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Anonymous 12/07/2014 (Sun) 06:34:45 No. 6759 [Reply]

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Anonymous 11/12/2014 (Wed) 17:21:15 No. 6734 [Reply]
Let's eat

The Last Knights is most easily described as the board game "Risk" where you are just a single army that is part of a country. You are the commander of your own band of soldiers, but you are nothing without the other officers in your country. You have to work together with real players in order to capture cities of other countries until you and your allies are the only ones standing. The game relies greatly on communication between players. There is no storyline but to survive the players are forced to make one within the boundaries of the rules of the game. You can play by training and improving your own soldiers or by being a leader among the officers in your country or even coordinate attacks between your and an allied country.

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Anonymous 11/01/2014 (Sat) 21:56:34 No. 6715 [Reply]

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Anonymous 10/22/2014 (Wed) 15:50:29 No. 6707 [Reply]
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Anonymous 10/13/2014 (Mon) 02:39:11 No. 6704 [Reply]
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Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 13:16:15 No. 6698 [Reply]

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Anonymous 08/28/2014 (Thu) 02:08:38 No. 6679 [Reply]
I really, really, really like that picture...

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Anonymous 07/30/2014 (Wed) 15:39:02 No. 6661 [Reply]
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in case you wonder, it is actual everyday french.
Even the "make the giant cry" one?
yeah anyone got this book?
After doing a bit of sleuthing with Google image search, I found a reddit post that claims,
"For anyone interested the book is "Dirty French" by Adrien Clautrier and Henry Rowe"

Following that lead got me this:


Open file (41.11 KB 640x512 16871.jpg)
Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 15:06:10 No. 6658 [Reply]
Have you seen this? What is being done to the country?
The current power Putin has made this database http://apachan.ru/ where you can find detailed information about every resident in the territory of Russia. I checked, and found their data removed, and all that I do that. And then you never know who is out there looking for ...
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Putin - huilo!

lol win

Anonymous 07/19/2014 (Sat) 16:30:55 No. 6654 [Reply]
No exceptions.

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Anonymous 02/18/2014 (Tue) 01:57:13 No. 6419 [Reply]
Sheesh, this is still here from where I posted it last year. Just as relevant this year, if not more so.


no cookies?