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Pull up thread Anonymous 06/18/2012 (Mon) 18:12:36 No. 18103 [Reply]
Wtf happened to it?
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A couple of pics with the new GoodNites designs.
Hey, guys, I need a photo. Pls, help me to find it.
There was a girl with soaked diaper and it was some cum on her pussy.
Thank you!

Open file (64.32 KB 492x428 1335191899786.jpg)
Stories Anonymous 05/29/2012 (Tue) 11:06:03 No. 17435 [Reply]
Where does everyone go for their diapered fiction?

I use:
http://www.dailydiapers.com/ (the forums)
http://www.magicboxxx.com (some great AR)

but need moare
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Since I didn't found any fics about dealing with incontinence, and hey, i'm the author of Het Naamloze Verhaal, I decided to make my own fic involving some of the Het Naamloze Verhaal characters, more precisely: Mewfan and a BLU TF2 Medic aka Fritz, I will need to think about putting it online though, as I might get in trouble for it, I have some haters on the internet who like to hate on ANYTHING I write, it's going to be in Dutch though, I might make a English version if there's enough intrest.
Not to self: don't post late at night.

What I actaully ment that I know the author of HNC, not that I am the author >___> he greeenlighted me to do it, in case anyone asks.
Sam and Jess was fairly well-written but it's from a dude's perspective which may not be too popular. I dig it:

Has anyone hear of a story called Boomerang? I've seen it referenced, but I can't seem to track down the actual story.
I strongly recommend Xylophone Stories at http://xylophonestories.blogspot.com.au

There are also many stories here accompanied by pictures (not captions; stories posted with some inlined pictures)

Open file (528.34 KB 800x974 tumblr request 2.jpg)
darth monkey 04/03/2012 (Tue) 02:29:16 No. 15916 [Reply]
where are all the pampers/baby diaper girls at? :(
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If we perform a rain dance, will darth monkey come back to us?
Open file (288.01 KB 500x750 28942449494424.jpg)
Open file (720.61 KB 1280x837 6854842894984422.jpg)
one more won't hurt. tumblr has the best source pics! ;)
Open file (270.62 KB 546x800 2894248494894282.jpg)
this'll be the last one for a while...cheers :)
Oh Darth, how I've missed thee.

Open file (73.92 KB 743x896 1269336051261.jpg)
Plastic backed Babby diapers DiaperFap 12/04/2011 (Sun) 09:14:26 No. 11901 [Reply]
because they are oh so cute!
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Open file (66.52 KB 616x816 000_1131.jpg)
Open file (62.18 KB 640x427 11_005_05a.jpg)
Clearly not a baby diaper.
Does anybody know the stories behind Donnie and his pics? I know a couple from corresponding with him over the years, but does anyone else have any stories and pics they can share from him?
No idea. Tell us some of the stories!

Caption thread Anonymous 11/03/2011 (Thu) 04:18:49 No. 11049 [Reply]
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These last few are from


They're an amazing couple, and deserve the followers.
bump for more
Open file (343.70 KB 359x480 Baby_Taylor.png)

Open file (161.74 KB 720x960 erpi.jpg)
BBQ RileyK 10/04/2011 (Tue) 12:00:17 No. 9618 [Reply]
Riley thread!!!

to answer some Q's from /dickgirls/

~ not a ton of mormons in my NorthernCalifornia highschool, I just found myself dating them due to their penchant to be skinny, blonde and shy. Plus we both have a penchant for special underwear :P

in terms of who I get with, and this isn't speculative, this is based off of actual interactions.

Transgirls - Cisgirls - submissive men - sissies - FtM

Older guys - Dominants (Female/Male/Non-Normative) - attractive, friendly guys my age

I generally play the mommy/big sister role with people my age as I'm generally more experienced, I don't really "date" but I do have quite a few friends that I play with (I am 100% STD/STI free, get tested constantly)

I'm endlessly kinky, depraved, I've done some horrible things to people who wanted nothing but . I really prefer the kindness and nurturing aspect of being a mommy, much in the same way that I love to be nurtured/cared for as a little. Someday I'll find the right person, likely an older daddy type, where I'll be his little girl and we'll trust and love eachother. I had a daddy from age 15 to 20, but I got too old for him, will take a long time before I can trust someone like that again, being in control is much safer, both for your body and your heart.

I'm happy with my crinkly diapers for now and playtime with friends! I'm working on setting up a professional nursery, I'll keep ya'll informed! Hugs and crinkles!
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What happened to Riley?
She died in a horrible golf carting accident. Rolled it three times into a river. After it ripped her face off, she floated away.
Open file (51.25 KB 1023x610 IMG_20141208_080534.jpg)
I'm actually alive and well and posting videos and stuff!

This one talks about the dif. between Onesies and Footy Sleepers.
Open file (32.06 KB 597x351 3u3zks.jpg)
i kekd
Freakin' wut, RK? What shazbot doesn't even know the difference between a onesie and footsie?

Man, i'm glad Fapchan is kill, the DNP list and other faggotry killed it.

Open file (136.99 KB 366x550 PS_0592-30.jpg)
Anonymous 10/01/2011 (Sat) 11:09:00 No. 9423 [Reply]
Since the last one got killed off due to a ruskie invasion,Black girls in diapers thread.
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What do you find attractive about black girls that isn't it white girls? This is a serious question; I'm genuinely bemused.


no cookies?