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Open file (77.50 KB 708x1129 14317520208950.jpg)
Anonymous 05/17/2015 (Sun) 20:31:47 No. 6918 [Reply]
Voting for the best imageboard engine.
We need your voice!
Help your board!

Anonymous 05/16/2015 (Sat) 11:31:34 No. 6916 [Reply]
Check this out:
Nuovostronzio.org: l'ultima frontiera della pseudo-informazione italiana! Nuovostronzio.org: the last frontier of the italian pseudo-information! :)))))

Open file (470.42 KB 800x600 1431055133762.png)
Anonymous 05/16/2015 (Sat) 07:43:31 No. 6915 [Reply]
how new is this chaN?
Not as new as you might think.

The old touch myselfchan had been around for years. Then the owner nuked the site since he didn't want a possibility of it being linked back to him now that he was a professional code writer or something.

After that most of the population just left. Probably on other *chans.
it used to be much better, or I was just more stoned back then

really though, we could use more traffic here, the singular focus makes us more or less safe from political bullshit or newfaggotry so there's no reason to keep this place secret
Open file (174.11 KB 684x667 1192847458115.jpg)
Yeah, it's not just you. There used to be a much better proportion of actual content to spam and topics outside of hypno/sissy/infantile had more contributions.
i thought the story was the original owner was a 12 year old kid whose mom found out he ran a porn site.

Open file (181.17 KB 700x698 1430891987972.jpg)
Anonymous 05/10/2015 (Sun) 17:17:30 No. 6914 [Reply]
this is my asian fetish thread now

Open file (60.79 KB 538x399 image.jpg)
JoJo 04/27/2015 (Mon) 01:53:08 No. 6913 [Reply]

Open file (57.11 KB 500x353 penis goes here.jpg)
Anonymous 04/05/2015 (Sun) 04:52:25 No. 6907 [Reply]

Anonymous 03/16/2015 (Mon) 20:00:07 No. 6905 [Reply]
Lol when I was a kid we had a similar game. But you sat on the keep D's game saying do you love me than other jokes if that didn't work I don't know if it comes from here in Canada or in the states though and in I'm curious is this one from Japan?
Well, Wikipedia references a book (different from the one this picture was taken from) from 1923 that appears to be from the US. So I'd say no, it's probably not a Japanese variation.
A person must sit in a chair facing the rest of the group
They are asked questions by members of the group. The only response they are allowed to give is "Sausages"
If the person in the chair smiles they lose, and a new chair person is chosen.

Open file (104.11 KB 600x770 nice day fuck someone.jpg)
Anonymous 03/03/2015 (Tue) 02:46:40 No. 6901 [Reply]

Anonymous 02/22/2015 (Sun) 18:23:21 No. 6895 [Reply]

Open file (315.92 KB 1122x1499 mystery.jpg)
Anonymous 02/16/2015 (Mon) 15:55:15 No. 6886 [Reply]

Open file (211.29 KB 1019x1280 spell something.jpg)
Anonymous 01/12/2015 (Mon) 19:10:24 No. 6833 [Reply]
Open file (280.09 KB 520x473 uh-oh-spaghettios.png)

Anonymous 01/09/2015 (Fri) 14:12:08 No. 6828 [Reply]
I don't get it.
The guy's avatar seems to be a dinosaur, but the responder apparently interpreted it as a penis by some odd stretch.

That a seemingly well-thought-out comment not only got a derpy reply but was also "marked as spam" is a bonus, too.

Open file (28.48 KB 500x373 yolo detention.jpg)
Anonymous 01/07/2015 (Wed) 23:26:34 No. 6827 [Reply]

Open file (116.08 KB 1024x768 boeing_ah_64a_apache_l2.jpg)
Anonymous 12/25/2014 (Thu) 18:11:50 No. 6814 [Reply]
I sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of soaring over the oilfields dropping hot sticky loads on disgusting foreigners. People say to me that a person being a helicopter is Impossible and I'm fucking retarded but I don't care, I'm beautiful. I'm having a plastic surgeon install rotary blades, 30 mm cannons and AMG-114 Hellfire missiles on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me "Apache" and respect my right to kill from above and kill needlessly. If you can't accept me you're a heliphobe and need to check your vehicle AIDS. Thank you for being so understanding.

Open file (110.97 KB 850x361 only with boys.jpg)
Anonymous 12/19/2014 (Fri) 02:21:20 No. 6810 [Reply]

Open file (114.14 KB 720x720 caught in the act.jpg)
Anonymous 12/18/2014 (Thu) 06:05:02 No. 6809 [Reply]

Anonymous 12/18/2014 (Thu) 03:00:26 No. 6808 [Reply]
I see.

Open file (12.41 KB 598x266 scrotum.png)
Anonymous 12/18/2014 (Thu) 02:36:38 No. 6807 [Reply]

Jule tide spirit Lundgren 12/09/2014 (Tue) 05:04:11 No. 6764 [Reply]
If you could get one thing for Christmas. Whats your wish?

Mine is, hmmm... I guess a 21st sextury account would be awesome.

Open file (163.56 KB 922x922 IMG_4427_1.jpg)
Anonymous 12/07/2014 (Sun) 10:23:57 No. 6760 [Reply]


no cookies?