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Open file (230.54 KB 900x1200 image.jpg)
Bed wetting Anonymous 08/21/2015 (Fri) 03:00:36 No. 29984 [Reply]
How do I train myself to lose control while I'm sleeping?
Go to sleep really drunk on a regular basis.
Open file (225.05 KB 1109x1280 1435720095812.jpg)
Really want it
Dedicate yourself

>I also recommend training 24/7 for a while so you get used to wetting without thinking
Wear diapers to bed every night. No excuse. you wanna be a bedwetter anyway, so this shouldnt bother you. Doing this <every> night is important. You wanna build a habbit after all.

Whenever you wake up slightly, wet.
Dont even think about it, just wet instantly without doubt and moving.
This will become a habbit after ~1 to 3 months of uninterupted training until eventually you wont notice you woke up slightly and wet yourself.
(We wake up for very brief multiple times over the course of the night, usually. It takes a keen mind to notice. - but you could use some technique, idk.)
Congrats you are now a bedwetter

If you want you can also listen to this wonderful hypnosis file https://soundcloud.com/klekz/you-are-a-bedwetter/s-VwWy8

Bedwetting is fun
Oh and I forgot to add. You should drink 0.5 to 1.5litre before bed, depending on preference and your body ;)

Open file (55.23 KB 700x806 1425429666464-2.jpg)
Milfs and Gilfs in Diapers Anonymous 03/09/2015 (Mon) 17:05:12 No. 29695 [Reply]
wait.... no MILF in diapers-thread?
let me fix that!
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Open file (96.67 KB 599x900 pinkedup1of3.jpg)
Open file (101.33 KB 675x900 pinkedup2of3.jpg)
Open file (112.81 KB 611x900 pinkedup3of3.jpg)
Open file (38.81 KB 640x480 243523324.jpg)
Open file (47.07 KB 640x480 Y3aTx2Rl.jpg)

Open file (169.35 KB 821x1095 1425127655191.jpg)
diaper chat site Anonymous 03/07/2015 (Sat) 16:32:56 No. 29691 [Reply]
hey guys im trying to get another diaper chat room off the ground at this other chat site...feel free to join if u are interested http://kageshi.com/rooms/diaperloverroom

Open file (426.27 KB 343x634 shitjacket.png)
How To Mess Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 16:15:51 No. 28714 [Reply]
So, I'm going to have a few days to do whatever I want, and I definitely want to spent a lot of it diapered. Additionally, I want to make the most of the few Bambinos I have: a little wetting and some sitting seems like a waste of $3. How can I drop some mind-blowing, prostate-stimulating, diaper-filling poops?

My current plan is to sit down, catch up on FiM and eat an entire loaf of double-fibre bread with prune juice chasers in-between slices. My only concerns there are that the loaf might not provide enough bulk and that I might actually digest some of it and wreck my weight loss with all those calories. Any fun ideas and tips would be appreciated.
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I'm curious about psyllium husk now but it looks like the opposite of constipating you, is there something special she does with it?
Unfortunately I have no idea, all I can do is provide a link to the interview transcript (WARNING: SCAT):
It looks like psyllium's more of a bulk forming agent than anything else: it makes the load bigger and theoretically easier to pass, but if you're already stopped up or you don't pass big poops well anyways then it'd just be adding to the bulk.

I'm going to try some magnesium citrate soon, it takes a while to kick in so I figure I can drink some before a diapered nap and wake up firmly in AB space.
Epsom salts, as far as I've been willing to experiment with them, take several hours before actually kicking in.

And then you just end up pissing out your ass for the next 12+ hours. Like, straight up water and nothing else.
anybody got experience with soap?

Open file (929.00 KB 450x253 1392171792117.gif)
Gifs! Anonymous 07/19/2014 (Sat) 15:37:04 No. 28463 [Reply]
As far as I can tell, these are few and far between so upload em if you got em
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Open file (1.91 MB 490x300 343500.gif)
Nobody uploaded this?
Why even bother posting here?

With that attitude, I doubt anyone is going to want to help you out. You might as well just fuck off now and save us all the trouble.
Who is the originator of the OP image? It's certainly not the watermarked tumblr. I recognize the crib and the lighting, and there's a video of her tied to the crib with a diaper and some tennis shoes on and taking an enema that I cannot seem to find anymore. Can anyone help?

That's a readymade video. Her stuff was on a few sites, but the only one I know about at the moment is diapered online.
Open file (1.18 MB 260x195 67587677800.gif)
how about you shut the fuck up
and deliver some content instead?

Open file (45.30 KB 500x375 41B.jpg)
? Anonymous 03/23/2014 (Sun) 01:46:33 No. 27568 [Reply]
did the *hand in the warm water trick* actually worked for anybody? it sure doesent work for me.
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pretty sure the only liquid that makes it onto the bed is the water that was in the bowl that gets bumped/knocked over by sleep tossing and turning and causes water to spill out
Not that anyone would believe me, but my dad and younger brother pulled this on me years ago...it works

Mythbusters busted it, so
so maybe it doesent work on everybody

Eh, that wasn't exactly a blind study or anything. They were fully expecting to have their hand put in water.

Open file (167.31 KB 500x450 1145156848355.jpg)
Anonymous 02/09/2014 (Sun) 11:44:32 No. 27195 [Reply]
So, yesterday i decidet to try something new, got myself ready and went to bed.
Waited until the piss shivers came, but instead of holding it back or leting it go (cuz that can get little boring when you do it all the time), i decided to do nothing. My blader was all sonfused about whats going on, it elt really good, eventualy you start to lose it little by little.
The thing is after a while, my prostate and bladder started to hurt quite a bit, even my kidneys hur (not that much, i was just aware that they exist) and whats more fucked up even my balls!
Its not as bad now, but not OK either.

so my question is, can you actualy harm yourself during diaper play?

(pic unrelated)
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If only the body had some way of getting rid of excess fluids

It's not quite that simple. It takes time for your kidneys to filter out the excess water and deposit it into your bladder. Water Intoxication is caused by ingesting so much water that your body can't shed it fast enough. The resulting dilution of necessary bodily fluids leads to death. Simply emptying your bladder isn't going to help.
Pretty much this. I have no idea if holding it in is dangerous or not, but if it is then it's not because of water intoxication.
I've felt this before, the first time I tried to wet... I've always taught myself when needing to pee real bad I should get hard because it makes it impossible to pee. Once I wanted to wet a diaper I realised this was a problem, the first time I had to give up and wack one out then I'd go completely because I could no longer get hard. Basically yet, I had intense pain, like someone fucked my back up. Generally if you get that feeling, it's the fact you have too much fluid, just release it no matter what
Try dandelion root. The first pill you take will make it feel overwhelmingly difficult to hold it. I can't say I've ever lost control until I took five at a time. Just be sure to drink plenty of water (gatorade is better unless you're drunk) and you should be fine. Dandelion tea is more pleasant but doesn't taste terrific. The effect lasts roughly 18-24 hours so don't try it if it might compromise your job from frequent bathroom breaks.

AB/DL Paysite Reviews RuddyHell 01/16/2014 (Thu) 15:49:28 No. 26942 [Reply]
Have been meaning to see if others share my opinions on the different paysites out there. I think that the standard of content being produced has fallen drastically in the past few years. I think that we're paying more for less.


The golden days were pre-2007-ish? The days of Brooke, Sunny, Rose, Fiona, Penny, et al. Remember the early "forced into diapers" movies? I still find myself going back to them. Right now you have straight-up ugly/overweight/underweight girls. The lighting in the sets is terrible. They have moved away from the AB-DL balance to purely AB. The story lines are identical from week to week. Plus they have restructured their site only to make it even harder to navigate. I recommend not spending a dime with this guys.

Good models, but boring content. Mainly AB stuff, nice website, but difficult to download their photo sets to save. Some great models like Eva, Chloe, Minnie, and Shayna don't feature often enough. Instead you have the Kool Kids like Ariana, Coy Coy, etc, and Bubbles, which are not attractive models imo, especially when compared to the aforementioned.

More to follow...
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can I ask you why adrianna is the top video sponsor, I absolutely loathe her

dont get me wrong great videos but just paying for porn i dont really wanna look at her personally, shes about as repulsive as riley k
i'm guessing it's because her and her boyfriend or whoever he is also live in PA and model for diapered online a ton.

i really don't know, i'm just throwing ideas out.

Top video sponsor? I'm not exactly sure what that is. If you're referring to the fact that I have a great deal of her content, it's because she is my roommate. You're also welcome to your own tastes and opinions, but overall the reaction I have gotten is positive. The vast majority of members adore her, which is made even more clear by the statistics.

>not enough attractive women
>150 too high

Maybe if they're all under 5'5" and avoid circuit training at all costs.

As a model, I'd say there are definitely not enough attractive men...and men that are willing to get their asses to a gym like they expect "their" women to do. What's even richer is when total beanbags like Mr. Washington are the ones spouting shit like this. "Not enough attractive women", what a riot coming from you.

Just remember.. you get what you give, boys.

Be glad you are a model because you are fucking daft. You completely took what was said out of context or misinterpreted it.

Open file (89.94 KB 612x612 d1.jpg)
Girls in Swim Diapers Anonymous 01/11/2014 (Sat) 06:25:29 No. 26893 [Reply]
Does anyone else think that swim diapers are especially hot for no reason at all?
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Open file (24.00 KB 200x200 23423424.jpg)
bumping for this!

Looking for a not-greedy and reliable tailor/manufactury!

Anyonone got links?
Open file (651.93 KB 848x1805 Flip Flops_506961355967.png)

(TLDR: Custom-made is horreoundously expensive because snobs pay for this kind of stuff, Cheap productions give you rashes or Aids!)

Its really a shame, that there isn't more in this sector.
swim-suits and swim-diapers and swim-pants seem to be really a niche in this market!

Getting it custom-made by a tailor will be a pretty expensive thing, compared to 20- 30 $ retail-products.
Mainly because most - if not all - tailors exist to work for rich business-men who want their chickimicki-suits tailored and pay for some weird fetish-outfit in their private sex-dungeon.

So don't expect anything under 90$ if it needs to get done professionally with good fabrics!

(we are talking about ONE suit / cloth-diaper / swim-diaper here!)

Like already stated here
you will get fucked over, when you get it made cheaply in India, Japan, China or other child-labour-slave-countries.

Not only is it possible to get your accounts stolen (or customer-data sold to the highest bidder!) but most important
you'll pay with your health!
(pic related! Did you know they use used condoms for their rubber-inings?)

It sucks, I know.
Best option is to wait until the demand is high enough for retail (or save up enough money for a pretty unimportant and overpriced piece of cloth/rubber)
forget it!

Last tailor I spoke with wanted 120 $ just for the panties!

Can't wait until robots will sew our clothes!

Scan us and take perfect measurements and deliver our custom-clothes via mail, while we pick our favorite patterns and colours and fabrics online!
so fucking happy right now!

Found a local baby-diaper manufacturer
and got a adult swim diaper made for just 28 $ !!!
can you give the adress / webshop please?
wanted to have a cute swimming-diaper for ages now!

Open file (71.32 KB 636x562 image.jpg)
Challenge thread Wheelman 11/14/2013 (Thu) 16:47:30 No. 26334 [Reply]
This is the official diaper/baby thread for you diaper boys and girls and babies!

Simple rules: post a challenge in this thread and the post under yours is the challenge you MUST do! No backing out kids!

Let the games begin!
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go on amazon order some abena diapers a foley catheter and insertion tray
Wouldn't be able to do that, sorry.
Kutge pls go.
Doing my own challenge this week.
For one whole week, you must wear diapers as much as possible. If you can't wear to work/school, that's fine. Shitting in your diapers is also not a requirement, because it's not for everyone.

During this week long challenge, you must not ejaculate. You can edge all you want, but avoid a complete fap at all costs.

Halloween! Anonymous 10/31/2013 (Thu) 21:36:41 No. 26186 [Reply]
It's that magical time of the year again!
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Haven't had a ton of luck so far. Lots of really grainy store brand grandma pullups.

This is almost the holy grail though. Real diapers without visible panties underneath. Look to be put on pretty tightly.
Open file (122.91 KB 640x640 stillabadperson.jpg)
Open file (52.58 KB 640x640 iamliterallyhitler.jpg)
The ones that are wearing actual diaper briefs make me believe that they might like it.

Open file (114.43 KB 787x522 d.jpg)
Origins Discussion Thread Anonymous 05/01/2013 (Wed) 09:21:36 No. 23784 [Reply]
I'm curious to hear other's stories of where they know or think their interest in diapers/ageplay/ABDL came from. Sharing my own to start:

when I was very young, 5 maybe, before having to go to school, I spent parts of days at a daycare
i'm now 6'4, not insanely tall but always was tall for my age when young
was among oldest children at said daycare
random naptime
all the kids are asleep, save for me and one girl of same age
attendant lets us go upstairs to play if we're quiet
playroom has this badass wooden constructed castle that you could climb through
myself and the girl head up to the playroom, thrilled at getting to be on our own
she wants to play house using the castle
okay why not
she wants to be the baby, im daddy
fine enough, running joke that i was literally as tall as one kids dad at the time(guy was seriously stunted despite my height)
heads to the closet of said playroom, various baby related supplies
opens closet, steps inside, asks me to make sure nobodys watching
promptly strips naked. my bewildered self sees his first vagina at 5
diapers herself, makes sense to me, she wants to be the baby
we climb into the castle structure, pick a room in it and settle in
she sits in my lap, cuddles into me and promptly falls asleep sucking her thumb cuddled against me
i sit there absolutely confused as fuck other than knowing i enjoy this and it feels right

Fast forward 20odd years and I have a fetish for women in diapers. Dominant personality and forcing someone into diapers plays a huge part in my fetish for them, but right from discovering internet porn I remember looking for women diapered up. Has just always seemed right for me.

Anyone else care to share?
55 posts and 4 images omitted.
Well... I am undecided. My opinion forms somewhere in between your posts.

Starting from the beginning, I have a very distant memory, from when I could have been 3 or 4 years old, sitting on my bed in my room, leaning against the wall with a bulky diaper, waiting for my dad to read me a bedtime story. It felt really very comfortable and I do not remember much else from that time. Around the age of 12 I started fappin and questioned my own sexual orientation with conclusion i was definitely gay. My fantasies were getting weirder, including a wish to be someones dog as a life purpose. And I was all fine with this, I accepted that sooner or later and pursued it. Rediscovered interest in woman was positive news for me when I was ~16, but my fantasies and fetishes made forming relationships almost impossible, as I could not free me mind from my sexual desires. Turned out there is more in relationships than a fulfillment of slightly selfish borderline sexual wishes. DL fantasies came to my head at ~ 20, so I bought some diapers, enjoyed them, wet them, tried messing once, self-accepted this as a new fetish and continued to study.

Now I am 22, almost a year ago I found a girlfriend, she claimed she likes being dominant, I was happy and it looked promising. We were dating, cuddled a lot, she did not now about my DL part, I was mostly playing a puppy and I was totally fine with that. Then once, she wanted penetrative sex and did not lead me the way I would be comfortable with. I panicked because of the inability to fuck her like a man or even a dog would and things did not work out afterwards. First serious relationship brought me some kind of mild penetration fobia and kept me a virgin. I would like to love the irony of it, but it feels more like... bitter.

Not long after that incident suddenly even AB stuff gave me a huge boner and there are possibly two ABDL positive girls in my country... So I am seeing a therapist since autumn, because eventually all this led me to abuse marijuana to dumb the feelings of loneliness and to forget my inability to form relationships as I would like to. Most of the time, I was completely fine with my fetishes spicing things up, but it seems like a more serious issue. And recently I am undecided... Is it a fetish that is part of my identity or is some kind of developmental abnormality / psychological issue I maybe should do something about. It is probably not possible to "cure" or "dissolve" it, and so I understand how one can be mad at urges out of ones control.

TLDR: My sexual progression is getting out of control: nothing -> definitely gay -> puppy play is the meaning of life -> not really that gay -> wow, diapers! obviously I cant resist that... -> I would love my hypothetical partner to treat me like a two year old. -> where is this gonna end?!

Also please forgive my English, writing is quite harder for me than reading.
the point of the book I linked to is that:
your sexual fantasies are ways in which your brain has creatively found ways around your fears so that you can actually get off and enjoy yourself.

so, does penetrative sex make you anxious? you brain finds a way around this: sexual fantasies where there's no penetration and your penis is basically hidden get you off.

so, are you anxious about intimacy? you brain finds a way around this: scenarios where intimacy is mandatory (caring for, changing someone, etc) get you off.

dunno if it explains everything but it helps. Don't worry about it being "something wrong with you", your sexual fantasies are a coping mechanism for legit fears/anxieties you have.
I played with other kids' unused diapers as a pre-pubescent, and liked peeing and pooping outdoors. I also experimented with my mom's Playtex (am male) and lots of things. No bed wetting, though I would, when playing in my room, tend to pee in, say, my dirty clothes hamper instead of running to the bathroom, a habit my mom firmly broke.

Now I think some part-time diaper/baby play with a girl would be awful fun. ;) Thanks everyone for sharing.

I'm sorry, but your theory on earlier development of male sexuality does not hold water. What males do have is testosterone. We have more of it than females for most of our lives, and we hold the #1 for numbers of people with the most, or broadest, sexual fetishes/paraphilias. Why we pick diapers or any other target is broadly speculated on yet still unsettled.
>I had a fairly typical childhood

The "my mommy worked at a daycare and the babies got more attention than me" is a very specific ABDL trope. I dated a guy with this origin story

Open file (543.20 KB 1200x900 23442322.jpg)
diaper-mangas Anonymous 04/24/2013 (Wed) 13:38:18 No. 23682 [Reply]
I will post everything I have on my hdd and everything upcoming I'll find.
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Open file (108.29 KB 1023x726 1430078996915.jpg)
Here have some
1,5 GB ABDL-comics

Why isn't the Video-Thread stickied anymore?
Open file (284.17 KB 1024x725 1221313.png)
is there a collection of e-reader / tablet-compatible diaper-mangas out there?

cbr, cbz or pdf ?

Nope, but the big collection pack that has been going around on the site is nice and organized, so it would only take you a few minutes to convert them all to cbr/pdf.
Big collection pack?
Would you like to point me in the right direction?
Open file (1.86 MB 2500x2500 d_Pear.png)
A little something I put together yesterday

Open file (122.89 KB 500x375 1275413241648.jpg)
used diapers thread Anonymous 04/21/2013 (Sun) 15:02:27 No. 23625 [Reply]
Used diapers thread (just the diapers)

I find this very interesting somehow
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Open file (4.36 MB 4656x2620 0930170128.jpg)
Huggies Size 3 and Size 4
Open file (4.74 MB 4656x2620 0930170133.jpg)
Open file (5.06 MB 4656x2620 0930170133a.jpg)
Open file (4.97 MB 4656x2620 0930170133b.jpg)
Open file (5.14 MB 4656x2620 0930170138.jpg)

Open file (93.18 KB 821x1095 awesomediapers.jpg)
Diaper Identification thread! Anonymous 04/20/2013 (Sat) 04:19:41 No. 23610 [Reply]
title explains itself. Identify!
68 posts and 20 images omitted.
welll if you still look in this thread its a pornstar named ariel rebel she likes to do everything in the bdsm spectrum wouldnt say shes an actual abdl though

It's a custom cloth diaper cover. I saw them on either etsy or ebay a while back.
Open file (358.50 KB 2048x1167 43535.jpg)
can anyone identify these panties
and tell me where I can buy these??
Open file (52.39 KB 800x647 6345353.jpg)
and these?
those are alteir lunette panties from mikuni atsuko's diaper hentai series

those are just japanese style diaper covers and both items are pretty much impossible to get unless you go to stores in person

Open file (47.69 KB 480x640 djwdi29.jpg)
New Diaper Trap Thread Bob 03/04/2013 (Mon) 13:54:35 No. 23001 [Reply]
Please try to keep it together this time.
199 posts and 126 images omitted.
I gotta ask. How much better are diapers on hormones? Are clits more sensitive?
Thats me! Here is another

Anyone want to play ?
holy fuck this is me
Oh hey, it's my friend :3

Non AB/DL Pictures Cheap Store Brand 01/22/2013 (Tue) 03:26:13 No. 22226 [Reply]
A thread for pictures that arent really for fetish reasons. Or at least the picture doesnt imply so.
No posting stupid pictures of college kids in cheap pull up style diapers.
This thread is for things like Accidental Diaper Sighting, Incontinent diaper usage, and so on.

Sometimes the best fantasy is reality.
126 posts and 110 images omitted.
Open file (180.38 KB 550x817 Q175FhkDx.jpg)
holy shit!
More of this?!
Open file (586.97 KB 1080x723 345234.jpg)
Open file (357.93 KB 960x1280 searching.jpg)
Open file (152.57 KB 640x426 IMG_4828.jpg)

Open file (95.36 KB 640x480 photoa4f8bce050ed1f.jpg)
Diaper Hookup Thread Anonymous 10/22/2012 (Mon) 07:22:22 No. 20563 [Reply]
Hey babbies,
how about we start a new hookup thread?

I'll start. 21/MtF/NC (Greensboro)
287 posts and 18 images omitted.
26/M/Portland (OR)/Pansexual

Would be fun to meetup with some folks to just hang out, or maybe find some new friends to play with. Drop a line if you'd like to talk!

Kik: Pomfwall
Skype: Pomfwall Riots
Hey, shoot me an email, we should chat. I'm 27/M/Sac, looking for someone to baby.

lastimhotep at gmail
Open file (1.51 MB 3072x2304 DSCF9265.jpg)

I hope I did this right, don't wanna get b&
You're good.
26/m/Vienna Austria, gay. Anyone to talk?

Tumblr thread Anonymous 09/12/2012 (Wed) 08:30:58 No. 19857 [Reply]
tumblr thread.
tons of AB/DL stuff, pics and pics...

Share tumblr link!!!
157 posts and 30 images omitted.
I guess you could feel free to follow mine, it's mostly just reblogs and shit thought.

I feel stupid because i failed to recognize this thread.. anyway. theres a new tumblr thread. It would be appreciated if 1 link was posted per post with relevant image.

Plus, with the volatile mindset of some tumblr users, some of these pages are probably inactive due to hurt feelings. anyway, lock'd.

Open file (1.55 MB 1936x1936 IMG_0741.jpg)
Candi Thread Candi McBride 07/20/2012 (Fri) 04:05:55 No. 18924 [Reply]
I haven't posted any pics since the old Fapchan went bye-byes, so here's a thread with a few of my favorites.

If anyone has any pics of me laying around they'd like to share, please feel free. <3
59 posts and 27 images omitted.
Gohoo is just posting random pictures everywhere.
yeah, wtf? lol
IKR? I can't tell if this guy is a bot, or just foreign.
Awwww You're adorable
I believe it was a joke about how the model's name is "Candy" and this is the "Candi" Thread. Anyways, Candi, you are adorable, just thought I'd point that out. Side note, I really enjoyed the series of videos/vlogs you did on YouTube. Is there any chance that will ever come back?


no cookies?