from North Carolina? I'm in Raleigh and would love to meet someone for some AB/DL roleplay. 25/m here
I'll try again: 21 / male / Colorado (Denver and Boulder) and down for pretty much whatever.
26/M/Straight/South San Francisco (looking to chat more than anything else, or at least meet someone new)
22, Kansas. I'm transgender MtoF.. And.. um.. you can email me at scribblenautnatalie@yahoo.com
29/M/BI in Fresno CA. Just a chill person looking for friends.

bi-nerd that enjoys cooking, hard rock, gaming, and whatever the hell else because I'm easy to please
I probably shoulda added this.. picture of me... So I did
Damn cute. How often do you wear diapers?
Open file (27.96 KB 640x480 oh.jpg)
Not very! A friend of mine bought me some a couple days ago. I can't wear them because of my living situation, so I stayed up late one night just to take this picture.
18/m/Syracuse New York
Straight, but I like extremely extremely feminine boys and would love to hook up with a passable trans. pref females tho.
respond for kik

santa cruz here. straight and looking for reasons to go to the over the hill munches. Do you go to them?
22mNYCstraight over here
24 / M / Bi / IL (217)

I'm into just about anything and am open to trying just about anything. I'm down with wetting/messing. I would like to find a daddy figure (not so much into the role-playing, but someone to put me in diapers/make me use them/change me). I'm into wetting and messing (love enemas).
Shot in the dark anyone in SC?
I'm near the Georgia south Carolina boarder.... where at exactly are you?
near chucktown
Near Charleston
straight 24 year old guy in Beijing, China
up for abdl play
email in field

Tell us what its like being ABDL in China, ABDUL.
25/M/bi/CA,orange county

love rping and looking for a mommy or daddy.Also don't mind meeting younger abdls.OC/LA is very vanilla it seems.

You can't have two ABDL girls in the same house or the gov't hits you with a fine.

there are a lot of adult diapers to choose from.
23 / M / Bi / Champaign-Urbana, IL (217)

I'm not really sure exactly what I'm looking for or expecting from this. Honestly, I really just want to meet someone else I can share this part of my life with, even if it is only through chat. I've told a few people about my fetish (always drunk, and always avoiding ANY specifics) but, while they were all extremely cool about it, none of them shared my interest nor wanted to discuss it in detail. One girl did tell me that she would "strap on a diaper for" me. Unfortunately, she was my best-friend's girl at the time. But I digress...

I am far more DL than AB, though I do have a few AB fantasies.

With guys, I would be submissive, preferably to an older guy (a father figure, obviously - Freud is blowing lines and laughing in his grave). Pretty much, I want someone who can fill the void left from not having an involved, caring father. I want someone who will take care of me and pamper me and love me. Sex isn't usually a part of this fantasy, but I'm very flexible. I have always wanted a daddy to change my diaper and then make me suck his cock.

With girls, I prefer to be in a dominate role. The idea of being some adorable little baby girl's loving daddy warms my heart. I want someone to look after, to care for, and, as fucked up as it may sound, someone who is entirely dependent on me.

I'm not so much interested in having a mommy, though that's mostly because I'm not into punishment, humiliation or emasculation. I also have no interest in anything public. If I'm in a submissive role, I want a caregiver who will make me feel safe, secure and loved. Honestly, I just need someone to pull responsibility off my shoulders and fill my void (or voids... :D) for a little while.

I'm not always in the mood for role-playing. In fact, I've got to be in a very specific mood, and I could never do 24/7. Again, I'm much more DL than AB, and it's largely sexual. Outside of the AB aspect, I would love to just build a friendship/relationship with someone else in the community. I'd like someone that I could hang around in diapers with, fool around a bit. "Playful" and "innocent" almost. I want someone with a big heart and love pouring from every pore. Shit, when I'm in diaper mode, I've pretty much got rainbows shooting from my ass.

I like wearing, caregiving, wetting, messing, laxatives/suppositories/enemas, pee/poop desperation, light bondage, watersports, pantypooping, panty-wetting, and a bunch of others can't think of off the top of my head.

I'm extremely open-minded and I will try anything at least once. I get off on kinky/taboo, so even if it's not a fetish I have, the more "twisted"/"perverse" it is, the harder my dick gets. That being said, I'm not a huge fan of the more extreme BDSM. I'm something of a masochist, but it's not in any way sexual. I'm not a fan of pain, humiliation or degradation in a sexual context. Also, while I'm into piss and light scat, vomit is crossing a line and I'm afraid I couldn't indulge that one. Seriously, damn near anything else, though. I love the variety and variability of fetishes, and I love talking to people who have radically different/unique kinks/fetishes.

Sorry about the absurdly long post. My Adderall tends to cause this. I put my email (one of my dummy accounts) on this post. Feel free to shoot me an email, anyone. It'd be nice to have a one-on-one with someone who's not going to think I'm fucked in the head because of my fetish. If it becomes more, it becomes more, but I'll take whatever I can get here.

Not that it really matters, I'm sure.

Maybe it's time to start hitting other ABDL community sites. I need someone in my life that understands this shit.
18/New York/Male/Straight (maybe convincing trap)/ wait for response.

Hey bro, 27/M/NC (soon to be IL near Joliet). If you have FL, hit me up - carebear21.
I don't have fetlife, but you should definitely email me. I'm only about 2 hours from Joliet.


Hetero. I won't be in IL for a few months yet. email in field!

I'm DL and a bit AB, but other than that I have no damn clue. I wouldn't mind being a sub or a 'big bro', I suppose.

Also, I have no clue how to upload pics properly.
24/MtF/Bi, in central New York area.
21/phoenix arizona/f/

into either gender
I probably did this one a while ago, but i've moved since.

23 / GERMANY - KL / Male / Mostly DL /
Haha, what's up? I thought I found the one german guy apart from me on this board.

I've never been diapered by anyone before, but I'd like to try.

email in the field
Not German exactly, but I'm an American ABDL in Germany (BW) for a few months, if that counts.
email? im cny as well
m/27/outside shanghai

it sucks. no good diapers to choose from, I finally found a plastic-backed Abena knockoff from Taobao (Chinese version of Amazon) which has been a blessing. no more shitty depends that leak from ball sweat alone.

saddest thing is I literally know where the bambino/cushies/awwsocute factory is here in china and even asked them if they would ship domestically, they mustve thought i was nuts
So close...so far away. Man, if you could buy directly from the manufacturers, you could make a killing in reselling/shipments.
Adding another way to get ahold ofme. SuperDiaperGirl on Fetlife.
24/M/Victoria Australia
Straight, interested in trying different things in the aspect

anyone wanna chat? (or meet)

are there really that many deviants around here?

anyone also on 4chan /d/'s fetlife group?
*deviants from long island

Been incontinent all my life, started enjoying diapers in my teens and it eventually turned into a full blown fetish
that wouldn't be Melbourne Australia would it?
24/m/Elizabeth, NJ area/straight

DL only, trying in vain to find a DL lady in my area.
21/m/long island

i'd be up for whatever. finding a girl that's into this stuff would be pretty neat

It'd be nice to have someone to chill with in diapers. Haven't met any others around here (though I've had my suspicions about a few)
26/m/SC are there any females?
how so? Also, where in IL?
19/m/bi/MA up for anything
Anybody from France?
19/m/bi here
Random things they've said. I try to not read too much into things, but some things just seem too pointed

Anyways, I'm in the 217, champaign-urbana area
20/Boston, MA/M/Pansexual

Message me at DLprogrammer on Reddit.
Open file (133.41 KB 480x640 photo 1.jpg)
27 / m / IL (near West Chicago)

FL is carebear21
North Carolina here too. Im in fayetteville 22m
kik: schplongel
25/Portland, OR/M/Pansexual

Open to most things, email is in the field, etc.

Drop a line if you'd like to chat, or whatever. Not really looking for anything specific at the moment, but it would be cool to know some "in the know" people.
27,m,abdl looking for abg as daddy role or playmate or mommey
Not really into ageplay or roleplay, more down to just chill and talk with someone about diapers
Skype: Tarantulacow
27/GF/New Jersey

Mostly DL. Pansexual with a preference for feminine boys, traps, MtF, FtM and other non binary types.
hey 25/m from jersey myself...what area you from? got kik or fetlife?
22/m/NJ by NYC here. also wondering. I'm no trap, but I have a habit of crossdressing when no one's around :3

can't really too much, or wear. wish I could.
also a bit on the pudgy side...
20/m/Middlesex County straight
Generally just a dl

Other New Jersey people! 20 M at FDU Madison here. I'd love some kinky friends. I love crossdressing and throw on a little makeup from time to time. We should totally talk!

My kik is dawnnicky
26 - Male - Orange County, CA

central New york
male. straight. 18. 5'6. fit.
looking for girls and passable cd/trans to get to know and hopefully play with
kik: ifleming300
Hey man, I'm 18, M and in CNY.
I'm not really passable, or anything too close to a trap for that matter, but would you be down to chill some time?
whats your snapchat
Is your kik your snapchat?
I tried to add it. Mine is mikeqwertyuiop9
20 m florida, kik is aanon_1. I'm bi leaning towards guys c:
Anyone from Missouri?! Specifically the St Louis area?
31/m/AZ (Tucson) - Sissy/DL/straight
Interested in getting with another sissy?

26/m/Vienna Austria, gay. Anyone to talk?
19/M/Kristiansand, South Norway/gay
Looking for any northern ab/dl's :)
different poster but i would be interested.

email me - shootingfulls@gmail.com
Anyone in South Carolina?
29/m/NYC - manhattan
Daddy / DL
Where in SC? I'm in NC
Near Charleston
30/orange county, CA/male/wannabeababy
20/M/NM, been here for a while, but might move soon. Been getting out more, try and at least meet people before I do.
I'm from Monroe hbu?

Love to make new friends and want to show my mommy the scene.
Open file (1.00 MB 1840x3264 20150816_122300.jpg)
Damnit, I forgot to add a pic:
I'm in the charleston area. Email me.
minirv(at) charter dot net
In STL this week, looking for ABDLs

Email in field or contact at Skype: turbokit1

I've been in the ABDL/babyfur scene for some time now and really identify as a caretaker; at best a DL if wanted.
Open file (314.69 KB 640x480 diapered together.png)

Oh, I forgot to upload this.

I'm looking for a little to take care of. Gender doesn't matter because you're all babbies :p
24/m/Worcester, MA
will provide contact info on request
Fuck it..
25/Germany (pfalz)/m/ Contact.. you can message me on my tumblr
I loved your vids on dprtube (RIP)

It's a shame you're so far away

21/M/Vancouver, BC
Suuure, why not?


I'm (demi)Pansexual, and looking for cool people to chat, hang out with, be little, etc. My Fet is my name or you can find me at https://www.f-list.net/c/princess%20pottypants/ and drop me a note that way. Say you're from this thread, please.

Also, about Rhode Island: CT and MA are really close by. I'm < 50 miles from Boston and Worcester in Massachusetts and New London in Connecticut via highways.
Long shot but...

25/M straight/New Brunswick, Canada

never met any abdl IRL... down for anything
Open file (3.99 MB 5312x2988 20140920_163955.jpg)

Yeah, I wish I had a reliable place to post my stuff where I actually thought people would enjoy them. I have a TON of new content and its all still in raw format and completely unedited. :(

I'll show you a couple of pictures from the latest
Open file (4.24 MB 5312x2988 20140920_165342.jpg)

I have no clue why that picture rotated on me.
24/M/Auckland New Zealand, into girls, not expecting any responses but worth a shot
28 male Charleston SC
Wow no one close?
Western NY area, couple looking for a third person to either be friends that play with us. We like ageplay, are around 24 both, and enjoy meeting new people.

Find us on Fetlife by searching for me : Kearalove
Why not?
25/M2F/Tacoma, Washington/Pansexual.
Here's my fetlife.
26/m edmonton canada. down for whatever

In Los Angeles, CA. Looking for someone to play and explore with.
23/M/Dublin Ireland

Looking for some kinky diapered sex and a bit of banter! Would do messy stuff if your into that!
21/Cullman, Alabama/m/skype: jman12351

Looking for a baby to go potty for me on skype. Would prefer women, but a guy is fine, as long as he isn't too hairy.
I'm 30/m/portland near PSU, wanna hook up?
typicalmansplainer at the google email
Just so you know, I have my own place downtown, and I am into hard spanking, cuddling, ddlg, abdl. Years of experience.
29/m/abdl/switch SC
Well ouch pretty quiet here eh?
25/AZ Flag/MTF/DemiPan/looking for alt. bab friends, I suppose. A caregiver would be nice too, but...
29/m/bi/Los Angeles
I'm way out of your area but gotta ask:

In this picture

is that a cloth dip? what is it? is it any good?
Open file (6.86 MB 4160x3120 IMG_20161216_112629.jpg)
Cutie butt DL
just turned 27
straight, also engaged
near Milwaukee, WI
I probably wont check this thread ever again but; always looking for more abdl people to meet / hang out with. I have met a couple people in the area that love diapers too so hit me up if you want to chat.
KIK: DaxonB95
SC: davej123123

20/East Iowa/M/Bisexual

Looking for more kinky friends in the area. I don't have a car so it's hard to meet people ;__;
I'm an hour's drive East of Des Moines. 22/male/bisexual

Email me at contraindiction@cock.li
m uk 22
kik ballse22
26/m/Phoenix AZ looking for Daddy


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