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Obligatory Rules Sticky

Welcome to /babby/ - Diaper Fetishism & Ageplay

This board is for diaper/ageplay content for both photographic and drawn, both male and female, and both straight and gay.
Do not post underage content. IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!
Trolling will not be tolerated! Talk shit, get banned!
Requests normally belong in /r/, but a request with content is acceptable and should be placed in a general content thread such as the Random sticky.
Redundancy will result in a ban. Check the threads before you post a new one with the same topic.

All posts and their accompanying images are the sole property of the poster and are not property of the site owner. The owner and staff of NewFapChan are compliant with all local and United States law and will remove any infringement of said laws. If you feel that your intellectual property has been duplicated here without your consent/approval, that your personal information has been posted here, or any other violation has occurred, contact to have it removed. The Report feature is for reporting offensive and irrelevant posts.

This board is for ABDL content of all kinds; it is not a place to spout insults or pontificate against people's lifestyle choices. Constructive criticism is welcome, but derogatory comments will be deleted and a ban will be issued. If you have something negative to say, take it to random. This applies to everyone regardless of who they are, what they may have contributed to NFC, or any other factors.

If you have any questions, feel free to find us in irc.

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Since the old thread appears to be gone im going to start a new one

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Looking for Sophie Little videos. I've only been able to find them on paysites..

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Girls in diaper collection

My collection of videos ->

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Steph photosets

Does anyone have a collection of Steph from diapergal - photosets? Would be appreciated.

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Pacifier Pics!

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Japanese thread

Japanese or Asian in diapers

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Hookup thread

I didn't see an active one of these, so here goes.

Age/state or area/sex/whatever else/contact

I'll start. 20/Savannah, Georgia/m/

Down for most ab/tb with either sex except scat or public stuff. Email in email field like a boss or possibly a retard.

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other boards?

Can you recommend another diaper-board?

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Got anything with diapered sissies?

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Diapers & Strapons

Can we get a Diaper- and Strapon-Thread going?

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Hi, very open 24 yr old F USA

Hey guys, my name is Bree and I'm a tiny 24 yr old California girl. I am always hesitant to post my pic online cuz I always get told I look way younger. I'm kinda wild but also very sweet, I love writing, gardening, and sex *wink* . Check me out more @

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Hi diaper-anon!

I hope you can help me!

I had a big collection of non-abdl-pictures on my external drive, but it crashed.

Looking now for a very particular picture.

It was from a small report about the adult-diaper fashion show in Seoul or Tokyo (pics name was something about…seoul_o1 ?)

and there were 2 or 3 chicks holding a pullup in front of the camera.

They were standing outside.

I think it was posted on Yahoo.

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Free cam

Come join me I am craving to be controlled im currently padded
Offering free session to controll me

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I've got an ABDL instagram and tumblr. lilbabyberry for both of them, tumblr has nude but instagram doesn't.

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any diaperfriends on trillian? or one of the supported options? looking for kinky, diaper boys n girls to talk with and socialize.
I'm Clairesethra on trillian, just let me know you found me on nfc

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Hewo :3

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Haii all I just got a new apartment so I can start caming and taking pics

Abdl transgirl

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Does anyone post ABDL stuff to snapchat, or know of any good ABDL snapchats?

I post pics from time to time, probably several a month. 25/M if you're interested, feel free to add 'DiaperGoose'.

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new anon ageplace and for anime ageplay

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anyone knows where I can get pants like these in Adult-size?

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like diaper


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Video-Thread (also: your wishes for subfetishes)

I don't see it talked about a whole lot, but I love the idea of a hot mommy/caretaker taking care of an adult baby boy, and jerking him off or fucking him or just making him cum in various ways as part of her duties in taking care of him.

Maybe it's just because being horny makes him uncomfortable, or because after cumming he sleeps a lot better. Other possibilities are that having an erection makes it more difficult to diaper him, so it has to be taken care of before a diaper change or maybe it's just seen as another fluid that he has to get out of his system and into his diapers like poop and pee. Or maybe she just wants to make the baby feel good.

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no yaoi-diaper-thread?

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half the board gone ?

it would appear that half of everything has gone missing.
was it permanently dumped ?

if so anyone who had saved stuff from the random thread would make me so happy.
pic unrelated

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cumshots over diapers

and handjobs from mommies / nurses.

Any videos you could recommend?

(cumshots should happen on camera, not offscreen like some POV I've seen).


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secretly disposing of full diapers

How do you dispose of your wet diapers?

I put them in a nappy bag with fragrant (don't know if its the right term. You can buy nappy-bags that have the smell of babypowder in Germany.)

and put them into a additional black bag, so nobody can see whats inside.

When I lived together with a roomate for a short time, I used to seal the diapers off like that and hide them under my bed, until I could secretly throw them outside in the trashbin.

Who else is using nappy-bags with baby-powder-fragrance?

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I'm a submissive open hole for everone and swallow everything.
You can use me as your fuckpig for free here:

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Adultbabysource photosets

Man I am at wits end here. Does *anyone* have some ABS photosets they can share? The only stuff I find from this site online are the videos, but there's way more stuff in the photosets. No torrent tracker has any--hell I've even checked the private porn tracks like empornium--and every download link I've found is four years old and on a shitty site or has been deleted.

I really like the ABDL aspect to these photosets and the poofy diapers they always used. Pic related is from one of the few I've managed to find.

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buying from japan

Hey guys, as many of you know sanwapub etc in Japan will only ship within Japan and only accept Japanese credit cards.

I was thinking of using a proxy service to forward stuff out of Japan (and share with you guys ofc). Or even possibly getting a prepaid japanese credit card to pay for non-physical downloadable stuff. Does anyone have any experience/recommendations with these services and what would be the easiest way to do it? I imagine it might be pretty expensive.

Only concerns I have is I see a lot of proxy services don't do porn or obscene material (fair enough). And my country (NZ) might have an issue with me importing porn, although I'm not sure if that would be an issue.

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whats with all this CP here lately?
why isn't it taken down, although reported?

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Miley Cyrus goes public

This is a historic day in history. Miley Cyrus is flaunting ABDL shit on instagram. Not wearing store bought shit, but dry 24/7s.

What say you /babby/? How do you feel about this?

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where did the cloth-diaper-thread go?

Let's start a new one!

Who uses cloth diaper?
Were do you buy?

Bought mine at, but they don't have them anymore.

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what are some cute or humiliating nicknames for littles?

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Tumblr Thread

In light of all the DMCA notices and prevention of future notices. Most of the content comes from paid sites and amateurs who willingly post their content on popular sites like tumblr.

Sooo... Make a post, relevent picture or not, with links to ABDL related Tumblr accounts.

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Are any of the files from Susan Flannery's Hubbies site from back in the day still floating around? Videos, Audios, Picture sets. There used to be a download to a bunch of videos a few years back but can find it now.

Go to and search and check out what it was like back in the day 1999-2004.

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Photoshop Thread :D

R: 17 / I: 17 / P: 2

Time for a diaper change

Let's get a good changing thread going

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Bed wetting

How do I train myself to lose control while I'm sleeping?

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Milfs and Gilfs in Diapers

wait.... no MILF in diapers-thread?
let me fix that!

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diaper chat site

hey guys im trying to get another diaper chat room off the ground at this other chat site...feel free to join if u are interested

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How To Mess

So, I'm going to have a few days to do whatever I want, and I definitely want to spent a lot of it diapered. Additionally, I want to make the most of the few Bambinos I have: a little wetting and some sitting seems like a waste of $3. How can I drop some mind-blowing, prostate-stimulating, diaper-filling poops?

My current plan is to sit down, catch up on FiM and eat an entire loaf of double-fibre bread with prune juice chasers in-between slices. My only concerns there are that the loaf might not provide enough bulk and that I might actually digest some of it and wreck my weight loss with all those calories. Any fun ideas and tips would be appreciated.

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As far as I can tell, these are few and far between so upload em if you got em

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did the *hand in the warm water trick* actually worked for anybody? it sure doesent work for me.

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So, yesterday i decidet to try something new, got myself ready and went to bed.
Waited until the piss shivers came, but instead of holding it back or leting it go (cuz that can get little boring when you do it all the time), i decided to do nothing. My blader was all sonfused about whats going on, it elt really good, eventualy you start to lose it little by little.
The thing is after a while, my prostate and bladder started to hurt quite a bit, even my kidneys hur (not that much, i was just aware that they exist) and whats more fucked up even my balls!
Its not as bad now, but not OK either.

so my question is, can you actualy harm yourself during diaper play?

(pic unrelated)

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AB/DL Paysite Reviews

Have been meaning to see if others share my opinions on the different paysites out there. I think that the standard of content being produced has fallen drastically in the past few years. I think that we're paying more for less.


The golden days were pre-2007-ish? The days of Brooke, Sunny, Rose, Fiona, Penny, et al. Remember the early "forced into diapers" movies? I still find myself going back to them. Right now you have straight-up ugly/overweight/underweight girls. The lighting in the sets is terrible. They have moved away from the AB-DL balance to purely AB. The story lines are identical from week to week. Plus they have restructured their site only to make it even harder to navigate. I recommend not spending a dime with this guys.

Good models, but boring content. Mainly AB stuff, nice website, but difficult to download their photo sets to save. Some great models like Eva, Chloe, Minnie, and Shayna don't feature often enough. Instead you have the Kool Kids like Ariana, Coy Coy, etc, and Bubbles, which are not attractive models imo, especially when compared to the aforementioned.

More to follow...

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Girls in Swim Diapers

Does anyone else think that swim diapers are especially hot for no reason at all?

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Challenge thread

This is the official diaper/baby thread for you diaper boys and girls and babies!

Simple rules: post a challenge in this thread and the post under yours is the challenge you MUST do! No backing out kids!

Let the games begin!

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It's that magical time of the year again!

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Origins Discussion Thread

I'm curious to hear other's stories of where they know or think their interest in diapers/ageplay/ABDL came from. Sharing my own to start:

when I was very young, 5 maybe, before having to go to school, I spent parts of days at a daycare
i'm now 6'4, not insanely tall but always was tall for my age when young
was among oldest children at said daycare
random naptime
all the kids are asleep, save for me and one girl of same age
attendant lets us go upstairs to play if we're quiet
playroom has this badass wooden constructed castle that you could climb through
myself and the girl head up to the playroom, thrilled at getting to be on our own
she wants to play house using the castle
okay why not
she wants to be the baby, im daddy
fine enough, running joke that i was literally as tall as one kids dad at the time(guy was seriously stunted despite my height)
heads to the closet of said playroom, various baby related supplies
opens closet, steps inside, asks me to make sure nobodys watching
promptly strips naked. my bewildered self sees his first vagina at 5
diapers herself, makes sense to me, she wants to be the baby
we climb into the castle structure, pick a room in it and settle in
she sits in my lap, cuddles into me and promptly falls asleep sucking her thumb cuddled against me
i sit there absolutely confused as fuck other than knowing i enjoy this and it feels right

Fast forward 20odd years and I have a fetish for women in diapers. Dominant personality and forcing someone into diapers plays a huge part in my fetish for them, but right from discovering internet porn I remember looking for women diapered up. Has just always seemed right for me.

Anyone else care to share?

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I will post everything I have on my hdd and everything upcoming I'll find.

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used diapers thread

Used diapers thread (just the diapers)

I find this very interesting somehow

R: 73 / I: 22 / P: 3

Diaper Identification thread!

title explains itself. Identify!

R: 204 / I: 127 / P: 3

New Diaper Trap Thread

Please try to keep it together this time.

R: 131 / I: 114 / P: 3

Non AB/DL Pictures

A thread for pictures that arent really for fetish reasons. Or at least the picture doesnt imply so.
No posting stupid pictures of college kids in cheap pull up style diapers.
This thread is for things like Accidental Diaper Sighting, Incontinent diaper usage, and so on.

Sometimes the best fantasy is reality.

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Diaper Hookup Thread

Hey babbies,
how about we start a new hookup thread?

I'll start. 21/MtF/NC (Greensboro)

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Tumblr thread

tumblr thread.
tons of AB/DL stuff, pics and pics...

Share tumblr link!!!

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Candi Thread

I haven't posted any pics since the old Fapchan went bye-byes, so here's a thread with a few of my favorites.

If anyone has any pics of me laying around they'd like to share, please feel free. <3

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Pull up thread

Wtf happened to it?

R: 31 / I: 1 / P: 4


Where does everyone go for their diapered fiction?

I use: (the forums) (some great AR)

but need moare

R: 199 / I: 111 / P: 4

where are all the pampers/baby diaper girls at? :(

R: 504 / I: 420 / P: 4

Plastic backed Babby diapers

because they are oh so cute!

R: 219 / I: 137 / P: 4

Caption thread


R: 243 / I: 141 / P: 4


Riley thread!!!

to answer some Q's from /dickgirls/

~ not a ton of mormons in my NorthernCalifornia highschool, I just found myself dating them due to their penchant to be skinny, blonde and shy. Plus we both have a penchant for special underwear :P

in terms of who I get with, and this isn't speculative, this is based off of actual interactions.

Transgirls - Cisgirls - submissive men - sissies - FtM

Older guys - Dominants (Female/Male/Non-Normative) - attractive, friendly guys my age

I generally play the mommy/big sister role with people my age as I'm generally more experienced, I don't really "date" but I do have quite a few friends that I play with (I am 100% STD/STI free, get tested constantly)

I'm endlessly kinky, depraved, I've done some horrible things to people who wanted nothing but . I really prefer the kindness and nurturing aspect of being a mommy, much in the same way that I love to be nurtured/cared for as a little. Someday I'll find the right person, likely an older daddy type, where I'll be his little girl and we'll trust and love eachother. I had a daddy from age 15 to 20, but I got too old for him, will take a long time before I can trust someone like that again, being in control is much safer, both for your body and your heart.

I'm happy with my crinkly diapers for now and playtime with friends! I'm working on setting up a professional nursery, I'll keep ya'll informed! Hugs and crinkles!

R: 162 / I: 85 / P: 4

Since the last one got killed off due to a ruskie invasion,Black girls in diapers thread.