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Anonymous 08/10/2017 (Thu) 17:57:07 No. 7700
Come to our chan at Mewch.net
We need some new users

If the admin of this board would please leave this post up
Then thank you.

Come funpost with us?

>implying we aren't already mewch users here
: ^ )
Actually this post first drew me into mewch. What I see there is a young site with the potential to be the next big *chan without the cancer. So far I think I was very much correct.
i barely ever post on here or mewch but ive always lurked both here and there
Huh, I didn't know that..
It's prety funny seeing you on mewch tbh, you just keeping dumping porn bc fapchan ded.

What're you guys gonna do about this place anyway? It makes me upset to see it so inactive.
I still dump here when I can. Haven't dumped anything on mewch for a while actually tbh. Firefox gives me weird errors when trying to post so I have to use Chrome which is a slight inconvenience for me. Been compiling filling in gaps on some Lenfried sets that I've already posted on /asi/ that I found on /fe/ a long time ago.

This place is still up because there are a few users that still use the site, mainly in /girly/ and /h/. We recently upgraded to vichan which you see right now, and are probably going to upgrade further to lynxchan. But most of all, our glorious leader Warpath wanted to preserve the historic value of fapchan, as this humble little pile of porn has been around for over 10 years (in various forms) and has seen its fair share of cult interests.

I have a question for you good sir? What board brought you here and what do you think we could do to help revive it?


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