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>i lift for girls

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Voting for the best imageboard engine.
We need your voice!
Help your board!

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Check this out:
Nuovostronzio.org: l'ultima frontiera della pseudo-informazione italiana! Nuovostronzio.org: the last frontier of the italian pseudo-information! :)))))

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how new is this chaN?


Not as new as you might think.

The old touch myselfchan had been around for years. Then the owner nuked the site since he didn't want a possibility of it being linked back to him now that he was a professional code writer or something.

After that most of the population just left. Probably on other *chans.


it used to be much better, or I was just more stoned back then

really though, we could use more traffic here, the singular focus makes us more or less safe from political bullshit or newfaggotry so there's no reason to keep this place secret


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Yeah, it's not just you. There used to be a much better proportion of actual content to spam and topics outside of hypno/sissy/infantile had more contributions.


i thought the story was the original owner was a 12 year old kid whose mom found out he ran a porn site.

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this is my asian fetish thread now

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