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Obligatory Rules Sticky kingADVRC 05/03/2011 (Tue) 09:12:37 No. 530 [Reply]
Welcome to /asi/ - Asian

This board is for posting content of Asian women. Asian men belong in /gay/ or /men/.
Do not post any underage content. IT WON'T BE TOLERATED!
If you're posting links to videos, keep it in one thread as to not clutter the board.
Requests belong in /r/. A request without at least two images will result in a ban.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.

Open file (965.69 KB 765x1861 chineseft1.jpg)
Open file (1.11 MB 719x2185 chineseft2.jpg)
Open file (110.84 KB 478x720 chineseroses.JPG)
Anonymous 05/06/2018 (Sun) 21:36:42 No. 8661 [Reply]
Asian sheer nylons/soles

Open file (85.26 KB 598x832 135.jpg)
yuki toshi 02/02/2015 (Mon) 13:37:37 No. 7070 [Reply]

Open file (178.26 KB 801x1280 (1).jpg)
Big Tits Unknown Anonymous 04/09/2018 (Mon) 06:07:32 No. 8657 [Reply]
Open file (61.19 KB 540x733 (2).jpg)
Open file (121.45 KB 987x1280 (3).jpg)
Open file (94.95 KB 773x1080 (4).jpg)
Open file (80.20 KB 640x960 (5).jpg)

Beautiful Asian In Yellow Anonymous 04/09/2018 (Mon) 05:50:34 No. 8656 [Reply]
Sweet body

Open file (517.55 KB 2248x3000 japanese-schoolgirl-21.jpg)
Open file (188.14 KB 1463x2000 japanese-schoolgirl-04.jpg)
Japanese School Girl Anonymous 04/03/2018 (Tue) 23:58:40 No. 8655 [Reply]

Open file (1.69 MB 4608x2592 Nong_35.JPG)
Amateur Nong Adolf 02/28/2018 (Wed) 10:21:48 No. 8643 [Reply]
Would love to fuck this chick.
Open file (1.49 MB 3456x4608 1520578952476.jpg)
Open file (1.99 MB 3456x4608 1520578863683.jpg)

Saki Yanase Anonymous 11/16/2017 (Thu) 07:45:30 No. 8623 [Reply]
gawd dan
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Open file (1.11 MB 1464x1920 o1464192014126789500.jpg)
Open file (1.39 MB 1281x1920 o1281192014126789483.jpg)

Open file (182.50 KB 782x1043 Indian (2).jpg)
Sexy Asian-Indian MILF Anonymous 10/03/2017 (Tue) 21:38:50 No. 8622 [Reply]

Asian Girlz Anansi 04/02/2017 (Sun) 17:47:16 No. 8524 [Reply]
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Open file (201.50 KB 792x773 150573187.jpg)
Open file (486.95 KB 1200x881 251002640.jpg)

Open file (2.62 MB 4608x2592 IMG_0556.jpg)
Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 22:51:49 No. 8481 [Reply]

Open file (2.12 MB 4608x3456 whore 1 (1).jpg)
Bangkok whore Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 20:47:49 No. 8404 [Reply]
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Open file (1.98 MB 4608x2592 IMG_1634.jpg)
Open file (2.05 MB 4608x2592 IMG_1753.jpg)
Open file (1.94 MB 4608x2592 IMG_1758_2.jpg)
Open file (1.67 MB 4608x2592 IMG_1766.jpg)
Open file (2.39 MB 3095x1974 nong 111.jpg)

Open file (72.08 KB 800x1200 pic_139.jpg)
Asa Akira as Sailor Mars Anonymous 08/30/2016 (Tue) 03:25:34 No. 8338 [Reply]
Open file (94.95 KB 800x1200 pic_165.jpg)
Open file (68.24 KB 800x1200 pic_219.jpg)
Open file (114.72 KB 800x1200 pic_242.jpg)
Open file (87.38 KB 800x1200 pic_292.jpg)

Open file (229.54 KB 1000x1333 587459.jpg)
Japan BME model Eva Anonymous 10/23/2015 (Fri) 17:25:28 No. 7726 [Reply]

Open file (63.47 KB 699x1024 14342016482670.jpg)
Asian girls from Russia Anonymous 08/25/2015 (Tue) 10:46:24 No. 7426 [Reply]
Open file (117.93 KB 960x1280 14342901605113.jpg)
Open file (64.68 KB 807x605 14342942480352.jpg)
i love her ass.

Open file (145.46 KB 1000x1500 0-arisa oda.jpg)
Sweet Sweet p 05/18/2015 (Mon) 20:42:07 No. 7283 [Reply]
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Open file (229.11 KB 1000x1500 nurse 301.jpg)
Open file (186.37 KB 1000x1500 sweater017.jpg)
Open file (543.98 KB 1920x1080 Mariko A 002w.jpg)
Open file (890.01 KB 2048x1151 Mariko A 004w.jpg)
Open file (1.89 MB 2560x1437 w wet700 LiTU 200.jpg)

Open file (224.32 KB 1200x1800 mor_001.jpg)
kingADVRC 04/09/2015 (Thu) 11:39:04 No. 7130 [Reply]
I find pasties over pussies very hwat.
Japanese censorship really produces some interesting work-arounds.
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Open file (348.01 KB 1200x1800 mor_122.jpg)
Open file (205.27 KB 1200x1800 mor_123.jpg)
Open file (204.25 KB 1800x1200 mor_124.jpg)
Open file (341.17 KB 1200x1800 mor_125.jpg)
Open file (311.37 KB 1200x1800 mor_126.jpg)

Open file (373.31 KB 1140x1235 80.jpg)
Anonymous 01/11/2015 (Sun) 09:20:27 No. 6937 [Reply]

Open file (7.78 MB 327x500 ryle4.gif)
Booty shaking university girl BootyHunter 03/19/2014 (Wed) 13:55:52 No. 6305 [Reply]
Hope you guys like that butt. Comment!
>Hope you guys like that butt. Comment!
Yes. I'd like to do her anally.
I'd love to bang her ass. Cutie

Open file (377.43 KB 1200x1800 001_alice03_001.jpg)
Alice of the East 03 - Love Saotome kingADVRC 11/20/2013 (Wed) 11:24:39 No. 5921 [Reply]
Dumping some more Touhou cosplay. This time with tits!
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Open file (379.58 KB 1800x1200 199_alice03_199.jpg)
Open file (299.02 KB 1800x1200 200_alice03_200.jpg)
Open file (288.74 KB 1800x1200 201_alice03_201.jpg)
Love Saotome <3
The video from this gallery is lost, anyone have?


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