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Open file (165.59 KB 494x1000 142624Velma X Shaggy.jpg)
SCOOBY DOO WHERE DA FAK ARE UUU??? Anonymous 07/08/2012 (Sun) 00:06:01 No. 6823 [Reply]
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Open file (30.99 KB 540x380 000-bald-velma.jpg)
bald velma!
Jinkies! Scooby and the gang must solve another mystery. Who is under the hood?
Open file (341.28 KB 724x1024 Artz-308866-Velma.jpg)
Open file (142.66 KB 800x1132 1496377139350.jpg)

Open file (211.48 KB 850x718 aaa.jpg)
Mr.V 07/05/2012 (Thu) 09:53:51 No. 6813 [Reply]
Mass Effect?
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Open file (247.65 KB 600x814 92179.jpg)
Open file (761.24 KB 900x1273 77875.jpg)
>watermark not ass effect
he missed a great pun

Open file (224.24 KB 494x742 palin-h.jpg)
political fanfiction and fanart! Slick Willy 05/14/2012 (Mon) 21:52:26 No. 6517 [Reply]
There can never be enough political fanfiction or fanart. Preferably straight, though yaoi lemons are OK. Hardcore yaoi hentai artwork, not my cup of tea. Somebody should do something where Mitt Romney gets cursed so when ever he gets cold water splashed on him he turns into a girl, they can call it "Romney 1/2". In the meantime hare's a Sarah Palin nudey pic.
Open file (61.23 KB 136x430 ricehcrp.jpg)
And here's a pic of Condoleezza Rice!
Open file (149.70 KB 400x300 bushent.png)
And finally a Rice/Bush/Cheney 3 some. A bit slash but not horribly graphic
How about one of Obama takin it by Sarah Palin with a strapon?

Open file (104.98 KB 764x573 Jensen_augs_noshades.jpg)
Anonymous 04/07/2012 (Sat) 18:13:46 No. 6396 [Reply]
Does anybody have any DXHR porn? I'm thinking Adam Jensen plowing Eliza Cassan... maybe with an augmented dick. You KNOW that's what rule 34 was made for.

Sorry Adam.
I Did Not Ask For This...
Like this?

Jessica Rabbit [Drawn That Way] Anonymous 03/25/2012 (Sun) 20:13:10 No. 6377 [Reply]
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Open file (258.69 KB 1000x1329 Sleepygimp023.jpg)
Open file (5.01 MB 2400x3000 67.png)

Open file (148.78 KB 748x910 108408.jpg)
Smurfette Anonymous 02/19/2012 (Sun) 13:52:54 No. 6326 [Reply]
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Open file (358.69 KB 600x800 152761.jpg)
Open file (381.08 KB 600x800 152953.jpg)
Open file (530.72 KB 800x1224 Naughty Smurf- Vexy.jpg)
Open file (347.61 KB 886x1275 0smurfette-hat.jpg)
Super sexy Smurfette!

Open file (32.20 KB 500x516 8598_5cf7.jpg)
Jesus & other bible-stuff Anonymous 01/22/2012 (Sun) 21:30:54 No. 6181 [Reply]
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Open file (57.59 KB 600x600 121670193950.jpg)
Open file (17.53 KB 415x475 ZMFG.jpg)
Open file (86.21 KB 400x400 1261281266991.jpg)

Open file (4.59 KB 143x133 mallardfillmore2.gif)
mallard fillmore bruise tinsle 12/29/2011 (Thu) 06:32:50 No. 6123 [Reply]
since the rest of the rule 34 pix of mallard fillmore weren't graphic enough here he is now with added manhood.
Open file (100.38 KB 622x459 mallardh2.png)
here some quality stuff that isn't just an edited pic!
Open file (18.53 KB 425x442 mallardh2c.png)

Open file (1.37 MB 1275x1650 01Zelda.jpg)
Zelda Burlybear 12/07/2011 (Wed) 22:57:39 No. 6011 [Reply]
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Open file (1.17 MB 1275x1650 05Zelda.jpg)
Open file (1.13 MB 1275x1650 06Zelda.jpg)
Open file (1.35 MB 1275x1650 07Zelda.jpg)
Is that the end of that series?

N. C. I. S. Anonymous 11/20/2011 (Sun) 10:11:57 No. 5990 [Reply]
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Open file (80.94 KB 350x272 Do Want.jpg)

I like this thread! :3
Open file (216.98 KB 521x800 174754.jpg)
Open file (520.10 KB 750x750 220812.jpg)

Open file (10.12 KB 200x150 200px-Mammytwoshoes.jpg)
Tom and Jerry Anonymous 09/28/2011 (Wed) 19:34:42 No. 5875 [Reply]
RULE 34 on Mammy Two Shoes please
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Nah. I kinda like this one better.
Never saw Mammy Two Shoes thin like that. What episode? Any /34/ with her thin anywhere?
At some point, people decided that Mammy Two Shoes was bigoted, and immediately began replacing her with a more 'politically correct' white woman. When they couldn't alter the animation, they dubbed her over, with varying results.

Clearly we're not into that sort of thing here.

Open file (49.04 KB 600x750 7o9 (41).jpg)
Women of the Starship Voyager D 08/06/2011 (Sat) 23:19:38 No. 5660 [Reply]
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Open file (218.87 KB 720x945 146341.jpg)
Open file (198.19 KB 720x945 146722.jpg)
Open file (213.06 KB 720x945 146867.jpg)
Open file (213.71 KB 720x945 146935.jpg)
nothing of the clown from the thaw?
too bad

Open file (8.77 KB 219x230 drrr.jpg)
Durarara (or Drrr) Anonymous 07/14/2011 (Thu) 14:27:30 No. 1785 [Reply]
Lets try to focus on celty
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She's a Dullahan.
Well thanks for the comment.
what say? btw nice ones.
To the owner here. I want to thank you for not deleting these pics I posted here. I lost them after I had a problem with my computer.
Nice to see the pictures I posted are still here.

TF and other mecha series Death 07/09/2011 (Sat) 06:46:38 No. 1670 [Reply]
For all the Transformers pronz content not suitable for posting in the /y/ TF thread, plus whatever crazy mecha series smut stuff you guise have
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Anyone know who drew them?
So no one has yet to help?
Wow this NewFapChan site never gets anyone at all. No one even replied to my questions from 5 years ago. What the hell. I hope someone knows who did them?

Susan/Gigantica (Monsters vs Aliens) D 06/05/2011 (Sun) 19:31:21 No. 931 [Reply]
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Why is there any new stuff from this movie?
Would someone remove Bob?
Open file (264.62 KB 1102x1559 Cthulhu-fucks-Ginormica.jpg)

Erin Esurance D 05/29/2011 (Sun) 19:35:06 No. 861 [Reply]
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Never have so many owed so much to so few!
*scrolling through*
"OH MY GOD, THAT'S- actually... strangely arousing."
Open file (82.77 KB 541x842 49.jpg)

Open file (189.83 KB 723x476 orgy3.jpg)
Women of Dc Comics Burlybear 05/26/2011 (Thu) 22:19:56 No. 813 [Reply]
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If 3D pics are not allowed just let me know and I will delete them.
Open file (453.55 KB 1000x1000 boom-goes-the-dynamite.jpg)

Meg Griffin D 05/06/2011 (Fri) 23:09:41 No. 722 [Reply]
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I am so into Meg <3
Would be with her, if I would live inside Family Guy :3

Atlantis MissMason 05/04/2011 (Wed) 22:50:44 No. 632 [Reply]
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Open file (203.38 KB 1024x724 smut (239).jpg)
Open file (530.48 KB 864x1152 smut (309).jpg)
Open file (203.04 KB 653x900 Atl004.jpg)
Open file (374.81 KB 954x634 148929.jpg)

Maleficent MissMason 05/04/2011 (Wed) 22:43:46 No. 584 [Reply]
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You asked for it
Open file (190.22 KB 900x1440 Maleficent.jpg)


no cookies?